Thursday, 4 February 2010

Frank Schaeffer on the Shannyn Moore Show discussing the "American Taliban" and Sarah Palin (complete audio)

Frank Schaeffer and Shannyn Moore - what a wonderful combination! Why is that? Because Shannyn Moore is a great radio show host and lets her guests talk without interrupting - and there is hardly anyone who has more gripping stories and opinions to offer than Frank Schaeffer!

Therefore I decided to record the conversation which took place several hours ago - a lucky choice - because it turned out to be the best interview with Frank Schaeffer I ever had the pleasure listening to.

Frank Schaeffer talks about his upbringing, the history of the religious right in America, his own "career" within the religious right, the "American Taliban", Sarah Palin and many other things.

Here is the complete uncut audio, divided in three parts:


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