Friday, 26 February 2010

Same old Sarah Palin - UPDATE!

Sarah Palin discussed the health care summit with Sean Hannity. I'll quote just a couple of passages because the whole thing is much too painful.

PALIN: I think some of the details that we didn't hear a whole lot about coming from the president and the bill that he is supportive of had to do with like price controls, which of course will manipulate and distort America's traditionally free market way of doing business in our economy.

The health insurance companies have been making an obscene amount of money from American people through higher and higher premiums and rationing of health care.

HANNITY: All right, last question. Net winners, net losers. Did the president hurt himself today? Did the Republicans help themselves today in terms of public perception?

PALIN: The Republicans helped themselves, absolutely. They got to talk about the patient-centered, free market oriented solutions to health care reform that is needed. We do need to reform much of our health care that we have in America. But they were able to articulate that, whereas the Democrats, the president, it was just more of the same old, same old. It was a whole lot of lecturing again.

Same old, same old? I beg your pardon, Sarah Palin. You are the one who wants more of the same old, same old. You want health care reform based on free market, without any interference from the government. Do you call that reform? That's been the status quo for years and years. It's not patient-centered, it's big corporation-centered and your "reform" doesn't change that one little bit.

Please... sit-down-and-shut-up!

If you have the stomach to watch it, here are the links: PART I and PART II.


UPDATE (by Patrick):

Oh, I have a feeling that you won't like that very much:

After her appearance on the Hannity TV-show, Sarah also was a guest on the Hannity radio show. It seems that Hannity simply cannot get enough of her. Anyway, at the beginning of the conversation, Sean Hannity plays a short audio clip of President Obama, who reminds John McCain at the healthcare summit that the campaign and the election "are over", in response to a critical remark by John McCain.

Sean Hannity then mentions that this remark by Obama was "insulting" and thus paves the way for Sarah "Wasilli Vanilli" Palin, who is outraged - what else? She explains that she and Todd "both saw this part" and they "both" said: "How arrogant of our President" and a moment later she adds that the criticizm "is not boding well for our President's character" and that John McCain "has sacrificed more for our country than our President has".

This woman seriously messes up my English! Please let us know in the comments if you understood these sentences differently.

Apparently John McCain is off-limits to political attacks now because he is an American war-hero, according to Sarah Palin.

But you can criticize the character of the President, of course (unless he is a war-hero, I guess, because then he is automatically "off limits" and oppositon also won't be needed any more).

See in the clip from 2:05:

I think that the Republicans should from now on exclusively "recruit" war-vetereans and put them into congress. Then it will be impossible for them in future to be criticized by Democrats. Sounds like a safe plan.

It's a pity that Sarah didn't think about her self-proclaimed standards in this respect when she called John Kerry in "Going Rogue" an "elitist loon".

In the clip with Hannity, earlier from 1:47, Sarah Palin also has the temerity the promote "free-market solutions for healthcare" - despite of the fact that her grandson Tripp receives Government healthcare for natives in Alaska.

Sarah, let me ask you: Your children, what kind of healthcare do THEY receive? Because I have a feeling that Bristol, Willow, Piper, Track and Trig might as well enjoy the free Alaskan Government healthcare for natives.

Come on, Sarah, don't be shy!


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