Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sarah Palin and the bloggers

Some interesting signs I photographed in Australia... (click to enlarge)

November 2009 was some month! Going Rogue was a gift to palingates in so many ways... We have yet another account of the wild ride from Sarah's own pen (so to speak) and that bizarre story of an abortion turned into a miscarriage courtesy of wite-out on a medical bill!

Thanks to a call-to-action by our no longer resident troll, we (and Celtic Diva) were singled out by Harper Collins for copyright infrigement. Our traffic went through the roof as a result. But the whole thing made me wonder why these two blogs were targeted by HC while all others doing the same thing were left alone. Babygate and ethics violations seem to bother our Sarah more than anything else...

Then came the remarkable team effort that led to a mention on msnbc and links from major MSM players when the fake bus tour was exposed. We even got an oblique reference on Sarah's Facebook page. Not bad, eh? Thanks, Snowbilly.

Another gift to palingates is our very own Patrick. Before he came along, I offered fairly well researched posts with my own commentary on various issues. Patrick is great at breaking news and has put palingates on the larger map. It's a good combination and we have more readers than ever, hopefully going through all the gates and finding the darker side of the quitter governor.

Sarah Palin is very entertaining, there's no question about it. But she left a trail of destruction throughout Alaska, not to mention the damage she inflicts on her own family. On a larger scale, she has become the queen of the teabaggers and helps their racist rants appear legitimate.

Sarah Palin is not intelligent enough to do any of it by herself. But just as in Alaska she had very powerful people calling the shots, now she has other powerful groups using her image and celebrity status to further their own agenda.

Our job is to take their beauty queen away from them. Sarah Palin is much more attractive than GWB and draws very emotional reactions from her followers. But if we show them that saint Sarah is not who they think she is, her puppetmasters will have to start again from scratch and find another muse at short notice.

I believe Sarah Palin will eventually bring herself down because she's a loose cannon and doesn't know when to sit down and shut up.

We just like to lend her a helping hand...

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