Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Great Leader Chairwoman Sarah grants Tripp the right to be called a "Palin" and bans counter-revolutionaries!

Great Leader Chairwoman Sarah

Great Leader Chairwoman ("The Governor") Sarah amazes her faithful followers ("The Paliban") again with her decisive and spirited actions!

(clapping, standing ovation)

In order to secure her heritage and further decades of "Palin revolution", she granted her grandson Tripp (formerly "Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston") the right to be called a "Palin". Her wise Politburo ("SarahPAC") executed her order in classic simple revolutionary style which can easily be understood by the masses (click to enlarge):

(endless clapping, standing ovation, many shouts of "bravo")

The h/t for this wonderful piece of information goes to our faithful observer "EyeOnYou".

The exact birthdate of Tripp (now "Tripp Palin") has not been officially disclosed by the Great Chairwoman Sarah yet, but he was born either on December 27 or on December 28, 2008, depending on what type of bourgeois liberal publication you choose to believe.


In addition, we have more good news! Great Chairwoman Sarah had her book signing at the "Curtis C. Menard Memorial Sports Center" in Wasilla today for our red bible "Going Rogue".

The "Curtis C. Menard Memorial Sports Center" is, as we are all aware, a sacred location for our movement. It was built on executive orders by our Great Chairwoman Sarah herself, who didn't spare any money in order to give her beloved people a sports center that would meet world standards!

(endless clapping, standing ovations)

Today, at the book signing, the well-know counter-revolutionaries who go by the names Gryphen and Dennis Zaki...

(loud and prolonged shouts of "boos", angry gestures)

...yes, those ones...tried to gain access and disturb the peace of the enthusiastic supporters of Great Chairwoman Sarah and desecrate the sacred arena!

(more shouts of "boos")

However, Great Chairwoman Sarah ("Red Lipstick") wisely chose to create a "ban-list" and to advise the People's Police to swiftly remove the counter-revolutionaries and therefore secured the peace and ensured that the Paliban could hail the Great Chairwoman Sarah undisturbed of evil counter-revolutionary liberal troublemakers! Long live Great Leader Chairwoman Sarah! May the revolution of the Paliban live and prosper!

(endless clapping, standing ovation, shouts of "bravo" fill the room)

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