Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sarah Palin, still toxic

Sarah Palin has been at the beck and call of big corporations for a long time. In Alaska the big oil and big mining industries called the shots and she did their dirty work in the name of "responsible development". Her toxic policies respected nothing: the environment, endangered species, villagers , they all had a high price to pay. She's been fighting tooth and nail to drill for oil in ANWR, another environmental disaster waiting to happen.

She loves to say how she took on big oil and raised their taxes. They were just paying it forward. Sarah Palin took the federal government to court on many occasions: no polar bear, no Beluga whale was safe from her. She did all this on behalf of big oil, for the "good of Alaska". Now Gov Parnell is trying to reverse the high taxes imposed on the oil industry. It's a win win situation for them.

When Sarah Palin was campaigning for governor, she opposed Pebble mine because of the environmental impact on Bristol Bay and the salmon fishing industry. But as soon as she put her governor hat on, she was very quick to take it off to endorse Pebble mine's position regarding the vote on prop 4, a Clean Water Act initiative.

She praised the Supreme Court decision to allow the dumping of tailings from Kensington mine into a lake linked by Slate Creek to Berners Bay, an environmentally sensitive area. Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation (from Idaho) could have complied with the Clean Water Act, but decided to maximize their profits by opting for the cheapest option for disposal of the mining debris.

By the way, the same justices who ruled in favour of Coeur d'Alene Mines overturned the Exxon Valdez initial compensation award, reducing it to just over $500 million. The same Sarah Palin who said she was disappointed about this decision, later jumped into bed with Exxon Mobil in that little detour from her visit to New York last summer. She stopped in Texas to have talks with Exxon and soon they were back in business on the gas pipeline...

Sarah Palin's latest op-ed on the Washington Post shows that she doesn't care about the environment at all. The world is trying to find clean alternatives for energy supplies and the US could greatly benefit from it, becoming more independent from the pressures from oil producing countries. She seems to believe that the risible amount of oil in Alaska would provide such independence. Even if it did, it would be at the expense of the environment, wildlife and human beings. In her op-ed, she talks about science gone bad and fabricated evidence. When she took the federal goverment to court over the polar bears, she suppressed scientific evidence that supported the ruling. Sarah Palin is ill qualified to talk about science.

In fact, she's ill qualified to talk about anything at all.

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