Monday, 28 December 2009

Sarah Palin's little problem with the truth

Meg Stapleton has released a statement regarding the "gang rape" threats against Willow Palin, saying that the threat was real, made in a MySpace post and duly reported by the family to the governor's security detail, investigated, blah blah. The statement comes as an obvious reaction to speculation that Sarah Palin lied about the incident in "Going Rogue".

There are many, many lies in Sarah's book. If we give Sarah the benefit of the doubt, there are certain memory lapses, at the very least.

For example, Sarah Palin tells this little tale relating to Willow's birth:

"Then our third child, pretty little Willow Bianca Faye came along. I went into labor with her on the Fourth of July while kayaking with the Menards on Memory Lake. I so wanted a patriotic baby that I paddled as hard as I could to speed up the contractions, but she held out until the next day."

Sooo... according to Sarah, Willow was born on July 5. (Memory Lake, sweet irony!)

Several people found this information (page 59):

Willow Bianca Faye Palin was born July 7, 1994 at 7 lbs., 12 oz. [Anchorage Daily News (AK), 7/25/94]

Did the Anchorage Daily News make a mistake? Who reported the happy event in the life of Wasilla's council member and provided the birth date?

Sarah Palin appears to have a recurring problem with birth dates. Nobody seems able to get any dates right!

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's letter released on the eve of the November election gave Piper's birthday as 2000.

The same document (also on page 59) that gave Willow's birthday as July 7 states:

Piper Indi Grace Palin was born March 19, 2001 at 7 lbs., 13 oz. [Anchorage Daily News (AK), 3/29/01]

Last year Tripp Johnston's birth date was initially given as December 28, 2008, according to a relative in the state of Washington, then changed to December 27. The press release from the office of the then governor didn't specify the date.

Poor gal, there must be some kind of conspiracy going on. All these people get their facts wrong and make Sarah Palin come across as some kind of liar...

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