Friday, 4 December 2009

GOING NUTS: Sarah Palin goes Birther and complains about "Stupid Conspiracies", her lawyer Thomas Van Flein goes Facebook!

Sarah Palin is at breaking point - she has lost it.

In a radio interview, she suddenly "goes birther", as the Daily Kos and Politico have reported. Sarah says that the question of Obama's birth certificate is a "fair question" and she says that she herself has "provided Trig's birth certificate"!

No, Sarah, you have never provided Trig's birth certificate! Have you forgotten to take your meds today? Did you provide Trig's birth certificate in the "fantasy world" you live in?

You didn't provide Trig's birth certificate because you didn't give birth to Trig, and the birth certificate doesn't show what it's "supposed to show"!

Sarah Palin made the remarks while speaking to conservative talker Rusty Humphries:


"HUMPHRIES: Sarah Palin here on the Rusty Humphries Show. One of the questions Jason asks is would you make the birth certificate an issue if you ran?

PALIN: I think the public rightly is still making it an issue. I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t know if I would have to bother to make it an issue because I think there are enough members of the electorate that still want answers.

HUMPHRIES: Do you think it’s a fair question to be looking at?

PALIN: I think it’s a fair question just like I think past associations and past voting records. All of that is fair game. You know, I’ve got to tell you too, I think our campaign, the McCain-Palin campaign didn’t do a good enough job in that area. We didn’t call out Obama and some of his associates on their records and what their beliefs were, and perhaps what their future plans were, and I don’t think that was fair to voters to not have done our job as candidates and a campaign to bring to light a lot of things that now we’re seeing manifest in the administration.

HUMPHRIES: I mean, truly if your past is fair game and your kids are fair game, certainly Obama’s past should be. I mean, we want to treat men and women equally, right?

PALIN: Hey, you know, that’s a great point. And that weird conspiracy theory freaky thing that people talk about that Trig isn’t my real son, and a lot of people that went "Well, you need to produce his birth certificate, you need to prove that he’s your kid," which we have done, but yeah, so maybe we can reverse that, and use the same [inaudible] thinking on the other one.

[Note: Final sentence of transcript edited for accuracy.]"

The Huffington Post currently reports the story on their frontpage:

In response to these reports, Sarah has just released a statement on facebook called "Stupid Conspiracies"- and it gets worse:

"Stupid Conspiracies

Today at 10:16pm

Voters have every right to ask candidates for information if they so choose. I’ve pointed out that it was seemingly fair game during the 2008 election for many on the left to badger my doctor and lawyer for proof that Trig is in fact my child. Conspiracy-minded reporters and voters had a right to ask... which they have repeatedly. But at no point – not during the campaign, and not during recent interviews – have I asked the president to produce his birth certificate or suggested that he was not born in the United States."

Now she has taken her meds again and has realised what utter crap she had said on the air. Too late, dear Sarah!

But it gets even better: Thomas Van Flein has now gone where no lawyer has gone before: on facebook!

He writes:

The Ethos of Ethics

Today at 4:11pm

When the Governor announced her decision to resign on July 3, she pointed out the then 15 frivolous ethics complaints that had been filed against her and dismissed. It was intended to explain, in part, her decision to resign as well to educate the public about the abuse of the Alaska Ethics Act through a repetitive stream of baseless partisan accusations, each one seemingly more pointless and frivolous than the next. The Governor’s message was not intended as an invitation to run off half-cocked and file more baseless ethics complaints, but not everyone understood that message—or wanted to understand. In August 2009, largely in response to the abuse of Alaska’s Ethics Act by partisan shills and low level lackeys, the Attorney General issued an opinion recommending changes to the Ethics Act ”to prevent another potential harm—abuse of the process. Some Alaskans have argued that the Ethics Act has been used inappropriately in some circumstances to politically damage the subject of the complaint.” (August 5, 2009 Attorney General Opinion). That argument was asserted by the Anchorage Daily News. “Our View: Abuse of Ethics Complaints Turns Good Law Into Bad Politics,” Anchorage Daily News, May 3, 2009. The Attorney General further recommended “another safeguard to discourage habitual complaint filers who use the Ethics Act process to harass executive branch employees. Statutory amendments could provide authority to the personnel board to decline to process further complaints filed by a person who has abused the Act in this way.” Though it is encouraging to see an impartial evaluation of the problem, it is ultimately up to the Legislature to implement any of these recommended changes. Governor Palin has been subjected to 24 ethics complaints, several lawsuits, and dozens and dozens of public information act requests, few of which raised even a scintilla of a good faith issue, and most of which were simply done to garner a headline or promote opposition research for political gain.

Recently we learned that two more ethics complaints against Governor Palin have been dismissed—complaints that were filed after the Governor announced her plans to step down. One complaint asserted that it was unethical for the state to follow its own per diem regulations and pay per diem to the Governor as set forth by law. Of course, the complainant conveniently overlooked that the Governor and her family received less per diem than they were entitled to under State law—why let such details stand in the way of an ethics complaint? The other complaint that was dismissed asserted that the Governor, through me, supposedly violated the constitution because we informed a person who falsely implied that the Governor was “under investigation” by the FBI, that such statements are defamatory. It is notable to watch those who agitate on all things Palin—locally and even across the Atlantic—as they Huff and puff falsehoods about Sarah Palin under the guise of free speech, which brings us to a teachable moment. All too often we hear about constitutional rights—as we should—but many forget about constitutional responsibilities. As citizens we have both rights and responsibilities. Though we have the right to exercise free speech, we have the responsibility to exercise that right without defaming people. I like the way our Alaska Constitution describes it: “Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.” Ak. Const. Art. I, Sec. 5. The irony of filing an ethics complaint because of a reminder about the constitutional parameters of free speech is no doubt lost on those consumed by irrationality when it comes to Sarah Palin; but one does not need an ethics law to know that positive political discourse depends on a robust debate about facts and the policy implications stemming from such facts. The nation is not helped by calumnious ad hominem attacks against Sarah Palin, matrilineal conspiracy theories, and aberrant notions of ethics.

- Thomas Van Flein, Personal Attorney for Sarah Palin

"Matrilineal conspiracy theories?" I have just learned a new word!

People "across the Atlantic?" That's us, that's Palingates!

Hello, Sarah and Mr Van Flein! (big wave across the atlantic!)


Sarah Palin:

1. You have not given birth to Trig - this is a FACT, and no facebook statement will ever be able to change that!

2. You have never provided Trig's birth certificate or any other proof that Trig is your biological son, and you never will!

3. You are finished!

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emrysa said...

LMAO great post!!!

Gyalist said...

Great post, Patrick. You need to have these posts proofread if you want the site to maintain it's professional air. There are a few flying apostrophes in this post - get's instead of gets.

Keep up the great work holding Sarah Palin's feet to the fire.

Gyalist said...

"Its professional air". i've fallen victim myself to the grocer's apostrophe!!

hannah said...

Patrick- where it says "it get's worse" should be "gets", no apostrophe. Fix it and delete this comment...we need to have every detail perfect because the traffic here is going to increase very quickly, I believe!

Forever Anonymous said...

Patrick, how about posting the email Palin sent to the ADN? the one where she says she will "stop trying "to prove that Trig is her son.

emrysa said...

hmm.. I can't help but wonder if a matsu-valley hospital certification stamp has recently gone missing...

Reesie said...

Great post Patrick.

In an radio interview should be
In a radio interview

You can delete this post as well.

FEDUP!!! said...

LOL! Great job, as usual!

UGH! Now that it gets real juicy, I will be off the computer for a few days... :(

Great work, Patrick! Please tell Regina to get better fast - we miss her!

Anonymous said...


Anon said...

Am I the only one with a strong feeling that SP is about to implode?

DNA/Pat Dougherty emails:

Gyalist said...

What was Sarah Palin thinking? She's now given the MSM carte blanche to question her over Trig's miraculous birth. No amount of spin from her team is going to close that door now.

Could you imagine this woman in a position of power when she has such a loose tongue? Remember when she let slip that Steven Colbert was going to Iraq? This woman can't be trusted with State secrets.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does saying the same thing over and over make it true?

Anonymous said...


Reesie said...

Patrick, I think Sarah Palin is trying to clog up your blog by repeating the same thing.

Anonymous said...

This quote in Palin's email to the editor of ADN is really rich, isn't it? Given the total lack of fact-checking in her book. What is her term now - for fact-checkers? Hilarious!:

I would ask again, though, that you check facts before running any stories, and request that you get input from administration officials when writing about issues that involve state government.

Further, I believe the public's desire is to have confidence that you have fact-checked your columnists' pieces. It certainly seems to many of us that they go unchecked. I respect that editorial page content is for opinion, but find it tough to respect any practice that allows for unsubstantiated allegations. With such limited amounts of hard news in your recently streamlined paper, I believe it's more important than ever to make sure what you print is truthful and accurate.

I'm expressing a quite simple and fundamental desire for accuracy in your paper. But having said that, I again acknowledge that it is your paper and you own the ink, and we evidently are agreeing to disagree on the need for the corrections/clarifications I requested.

B from C

Anonymous said...

My, my, someone was bad in school and has to write the same thing on the blackboard again and again.

Rather, I think, by repeating it so much, it looks like someone is trying to believe something he knows isn't true!

Poor little child.

Forever Anonymous said...

When a troll is having a seizure, do not try to restrain him/her.

Anonymous said...

She cannot deny she said she would be willing to go after Obama on the issue of his birth certificate.

" need to produce his birth certificate, you need to prove that he's your kid,' which we have done, but yeah, so maybe we can reverse that, and use the same [inaudible] thinking on the other one."

Van Flein of ClappTrap & Van Putz said...

A few comments about the Facebook rant from the estimable Van Flein of the famed ClappTrap firm in Anchorage.

"as they Huff and puff falsehoods about Sarah Palin under the guise of free speech, which brings us to a teachable moment."

Hey, Arianna, did you see that from the clever young Mr. Van Flein "Huff and puff". God, he's smart, that's why Sarah pays him those big bucks.

And then he goes on to lecture the nation about the Constitution. "All too often we hear about constitutional rights—as we should—but many forget about constitutional responsibilities."

Oh please, instead of spouting claptrap about the U.S. Constitution, please sit in your office and read some U.S. Supreme Court cases and then give crib notes about them to Sarah (Governor for Life) Palin. You so, just in case some perky newscaster ever asks her again about what decisions she disagrees with.

Or better yet, go crawl under a rock.

P.S. Is the esteemed ClappTrap firm also representing the good doctor Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, non ob-gyn birther of high risk infants in community hospitals without NICU's? (I did read on your website Mr. Van Flein that you specialize in "professional liability."

Given Mr. Van Flien's legal speciality, I ask him to address this in his next Facebook posting:

1. Would it be a good idea for a doctor who is not an obstetrician to deliver a high risk infant with a not insignificant possibility of being born with a heart defect?
2. Would the doctor need to disclose to her malpractice carrier that she undertakes such work outside of her speciality?
3. Would it be a good idea for a family doctor who is not an obstetrician to deliver a high risk infant in a small community hospital without a neonatal intensive care unit?

Looking forward to your answers in your next Facebook posting.

MK said...

The trolls around here are a boring, one trick pony.MK

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I love it when you are so BOLD. Keep it up as she is clearly unravelling under the pressure.

longtime reader said...

The difference between Obama's birth certificate and Trig's birth certificate is that the doctor who delivered Trig (and therefore signed the birth certificate) is alive and well and practicing in the state of Alaska.

Let's just ASK HER if she delivered him!

Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson, are you ready for your closeup? And by closeup I mean, are you prepared to lie for Sarah Palin.

Logic tells me if the good doctor was willing to lie, she would have by now.

Think how far a press conference would have gone a year ago to put all these "matrilineal conspiracy theories" to rest?

Van Flein of ClappTrap & Van Putz said...

I'm sorry, let me edit my last question to young Mr. Van Flein.

Would it be a good idea for a doctor who is not an obstetrician to deliver a known high risk infant?

Because we all know from what Sarah told us that she knew she would be giving birth to a high risk infant. In fact, that's why she had the amnio (and risked a miscarriage), so she could prepare herself. So, of course, Dr. Baldwin-Johnson knew Sarah would be delivering a high risk infant.

Why you are noodling that, Mr. Van Flein (the expert in professional liability) also let us know whether it would be advisable for a family doctor practicing outside of her specialty to tell a woman whose water had broken to get on a plane and fly 20 hours back to Alaska to give birth, and be sure, to bypass any hospital with a NICU?

Anonymous said...

"The Alaska Bloggers Are Having Mental Breakdowns Over Sarah Palin's Success" [url][/url]

They blast quite a few blogs but seem to avoid any mention of Babygate.

Anonymous said...

DNA/Pat Dougherty emails

Anonymous said...

You know, watching you post Patrick is like listening to The Savage Nation. At any time you could go insane, and it's always worth a cheap laugh.

Come on, Patrick, why don't reveal the proof you have and demonstrate to everybody how right you are. Come on, just try.

And by the way, Van Flein was referring to Andrew Sullivan, not you.

midnightcajun said...

Oh, Van Flea! A teachable moment about the responsibility of exercising the right of free speech without defaming people? Maybe you shoulda had one of those teachable moments with Sarah before she published her book of lies. But then you'd have lost all those billable moments defending her from the liable and defamation suits that are about to rain down on her, right?

And why is this little flea going on about the ethics complaints again?

Anonymous said...

Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely. If a genuine person posts a dissenting view, please reply politely. If the discussion descends into something fruitless and annoying as the recent performance we saw here, treat as trolling and simply ignore.

sunnyjane said...

I think Van Flein needs a quick course in remedial writing. When he says "...baseless partisan accusations, each one seemingly more pointless and frivolous than the next," I do believe he means "...than the last."

Keep up, Mr. Van Flein. I know it's hard, but...

Anonymous said...

lol 2600 comments on the Palin is a Birther thread at Huffington Post and no one seems to want to defend the wannabe Empress.

Kat said...

She's finally stepped in the BIG one. All by herself! No one could do it better. Thanks $carah!

Keith had a great segment today (#1) with Richard Wolfe where he discusses her charging her fans for photos taken with her and the Mall of America fiasco. Lots of fun! Can you say - unraveling? $carah? We can look forward to unending days of craziness & back pedaling from the Palin Camp and their indignant trolls. Thank you Tundra Tart! Your "fans" appreciate your loose lips!

Have you seen this? said...

Have you seen this?
Fayetteville, AR Sarah and toddler? Is it Trig?

Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine. Is $arah Palin helping the nation by her constant bullshit attacks Barack Obama? First she calls him a terrorist, now the bitch admits she's a "birther!" Yup. She's a sick woman!

Anonymous said...


Still waiting for $arah Palin to prove Barack Obama sent "black helicopters" to Alaska!

Anonymous said...

She will just look like a KOOK going after Barack Obama over his birth certificate. It didn't work the first time, it won't work the second time.

Anonymous said...

Palin's success? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sounds to me like Palin is the unhappy one, over Barack Obama's success, (He is the "Leader if the Free World") the way she constantly berates him.

moseyon said...

Do you think those pesky bloggers
will make her cancel her book tour.
She is so stupid she didn't realise that this would go viral.
Just look how long it took her to respond to his request for an interview.

Anonymous said...

Moseyon, having trouble comprehending Palin's successful book tour?

How many times is Patrick going to use bold, all CAPS letters before he realizes that is not going to convince people?

Sarah is a FRAUD said...

Sarah Palin is a fcking liar and a fcking fraud!

Sarah Palin is a fcking liar and a fcking fraud!

Sarah Palin is a fcking liar and a fcking fraud!

Sarah Palin is a fcking liar and a fcking fraud!

moseyon said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this. The Queen really is cracking up.

Sarah Palin insults a fan in this video. It will probably hit the Huffinton Post shortly.

Link to video:

Anonymous said...

Holy SHIT! Palingates just went huge!
Only tragedy from here.

I feel sorry for her kids. Their lives will suck after this

MK said...

anon 10.14

How lame and out of date are you?

That is a rick roll you tube. So very, very last year.MK

Anonymous said...

Are these two statements the same?

1. I don’t know if I would have to bother to make it an issue ’cause I think there are enough members of the electorate who still want answers.

2. She replied that it wouldn't be necessary to make it an issue because the electorate can do so if they choose.

The first statement is Palin's recorded exact words. The second is C4P's version of what she said.
I don't hear her saying "they can do so if they choose"

AND of course they do not post her "actual" radio interview (which is all over the place) ... they ALWAYS post everything Palin is ever involved in. Why aren't they posting the interview so people can hear her words for themselves? Sounds like a little mind control. OH don't bother listening to what she said (even though I always post everything she ever is involved in for your listening/viewing pleasure) .. because "I" already listened to her voice for you. I will tell you what she said...
I do believe some of the PeeLanders do half heartily think..and hopefully will go out into the real world (read something other than this shrine) and hear for themselves.

sunnyjane said...

Do we know for CERTAIN that CBJ said, in the interview with ADN, that she "couldn't confirm" that she delivered Trig?

That's a very strange response. Shouldn't she have said "it's a matter of patient/doctor confidentiality."

Is this doctor still practicing in Wasilla?

Anonymous said...

A little off topic but one that has been mentioned
Sarah's lack of saying Jesus... only referring to God and Her Faith... never saying Jesus

Poor Billy Graham... on his page devoted to his interview with her he says:
NOVEMBER 25, 2009
This first interview segment shows Sarah Palin discussing how she came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior.

HE tries to bring Jesus into the mix.. I mean Jesus it the basis for Christianity.. ain't it?
But then all she goes on to say is .. her "faith" and does say "Christ" ONCE .. not Jesus Christ
She can't utter his name! Not even in a super churchy interview

Mr. Graham tried to make this an inspirational interview .. probably to get others to want to be "born again" ... but Sarah just slaps off "God" political talking points..

Nothing in there talks about how Jesus changed her or when she accepted him into her heart.. all the typical lingo... just blabs about how God helps her get through challenges... Might as well be talking about some New Age religion (no offense to new agers)|9506|sarah%20palin||C||4798348657

The link references the Huffington Post because it was an Ad by Google.... while reading the Birther story I saw the bold head line
Sarah Palin discusses her relationship with Jesus Christ!

I thought maybe she did... but nope.. just God this and that no Jesus

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Anon 11:53, it's my impression that if you're a fundamentalist Christian living off the Old Testament, Jesus doesn't really have a place there. The Old Testament is all about (besides begetting to a ripe old age) a lot of smiting of enemies ... and more smiting of enemies ... and more smiting ...

Anonymous said...

Fantasy has become tangible reality for Palin.

Palin is completely divorced from any possible HOPE of living in the real world.

The queen of the Glass Bellybuttons.

ginny said...

I just saw the huge headline at HuffPo and came directly here. LMAO at Van Flea's FB rant. Is $P's craziness contagious, or does she simply surround herself with like-minded people? Maybe they all enable one another and keep getting worse and worse. I love his talk about amendments to the Ethics laws, letting the Personnel Board decide if they want to throw out "frivolous" complaints. Ummm, yeah, let the three people hand-picked by the Governor, who can be fired and replaced at the Governor's pleasure with no reason, decide if a complaint against the Governor or Executive Office is valid or not. Seriously? This is the stuff of the super-corrupt so-called "democracies" of certain countries, and dictatorships that are pretending to be accountable.
Yes, this is the way $P would like to see government run.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the rules and regulations in Alaska are concerning adoption and birth certificates. When my ex-foster child was adopted by his grandmother, a new birth certificate was issued. It listed her as his mother with all the other information the same as before, i.e. doctor's name, time and date of birth. The only thing that gave it away as an adoption was the date of issuance on the certificate. It was 12 years after the date of birth. Does anyone know if Alaska's birth certificates show the date of issuance in the case of adoption as being different than date of birth?

Anonymous said...

What's to stop SP from producing a birth certificate forgery? A BC is just not enough proof of anything at this point.

Virginia Voter said...

Sarah Palin, hoisted by her own petard, for the world to ridicule.

She just couldn't sit down and shut up....

Virginia Voter said...

Anon above...I think Sarah and Todd are probably listed as parents on the BC, but that does not change the fact that Trig was most likely not born on April 18, 2008. The date of birth cannot be changed, and I think this is the problem for Sarah.

Sarah said specifically in the Barbara Walters interview that Trig will go to kindergarten in 2012, which would make him only 4.5, not 5 which is the required age in Alaska. Why did she say that? Gotta wonder?

Pay no attention to Van Flea and Jesse Corny, his facebook rant and their postings are meant to distract...

indy_girl said...

Dear Mr. Van Flein,

Please have your client Sarah Palin define the following words in 5 words or less, WITHOUT using the words "also", "too", or "frost heaves":


ad hominem



That should keep HER busy for the next few weeks!

PS--you whip up a pretty good word salad yourself!

Gyalist said...

Anon @ 12:47

There is comprehensive answer to your question in a post by Audrey over on the Palin Deceptions blog. Here it is:
A Birth Certificate ...what would it really show?. It specifically addresses Alaskan adoption law.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. The fake BC must be almost ready by now. Good work, Todd!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I am SO glad that someone wrote that going rogue book! Look at all of the material it has provided. s'arah may be making money, but the party is over. Succesfull book tour? she has had a total of maybe 20K folks at the stops. A few hundred here, a thousand there. She is jumping the shark and she aint no Fonzi.

Anonymous said...

Sarah must really be desperate to have her lawyer involved at $500 to $800/hr to write a Facebook posting that ol Meg has the dubious task of doing. Where's is MEg btw??? I hope Sarah doesn't believe Van Fleins signature is threatening to anyone because his threats are just that, threats.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

meg is on the roof with tahd...

CC said...

Maybe Todd was working on the fake BC back in Wasilla, er, I mean the roof.

He is absolutely complicit in this hoax and all her other hoaxes. The fact that he probably can't stand her anymore still does not make him an innocent bystander, IMO.

Time to bring this whole charade to a close with indictments for theft, corruption, etc...

Anonymous said...

After watching Orly produce several bc, I would not be surprised if one showed up. But, that photo on the steps dated 03-14-08 SHOWS NO PREGNANCY, PERIOD. And she produced a baby 5+ weeks later. NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

" they Huff and puff.."

shout out to Huffington Post too!!

Anonymous said...

Palin appointed that lady over the office that handles the birth certificates. Even still, no piece of paper would answer why on 03-14-08 SHE WAS NOT SHOWING A PREGNANCY!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is simply amazing! Who would have thought Sarah herself would bring up the Trig birth certificate question? Now it opens the door for the MSM to simply say, okay Sarah, since you say you have already released it, then you should have no problem at all releasing it again. Please provide us the authorization to examine the original birth certificate (not a copy), as was done in President Obama's case (since she has "equated" the two cases.)

I want to put in a plug for more people to protest Sarah with signs -- preferably with an enlarged photo (like the March 14 one) showing the non-pregnant Sarah. This story is finally being covered, and it is a great opportunity to SHOW the evidence that Sarah was not pregnant. Wouldn't it be great to have a line of posters showing each of the non-pregnant photos?

Q45 said...

While in college, my son showed me fake HS report cards he had made for other students and charged them $20 each.

His report cards could pass for the real ones... and I am sure they did.

Do not doubt that a really good fake BC for Trig could easily be produced.

As long as State of Alaska stays silent, it can be passed off as "real"

Sarah... put out a fake BC and take CRAZY to a new level.

Anonymous said...

If you want to respond to a troll, just click in the white area where its post appears. It will disappear.

litbrit said...

as they Huff and puff ...

As far as I know, nursery rhymes are not required reading in law school, since the professors no doubt assume that their students will have already covered that material during their formative years.

Mr. Van Flein Esq. would nonetheless we well advised to revisit the full version of that particular Mother Goose reference, since the line following the one he quotes had something to do with a house being blown down.

Anonymous said...

Van Flein is trying to back her excuse that she quit because of frivolous ethics charges.

She worked to get those laws passed and signed them.

She has clearly demonstrated that she lacks foresight and prudence.

She was not capable of working within the ethics laws that she signed into law.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading IM, Palingates, and Bree Palin since shortly after SP was chosen as the VP nominee. I went from being highly skeptical about the faked pregnancy to completely convinced in the past year. But I have also found out the faked preg is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the aggregation of psychoses in this woman. She would be a case study for some Psychology journal.

I thought I had no stomach for exposing the faked preg part of this. I thought it was a family's personal business. Loaded dynamite. Still is. But I just find it very hard to have any sympathy for this person or her surrounding enablers (except for the younger children--heaven help them!) I have often felt guilty being so fascinated with all this, but now it does come to this: Please stop her!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the trolls have done us a service. They came here to condemn and went back to report. And now, ol' Palin opened her mouth. LOL

Anonymous said...

Another Van Flein error: He says the nation is harmed by attacks on Sarah Palin, yet Sarah Palin and her followers regularly attack the President.

Anonymous said...

The MSM covered Orly Taitz and her "birther" conspiracy, she was EVERYWHERE, even on Keith Olberman.
Isn't it time for the MSM to start interviewing "Trig truthers", I would love to see Patrick and Bree giving SP's "5th pregnancy", wild-ride story a public airing along with the photographic timeline. SP herself has now opened this door and made this a legitimate topic.

Anonymous said...

Politico headline: Palin Walks Back Remarks


But the most striking evidence of her son’s impact has been Palin’s book tour promoting her memoir “Going Rogue.” As she descends from her tour bus or private jet to meet her fans, 19-month-old Trig has been a conspicuous presence — and generated a huge response. “There’s a lot of people who come through the line to see Trig instead of to see her,” says Jason Recher, a campaign aide who remained close to Palin and is now accompanying her on her book tour.

Anonymous said...

Recently in the Washington Post, Howard Kurtz wrote about scandal and press relations over Tiger Woods' recent problems. Sarah Palin should have followed that advice, long ago. Kurtz points out that the advice he cites has been standard PR advice for a long time.

Anonymous said...

If she's positioning herself as some sort of right wing Abortion Queen, then this fuss she's making makes sense.

Gail said...

Oh please, don't say Sarah Palin is finished. She is the best entertainment, ever! And the best reminder of how devoid is her rhetoric of any truth or substance.

She embodies the greedy, selfish, anti-scientific ignorance that is the very worst of America. Let's hope she sticks around to remind moderates and independents that just wishing we can plunder the environment endlessly with no consequences isn't based on reality.

Please visit my blog Sarah, I posted the face of Jesus last night and I want to be saved in the Rapture, too! Also!

Anonymous said...

The end time is near. Crazy has it's Queen.

Ripley said...

Keep talking $arah. You'll bring your own undoing.

Let's start talking about how your house got built, too. Oh, please start talking about it, in detail.

Unfortunately, she will fake a birth certificate. This is probably why she brought it up in the first place; to "prove" it because it's not just we bloggers that have ahold of the information, it's the MSM now. She's setting it all up here. Her cronies will lie for her about it to back it up.

Housegate? A whole 'nother ball of wax. There is NO WAY in hell that she's going to be able to get dozens of people to put their livelihoods, their jobs, their reputations on the line to lie about how that house was built. They'll spill like the nasty can of worms that it is.

Anonymous said...

"..there to see Trig."

Is Trig the second coming of the Christ child?

Now I understand.
She IS chosen by God!!

Anonymous said...

Trig is almost the spitting image of Levi.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


She is disgusting and disrespectful and has ZERO business being on ANY Militay base to promote her shit.

Anonymous said...

This may be the first time that a lawyer defended his client on Facebook.

Way to go Tom. You are officially a hack. I hope they're paying you well.

Anonymous said...

A woman who thinks it's ok to question the citizenship of our pres. (as she said she would in the future) has no place hawking her book on a military base.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Housegate is my personal favorite...

CrabbyPatty said...

OT on birth certificates: Anyone else think Palin and her minions are STUPID enough to use that old "Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator" and try to do one for little Trig? Seems about their level of intelligence. LOL.

NOW can we revisit getting Palin's book tour kicked off military bases?

Anonymous said...

All we need to break this open is to date the photos of Mercede and Levi with TriggyBear.

I keep thinking, what is the one question to ask to begin the unraveling, and I think this answer would be very interesting.

Isn't there some way to get this info? Rumor is that some researchers have a Johnston as a source.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

If she is questioning the legitimacy of our President, she should be stopped by the MP's at the gate of any base, SEARCHED from the top her her wig to the naughty monkeys on her feet, and then asked to LEAVE!

Anonymous said...

anon 15:15

If you know more, why don't you enlighten one of the bloggers with your informaion? You are as guilty as Sarah and Todd, if you continue to conceal information that has been hidden by this woman.

They will your identity unknown. They have kept mine secret.

Dianne said...

Mr. Van Flein - Was it your idea or Sarah's idea for you to post on Facebook? Although you seem to have a pretty good thesaurus at hand, professional does not seem to be a word you are familiar with. But your ranting was quite entertaining.

emrysa said...

now I understand.

she's not saying she has produced a birth certificate, she's saying that she's proven that trig was hers.

the cbj letter. that is the "proof."

cbj either needs to have her license removed ("sure go ahead and fly after your water breaks") or she needs to come out and put an end to this charade.

nana said...

Question: What nation is being harmed by attacks on
Sarah Palin?
Answer: The nation of Sarah Palin which exists totally in her head.

Note: We, meaning bloggers, readers, fact checkers, birth doubters, and everyone else whose skin crawls and stomach turns at the sight and sound of this woman, We are NOT going away,. no matter how many Facebook posts, threats, dirty looks , whatever you decide to use. So you might as well put on your rogue Bib Girl panties, and your fancy Fat Cat Lawyer undies and deal with it!

indylindy said...

I have been on HuffPost all morning posting and reading what is going on. I have referenced Palingates and BreePalin a few times as have other faithful followers here. It is going to be a busy day!

Way to go Palingates and Bree...your hard work and diligence is getting noticed by the MSM. FINALLY!!

Thanks everyone for all you are doing to bring the truth out!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Great post nana@16:29 :)

Anonymous said...

Bottom Line: Sarah Palin is on the defense, big time. We have already won. She just couldn't ignore us, could she? That's why she can't handle running for national office, and that's why she is bound to do her own career in. It's all a giant game of chicken, and the trig truthers will be the last ones standing, not Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Illegal to forge a birth cert in AK?

Anonymous said...

To Jesse Cornish @ 09:37---

Please do your homework before posting here. Attorney Van Flein was indeed referring to PalinGates in his FaceBook missive and not to Andrew Sullivan. PalinGates may originate from across the Atlantic whereas Mr. Sullivan resides here in the USA and has done so for over a decade.

Anonymous said...

Now she's telling the President to boycott story on HuffPost.

Anonymous said...

You should do your homework. Sullivan is a British citizen.

It's going to drive you all insane when she runs for President.

Don't worry though. Yahoo! has her on the front page! Go visit and be enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, my dear friend.
I have been posting on HuffPo since last night. The more hits, the higher up on the main page it goes.
I mentioned Palingates often,also,too.

Let's all sing R.E.M.'s It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Keep talking S'error.

NYC girl

Anonymous said...

Ignore Jesse Cornish. He/she gets such a charge out of provoking people and getting attention here. Why give him/her the satisfaction? Silence is the best response. Sometimes this place seems like junior high school. Don't diminish the impact of our message by engaging in pointless debate with a mysterious adversary.

Anonymous said...

Now, there's another article on HuffPost of Sarah asking the President to boycott Copenhagen.

CC said...

I could not agree more, anon@ 16:59.

He is a ruse and it is so obvious he is being sent here ... or he really is that lonely and ill-informed. Either way it is pathetic.

Good morning, $arah!

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Tom must be getting mighty rich. Too bad he has to play the dancing monkey to do it. I guess there are people out there who would do anything for cash.

I wonder if he has the good taste to be even the slightest bit embarrassed for himself.

Gail said...

Oh yes, Sarah is on the front page of Yahoo here:

And it's absolutely terrific. Put the fake pregnancy front and center....because, she won't be able to answer with provable facts!

Anonymous said...

Keep talking, Sarah. Bring this issue right into the mainstream and do it while questioning the citizenship of our President (or at least saying it's ok to do so and that you would do it in the future).

But at least the foolish fringe still support you, with their hearts and their cash. You still have the racist vote. Isn't that what you're going for?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CC! And as you say, Good Morning, Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is going to be a good day ;-).

Anonymous said...

Actually, Cornish game hen, he's canadian. You see, Canada is no longer subject to the British crown, and is now a sovern country. Has been for quite a while now.

Life sucks when your a palinbot.

Jason's Mom said...

Poor Jason Recher, he certainly is a homely young man.

Anonymous said...

We can pretty much be guaranteed she will produce a birth certificate now. Sarah keeps bringing it up for a reason. It won't prove anything, but it will keep the MSM off the issue forever.

emrysa said...

now sarah's telling the pres to boycott copenhagen.

yeah, she's not trying to change the subject, is she? bwaahahaaa so transparent.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, might be a good idea to post those photos from the MSNBC post over to this one. Oh, and question whether or not a piece of paper can change photo evidence. Yep, I bet there are more folks now who believe she is not the mother of that baby than her fan base. I went searching around the internet, different blogs that carried SPalin blogs during the campaign. There were so many folks who questioned her being the mother. Yep, just a matter of time now that they can see photo evidence to substantiate their gut feelings.

Great job, Patrick, Regina, Kathleen, Audrey, and all the behind the scenes folks!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't want to be President.
It's took much work, Darling.
She is going to go for whatever makes the most money and has the littlest work involved.

Don't debate Jesse. His index cards are all blank.

Anonymous said...

Van Flein says:
"...those who agitate on all things Palin—locally and even across the Atlantic—as they Huff and puff falsehoods about Sarah Palin under the guise of free speech, which brings us to a teachable moment. All too often we hear about constitutional rights—as we should—but many forget about constitutional responsibilities.
WOW! Sounds like Van Flein thinks those across the Atlantic have constitutional responsibilties... as in US constitution!!! I bet the German Der Spigiel editors read the US constitution every time they do a Palin article to make sure they being responsible citizens ... of the good ole US of A.

Van Flein, epic fail

Anonymous said...

I agree, GREAT JOB! Thank you all and congratulations. One gets the impression that this idea has slowly taken root in the general public's consciousness, more than we may have realized. The question now is, do they care enough, and do they feel it disqualifies her for public office? I should think that her ability to LIE would be deeply disturbing to people. And one thing we know for sure: if this were a Democrat, they would be ALL OVER IT, and then some. Let's not let them get away with the REAL double standard. (pardon the caps, just have to emphasize)

Anonymous said...

Poor, pathetic, deluded little girl Sarah. It's funny how she gets around people just as miserable as she that a smart black man is in office, and gets comfortable enough to start letting that retarded tongue of hers fly with the looniness.

President Obama has never been anything but gracious to this 'woman' and her trailer trash family. I guess his mother taught him as mine did -- humor the nut, but never engage them.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I bet someone pegged it on the other thread last night, guessing the parents of that baby. And now HuffPost has several articles up, someone throwing distractions? Yep, bet somebody got it right!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

I know I have said this before, but I will say it again and again and again:

I hope that Sarah Palin never goes away. No woman since Eleanor Roosevelt has done more for progressive politics in this country than she. Don'cha just love her? I sure do!


Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Methinks Tom took a wrong turn :)

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan reacts:

A reader writes:

I've seen several other blogs react. I'm waiting for your head to blow up.

It already did. I'm just picking up stray bits of cranial matter while having a second cup of coffee. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago Parnell appointed the founding partner of Van Fleabags law firm (holy roller Craig Stowers who actually put bible verses in his application to the judicial council) to our Supreme Court. I guess Fleabag is feeling pretty full of himself right now.

He neglects to mention (among LOTS of other things) that Palin had to pay the state BACK per diems she had charged for living in Wasilla due to an ETHICS complaint that WAS meritorious. Then of course in true Palin style, she found herself in a little back tax trouble because she failed to pay taxes on that income.

He's all about deception in the name of God. Unfortunately his mentor is now on our Supreme Court. It may be time to move to a warmer climate

Anonymous said...

Is this another case of Sarah and TMI (too much information)? She appears to be opening the door and hundreds are waiting for the answer.

One thought that crossed my mind when I read the lawyer's letter...he is pointing out the maternal lineage.

Could Sarah's eggs have been used for a surrogate to bear the baby? Good old productive Sarah would never have wanted anyone to know that she couldn't have another child. Surrogate mother gave birth earlier than expected and therefore the rush trip home from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Patrick--good slide show at the top, but I still think short and sweet is good. Add the 20-day pregnancy shot from PD at the top (3 pics: shot clearly showing not pg + belly = gusty shot) at top as well (no cycling pics, just there large & obvious).

She's still toast but IMO she did this on purpose. Greta mentioned, then $P did earlier in the week & then this. Seems like purposely "getting in front of the story" to me and a conscious effort to conflate us with the birthers to confuse things & discredit us.

Thanks to all the AK bloggers who have kept at this !

Anonymous said...

I agree- she's got some kind of pseudo birth certificate and she's setting it up so reluctantly, she'll be forced to produce it.

A birth certificate isn't enough at this point. If she'd done it right after Trig was born- and we know Alaska had rumors- that would have been okay. But we know that adoptive parents can have their names placed on a birth certificate, and she's also had time to gin up a good-quality faked one. Again, remember, she has that church, right? Somebody has a notary stamp they can use. No: only DNA evidence will prove it, and that's going to create a whole new level of shriekage from Sarah and her bots.

Somebody posted that Sarah wants to make the most money with the least work possible. I actually don't have a problem with this. It's just that she thinks political office is a place where you can make money without work, and then that affects me. Let her become a preacher... then her followers can happily buy her dvd sermons and donate all they want,and spend $250 for an autographed Bible from her. They're sucker enough, and frankly I think if they're stupid enough to be willing, she might as well fleece them.


NakedTruth said...

I agree she could possibly have a fake BC now but it still makes me wonder why she just didn't include a copy in her book. Probably would have boosted her sales - maybe. With that said, it's possible also that she does not have any kind of BC for Trig. If so, the birthdate is not 4/18/08 or it does not show her and Todd to be the parents. It's something wrong with that BC. She hasn't shown it for a reason.

Also still noticing that Sarah can't give our President the respect he deserves by calling him President Obama. This woman just can't get past getting beat by a black man. Sarah Palin is a racist and at this point it's nothing she can do or say that will change my mind.

Archivist said...

Ivyfree is correct: a BC isn't enough, not for me anyway.

The way I look at it is that if Trig/Trick is not hers, her efforts to pull off this hoax would INCLUDE a faked Birth Certificate. That means that there are people 'complicit' in the hoax, because she couldn't have pulled it off alone.

Those people have a lot to lose. Not only career-wise, but this would entail fraudulent Governement records. They will and MUST stick together, or the whole thing implodes, taking them all down with Sarah.

When the ADN tried to put the story to rest, Sarah didn't co-operate, and her Dr had an attorney present.

The whole story is yet to come.

Meanwhile, back at the FB ranch, her palinbots are confused as to WHAT to make of Sarah's comment in a note saying that the Obama BC thing is a 'conspiracy' .. they want SO BADLY to believe it, but now Sarah has gone on record calling it a conspiracy JUST LIKE the one about Trick. Or Trig. Whatever!!!

When Sarah speaks, I hear the famous quote: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive

So, be careful what you wish for, the IS a Birth Certificate in the wings .... no doubt about that!

Anonymous said...

I think she and her people are making a calculation that if she can just distract the world with a fake Trig birth certificate, it will take attention away from the possibility that either she has had abortions, or that her son and daughters have been involved in them. These people are master manipulators. I think folks need to keep on both tracks, the Trig track and that Sarah/insurance form white-out well as the Bristol track, the Keith Johnston track, the Track track - so many possibilities, so little time! Don't fall into her traps. She didn't get this far by being completely clueless.

Liz I. said...

Sarah Palin is skilled at shaping her lies. She is the queen of misdirection an obfuscation.

Thus, Palin says, referring to the f"reaky conspiracy theories", that they allege "Trig isn't my real son" AND that she has "proved" "he's [my] kid".

The distinctions she's making are very deliberate ones. She never says, "I give birth to Trig." She says, instead, "Trig is my son" or "Trig is my kid".

Trig may be Palin's son. But all the evidence supports that Palin didn't give birth to Trig. I hope we will continue pushing back on this important distinction.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she went on record with such a statement. It really is an open call for people to question her about Trig, isn't it?

''PALIN: I think it’s a fair question just like I think past associations and past voting records. All of that is fair game. You know, I’ve got to tell you too, I think our campaign, the McCain-Palin campaign didn’t do a good enough job in that area. We didn’t call out Obama and some of his associates on their records and what their beliefs were, and perhaps what their future plans were, and I don’t think that was fair to voters...''

Great, I'm very glad she made that statement. Now, someone please call her out on Todd's membership in the Alaska Independence Party. The one she tried to get Schmidt to lie about so voters wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure she has a birth certificate. She has a problem saying things she shouldn't say. Remember on Oprah when she said she didn't want to talk about Levi, but then she went on to say nasty things about him?

There's a good chance it was a slip up on her part and Lawyer Tom was trying to fix it (along with fixing the fact that she's willing to question the citizenship of the Pres.).

NakedTruth said...

I know many of you keep saying that there is probably a fake birth certificate out there that Sarah will present soon. My only problem with the fake birth certificate is why would it take so long for them to get one? And if they have had it for awhile why present it now? I am going in the direction that there is no fake BC. My belief is that Levi and Bristol never gave Sarah and Todd the right to adopt Trig. They only allowed them to claim him. Remember Levi's story in Vanity Fair about Sarah wanting to adopt the "baby" but he and Bristol said no. I think he was talking about Trig not Tripp. Also keep in mind Sherry cried on Tyra and said that Bristol "knew how much that baby meant to me". I found this emotional display curious because it made me feel that Sherry had experienced a loss of another baby and was really looking forward to Tripp - could that have been Trig? Also, remember how the Johnstons (Levi included) claimed to be so very excited to hear that Bristol was pregnant with Tripp. Why - why would they be happy about two teenage kids who couldn't take care of themselves having a baby. Just didn't make sense to me. And then we've got Sarah's financial statements with all the discrepancies or lack of detail related to her dependents. Remember in 2007 she named her dependent kids but for 2008 she decided not to. I wonder why?

Archivist said...

Naked Truth asks: My only problem with the fake birth certificate is why would it take so long for them to get one? And if they have had it for awhile why present it now?

I think it's because as long as that BC is not 'used officially' then it's not on the record; those complicit can still back out .. but once that document surfaces, the fraud is in play.

It's like a drunk walking toward his car, intending to drive. BUT.. a cop pulls up, and the drunk doesn't actually get in the car; until the drunk gets in the car and starts the ignition, he isn't a drunk driver. (lame example, but I am in a hurry, and you get my drift)

Anonymous said...

All of you are doing a great job! This is HUGE. Keep up the good work. I will continue posting the truth at Americans for Sarah, which is a very pathetic group of very weak followers.

Archivist said...

for those of you wanting the emails to the ADN .. here they are from the Editor's blog. Hope they still work!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys -- over at HuffPo people are saying that Sarah's weird hand gestures in that photo are some kind of coded white supremacy gesture. Anyone know if there's any truth to this?

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

I notice that the main-stream media is following the shiny metal object. Palin says "birth certificate" and sure enough, not so much as a squib of discussion about "getting on airplane after amniotic fluid leak". The media is terrified of discussing obstetric details. There is no doctor that will say "sure, fly away, get the leak check whenever, it's just a baby after all".

Palin tells the lie about the wild ride on the record. And main-stream media coddles her like a baby.

NakedTruth said...


Thanks, that makes sense. They already have the fake BC but just don't want to present it until they just have to. Of course, the hesitation to present it is just that - because it's fake.

Anonymous said...

OMG she has really lost it in public now. If President Obama providing his birth certificate and two hospital announcements are not enough for her she's sure as he$$ fair game name for the MSM to go after her for Trig's BC, pictures, a sono-gram picture, bring it on, because you never have provided a BC and that's a fact sister $araha. As far as associations, you didn't cause enough death threats for him did you &itch? Lets call you on yours, from your husband, AIP, and Seven Mountains Mandate, to a witch hunting Dr. who promotes maiming children, calling them witches. I would like to see most of the ethics complaints refiled with a panel not appointed by the Palin regimen. Where are the emails, why are you still collecting ATF donations, who has your "charity" benefited, or will it only benefit you when you transfer ATF funds to it?


morb320 said...

It certainly doesn't get any better than this! The QUEEN of conspiracy theories now denounces conspiracy theories!!!

Anonymous said...

"The nation is not helped by calumnious ad hominem attacks against Sarah Palin, matrilineal conspiracy theories, and aberrant notions of ethics."

The nation?

Sarah Palin holds no office. She is a blogger and celebrity author who didn't even author her own book. What does she have to do with the nation?

On the other hand, were a compulsive liar who is crazy enough to think she can get away with faking a pregnancy ever to hold a national office, that would truly be a disaster for the country.

Mr. Van Flea makes no sense.

Forever Anonymous said...

I truly think that the lone protester with the sign about trig....wait I'm thinking that it might all be part of testing how the public react about Trig not being her son, if it can be relegated to a conspiracy theory like Obama's BC, then she has a chance in 2012.

She may want to debate that now. The whole book tour is testing ground for a campaign. And the testing is not being thought out by Sarah but by her manipulators.

But she sounded angry and unhinged, so maybe she and Van Flein just want to discourage or intimidate protesters from carrying signs the says "Sarah is NOT the birth mother of Trig Palin".

Anonymous said...

I would like to take the Trig birth issue one step farther, to its logical conclusion. I believe that the real reason the rightie puppet-masters DELIBERATELY created an issue about Obama's legitimacy/citizenship was to get out in front of the then already-known-in-Alaska issues surrounding Trig's birth. A good offense is the best defense, that's the way it's always played in high-level Republican politics. Think it through: they CREATED the issue of BO's illegitimacy to detract attention away from their own KNOWN illegitimacy issues.

emrysa said...

I think that she never made a fake birth certificate because she assumed she'd never need one.

but it's getting hot in the kitchen... pressure is on, now that the msm has been linking to the expose sarah blogs. if the talk continues, and the heat keeps getting turned up, I bet she'll be desperate enough to make one.

my guess is that a matsu hospital certification stamp has recently gone missing. perhaps it is on the roof?

mxm said...

Breakthrough!!! MSNBC (Nora ODonnell) just did a story on a woman giving birth today on a SW jet, out of Chgo. The birth was attended by a passenger doctor and the airlines Medical Director on the radio. Nora had a male commentator on with her who then picked up the discussion by stating that this story was why so many had questioned why Sarah Palin would have gotten on a plane so close to giving birth. He then asked Nora if she had any problems with transportation before having her children. Nora responded no, no problems with planes, trains or automobiles. Timed around 1:25 pm CST.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now they're talking about it. That's good.

Any person who knows anything about having babies knows that you don't take an unnecessary risk like Sarah supposedly did.

The more people who hear about it and really listen, the more people who will see her as either a liar or completely irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous @20:30


Anonymous said...

I bet that woman didn't know ahead of time that she was having a special needs baby-- also bet that that woman wasn't heading for a hospital so small that it didn't even allow twins to be born there.

I think plenty of time has passed to fake a birth certificate. Wouldn't she have needed one to claim Trig's permanent fund dividend? Sarah doesn't let a nickel go by her if she thinks she's entitled to it!

Archivist1000 said...

emrysa: there HAS to be a birth certificate. It is needed for many things in life, especially for a child who will require government funded programs all his life.

The question is: Is the birth certificate being used real or fake? Maybe there IS a real one, that is used for purposes where personal information is confidential (such a govt stuff) and she felt pretty safe about that, thinking that in years to come, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Then, she gets herself on a National stage, where these things start to matter, and she is stuck with the story she made up.


Gryphen said the KEY to this was the DATE of Trig's birth ... that means there is a DATE in play here, that supports/debunks the HOAX ... and a DATE is crucial to a Birth Certificate.

All information on a BC must be true. ALL OF IT.

So Sarah is stuck, if she lied about ANY of that info, and so are those who signed off on it.

However, if there is a TRUE BC with all the correct info, then she is STILL stuck if she has been lying about the details but not the BC..

I don't know what is a lie or the facts, but it does seem that there is an OFFICIAL lie somewhere, if not a total HOAX.

Anonymous said...

Patrick & friends,
I feel that I must warn you that if you keep this up you will be off the Palin Christmas card list. Bummer

I can't wait for her head to explode, watch out for that pus inside that lump.

Call the HazMat unit.

S'error we know you read us, we are on to you so is the IRS, FBI, ah hell even the Boy Scouts are going to get you.

Now if you will excuse me, Todd needs more nails.

NYC girl
El bitcho es muy stupido !!!

Liz I. said...

Chilling. Just chilling:

From Ben Smith at Politico:

"But if Palin had any ambivalence about exposing her older children to the spotlight, there’s none for Trig. He enjoys the crowds, said Recher, and at every stop, there are admirers who have come specifically to meet him."

Trig "enjoys the crowds"????
This makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

And where does it say Sullivan is Canadian? He was born and raised in the UK.

New Trig? said...

Liz I. said...Trig "enjoys the crowds"????
This makes me sick.

AGREED!! It look likes they have a new Trig and they can say he "enjoys the crowds." He is more engaged with crowd. Not the differences.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy them? He probably can't even see them.

Anonymous said...

Why do Sarah Palin supporters hate America?

Forever Anonymous said...

NYC- I agree, El bitcho es muy stupido!!

Anonymous said...

Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely. If a genuine person posts a dissenting view, please reply politely. If the discussion descends into something fruitless and annoying as the recent performance we saw here, treat as trolling and simply ignore.

Anonymous said...

Naked Truth, I do think that is the story too, or it could be. Why would any woman cry over the baby of her son's girlfriend's mother? Even typing this is ridiculous.

I am trying to imagine if this were me, my daughter's boyfriend's mother has a child and they won't let me see it. Why do I care again??

Another good question. I am always looking for THE question that will unravel all of this. So far, if we could date the photo of Mercede and Triggybear, we have hit gold.

wv: ovulinob as in ovulate, no

Archivist1000 said...

I don't know if Tricky enjoys the crowds, but Piper seems to! She signs autographs, poses for pictures, waves like a little princess, soaking up the adoration.

Good for her too, she will need to be comfortable with crowds gawking at her, since she won't have much of an Education when she grows up ... at least Paris Hilton went to school!

Anonymous said...

Frontiersman Editorial Said Palin Made Statements That Were "Patently Untrue," Said She Had
Shown "Unrepentant Backpedaling and Incessant Whining." A Frontiersman editorial wrote,
"Wasilla residents have been subjected to attempts to unlawfully appoint council members, statements
that have been shown to be patently untrue, unrepentant backpedaling, and incessant whining that her
only enemies are the press and a few disgruntled supporters of former Mayor John Stein."
editorial, 2/7/97]

Frontiersman Editorial: Palin Doesn't Grasp the Truth. A Frontiersman editorial wrote, "Mayor Palin
fails to have a firm grasp of something very simple: the truth."
[Frontiersman editorial, 2/7/97

Lies of Omission: said...

Lies of Omission:

To lie by omission is to remain silent and thereby withhold from someone else a vital piece (or pieces) of information. The silence is deceptive in that it gives a false impression to the person from whom the information was withheld. It subverts the truth; it is a way to manipulate someone into altering their behavior to suit the desire of the person who intentionally withheld the vital information; and, most importantly, it's a gross violation of another person's right of self-determination.

The Biggest Lie About Lies -- A Lie of Omission Is Not a Lie!

A lie of omission is the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie, have conned themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up is not a lie at all. In spite of overwhelming evidence that their silence deceives, misleads, and often causes untold grief and misery, they refuse to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...


Is there a link for the baby plane story?

Anonymous said...

With Alaskan B.C. the adopted child goes by the adoptees name as parents. So Todd and Sarah would be named as parents, if indeed they adopted him.

If Sarah did deliver him earlier in December or January, much premature, and not expected to live, the birth date would be on that certificate.

Or will she use white out again, or a forger?

Anonymous said...

I believe in some states, it is possible to have the birth date changed upon adoption. Is that the case in Alaska?

Anonymous said...

I think the proof lies with the pictures Mercedes posted on her facebook. When were those pictures taken? Was Trig named Trip back then? Date the photos and there's the evidence that Trip/g was not born when Sarah said he was.

Trig? said...

The new Trig does seem to see the crowd. Why is it that no one with a good lens is in the crowd?

mxm said...

Kathleen, I just searched the MSNBC site and can not find a link to the story. Perhaps it will be available later today.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

sounds as if she puffed up, pumped up and gonna run. how the HELL was she given permission to go on Ft. Hood base. Man, people need to protest that fact.

Anonymous said...

The adoration of the Palinites on this booktour is feeding her ego bigtime.

Also the Ozark crowd.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking mxm - if anyone sees Norah O'Donnell's link at MSNBC where she discusses Palin's reckless air travel can you please post it.

Rep Gatto? said...

Rep Karl Gatto, the fireman and legislator from Wasilla wrote the new birth certificate bill for still born babies.

Was he the legislator that had spalin sign a bill in hospital? Which bill?

He has known her for years, close and he is always silent like Keith Johnston is now.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Mercedes pictures. I think Trig is either Sherry and Track's, or Kevin and Bristol's. If so, they would make for sad stories, both scenarios. This is why Sarah and her team are desperate to change the subject, and get the focus off these speculations.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 18:12 - highly unlikely. Most fertility specialists will not even attempt to harvest eggs from a woman over 40. Instead, they find a younger egg donor.

Anonymous said...

So VanFlea, seems to me you got yourself one of them there gifter clients... It is best financially, that you allow her to be a birther... More $$$$$ for you!

Nice copy and paste job with the former Govenor "It" facebook page... Not to be tacky or anything, but how much do you charge for that?

Well you really don't have to answer... However it does have to be great to have such a client like Sarah Palin ! Now if you could get Chuck Heath on a retainer! Wow that would be real cheesy for you law firm! Don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

msnbc story and link to Norah O'Donnell

Anonymous said...

And that story says that the flight stopped in Denver instead of flying on to Salt Lake City. Imagine how many people would have been put out, late at night, if Sarah's plane had to stop before it got to Seattle or Anchorage. (If you believe the wild ride story, which I don't).

Anonymous said...

It would be good for a Norah O'Donnell to take on the wild ride or any part of the mythical birth.

Norah O'Donnell

Anonymous said...

Todd is safely off the roof and with Sarah again!

She was joined by her husband, Todd, who drew quite a crowd himself.

"We call him 'Hottie Toddie,'" said one fan, Juliann Wood of Plano. "It was worth the wait in the cold to see him."

Todd Palin said he left Alaska on Thursday night to catch up with the book tour in Plano this morning.

Now, he said, it's time "to get some books out there and tell Sarah's story."

Anonymous said...

Frontiersman Editorial: Palin Blamed Everyone But Herself.

A Frontiersman editorial wrote, "The mayor's administration has been one of contradiction, controversy and discord. While she will blame everyone but herself, we see mostly Sarah at the center of the problem."

[Frontiersman editorial, 2/7/97]

Critical Group Called on Palin to Meet with Them, She Said they Could Fax the Questions.

In 1997,a Wasilla group called Concerned Citizens asked Palin to appear before them to answer questions, but the Frontiersman wrote, "she doesn't intend to face the hostile group to answer their questions.­" Her deputy administrator said that the group could fax the questions and she would answer them then.

[Frontiersman, 3/5/97]

Frontiersman Editorial Slammed Palin For Not Tolerating Dissent. A Frontiersman editorial wrote,
"Wasilla is led by a woman who will tolerate no one who questions her actions or her authority.­"
[Frontiersman editorial, 3/7/97

Archivist said...

Re the Mercedes comment: I think people are reading too much into this.

For one thing, so what if she calls him her baby brother, or whatever ... if she was going to be 'accurate' in her description, and if he was Levi's ... she would have claimed him as a 'nephew' not a 'brother' .. it's more like ly that she considered Bristol a 'sister' (due to the relationship with Levi) so therefore that made Ticky her 'brother' too.

People say all kinds of nutty things on their FB/Myspace pages ... it's all to be taken with a grain of salt, especially with teens. My nieces refer to themselves as 'sisters' all the time, even though they are cousins.

Focusing on these kind of 'clues' diminishes the real evidence, in my opinion... and if this is going to be taken seriously, then any 'clues' must be solid, not a grasping at straws type of 'evidence'.

Just my opinion... and it's free therefore not worth much, but there it is!

Charlie - AK said...

Sarah can do or say whatever, and she can show a fake birth certificate. It really doesnt matter much because the truth will be coming out. Others know about Trig, don't forget that.

Sarah knows her bribe money won't hold back some forever, isn't that right Sarah

Also too, if you really knew Sarah you would know she has no intention of running for president. Its all about money for her. And that's it. As long as she keeps the dumb followers thinking she is running, they will send her money. And she will take it.

Trig is not Sarah's by birth. And I happen to know it is a fact and others know too. Sarah thinks she can trust anyone who knows but money talks. Sarah knows that better than anyone else, dontcha?

Anonymous said...

Mercedes called Trig her brother because he is either the son of her father, Kevin, or the son of her mother, Sherry.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Keith - Mercedes and Levi's father. oy vey.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Charlie from AK. I would bet the hush money was given to the Johnston family, to one or more of them. And I think the people involved are truly afraid of Sarah Palin and her mafioso backers. (I don't mean mafioso literally.)

Anonymous said...

Levi and Mercede's dad is Keith, not Kevin.

wv: rente--rent a baby!

Archivist said...

Charlie, I agree that Sarah has no intention of running for President.. or probably anything else for that matter. If she did, she would be staying out of controversy and acting more 'Presidential' ... I am sure she's gotten the message from the higher ups in the Party that she doesn't have their 'support' and nobody can get past the primaries without that.

So, you're right .. she is milking this for all it's worth, her book is aimed at the fools who are easily parted with their money; that isn't people who care about issues, or ideas, or thoughtful reflections. She speaks to their level, which is a viceral kind of 'adoration' based on what they decide to see in her.

As for Tricky, lots of people come on here who say they are from Alaska and say they KNOW about Tricky/Trig ... but nobody seems willing, even ANONYMOUSLY to drop a verifiable FACT to support their claim. I am not saying you aren't from AK or that you don't KNOW .. but people outside Alaska depend on locals to come forward with something to VERIFY that would poke a 'hole in the damn' and so far, nobody does. I find that surprising.

Can you explain why? It can't be just $$$$ because Sarah isn't that rich. She is no longer powerful, either, is she?

Maybe you could log on Anonymously, and give some concrete examples of people who do KNOW something, what they KNOW and how Sarah is forcing them to keep silent.

That would be great!

sandra said...

Interesting if Todd has come to the rescue. Chuck and Sally are probably exhausted from keeping the reins on SP. I'll bet there will be no more interviews with Todd on the plane.

Anonymous said...

I think all these folks from AK are still quite scared, and none of them want to be the first ones to give the truth away. I have to say if I were standing in their shoes, I would probably be waiting for someone else to step forward first, too. Sarah Palin and the people who back her are ultra-intimidating, and that's an understatement.

Anonymous said...

@22:17, I made the correction immediately below. Went through before yours did, even :-).

Todd Palin in Plano said...

"We call him 'Hottie Toddie,'" said one fan, Juliann Wood of Plano. "It was worth the wait in the cold to see him."
"to get some books out there and tell Sarah's story."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
@22:17, I made the correction immediately below. Went through before yours did, even :-).

I saw that after the fact...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sandra, still carrying the water for the Trig Truthers?

Why don't you come out and be honest to the people at C4P? I'm sure they would love to know what you think about Trig.

nutty myspace said...

Archivist said... Re the Mercedes comment: I think people are reading too much into this.

My free opinion as well.

Anonymous said...

It is also asking a lot for someone to make the decision to tell the rest of us, even anonymously, who does know something. I am 100% certain that there are AK people struggling with this decision, on a daily basis. What should they do with the information they have, when should they do it, should they do anything at all, etc. This is not some minor, trifling situation. This woman is on an international stage now. A decision to bring her down would weigh heavily. I say fear is still a big reason people aren't coming forward, and I in no way judge those who are hesitating. If people on here routinely express paranoia about even anonymous postings - like this one - can you imagine what it would feel like to put something on here that is absolutely part of the truth of this explosive story? I can understand someone being worried that they could be traced. I imagine it's the back channels that are being used, instead, to these various blog authors. They, too, are weighing when and how they should bring information forward. I feel fortunate that I am truly an outsider; a bystander only, without information, only speculation.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that people are reading too much into the Mercede little brother comment, but I still think that there is proof in that picture that Trig was born earlier than Sarah says.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're a freak, ranting about Palin's vagina.

Why don't you do something else besides sit in your moms basement and blog about a woman's vagina all day?


Why do libs tell everyone to stay out of their vagina but are obsessed with Palin's vagina?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that people are so resistant to the idea that Mercedes actually meant what she said.

Dangerous said...

Must there actually be a birth certificate? If Trig was born in a hospital, I think it's a certainty. But if Trig was born somewhere else, perhaps just at a person's home, would there necessarily be a birth certificate.

Perhaps someone knows the answer in Alaska and can share if a doctor or midwife attends a birth, are they required by law to prepare and affirm such a document and submit it to the authorities? Nobody is required to have a birth in a hospital or other setting, or even inform the government that the event has taken place. Nearly everybody does, or course, but if a person just has a child at home, attended by relatives or friends, is a birth certificate necessary?

I'm wondering this because Dr. CBJ is clearly involved in some manner of deception along with SP. Even if Dr. CBJ won't say something she knows to be patently untrue, she is not telling us everything she knows, even if she did write that letter from early Nov. 2008. That is, Dr. CBJ knows the source of baby Trig but cannot reveal that without violating patent confidentiality.

If SP was Trig's birth mother, it's hard to see why she won't confirm it publicly, or why SP would not allow her to do so. If SP isn't Trig's mother, either her confidentiality with SP or with the real birth month may apply.

This is why Jesse C. would lose a debate. SP's failure to produce documentation, and her doctor's inability to confir the basic details, are consistent with a faked pregnancy but not a real one. They are both behaving as if they have something to hide, because for most people there is nothing confidential about a publicly advertised birth.

If Jesse C. argues that SP is under no obligation to prove the issue, he immediately loses the argument (except with true believers that don't care about logic, but I guess that doesn't count to them).

I'm ready whenever you are, Jesse.


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