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Gregory Girard, IT-Consultant and outspoken Sarah Palin fan, arrested for stockpiling weapons and explosives

TPM reports:

"The Massachusetts man charged this week with stockpiling weapons after saying he feared an imminent "Armageddon" appears to have been active in the Tea Party movement, and saw Sarah Palin, who he said is on a "righteous 'Mission from God,'" as the only figure capable of averting the destruction of society.

As we reported yesterday, Gregory Girard, a Manchester technology consultant, was found with a stash of military grade weapons, explosive devices including tear gas and pepper ball canisters, camouflage clothing, knives, handcuffs, bulletproof vests and helmets, and night vision goggles, say police. They believe Girard, who pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, was "preparing for domestic and political turmoil," and feared martial law would soon be imposed.

Girard's wife said her husband had recently told her: "Don't talk to people, shoot them instead," and "it's fine to shoot people in the head because traitors deserve it."

But it appears that Girard had lately found a community with which to share some of his growing fears. A "Greg Girard," listing his location as Manchester, Mass., has a personal page on the "Patriots of America" online network, a popular site affiliated with the Tea Party movement."


If you have politicians who behave like demagogues and who use inflammatory language, it should come as no surprise that some citizens will take them seriously - VERY SERIOUSLY. Gregory Girard has an account with the "Patriots for America" network, and a visit over there leaves me in no doubt that these people are collectively talking themselves into believing that they are currently at war with the "marxist" federal government. It is certainly a fringe group, but 3,583 members who are probably all fairly heavily armed are 3,583 members too many.

Patriots for America Logo

Gregory Girard has extreme radical right-wing views, and at "Patriots for America", there are lots of people who agree with him.

On January 24, 2010, he let his friends on "Patriots for America" know what he thinks about Obama and his "diabolical plans", and what he thinks should be done:

I have studied the "National Security Force," which is Obama's name for the secret police force he is creating. I have read the new law that gives them the right to operate as an extension of the DoD, carrying firearms, and executing search warrants, executing arrest warrants, and the like. Needless to say, it's a secret police force of some kind, and it appears likely to be created from inner city youths. These "volunteers" are paid a salary as well. So we have 350,000 young toughs doing whatever their vague mission is. FDR created a similiar force of well over 100,000 thugs at a time when the population was much smaller, and no where near as well armed.(...)

If they are attacking people, invading homes, or otherwise terrorizing any community, they will have signed their death warrants. Desperate to defend home, property, and our way of life, communities accross the country will declare it to be open season on these thugs, and a eighty to one hundred million weapons will annilate them and any others with them no matter where they go. There will be millions of ambushes across the highway system, and any place they attempt to stay for the evening will be subject to any one of a thousand different types of murderous traps, contrivances, and deceptions.

The gov't can make all the diabolical plans it wants to terrorize citizens, and no doubt the gov't will succeed in some towns initially. But once the surprise is gone, Americans will be motivated by this desperate struggle to defend home and loved ones; to that end, they will exploit the fact that they are well armed, and stocked with ammo, and then apply their ingenuity to the task of pursuing a truly brutal and horrific defensive program that puts and end to the reigh of terror. We would not throw up our hands, and squeal in fear, but instead we might put our heads down to plan, practice, and push ahead with all we have. And some of might take a moment to thank the Lord for blessing us with the courage and resolve to steadfastly protect those we love, and to ultimately fight to restore our Constitution.

He followed up on that on January 30, 2010 and explained how to deal with the "Federal Gangsta's":

"Federal efforts to take away guns during emergencies were outlowed after the Katrina incident. And at all times, the Constitution would prohibit such a thing. So, one can know that any such effort is against the Constitution and against specific laws regarding states of emergency, and thus the effort, if it involved breaking into your home, would be no different than any felonious breaking and entry by one or more armed assailants. The Castle law in one's state, or simply the common law of the right to self defense, would ensure that close range discharge of double-ought buck from a 12 ga at the assailant's face (from behind cover!), would be a perfectly legal defense in response to an attack of armed assailants tearing the door from your home and threatening with deadly force, in the form of loaded rifles pointed in your direction. The hard part is not preventing the confiscation, but surviving the murderous rampage of the state and Federal gangsta's that would almost certainly be very enthusiastic about gunning the defending homeowner down."

So, apart from the obvious, why am I very concerned?

Because Gregory Girard is not only a gun-obsessed lunatic, but also an outspoken Sarah Palin fan. This is what he had to say about Sarah Palin on January 30, 2010:

As a sidebar, I believe that the ONLY ----- ONLY ------ potential presidental candidate I have seen with the sheer force of will and God-insprined rightous determination to bringdown this "War Powers" evil is Sarah Palin. I respect a great many conservatives, and many with great courage in battle or in certain political venues. I highly doubt any have the stomach for political morass and firestorm that result for an effort dismantle a 50 year legacy of Executive Orders and legislation that have spawned thiis murderous monster of tyranny discussed above.

Since first became aware she existed, I observed carefully and came to admire her remarkable person resolve in a range of life situations, including the political arena. I noted an outspoken willing to proclaim and live by her Christian moral beliefs despite more than a few opportunities to set them aside. Later a came to see her straight-line, logically consistent conservative thinking and then later learned of fearless efforts to route out and destroy corruption in her state, which occurred (unfortunately) greatly at her own expense. Finally, the woman has oodles of charm and excellent sense of humor while retainining seriousness of purpose.

To me, these characterist were most admirable, and could only with so measure up to some of them over my life time. However, I was unimpressed with her historical and political knowlege, both in terms of backgroun information and current events. I felt the high office of president demanded a level of intellectual sophiscation that can only come from diligence in degree work, such as at a university, or preferably, a passional effort at self-education through extensive reading, study, and writing on a subject. More to the point, her general knowlege of the gov't structure, important court decisions, and the technical aspects of legislation needed some work. Finally, her formal grasp of economics was weak at best.

Since that time over year ago, she has addressed many of the issues above that would give me pause to support her president. Although I believe it would take closer to a decade to learn,aborb, and fully understand the major systems of governement, politics, economics, and American History, recent speaking engagements, talk show appearances, and her policy discussions with various individuals make it clear she has come far towards leaning the language of politics, as would be required of an executive leader -- certainly enough effectively communicate with world leaders and with expert advisors.

This more sophisticated Sarah Palin has not left behind the magical combination of charisma, a remarkable reserve of personal strength and committment, and her righteous "mission from God" drive return this country to its convservative, Constitutional foundation. The very existance of this "War Powers" and "contintutity of gov't" plans are some of the major impediments to restoring our Republic to Constitutional supremecy, and therefore I believe that if she were made fully aware of this menace ot libery and justice, she would do to it what she did to the corrupt politicians she routed out and had removed in Alasksa.
, fearless advocacy for justice (often at her own expense), and boatloads of personal charm that


Greg Girard comment 2
Greg Girard comment 3


Oh, I can already hear the screams of the Palinbots. Queen Sarah is of course not responsible for any of that. Did she tell this misguided and apparently very dangerous man to amass a stockpile of weapons? No, she did not.

But what Sarah Palin does is to nurture the extreme right-wing fringe for example by obsessing over the military and over war. She is ready to embrace extreme right-wingers as her fanbase, while at the same time for example using highly inflammatory language directed at Barack Obama during the Presidential campaign, from which she has never ever distanced herself:

“Our opponent,” Ms. Palin told donors in Englewood, Colo., “is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”

She added, “This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America,” she said. “We see America as a force of good in this world. We see an America of exceptionalism.”

Sarah Palin neatly tapped into those sentiments again during her recent speech in Nashville when she proclaimed that "America is ready for a new revolution and you are part of it".

Chris Matthews made the case very well just a few days ago:

Matthews went on to say that Palin "has nothing going on mentally... I'd be afraid of her because I think she's an empty vessel ready to be filled by ideology she doesn't understand. And that is really scary."

Sarah Palin makes it far too easy for gun-obsessed, dangerous lunatics to "do the filling" and find political justification for their dangerous beliefs - and, in the worst case, for their unfortunate actions. But what can you expect from a woman whose favorite talk-show host is a neo-fascist?

Eddie Burke - Hitler did this once

The "Ocean of Urine" nurture their own gun-obsessed lunatics, too, for example William Henley - and many over there at C4P evidently agree with him:

William Henley  - comment on C4P - "enjoy using my gun for Sarah Palin"

If that comment of William Henley didn't frighten you enough, you should take a look at the comment he left on C4P for Sarah's birthday - which was of course also much loved by the Peelanders.

I do hope that the US authorities will ensure that the worst case never happens, or otherwise the empty vessel from Wasilla might be partly responsible for a very out of control, ugly development - and Sarah would then "wash her hands" and deny all responsibility, as she does it with everything else she has ever said or done.

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