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Glen Biegel, former Palin supporter and speechwriter, discusses his fall-out with Sarah Palin (Audio) - UPDATE!

Glen Biegel came to the attention of a larger audience outside Alaska through the emails of Sarah Palin's administration which were recently obtained and published by MSNBC.COM. After he appeared on Dan Fagan's radio show and made some critical remarks about Sarah Palin in September 2007, the Queen was upset and outraged - and didn't hesitate to let him know via email (with copy to Todd, of course). She wrote to Glen Biegel on September 12, 2007:

Glen - I don't even know what to say after catching your visit on Fagan 's show yesterday. I wanted to call in and ask "why?" ... but I have to stop and pray before doing so , and so often it's better when I listen to the "don't-be-tempted-to-tell-em-what-you-really-feel..." answer. Thus, I didn't call you on your comments.(...)

After yesterday it's been confirmed: The circle of confidants is so small in the world of politics, much less the circle of friends. Your comments and follow-on agreements with Fagan about his "more broken promises" claims, claims of pandering to media and not being conservative, etc, etc, etc... it was all heartbreaking... but eye-opening for me as the circle grew smaller right before my ears. My gosh Glen - playing into Fagan's accusation that I care more for Alaska's dairy cows than I do our kids?(...)

I spoke with Boards and Commissions about your claims I could have swept out the entire know it's not as easy as that and we can sit down with you to show Dept of Law's opinion on that - but more important here is I, and Frank Baily, and Kris Perry, and Sean Parnell, and others have always been on your side on the homeschooi issues with regard to desiring change and allowing parents more choices. You know that Glen, yet you chose such an odd venue to vent - instead of giving us a head's up with your disgust of the administration - a more productive and healthier way of discussing the issue could have been found.

You've spoken to Sean , Frank, Todd, and me in the past two weeks . Couldn't you afford any of us the head's up re : what you really felt about us?

Sorry to be so long in this email - I just am baffled and saddened that the circle closes ever smaller.


Palin - Email to Glen Biegel

So, who is Glen Biegel?

On the website of the Media Research Center of Alaska, he is described as follows:

Glen Biegel is a lifelong Alaskan, born in Providence Hospital in 1968, to parents living in the city of Spenard (yes there was such a place back then). He works in Computer Operations and Network administration with large computer systems, currently holding a degree in Computer Science with a Math minor. He is active in developing education policy and ran for State House in 1996. He has also been active in Republican party politics since then, and is an avid supporter of open and reasoned debate. Current projects include the Conservative Alliance, educating voters on the income tax, supporting the Instant Runoff Voting System, and working to foster correct perceptions of Government and the economy.

Phil Munger from "Progressive Alaska" once called him in a more unflattering way "the most doctrinaire conservative local commentator" of the AK radion station KBYR.

The fact that Biegel apparently is "an avid supporter of open and reasoned debate" already indicates that he appears to have a very different approach to public debate than the facebook-Stalinist and "no recordings please" Queen Sarah/Esther from Wasilla.

Glen Biegel occasionally works as a replacement for AK conservative radio talk-show host Dan Fagan on his radio show when Dan Fagan is not available, and yesterday was such a day.

Thankfully, a caller named "Zane" started the discussion about Sarah Palin when he questioned Glen Biegel about the emails which were published by MSNBC.COM. In the following two hours, Glen Biegel then shared some of his views about Sarah Palin with the audience.

As Biegel explains at the beginning of the first recording below, he was a great supporter of Sarah Palin when she ran for Governor and he says that he "worked hard on Sarah Palin's campaign and dedicated hundreds of hours working for her campaign" and he also "spent 60 hours writing Sarah Palin's inauguration speech".

He then mentions that he was "unfriended" by Sarah Palin in an email. I believe that he was referring to the email mentioned above. One of his most striking criticisms about Sarah Palin is that he believes that "Sarah Palin takes political circumstances personally" - which should be reason enough why Sarah should be kept away as far as possible from the top position of the greatest military power on earth.

Glen Biegel is a good example why some conservative Republicans who do have personal integrity and have worked closely together with Sarah Palin have serious problems with her. This message should be spread wider, as some Republicans outside AK still seem to be "in awe" with Sarah Palin, despite of the fact that large parts of the Republicans in AK who originally supported Sarah later started to be seriously "turned-off" by her - for very good reasons.

The full recording of the three hour show can be downloaded from the podcast page on KFQD 750, but I have compiled for our readers the most interesting parts of the first two hours which deal with Sarah Palin in the two youtube clips posted below. The complete first hour can be downloaded from the KFQD page HERE and the complete second hour can be downloaded HERE.

From about 3:20 in the second clip posted below, Glen Biegel mentions another correspondence with Sarah Palin which I believe can be found in the MSNBC.COM emails HERE.

I bet that C4P, after they have received their talking points from the Queen, will rant about Glen Biegel in 5...4...3...2...1. ;-)

I do hope that more AK Republicans will now come out with their true and honest opinion about Sarah Palin. After all, they also know her secrets, including the truth about babygate - come on, don't be shy, we know who you are!



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