Friday, 11 December 2009

"TrippleBear": Mercede Johnston is "Going Rogue"

Here is a puzzle for you: Mercede Johnston has done it again.

A few days ago, she wrote on her myspace page:

"I hate all lawyers, I am so sick of these bullshit lies."

In addition to this message, she described her mood as "aggravated".

Today, she gives us a new message, which is even less subtle and like a "follow-up" to the previous message. Could it be that it didn't escape her attention that her first message on myspace received an "echo" from the public here on palingates?

Her new message can be viewed with Internet Explorer by users who are located in the USA (it doesn't work with Firefox, because then only her "mood" is being displayed, without the additional sentence). The full content of Mercede's myspace page, however, is not visible because she made the page private last year.

"5 months sense i've seen the biggest joy of my life. It's really taking it's tole on me. I miss and love you so much TrippleBear."

Click to enlarge:

Well, that's heartbreaking, because it's now painfully obvious what's going on here: That the Johnstons still virtually have no access to Tripp.

Mercede opens a can of worms with this sentence, because it now seems even more inexplicable why Levi Johnston, for all we know, has not filed for custody so far. What is it that he and his lawyer Rex Butler are waiting for? Why is Levi not doing what ANY father what do in these circumstances and file for custody immediately?

From her previous message about the lawyers who tell "bullshit lies", it's clear that Mercede is deeply unhappy about the development.

Also, there is Mercede's most conspicuous use of the word "TrippleBear", which can be seen as a direct reference to her already famous creation of "TriggyBear". Mercede gave Trig the pet name "TriggyBear" when she posted the famous pictures of her, Trig, Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin at the beginning of May 2008 on her myspace account. By pure luck, these pictures were saved virtually minutes before Mercede's myspace was made private in September 2008 and they can be viewed HERE.

When I looked at the Mercede's myspace pictures with Trig again, I realised that she even used the exact same spelling: "TriggyBear", with a large "B".

Click to enlarge:

Trig = "TriggyBear"

Tripp = "TrippleBear"

I will leave the interpretations to our readers.

However, what I will say is that in the above picture, it is not the biological child of the Governor of Alaska which Mercede is holding in her arms, and I would bet money on it that Mercede was well aware of that fact, too.

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