Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Geoffrey Dunn on the Shannyn Moore Radio Show talking about Sarah Palin (Audio)

Geoffrey Dunn is not just an award-winning writer, filmmaker and HuffPost blogger, but he could also turn out to be one of Sarah Palin's greatest nightmares. In his upcoming book, "The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power", Geoffrey interviewed more than 100 people and learned about some secrets that Sarah Palin would rather the public didn't know.

The date of the publication of his book has been pushed back to the end of July 2010, because Sarah Palin keeps Geoffrey just too busy, and there are some additional leads he wants to pursue, as he explains in the broadcast.

Therefore it was great to hear Geoffrey Dunn talking yesterday on the air with Shannyn Moore. He shared some fascinating details. For example, Geoffrey has talked to members of the McCain/Palin campaign, and it turned out that Sarah just didn't know...

--> the difference between North- and South-Korea
--> ANYTHING about the Vietnam war

...but she also didn't know...

--> the difference between England and the UK!

Sarah, listen: The difference is that England has its own football ..."soccer"... team. That's what keeps them most happy over there. Hope that helped!

Another interesting detail which Geoffrey Dunn discloses is that "around 90%" of the people he talked to about Sarah Palin were Republicans. He confirms that it's nothing but a myth that the Republicans in Alaska like Sarah Palin a lot. In fact, many of them strongly dislike her - which I agree with, having myself seen several confidential emails by leading Alaskan Republican politicians in which Sarah Palin was mentioned in the most unflattering way! Yes, we have a very capable network in Alaska by now.

Geoffrey also talks about Sarah's speech in Redding, CA, which he attended a few days ago. I strongly recommend reading the article that AKM has written about this event on Mudflats, which she wrote "in collaboration" with Geoffrey Dunn.

But that's by far not everything that Geoffrey has to share. He also has some frightening details: He believes that Sarah is already in full preparation for the Presidential run, and she has already gathered a support team around her.

In addition, please don't forget to pre-order Geoffrey's book. You won't regret it!

Listen here to this highly entertaining interview with Shannyn Moore (3 parts):


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