Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gryphen's "Eargate"

We have been asked to comment on "Eargate" by several readers.

This is how the whole thing happened: Gryphen broke a major story about Trig's ears and a tale of two babies. Of course the more inquisitive bloggers immediately hit the googles trying to find more photographs in order to corroborate Gryphen's evidence. Bree found some interesting pictures from the book tour and posted them. The thing is, our team came up with exactly the same photos, we were up to our ears in photos! It seemed a bit futile to do a re-run of Gryph's and Bree's posts just to be "in" on the story, even though we spent a lot of time looking for new pictures and taking a closer look at the existing ones.

It is Gryphen's story. He worked on it for ten months, consulted loads of experts, obtained an opinion from a physician and has first hand accounts regarding what therapies Trig receive or didn't receive. If we made any amazing discoveries about the ears, we wouldn't publish it on Palingates. We would send everything to Gryphen, it is HIS big story, not ours.

The progressive bloggers work in tandem on most stories, but when it comes to big scoops, we don't steal each other's thunder.

Gryphen wouldn't do it to us...


So there you have it, we didn't find anything new or interesting to add to Gryphen's findings and if we did, you wouldn't read it here first. You would read it on Immoral Minority!

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