Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sarah Palin speaks at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville: Reading the great plan to the faithful - UPDATE: Sarah had a cheat note on her left hand!

Sarah Palin is speaking during these minutes at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

It can already safely say that this has to be one of the worst political speeches I have ever heard, and even for Sarah Palin's standards, it's a horribly bad speech.

She made the usual Obama-teleprompter jokes, but looks at her own notes every few seconds. ;-)

And who had the idea for this weird blue background?

Fox News has slammed the speech! Not a good week for Sarah Palin, all in all! ;-)


Sarah Palin had a cheat note written on her left hand during the Q & A session!

At first I didn't want to believe it, then I went through the video again and made screenshots which clearly show that something was written on her hand - and when I had finished, I saw that somebody just put up a video, proving it, too:

OK, here are some of my screenshots - it's a clear case. Surely Sarah was cheating for God!



She just got her biggest cheer so far for mentioning special needs children...

Finished. Now comes a Q & A session.

Roger Ebert writes: "Palin graciously agrees to answer a few pre-screened written questions"

She just said that Todd is "not a registered Republican, he is far too independent" - yeah, we know that!

Her great plan is: "We win, you loose"! Like in the cold war. Brilliant strategy!

Apart from that, it's the usual word salad which doesn't really make much sense...

Q & A are over, and Sarah is bringing Piper on the stage for a few moments, and they wave to the audience. (surprise!)

I can see Jason Recher at the end of the room, he acts like a bodyguard.



The complete speech and the complete the Q & A session is available now on youtube:


Suggest a caption for this picture:

Tea Party Palin shoes


Screenshots from the event:

Tea Party Sarah Fox

Tea Party Q & A

Oh my God, what a massive crowd:

Tea Party crowd screenshot

Tea Party crowd screenshot 2


Film-critic Roger Ebert live-tweets the speech:

Tea Party Roger Ebert

Tea Party Roger Ebert 2

Great suggestion by Roger Ebert:

Roger Ebert normal media

Andrew Sullivan is live-blogging to:

Tea Party Andrew Sullivan 1

Other citizens are tweeting too - here is an overview:

Tweets Tea Party 4

Tweets Tea Party 3

Tweets Tea Party 2


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