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Bristol Palin v Levi Johnston, there are too many people trying to get involved...

Dave Smith, Alicia Fix, Eddie Burke and Jessica Beehive should read this report:

A certain Kevin Trudeau, dubbed "The Informacial King" has been found to be in contempt of court and will serve 30 days in prison for asking people to bombard a judge with e-mails.

Trudeau last week put up a plea on his Web site last week telling fans "Kevin needs your voice," and listing the judge's e-mail address, according to the Chicago Tribune.

U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman was not amused when his inbox was subsequently clogged with hundreds of testimonials about the wonders of Trudeau's methods (his "Natural Cures" series has sold millions of books). Some of the e-mails were "harassing, threatening and interfering," the judge said, according to the Sun-Times.

The four people named above did exactly the same thing, using Facebook, Twitter and a radio show to broadcast the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of two judges involved in the custody case known as Bristol Palin v Levi Johnston, urging their followers to contact the judges. This is the text of the protest, which can be found on Dave Smith's and Alicia Fix's Facebook event page:

" Tripp is not a Political Football "

We want to thank everyone for their time and attention to this matter. Over the Holidays; Superior Court Judge Kari C. Kristiansen issued a ruling under the authority of Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason. The ruling was a denial to keep the Custody dispute Between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston over 1 year old Tripp closed.

Judge Kristiansen sited there was no reason to keep this matter private. The Palin's trying to keep the proceedings focused on Tripp, fought for the closing of the proceedings. Levi Johnston argued for an open proceeding. The Decision raises many concerns of Political Hanky Panky; but even more, cannot be justified to be in the best interest of a 1 year old child.

Both of the Judges are appointees of Former Governor Tony Knowles--{ Democrat }. Both of the Judges are up for retention. Fancy for Re-Appointment in 2010. Both have been accused of activist liberal rulings prior.

The Law in Alaska without doubt provides for the closing of a proceeding. The best interest of the child, or other mitigating circumstances is the guide. There is no question both elements are in play here.

We here believe this decision is either one of the worst in Alaskan History; or is in fact: a Politically motivated attempt to harm or perhaps payback Sarah Palin. Perhaps elements of both could also be correct. Barracuda Brigade for Our American Girl! 2012 has decided, since the Judges want a public proceeding; to give them one.

This the address for both Judges.

Alaska Superior Court--XXX. Xth Ave.--Anchorage Alaska-XXXXX - XXXX --Attn: Judge Sharon Gleason/Attn: Judge Kari C. Kristiansen

Judge Gleason's phone#--907-XXX-XXXX
Judge Kristiansen's phone#--907-XXX-XXXX

The Judicial Review Commission of Alaska is set-up in a way, that any protest to them would be handled in this situation by: Judge Sharon Gleason---yep--that is why she had Judge Kristiansen hand down the decision.

The next level up is the Governor, Sean Parnell. His phone# is--907-XXX-XXXX, fax#--907-XXX-XXXX. See link below; under contact: will take you to his e-mail.

The " Tripp is not a Political Football " protest will formally begin on Thursday Jan. 7th at 12pm. cst. We ask all concerned to call, fax and e-mail Governor Parnell: also to call and write both Judges and let them know: Patriots across America find your actions a disgrace to the Judicial system. That our concerns are being directed to the Governor's Office.

The actual Court record will be available shortly, along with the list of retention. We thank you for your time and concern----Dave & Alicia

The protest is ongoing, scheduled to close on May 7.

This protest is rather bizarre. The only political entity involved in this case is Sarah Palin. Levi never had anything to do with politics, apart from being dragged to the Lower 48 to be paraded as Bristol's fiance during the vice presidential campaign. Levi Johnston has no interest in politics, all he wants is to be able to see his child and have a say regarding his upbringing.

It has been reported that Judge Kristiansen received death threats and had to be escorted by state troopers.

The leaders of the protest are not directly involved in the court case in question, so I'm not sure they can be found to be in contempt of court, but I hope there is some legal dispositive to bring these people to book.

As neither Bristol Palin nor her mother saw fit to condemn the actions of these misguided pit bulls on the quitter governor's Facebook page or on Twitter, we must assume they approve of them. Perhaps Judge Kristiansen could find Bristol guilty of something...

At the very least, Bristol is trying to stop her son from having a relationship with his loving father and family by any possible means. Hopefully the judge will be able to see through the Palins' dirty tricks.

They are due in court on February 25. It's going to be ugly...

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