Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Trig, Sarah Palin's prop

Trig Palin was used as a prop by his "mother" during the vice presidential campaign, after the campaign and more recently during the "Going Rogue" book tour.

Commenters on liberal blogs have been concerned about the lack of proper attire for Trig when we observed that everybody else was nice and toasty in bad weather but Trig had no socks, no shoes and no hat.

Of course the Palinbots (C4P, who else?) immediately defended Sarah Palin's parenting skills:

The only thing that really ticks me off about the Underworld is their constant obsession with Trig not wearing socks.

The people who would most likely advocate aborting a down syndrome child are frantic over his lack of socks.

Note to the insane: Nobody's going to die from bare feet! How on earth did my barefoot farmer ancestors manage to survive? Aahhhhhh!

My main beef is that it's none of their freaking business. Who made them the judge and jury over motherhood? This from the same people who tolerate scumbaggery of all other kinds.

No, we don't advocate aborting children with Down Syndrome:

What it is, is that "they" cannot grasp that pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. I think I missed the band of pro-choice people "advocating" for abortions. I am pro-choice, but did not have the extra tests done in my pregnancies that look for DS, even though I was the same age as Sarah during our (OK, my) last pregnancy. Why? Because if the baby were to have DS, I would not have aborted him, so why take the extra risk? I'm pro-choice. That means I believe it's NOT MY DECISION what other women do.

We don't like to see Trig dragged out of the bus at 11:45 pm to be paraded to the crowds when the temperature is 41 degrees. We worry about early intervention and appropriate therapies that would give Trig the best chance of an independent life later on. We wonder why Trig is often photographed without his glasses and hearing aids. We don't think it's a good idea for a vulnerable child to be passed from person to person and exposed to germs during the flu season. We worry about the number of air miles Trig is accumulating at such a tender age when he's more succeptible to the adverse effects of high altitudes. We are puzzled about his inability to eat solids.

It might be none of our freaking business, but we didn't make Trig into an object of worship and we wouldn't choose to have him so exposed for the sake of selling some books.
Sarah Palin's words, from "Going Rogue":

Please don’t let anything happen to this baby.

It occurred to me, once and for all. I’m so in love with this child, please God, protect him! After all my doubts and fears, I had fallen in love with this precious child. The worst thing in the world would be that I would lose him. God knew what He was doing.

Does God still know what he's doing? Is the care of Trig to be left to God alone or is his "mother" going to do her bit?

We know Sarah Palin pays close attention to the blogs. If we're in any way instrumental in ensuring that Trig receives the care he deserves so she can deflect criticism, our job is done.

But I'm not holding my breath...

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