Tuesday, 22 December 2009

MSNBC: Sarah Palin's "whackjob" year - UPDATE - New tweets!

Jason Easley from "politicususa" writes:

"You can call it a teaser for Countdown’s whack job of the year special, but if anyone needed a recap of the wild year that Sarah Palin had, the program delivered it tonight. The one thing you’ll probably notice about Palin’s year is that she quit her job, fought with the media, sold books, and did nothing productive in 2009.

Guest host Laurence O’Donnell introduced the video by saying, “In 2009 Sarah Palin quit her job, picked a fight with a late night talk show host, and fibbed everywhere from her Facebook page to her Going Rogue book tour.”

That introduction pretty much summed up Palin’s year. Think about this, the most active thing she did politically in 2009 was to quit her job as Alaska governor. Otherwise she spent the remainder of the year playing to her Facebook fans and Twitter followers, all the while pushing her book."


So, what is there to add? If anyone knows the real meaning of the word "whackjob", it's the people who have looked very closely into Sarah Palin's scandals for more than a year now. The investigation will continue - we have only started.

Will there be new whacky revelations in 2010?


"Will Sarah Palin be named the wackiest whackjob of the year?" Lawrence O'Donnell asks. On Tuesday, December 29th at 8:00 p.m. EST, we will know more.

By the way - one of the latest "Palin revelations", a report that Sarah Palin called Santa Claus a "socialist like Obama", is a PARODY! But lots of people on twitter haven't got the joke yet...

Not a surprise - the boundaries between reality and fiction, between sincerity and parody are floating free in Sarah Palin's life like a paperbag caught in the wind.

UPDATE (by Regina)

Fresh tweets from Sarah Palin:

NOW w/the Prez "threatening" &Congress "rushing" is when we MUST pay more attention than ever 2what this HealthCare Takeover is all about...
17 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

...merged bill may b unrecognizable from what assumed was a done deal:R death panels back in?what's punishment 4not purchasing mandated HC?
12 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Heading 2 book signing event&but will b posting on FaceBook page new,grave concerns about Congress/Prez"rushed" action2 take over healthcare
9 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

She's going on about "death panels"... again! Didn't she hear about the title she won the other day? Biggest liar of the year, no less. Something to do with death panels, what a coincidence!

Sarah's tweets alone would guarantee her the title of whackjob of year...

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