Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sarah Palin, adorable child huntress of Alaska - UPDATE

Guess what: This new magazine called "Sarah Palin - The untold story in her own words" in which Sarah Palin has "not participated" (see my last post for more details) contains lots of new, previously unseen pictures, for example from her childhood - including lots of new previously unseen dead animals!

That's right, Sarah Palin has not "participated"! It was possibly the other Sarah who did it - naturally Sarah Palin cannot be held responsible.

But seriously: It's obvious that the Heath family closely cooperated with the creators of the magazine and that this magazine appears to be just another propaganda piece for Alaska's superwoman Sarah Palin.

Mediate has already published a first collection of the new pictures under the juicy title "Revealed: Sarah Palin, adorable child huntress of Alaska" - here are some screenshots from the Mediate website:

Palin Magazine new 1
Palin Magazine new 2
Palin Magazine new 3


Damn, Sarah Palin is winning the propaganda war! I hope that Barack Obama has killed at least SOME animals when he was a kid. Otherwise he ought to step down immediately!



If you think you have already seen lots of dead animals so far, think again - here is the ultimate clip about Chuck Heath and his house in which he proudly displays his ...well... could you say obsession with hunting?

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