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How many people paid $300 to watch the Super Bowl with Todd Palin in 2008? - UPDATES

Todd Palin was very involved with The Friends of the Alaska Governor's Mansion Foundation. Breakfasts, luncheons and other events were hosted by the First Dude to raise funds for the improvement of 716 Calhoun Ave, Juneau, AK.

One of the events promoted in Todd Palin's name was this:

todd superbowl

Todd and his staff were busy organizing the Super Bowl event, co-ordinating with the members of the Foundation and trying very hard to sell tickets.


I missed this interesting e-mail when I wrote the original post. (H/T to silver_desert)

super bowl 1
super bowl 2

todd superbowl 2

todd superbowl 3

They discussed the Super Bowl in a Foundation meeting.

todd superbowl agenda

todd superbowl 4

I found the Foundation's details and also their form 990.

The only problem with raising money by selling tickets to watch the game with Todd at the "House" is that the NFL doesn't like it at all. They stopped churches having Super Bowl parties. The only venues allowed to have public broadcasts of the games are sports bars, provided they don't charge their patrons for admission.

Todd, his staff and the Foundation were resourceful in coming up with all kinds of ideas for fundraising, but they couldn't be bothered to find out what the NFL rules are regarding broadcasts of the games or the copyright laws. The NFL didn't know anything about this fundraiser. Until now...

By the way, the Foundation was asked to foot the bill for an extraordinary improvement to the House: a trampoline.


Trampoline at the Juneau mansion

Unless the Palins are trampoline fanatics and had one at the House in Juneau and others at each of their properties, it could well be that the fun addition to the House found its way to the other fun house in Wasilla...

Palins' house in Wasilla

trampoline detail


Reader Anony in Fla found Sarah Palin's financial disclosure for 2007 and we can see that the trampoline was in the list of gifts (page 14). It was a gift from the Juneau Governor's Prayer Breakfast Committee, valued at $340.

trampoline prayer group

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