Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin's dad - Videos

This is not an investigative post with bombastic revelations. We're simply taking a look into Sarah Palin's background in an attempt to make the image she projects a bit clearer.

I looked for some videos of Chuck Heath and came across some good ones. The first two contain some photos of Sarah and her siblings when they were younger. Please note that Mr Heath has some expensive toys in his garage. The Heaths had some well rehearsed talking points during the vice presidential campaign and stressed that Sarah has not let them down yet. Honesty is another recurring theme.

Chuck Heath reiterates some of his talking points and talks about Sarah's executive experience.

The following videos show Chuck Heath during the book signing in Fort Bragg. His body language is interesting...

Chuck Heath wearing a t-shirt that says: Alaska, the coldest state with the hottest governor
(From "Going Rogue", photo courtesy Chuck Heath)

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