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Sarah Palin, "Family Love", and the Johnstons - UPDATE!

By Kathleen

Yesterday Gryphen dropped yet another interesting bombshell. He revealed that the much discussed Triggybear photographs had been snapped by Levi’s mother, Sherry Johnston, on the 3rd May, 2008, a significant date because it was the day of Levi’s 18th birthday. I’ll come back to this later.

Here is the photo of Sarah, Mercede and Trig, taken from Mercede's "Triggybear" collection, which Mercede published on 4th May, 2008 on her myspace. The caption reads “Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself”. Mercede and Sarah certainly do seem relaxed and comfortable with each other, don’t they?

Mercede Johnston with Sarah Palin and Trig - May 3, 2008

Next we have the photo of Mercede, Bristol and Trig. Again there is no tension here. The girls both appear to be happy in each others company. No sign here at all of the brooding hostility that is yet to come. For the moment everything is hunky dory and the caption reads “Family Love”.

Mercede Johnston with Bristol Palin - Family Love

I also include this curious photo taken on the 25th April, 2008, one week after Trig's official birth.

It is titled "My Sister IN-LAW , Oooh how I love her". How much closer can you get?

Bristol Palin / Mercede Johnston - Prom Picture 25 April 2008

This leads us nicely to the mystery photo which was first revealed on the Tyra Banks Show on 6th April, 2009.

Wonkette - Levi Johnston with Trig in Sarah Palin's house - Triggybear pictures

Audrey at Palin Deceptions wrote an excellent post regarding this photo which I encourage everyone to go back and read. With help from the Palin Deception Team, Audrey quickly identified that the photo was of Levi, Mercede and Trig and that it had been taken on the same day as the well known Triggybear pictures.

So let’s step back in time to the day when the pictures were taken. It is Levi’s eighteenth birthday. It’s quite an exciting birthday for many young people who often find themselves in a hurry to grow up and gain some independence. We don’t know for certain how Levi celebrated his birthday but we do know that some kind of celebration was held for him at the Palin home and that at least two adults (Sherry and Sarah) were involved. How do we know this? Let’s take a closer look at the new enlarged version of the photo that Gryphen posted:

Levi Johnston with Trig - Triggybear pictures - LARGE

On the counter behind Levi, who is tenderly cuddling tiny baby Trig, is a birthday cake. It must have been for Levi because it was his birthday. How sweet it was of Sarah to open up her house to a virtual stranger, his sister and his mother and share birthday cake with them.

In the following video, Sarah suggests to Barbara Walters the fact that she did not know Levi very well (from 5:32):

Barbara Walters: "At the time, leaving aside feelings today -- how did you feel about Bristol's boyfriend, Levi Johnston?"

Sarah: "We didn't see a lot of Levi. Bristol told us that she was pregnant...that was probably the only...only the second time that we had seen Levi there, in our living room, having a conversation with us like that."

Was this really "the second time" that they had had a conversation like that? Did Sarah unconsciously reveal to Barbara that there had been two conversations with Levi in which Bristol revealed that she was pregnant? Or did she simply want to imply that she had rarely met the young man who had impregnated her daughter?

The pictures portray a different story. They seem to be a celebration of not just Levi’s birthday but a celebration of life. Trig’s life. Members of the Johnston and Palin families come together to share birthday cake and cuddle Sarah’s “precious perfect miracle” and practice “Family Love”. We also shouldn’t forget that previously on the morning of 18th April Levi was present at the hospital to welcome Trig into the world, according to Levi's article in Vanity Fair, October issue 2009. For a young man that it has been suggested that they wanted out of their daughter’s life and that Sarah implies that she did not know well Levi certainly was tight with the Palins.

Levi Johnston - Vanity Fair screenshot April 18 - 2008
(Levi Johnston, Vanity Fair, October 2009)

An obvious question is why are they celebrating Levi’s important birthday at the Palin home? Why not at his family home with his mother and sister? Perhaps Bristol would join them there for cake and nibbles? Could it be that Levi felt so extremely comfortable at chez Palin because it was now his home and that he invited his mother and sister there to celebrate his important birthday? And did he live there with Bristol while she took care of Trig and did he help her take care of him?

So many questions and I will admit that I do not have definitive answers to them. Here is what we do know. We have the picture which turned up mysteriously on the Tyra Bank Show. A picture taken by Sherry in which Levi and Mercede share a very tender moment with a frail looking baby identified as Trig. We have Levi’s 18th birthday celebration shared by members of both families in the Palin home indicating that Levi was possibly living there at the time the photo was taken. We have the photo of Bristol and Mercede which identifies Bristol as Mercede's sister "IN LAW". We have the identification of Sarah as “Mommy Inlaw” and the caption underneath the photo of Bristol with Mercede and Trig which is curiously titled “Family Love”.

To this I’d like to add one more teensy observation. And this may provide the twist in the tale or not. In the Tyra Bank photo take a look at Levi’s ring finger. He wears a gold band. Is this a promise ring, an engagement ring or a wedding band?

In the Vanity Fair article Levi said that they broke the news of Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp to Sarah and Todd the day after his birthday. Yet here he is wearing on his ring finger a gold band. Gryphen has suggested that this is an engagement ring and I have no reason to doubt what he says although I am still open to the suggestion that they may have married. What I do ask myself is why the hurry to commit and when did they become engaged? Bristol was seventeen. Levi just turned eighteen.

Levi Johnston - Vanity Fair screenshot May 4, 2008
(Levi Johnston, Vanity Fair, October 2009)

Levi has admitted himself that his relationship with Bristol was somewhat tumultuous. Finally, Sarah has stated that she did not know this young man well at all. This young man who was presumably promised or engaged to her daughter is not known to her very well at all, yet he goes so far as to wear a ring at his birthday party in Sarah's kitchen - and this ONE DAY BEFORE the happy couple had broken the news to the Palins of Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp.

Does this make sense to anyone?



I have found further evidence that Levi WAS living with the Palins before and around the time of his birthday. I think that this is very crucial and absolutely proves that Sarah was lying when she spoke to Barbara Walters.

Again. Ask yourself why was he living there? I can only surmise that he was helping Bristol take care of Trig.

From the Vanity Fair Interview, October Issue 2009:

"...since I used to sleep on the couch until Bristol got pregnant......."

"Todd slept in the living room, on his little black recliner, with the TV going in the background—usually with the news or an Ultimate Fighting Championship match on—wearing clothes he wore that same day. (Since I used to sleep on the couch until Bristol got pregnant, I know he doesn’t snore, so that’s not why he wasn’t in bed.) At four a.m., he was gone, off doing something. Sarah would wake up around five, then go to Kaladi Brothers Coffee soon after."

Levi Vanity Fair part 1
Levi Vanity Fair part 2
(Levi Johnston, Vanity Fair, October 2009)
In addition, it's of course also a blatant lie by Sarah Palin in the interview with Barbara Walters when Sarah claimed that she didn't know that Bristol already had sex when the news of the pregnancy with Tripp arrived.
The written proof for this lie is hidden in Bristol Palin's old myspace comments, which the Palindeception research team unearthed in early 2009.
On May 14, 2007, Bristol Palin wrote in the myspace comments on Johnny Chandler's page:
"haha, my mom was asking me who i was on the phone with last night, and she said she heard everything i was she thinks im pregnant. ahaha, call me later if you'd like.."
Bristol Myspace new 1
This incident had even further consequences for Bristol, because Sarah Palin then took Bristol's phone away for a few days:

Bristol Myspace new 2

Bristol Myspace new 3

You can download Bristol Palin's complete old myspace-comments HERE.

Well, can we really be surprised? After all, everyone who still has his/her marbles in place knows that Sarah Palin is a nasty pathological liar.

Here is another fine example of Sarah's lies, exclusively uncovered by Palingates in December last year.


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