Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday fun: Details of Sarah Palin's cheat note from her speech in Nashville revealed! - UPDATE: Sarah, the warmonger!

This was not Sarah Palin's week. The woman just manages to screw up over and over and over again.

Her supporters celebrated her speech in Nashville yesterday as a "historic event."

However, the appropriate term is: EPIC FAIL.

You can clearly see the cheat note written on the left hand.

Huffington Post zoomed in:

Sarah Palin cheat note detail LARGE

The text reads:


Budget Tax cuts

Lift American Spirits

So...Sarah Palin needed a cheat note to remind her to mention Energy, Tax Cuts and "lifting American spirits". Why was the word "Budget" crossed out? Did she REALLY make a mistake when writing a cheat note for a nationally televised speech on her hand?

At the same time, she slammed Obama for using teleprompters... ;-)

Sarah cheating with crib note at Tea Party Convention in Nashville, February 6, 2010

In a moment like this, I really have to ask myself why I spend so much of my time dealing with this incredibly stupid woman, who is nothing but a huge embarrassment.

But the sad fact is: This dumb and equally vicious and vindictive woman has severely damaged the lives of many, many people - many more than the public is aware of. I have been in contact with some of them and learned some shocking details - and believe me, I won't stop with my work for the anti-Palin movement until this woman is properly exposed.

On a lighter note:

By hilarious coincidence, with divine foresight, the comedian Lisa Nova published in September 2008 a parody on youtube in which Sarah Palin was reading cheat notes from her hand - enjoy:

One of our great readers sent me this parody picture - THANK YOU!

President tattoo

Sarah - Three Point Plan Fail


That's a great one, too:

palin nuke hand new


Here is a picture of the "energized" audience in Nashville, taken by a teabagger with his mobile phone:

Sarah Palin's tea party speech in Nashville - view of audience



Unfortunately it's not very easy to have "fun" with Sarah Palin.

This morning on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, she revealed her true face again: Sarah Palin, the evil warmonger!

This woman would have no hesitation whatsoever to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people for her ambitions - probably because "God told her to do so".



Is Sarah Palin the biggest living hypocrite? Is there an award she can win?

Sarah Palin now defends Rush Limbaugh's use of the term "retard"!


But the former governor went to great and sometimes awkward lengths to insist that when conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh used the same exact term to describe the same exact group, it was simply in the role of political humorist.

"They are kooks, so I agree with Rush Limbaugh," she said, when read a quote of Limbaugh calling liberal groups "retards." "Rush Limbaugh was using satire ... . I didn't hear Rush Limbaugh calling a group of people whom he did not agree with 'f-ing retards,' and we did know that Rahm Emanuel, as has been reported, did say that. There is a big difference there."


Sarah Palin campaigning for Rick Perry in Texas on Sunday:

sp hi mum
(Click HERE to see a larger version)

Sarah Palin with "Hi Mom" note on hand in Texas.

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