Tuesday, 1 December 2009

ABC reports Sarah Palin's bus tour hoax (VIDEO)

Here is the first TV-report about Sarah Palin's bus tour hoax, from ABC.

More should follow, as apparently MSNBC has reported the story on the air, too. I will put up more clips as soon I can get hold of them.

I'm currently writing a thorough examination regarding the number of flights Sarah Palin actually took, as Harper Collins have said that Sarah used the plane for three flights only.

However, as I have written in the previous post, even C4P disagree. Therefore I will set the record straight regarding the number of flights in my next post. Either Sarah Palin was on the plane during the trips, or the plane was "ghosting her along the trail" which I seriously doubt.


In addition, please look at the extensive reports which "palingates" have posted with regard to Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig. They CAN BE FOUND HERE.

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Fish Hawk Jody said...

Exposure, Patrick, is what Sarah deserves. I laughed when I heard it on MSNBC. She thought she'd just go out and about the country and only have to deal with her fanzzzz. WRONG! You can't trash other Americans by inferring we are not somehow "real"! And you know, if it was a failed Dem candidate, I'd want them exposed as well. It's hard to keep all those lies straight. Keep writing and flashing the sunlight on the Queen of Northern lies.

snowbilly said...

It looks like there's some interest in following the bus and plane now. I wonder whether she will give up the pretense.

Anonymous said...

All I know is the MSM knows what your blog is about, and they have decided to link to it. Congrats!!

not that sarah said...

Re Regina and Patrick not being allowed to comment on US politics according to cpeers:

First of all, you people are so misinformed about our government, it boggles the mind.

Second of all, if that is your value system, you need to turn off Fox News.

The empire is run by an Australian whose goal was to infiltrate as many countries as possible to make money off selling tabloid journalism as news.

This is a matter of record, from his own mouth.

So suck on that, while you're pissing in the wind about your Queen and the failure of your Cabbage Patch dolls to return on their investment (don't deny it; I've seen the correlation between Bush voters and cabbage patch doll collectors).

Go send the Queen some money! She needs more jet fuel! Knock yourselves out!

Oh, and by the way, I grew up in "real America". How dare you pretend you own it. "Real America" voted for Obama. How's that working out for you upside down elitists?

Here's another news flash for you "real Americans". You have no idea how your heroes live. I do, though.

All of them live a high life you can't even imagine from your easy chair and they use these culture war issues and Sarah Palin's pretty face to distract you from their policies, which not a ONE of you could reiterate because you do not CARE about her policies.

Policies that drove the small farmer OUT OF BUSINESS.

Yeah, how's that "real American" working out for you, again? You people are angry clowns who buy into the bull about liberals looking down on you for your beliefs.

No, we look down on you because you keep getting sucker punched and voting against your own best interests. We look down on you because your angry and willful refusal to inform yourselves cause the rest of us problems...

like the Iraq war.

We look down on you because you slap a "I love America" bumper sticker on your car and think your responsibility as a citizen is done! And then you go vote for the person who makes you feel good!

And you call liberals lazy?

We look down on you because you buy talking points from an Australian tabloid junkie making money off you, vote the way he tells you to vote, and then, to ease the pain of your mortgage being bought up by the Saudis and the Chinese, you make another run through McDonalds for a biggie meal, spend some time online lecturing liberals about freedom and then crawl into bed all smug and satisfied that you're on the right side -- never suspecting that you've been used and abused, raped if you will, by the very policies you keep voting into office because they wrap them in pretty packages.

Wise up, the country could really use your help.

Also, too.

Children and animals in the workplace said...

Congratulation! Snowbilly you really started something!

Since the USA media won't care about little Triggy Bear I think it is wonderful of the European media to express humanity towards neglected and abused Americans.
The children are on a work schedule with a parent. Please address the workplace conditions, who is monitoring the workplace and if the children are paid. If not, why are they not paid?

Remember Palin is trail blazing or future politicians with children. SAG and animal rights advocate and protect children and animals in their fields, can't America find the heart to care for the children of politicians and authors?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, Juju wrote this on Gryphen's blog:

juju said...

Sorry off topic: But, if you really would like a little honesty in Palin's Bus Tour...check out her schedule on C4P and you might learn something...about how anyone can say anything and you all might believe it. But, when you see the real bus schedule and flying schedule of Palin you will see....the libs on this blog, Palingate and Diva...don't know the real story. Of course, I know that will not satisfy you bloggers because your hate for her blinds you to the truth. But it is kind of interesting to see how many miles she did travel in the bus when the jet was flying to the next stop without her on it. DUH

Now how does Juju KNOW that the quitter wasn't on the plane? And Seriously....! We are to believe the plane was ghosting her? No wonder she gets them all to give her money if they believe that crapola!!! Juju...I have a bridge to sell you, in Alaska, OK????
Seriously...who is THAT stupid to believe that? Sarah got caught and has to spin a fast lie!

Anonymous said...

Sarah is needlessly exposing Piper and Trig to H1N1 on this book tour.

What sane mother would elect to do this?

Has she even read how many children have already died from this flu strain?

Rationalist said...

Patrick - the traffic is coming in hot and heavy on feedjit - can you put "babygate" right up top again? It's such a golden opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Unappointed Guardians of the status quo unwittingly protecting positions of differential advantage.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick juju has posted this to Gryphen's site:

juju said...

Sorry off topic: But, if you really would like a little honesty in Palin's Bus Tour...check out her schedule on C4P and you might learn something...about how anyone can say anything and you all might believe it. But, when you see the real bus schedule and flying schedule of Palin you will see....the libs on this blog, Palingate and Diva...don't know the real story. Of course, I know that will not satisfy you bloggers because your hate for her blinds you to the truth. But it is kind of interesting to see how many miles she did travel in the bus when the jet was flying to the next stop without her on it. DUH

Now, we are to believe "juju" knows the quitter was on the bus? And the plane was following her? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
Seriously...that's how she gets them to give her money, they believe that crapola!!!
Juju...I got a bridge to sell you...in Alaska...!
Queen quitter got caught with her pants on fire and needs to spin a quick lie or two...!
I am so happy to see the MSM picking up on her lies finally!!!!
Now waiting for them to get a clue about the BIG lie....BABYGATE!!!!HOUSEGATE!!!!
MSM look no farther than the sidebar here------------------->

Anonymous said...

Murdoch is a pock on countries. Politicians actually answer to him in England.

Now he wants a bit of America.

He tried to horn in on Hilary, and Obama, and now he has found his shill.

Sarah Palin.

Watch it unfold. Beck, van Susterin, Hannity and Palin. All Murdochs, bought outright.

midnightcajun said...

LOL, Going Rogue has already slipped to the number 2 slot on Barnes and Noble, knocked off by "LEGO Star Wars", a book that has already sold out its first printing.

Velocity, but no staying power.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant pox.

I should proof read.

But Harper And Collins don't bother.

He actually seems to have English politicos answering to him.

Publicity, newspapers and power.

Anonymous said...

I, also, would like to see some of the photos of the very odd pregnancy of the former governor of Alaska... RIGHT up at the top of the palingates home page.

If God didn't want palingates to use the spike in web traffic, well, ...

Anonymous said...

This is a nice start. I am a little disappointed with the mix up on their facts. Media does zero on the kids, they don't care? If it was Britney the media would be all for the kids. Not for a lousy politician, even if she flaunts the kids.

Rationalist said...

Thanks, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

It's about time they noticed a few things.

Have to lol that is the clandestine use of the Jet that seems to have woken them up and take notice.


"For want of a nail, the shoe was lost," as the doggeral goes, in that long littany of why the battle was lost.

Lets hope its the string that unravels the entire mess.

Fraud, hoaxes and pathological lies.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

sea of pee is so full of hypocritical BULLSHIT as they are quoting Canadien right wingers who adore the idiot:

Fascinating article on Governor Palin over at Pajamas Media by David Solway, one of Canada’s leading poets – it’s a must read as an antidote to the vindictive outpourings of the usual suspects

Anonymous said...

We know Sarah is a big time racist. She was beaten by a African American beauty contestant. She was beaten by our first African American President. The week she resigned, she was sharing headlines with Michael Jackson. She had to start her book tour with an Oprah show. This week she is having her book tour stories dropped to the bottom of the news bin while everyone is talking about Tiger Woods. Bet this is one unhappy woman.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

the plane is on standby in case she gets preggers again and has to fly back to AK for a quick delivery.


@ 01 December 2009 18:59
It is good you brought that up. I thought the same thing. As if Trig is not compromised enough. Good one for MSM to ignore. Maybe more sheeple will follow her example. This is the save one cell but ignore your live children crowd who meet in hidden signing rooms to see an idol.

Anonymous said...

I liked the 40% off signs in the photo of the book
sale display.

Please, if you have access to the photo where Miss Sarah is wearing the a-line skirt and an open jacket
and also, too, her scarf (I think photo is reliably dated to 3-14-2008 and was originally published in the ADN), for me that photo has always been the most incriminating. Not least because Parnell is standing right there with her and is obviously complicit.

wv : oughter

From Canada said...

On the last post, Patrick said, "It's not a "domestic" matter of the US who becomes their President."

"It has massive consequences for the whole world."

I agree. I'm in Canada and many of us are astounded that someone like Sarah Palin was so close to being in power. McCain is responsible for much of this and so is the media.

I've followed this blog since the beginning and once again I applaud those who are doing so much work to uncover the truth.

Lady Rose said...

Hope the word gets out that she is trying to get every last dime she can from her fans too - no one is allowed to take photos now at book signings, but can pose with her and then pay for a copy of that photo online later.

Anonymous said...

A couple of facts:
Palin did not give birth to Trig Palin.

Palin takes nearly every opportunity to get money in any way possible from her supporters - many of which do not have a lot to spare.

Fish Hawk Jody said...

heh, I found the perfect song lyrics for Sarah. Wrote it up on my blog


Check out some of the words:

You gave me fortune
You gave me fame
You gave me power in your god’s name
I’m every person you need to be
I’m the cult of personality

Gah, it so-o-o fits Sarah and the minions. LOL too funny

Anonymous said...

A couple of facts:
Palin did not give birth to Trig Palin.

Palin will do nearly anything to get her supporters to give her money.

Anonymous said...

Did Harper Collins make Sarah hide to sign books? ROFLLAG!!! Pray tell why would they do that? Is msm reporting that story? The photo scam will keep her in that small world of hers. ROFLLAG!!! ROFLLAG!!!

juju is obviously paid or quid pro quo to deliver the propaganda they are told to distribute. Same old, same old crap.

Rationalist said...

Hey everyone - I submitted this story to reddit. Please vote it up!


Anonymous said...

Sarah must be planning to start her own version of the PTL Club.

That way, she can wear garish outfits and make-up, act ridiculous, exploit her family and God for profit, and make things up without explanation or apology.

She's already had an Immaculate Conception. It's her destiny...

Anonymous said...

Mudflats is trying to give all the credit for the plane story to Celtic Diva.

the norwegian blue Says:
November 30th, 2009 at 4:57 PM
credit where credit is due…
Does Palingates, who actually broke the bus/plane story, get a mention here?
Also the Philadelphia Inquirer (Tirdad Derakhshani) had the John Wooden story last Tuesday.

I believe it was Celtic Diva that broke the plane story originally, which was expanded by Joe McGinniss. She spoke to me about the story before it was posted anywhere else. I linked at the bottom of the page. Geoffrey Dunn added much more to the Wooden Leg story than I had seen before, but wasn’t sure where that popped up at first, but I don’t think it was the PI…I think it was a blog. Not sure. AKM

Anonymous said...

What's up with this story by ABC/David Wright, with featured commentary by Cokie Roberts? She is a GOP shill, everyone knows that! The way she is spinning it, oozing with condescension. Please. How patronizing can ABC be? They can't have it both ways; show they're willing to cover the story (ABC you'll have to do better than this to get any props from me), but all while making sure they do damage control for her image. Someone in the background is nervous for Palin, and they are right to be.

Rationalist said...

Cokie Roberts may not yet be hip to Sarah Palin, but she is a stellar journalist. Have you watched her on This Week with George Stephanopoulos? Heard her on NPR?

ABC covered the story, for crying out loud. I'll take it.

Anonymous said...

Cokie Roberts said two things: Sarah's still a hockey mom; 2) Sarah's just like any other politician. Either way, it wasn't complimentary.

Anonymous said...

How long ago did Track play hockey? Five years ago? More?

Anonymous said...

must be time to tell the folks that Sarh will be charging them for photos with her on the book tours.

Never misses a chance to turn a buck.

A true first in publishing history.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

hmmm, that is really strange.... and also too I noticed in that blog post...I posted this on my facebook:

Joe McGinnis is reporting from the Daily Beast, that Sarah Pac-o-Lies is lying about touring in a bus! Imagine that, HER lying...lol
Palingates reported it a couple of days back about her private jet, and possibility the use of Franklin Grahams jet? She will never ever tell the truth and I wonder how she will spin this one? Throw her bus under the bus??? :)
Yesterday at 11:17am
Mudflats blog:
Twin Tidbits from Palin Book Authors.
30 11 2009
Palin Throws Bus Under the Bus

First post on mudflats note date and time:

Ripley in CT Says:
November 30th, 2009 at 3:57 PM
That's very weird? She's not giving credit where it is due?
WV: wormo

Anonymous said...

The book of Levi will expand on the hockey mom myth. Cokie is a shill.
The ABC report is a taste of things to come, they must get informed. They need to dialogue with experts and not settle for the out of touch. Help them go up to speed.

Anonymous said...

@ crystalwolf
Palin would need an empty gulfstream shadowing her bus at 4000/hr .... why?
The pee-ers think that is justification and vindication for quittypants?
Too funny! They've simply lost their minds twisting them into pretzels to maintain her as the populist queen.

@ Midnight Cajun
Are you sure it's the book LEGO starwars, and not the game? Either way, it's pretty funny (the game's been around for several years) that she'd be knocked off by a children's fiction based on a combo of popular toys and popular movies.

@ Patrick:
I concur with whoever was suggesting the photo of Sarah with a jacket and scarf, black skirt and black tights where the jacket is open and her belly is completely flat should be posted with the number of months she was supposedly pregnant.
I don't admit this readily, but that photo was the one that did it to me -- this site went from "a bunch of silly conspiracy theorists" in my mind to "no way! she really did fake it!" I apologize for having misjudged you all.

BTW, just saw at work my barely 5 months pregnant 5'2" very fit (she's been, until recently, riding her bike to work 3 miles up hill [and I mean serious hill] every day), 20 something coworker at the sink washing her hands. She has to stand sideways to do it now because the baby is in the way. I had forgotten that bit of awkward. Judging from photos and videos, apparently Sarah did too.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. She made sure to reassure people Sarah is a "real hockey mom", something that has been questioned by authentic hockey moms on this and other sites. Her tone was patronizing, like she was chiding children with bemusement. (I honestly don't think anything she said was at SP's expense.) She also spoke with a tone that said, "Sarah Palin is doing everything other politicians do so everyone can stop freaking out". The reason this particular calculated "impression-giving" of Sarah Palin's is so objectionable is because of all the pre-hype she and her people pushed about a BUS TOUR now being flat out overblown and false. While we're at it, Cokie, this is not a political campaign anyway. Who ever said it was? Interesting you would even try to be an apologist for SP on those grounds... Not a fan of George Stephanopoulos, either, btw.

Anonymous said...

20:53...That's very weird? She's not giving credit where it is due?


Sunshine1970 said...

Celtic Diva is the one who started the story rolling. She posted, then it was reposted here with Diva's permission. But, Patrick & Snowbilly did the legwork to track the plane. Both sites should be credited.

Here's Diva's post reposted here: Fort Hood might cancel Sarah Palin's visit - Palin flying in plane of Samaritans Purse - CALL TO ACTION!

Anonymous said...

It's ltl from 20:58 again:
In addition to that photo I mentioned above, the video and stills of her swooping up out of a chair supposedly at 8 month's pregnant, combined with Bristol's extended disappearance from school for "mono," those were clinchers for me.

Anonymous said...

I suggest adding two more pictures to every post so that newcomers get the Full Babygate Monty, so to speak.

First, the picture of Sarah in her black "pregnancy" outfit, red/pink scarf, holding some kind of notebook, showing perfectly flat stomach weeks before "delivering" a 6 lb. baby. Be sure to include the date.

Second, the Gusty picture along with the question: How did a woman who looked like this fly from Alaska to Texas and back again in two days without anyone noticing that she was pregnant, leaking amniotic fluid, in labor, about to have a baby?

By the way, Bree Palin is reporting that now Sarah does not allow cell phones, cameras or any other device to take her picture during book signings.

Sarah will pose for a picture with her adoring fans, and they may go to an internet site to download and purchase the picture later.

Next thing they will do is require a three book minimum (snark), or if you spend more than $100. puts you in a priority line. Donate $100. or more to SarahPAC and you automatically move to the front of the line. (More snark). Pictures of Piper, Trig, Chuck, Sally and just about any one else available for a price (and suitable for framing). Also, too, there are some left over bumper stickers, campaign buttons and T-shirts which are priced for holiday giving.

(That last paragraph is sarcasm. That is humor at the expense of a very sensitive former governor who quit midway through her term of office in order to make money. She could have written a book as governor, but she could not go on this deluxe tour as governor. She made her choice: celebrity and money won out over her servant's heart.)


I am shocked that Cokie or Stephanopoulos are still on TV, I am not a fan of either. Who pays attention to them? Cokie does bring up the political campaign. Who is monitoring Palin for FCC, IRS, SarahPAC, going to military bases et al? Cokie is cold, not a word about poor Trig.

Anonymous said...

I used to admire Cokie Roberts, but yeah, I now vote "shill" -- she's been pretty horrible the last couple of years.

And, in backhanded defense of Scarah, it is not uncommon for B-level TV stars to charge for photo ops at fandom conventions. All of which supports my contention that she is far more suited to a cable reality show than to any kind of serious political future.

Pat in Texas

Barb Dwyer said...

AKM would never give this blog credit or a link. She looks down her nose at the truthers, as she believes SP did give birth to Trig. I find it incredible that AKM writes day after day exposing SP's lies, yet flat refuses to acknowledge her biggest one. Why she thinks she's telling the truth about Trig and absolutely nothing else is beyond me. She has higher aspirations than just being a "blogger" though and I guess she figures acknowledging this blog and/or Trigs birth fiasco would hurt her credibility. She censors any mention of it on her blog.

Shannyn is the same way.They prefer to be analysts, not investigative journalists. That keeps everything very, very safe in hopes of a bigger payday.

Anonymous said...

Palin team responds to planegate:


start your fact checking!

Anonymous said...

AKM very kindly links to Palingates on her blog roll as we do to her.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who don't believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18, 2008. I applaud everything you are doing to give the facts more exposure.

However, I urge you to consider using different photos in this blog post...the pictures of Palin next to the illustrations of a fetus are just too distasteful. They just give ammunition to Palin supporters.

The photos of Palin compared to Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, etc. do a much better job questioning Palin's birth story, plus they are more tasteful and convincing.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Barb Dwyer said...the truth!

Both AKM and SM have Teee Veee on their minds and dont want to "wade thru the real crap" and get smelly. The opine, but dont dig, the way PG does. Shanny did a nice beat down of sp last nite but it was the same stuff she always says but her makeup and hair was very nicely done!

Anonymous said...

We have lift off of flight ujt5 at 2:42 MST. Hillbilly express is off


Anonymous said...

wow...that was quite the condemnation of two very respected bloggers and activists.
without finding mudflats back in august 2008, i would never have known just how terrifying palin was and is.
i quite admire both akm and ms moore.

Anonymous said...

AKM is hands off regarding talk about any of the Palin children, period. If you write anything at all that contains a child's name, the comment goes into moderation and is eventually removed.

There may be good legal reasons why they have chosen to keep kids out of any discussion. Or good taste. Audrey, when she was actively blogging, did not allow discussion of Bristol until she (Bristol) was 18, and officially in charge of her own activities and choices.

Other websites will not allow the possible discussion of incest, even though Alaska has, unfortunately, a high rate of incest and rape. They make the rules, and we are lucky to find places, like Palingates, that allow for a frank, open forum. We can scroll past the trolls, no one is prone to dropping f-bombs, and I am glad that no one incites violence or other criminal activity (unlike others places on the internet).

I would also like to compliment the people who post here. They write intelligent comments, using complete sentences, grammar, spelling. A quick scan of the pro-Palin comments show the lack of care in writing or thinking. (I am trying to be polite, here). I like the fact that people are free to offer differing views, especially is they give good reasons for their thinking. And, I have learned a great deal from both the blog writers and the comments. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Agreed about the fetus illustrations.
Most people know what a pregnant woman
is (or should) look like. I think photos with
dates pretty much speak for themselves,
if there were a way to tastefully add some
sort of way to show how short Miss Sarah is
(the only place the baby can go is out if you are
that short, like in the picture from her previous pregnancy -- might be a good comparison photo).

And the Gusty photo, also, too.

The Full BabyGate Monty ! LOVE IT !

Anonymous said...

I agree about the pictures, Anon 21:40. The fetus illustrations are a little jarring. How about the best flat belly shot with a simple caption like "does this woman look 8 months pregnant?"

Anonymous said...

Just want to say thank you for all of the time and effort you put into exposing the quitter for the fraud she is!

Trig in shoes and jacket said...

...a blog victory!

Trig is still on the road or in the air. He did his act with Sarah Palin in Tempe, Az. 12-01-09 Costco. Arizona in the winter can be pleasant, now that he is out west he wears a jacket and shoes. Thank the blogs for teaching the Palin entourage about raising a child, they can learn.

Anonymous said...

anoon @21.40

Since when was an illustration of a fetus distasteful? I thought that the right to life folks love all fetus? ;-)

Anonymous said...

If only we watched your vagina in April '08 as close as we watch your $4000.00 jet....Remember Jimmy and Tammy Faye Baker's world of ripping off millions of peasants came crashing down

Tammy is now doing gay pride parades

Anonymous said...

A real Christian - like Jesus - would not be flying on private jets on a "Bus Tour".

But then again, Sarah Palin is that which is farthest from a Good Christian.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

anon at 21.47

Your quote

"Audrey, when she was actively blogging, did not allow discussion of Bristol until she (Bristol) was 18, and officially in charge of her own activities and choices."

erm Audrey allowed Dangerous Dan to discuss underage Willow being the mom because he was writing a book which she knew about. hmmmm......

Sarah is a FRAUD said...

Sarah Palin is a complete fraud.

We know, Sarah, we know.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 21:52

UM, Tammy Faye died a few years ago, but I get your point. But Tammy Faye, Jim & Sarah were cut from the same cloth.
Maybe Sarah is going to open a Christian Theme Park like he idols.
Now if you will excuse me I have to go fix my roof.

NYC girl

The real Palin baby gear said...

Those are lovely illustrations. The detractors know that. What is wrong with any representation of this wonderful part of life? These are especially nice illustrations.

Does someone miss the empathy gear their idol wore?

ella said...

Barb Dwyer: I am very appreciative of your presence on this blog. I believe you have a lot to offer, because you know Palin and live in Alaska.
That said, I respectfully disagree with what I perceive to be your resentment of AKM and Shannyn.
Both focus on many issues, and their exclusion of babygate is their perogative. "They prefer to be analysts, not investigative journalists." Maybe true - also their right.
I cannot imagine going without their unique perspectives on AK issues, just as I cannot imagine going without Patrick/Kathleen, Gryphen and Bree keeping us informed on babygate.
An Alaskan blogger named Celia writes amazing articles about the AK justice system ("Frozen Justice").
Leah Burton, of "God's Own Party" is a must read - exposing the threat of Dominionist Christians who want to turn our Democracy into a Theocracy.
Bill Hess(of Wasilla) offers photography and daily slices of life with his family.
Ann Strongheart (Anonymous Bloggers)keeps us informed on all things Native Alaskan, and a glimpse into a rural Alaska most of us have never seen.
Do we criticize Celia, Leah,Bill and Ann for not discussing babygate?
I am as frustrated as you are, Barb, that it is taking so long for the MSM to get to the obvious truth. I just don't think it is fair for us to disparage those who have a different focus.
And, finally - PLEASE do not leave again! I love your insights and comments here.

Anonymous said...

It may be a different experience for those who have spoken with AKM and SM about babygate. I have heard from an AK that they felt shunned for speaking about it...

but I love reading them all and I personally don't think they need to discuss it.

It is a rather scary position to take, and it does sound (at the outset) like tinfoil hattery. Both ladies are very practical and not prone to conspiracy theories.

That said, this is not a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy is why this hasn't been covered by MSM.

I don't have a stake in it either way. I know the Wild Ride was reckless endangerment, so that's bad enough.

If she faked her pregnancy (and I believe she did), she's a sociopath.

No one would involve their children in fraud and scam like that, nor sell it to the amerian people and think they could get away with it.

Sunshine1970 said...

@Anon 01 December 21:32:
The CNN political ticker article link posted above has this interesting little tidbit:

"Palin was joined by her family and a handful of staffers on each flight leg, said Recher, who noted that the jet was paid for by Palin's publisher, Harper Collins. He said the publisher originally wanted all of the book tour travel to be by plane, but Palin lobbied for a bus tour."

She should have just let HC plan how to get there instead of lobbying for that bus.

Daisydem said...

I came down to post in response to the posts about the bus/plane story breaking and where, only to realize that a couple of people had already responded and one took time to list some of the other blogs (maybe not as frequented) that are worthy of reading and checking in with. Thank you. I remember that Celtic Diva posted the story about the plane (I don't think she realized that the plane was being used all the time-she posted about Franklin Graham meeting Sarah at an airport upon arrival) and Patrick re-posted here with her permission; snowbilly apparently put on his researcher's hat and did a lot of work. There is enough room in our corner of the blogosphere for all of us and we are all needed. I go on at least 8-10 blogs a day probably with IM, Palingates, and the Mudflats being my most frequented. But I also check in with some of the others too and most of them are now doing a post about the bus/plane. I was a frequent reader/thinker/poster at PD for a very long time. I am so glad Patrick has continued the work that was done there and that he did there, and Kathleen. Thanks Regina for letting them write here. Thanks to all the blogs who we sustain and who are sustaining us in our efforts to expose the many LIES of SP. Respectfully submitted.

ManxMamma said...

I find the snide comments about AKM and Shannyn Moore really unfair. Each are prolific writers and if they can make a living as journalists, or broadcasters, more power to them. SP is the focus of this blog - it is not their prime topic of choice.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

ManxMamma, Yikes,,,No criticism at all, eh? AKM and AM do what they do, but they dont or wont do what PG does. it doesnt diminish their writing skills or analysis, but the discussions are indeed limited in scope as is their perogative. The comments were not snide, but they are true.


or not....

wow. just wow. said...

It's a good thing that flying on private jets is not considered an "elite" thing to do.

At least that's how it is in the batshitcrazy World of Palin!

Hypocrisy, heard of it Sarah? ;-)

sg said...

I think AKM and Shannyn Moore have done great work. While it's disappointing that they won't push babygate, they're entitled to their opinion with respect (remember, Phil Munger also doesn't believe in babygate because he knows CBJ personally).

That having been said, AKM and SM are the de facto MSNBC gatekeepers for things regarding Alaska and SP. I would think it difficult for KO or RM to run with babygate as long as their main Alaska correspondents are not on board. That's the reality.

The solution: another correspondent, with an alternate opinion on babygate, needs to break into the MSNBC lineup.

Jesse Cornish said...

Patrick's entertaining in his own way. He's so easy to pick apart that I can't help myself. Everyone has weaknesses I guess.

It was just too much fun for me too expose the entire lie Patrick was spewing. He could never come up with good come back to the earlier comments I made in another thread.

You know, to come to think of it, this blog has benefited from Audrey's demise. hasn't it? Your traffic is so much better than it was before.

Patrick said...

My large post about the facts of the flights is now up! It took a while, but it was worth it! :-)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I saw your post on Mudflats and thats good you set the record straight. All the bloggers are in this together and each should get credit for their part in this evolving story...when AKM linked to "a pesky blogger" I thought she was linking to PG since Joe had named PG as his source so I was surprised to see linked to Diva even though she had brought the Sam's purse plane out.
I really like the vibe here, people are free to express themselves with out being censored, even the trolls are free to post here, lol!
If it wasn't for AKM, Phil and Gryphen,Shannyn, I wouldn't of known so much about Palin and I have met so many great people through those blogs. Now Regina started this blog earlier this year and has is organized very well for anyone wishing to research the gates. Patrick's been doing a hellava job while she is on vacation.
Credit should be given where it is due. That's all and all the blogger's do a great job, exposing Queen Quitter's lies.

Daisydem said...

Oh, and Bree (I forgot to mention Bree's blog) who links to here and vice versa and who has done so much with the pictures over the last couple of months. Awesome. And by the way, why can't a person's blog be their's? They can write or not about whatever they choose. And, they can make their own rules, since IT IS THEIR BLOG! If you don't like a show, change the channel. If you don't like a blog, don't go there. It really is that simple. I happen to love and support most of these blogs, since they have sustained me emotionally for the past 1 1/2 years. Thanks guys.

EyeOnYou said...
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Yellowgirl said...

Just a note of congrats to Patrick, Kathleen, Regina, Snowbilly, Bree, Celtic Diva, Griffin and all....... I've been reading a lot and posting little...... (and any word on if or when Audrey will return???)

I really need to take a break from all things Sarah to focus on some other things for a bit, but I'll be back................ so, so, so glad of the MSM coverage!

EyeOnYou said...

I'm loving the hypocrisy of Palin pretending to be "just folks" while traveling around in a private jet while her minions empty their wallets to support her elite lifestyle now that she has gotten a taste of what it is like.

She will keep using them to pad her bank account and they will happily put themselves into the poor house to make sure she has the ability to be one of the elites she claims to hate but is so desperate to become one of!

Watch they twist and spin to defend her while she gleefully sucks them dry of all the money they are willing to hand her!

wow. just wow. said...

Come on people, Sarah was only flying on a old GII at 4 grand an hour - it's only a $20,000 cross-country flight one-way.

If she were really living large, like a Hollywood celeb, she would have taken a G550 at 8 grand an hour.

See, she really is just a frugal "hockey mom"!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

EOY, lol "suck them dry" reminds me of that famous line from "gone with the wind" when Mammy says of Scarlet..."Just like a spider!!!!"
Sarah is kind of a Scarlet O'hara....
excuses, never her fault, wicked evil...lol just like a spider, a black widow spider,that is :)

Sunshine1970 said...

Oooh! Comparing Sarah to Scarlet O'Hara? That's sacrilege!:-)

(although I think a better comparison is Evita Peron and Sarah Palin...I finally get why people loved and hated her all at once. Similar phenomenon here)

KaJo said...

Audrey has not had a "demise". Her blog is still up there with revealing brightened-but-otherwise-unretouched photographs of the flat-stomached Sarah Palin mere weeks before the April 18, 2008 "delivery".

I was going to put up a link anyway to those pictures at Audrey's "Palin's Deceptions" blog, to remind everyone who has been mentioning in this commentary that there ARE other sources for comparison pictures.

I'm glad Audrey was mentioned -- we miss her valuable insight, and regret that C4P's nasty friend Robert Stacy McCain threatened her off the Internet.

trishSWFL said...

Just want to say, I appreciate all the research going on here, and I'm hoping that Audrey is quietly reading, and seeing how well Patrick, Regina, Snowbilly, Bree and all others are carrying on the work.

Great job! :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah sent some of her special love to Palingates in her latest FB rant!

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow. - I have to admit that was my husband's exact reaction to this development - Sarah thinks she's flying high - but there's always someone flying higher :)

Patrick said...

See my update on the latest post! Sarah has reacted on facebook!

Forever Anonymous said...

Compare Sarah's reaction to her statements, while governor in name only, to the ARTICAT ETHIC COMPLAINT . You'll find the same sarcasm, cynical downplaying of the deception.

She was an illegal billboard while employed by the state because it was cold.

She sleeps in hotels because she didn't bring a tent, like those fools who believe in her.

well, past experiences tell us when Sarah is laughing, she is really crying.

Oh, I love you people, I really do!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, all you have to do is say, "Look, I shouldn't have to do this, but to put an end to this bizarre speculation that I am not Trig's birth mother, I will provide his birth certificate." That's all you have to do, to make this go away. We're waiting.

Celia Harrison said...

Ella said, "Do we criticize Celia, Leah,Bill and Ann for not discussing babygate?"
I am a believer in babygate. I don't have insider information like many of the other bloggers about in fact at first I thought the rumors were nutty. When I saw some of the pictures and realized the dates had been verified I knew the story was true. They were the ones who put the story out and took the risks and I feel they should get the credit for doing that. Only they can tell the story so well. It took a lot of courage to do what they did knowing that Palin and company could be retaliatory and many were threatened with lawsuits. They have done a lot of very detailed work and were certainly criticized in the beginning. I am sure MSM is studying every detail and sometime in the future they will be recognized for their efforts to expose the truth about SP.