Saturday, 5 December 2009

Trig Truthers out in the cold protesting in Fairfax, Virginia against Sarah Palin (Pictures & Video)

Trig Truthers are not silent anymore! Our readers Virgina Voter, Mrs Tarquinbiscuitbarrel, ProChoiceGrandma and another protestor decided that it's finally time to go out - in the cold! When Sarah Palin today had her book signing in Fairfax, Virginia, the small, but distinguished group of Trig Truthers made a stand in freezing weather. They were banished to a "free speech zone" at the back of the parking lot, which was assigned to them, about 400 yards away from Palin's excited fans who were waiting for Queen Sarah aka "Governor" aka "Bible Spice".

By the way, the "Governor without a state" decided to follow a rather unusual dress code today ...

...and regarded the current snowfall in the USA as a sign from God that global warming has to be a liberal conspiracy, as she let us know via twitter:

But back to our brave group of Trig Truthers:

They had some very original signs with them, and Regina and I are very happy that "palingates" received an honorable mention on the signs, as well as Bree Palin's blog.

I spoke to ProChoiceGrandma on the phone today and she explained that they were approached by several media outlets during the protest, for example Washington Post, Talking Points Memo and United Press International. According to her, there were about 500-750 Palin fans. In addition, ProChoiceGrandma wrote:

"No bus. Sarah apparently went in through the back of the store. I never checked to see if there was a landing strip behind the store for her jet.

I had trouble finding Virginia Voter and Mrs. TarquinBisquitBarrel at first, as the "free speech" area had been roped off about a football field's distance from the Palin fans. For OUR safety, I presume! I wonder if someone was being thoughtful or insulting to delegate the protest section near the Don's Jon's. Kind of them, but no thank you!

I arrived when the fellow, Adam something from Talking Points Memo, was interviewing Mrs. TBB.

We got some boo's, and some "we're praying for you", but some people gave us thumbs up and signs of support.

No Going Rogue bus, no rope line...Sarah entered from the back of the store. Lots of out of town plates, and the typical Sarah crowd. All in all, it looked like maybe 500-750 people. Not a whole lot. "

ProChoiceGrandma also sent me a video of the protest in which we catch the last part of the conversation with the guy from Talking Points Memo:

Unfortunately, word hasn't gotten round to the left-wing Talking Points Memo yet that the Trig Truthers are NOT following some nut-job conspiracy, because what TPM wrote today was not too flattering:

"Four anti-Palin protestors were there, shunned to a "free speech zone" about 400 yards from the crowd waiting to meet Palin outside BJ's Wholesale. Two were Trig doubters, showing off what they said was evidence that Palin isn't the birth mother of the youngest member of the Palin clan. There was a decided tea partyesque vibe to their conspiracy rhetoric. "Why is the media afraid to report this story?" one asked. Had they been talking about ACORN, they would have been right at home on the national mall last 9/12.

The other two protestors were just generally upset by the whole proceeding unfolding around them. They said they thought they had dealt with her last year and didn't like having to do it again. "Virginia voted to send Sarah back to Alaska," one said. "I wanted to make sure she got that message when she came out here today." Neither pair could figure out what to do with Palin. They called her "dangerous" and claimed she appealed to the ugliest side of American conservatism. But they acknowledged her star power and seemingly limitless appeal to her base. They thought Palin was more than just a passing fad, but they couldn't see a world in which Democrats could reach out to the voters Palin energizes."

Here are more pictures of the protest in the cold, first picture courtesy of our reader Virgina Voter, the others courtesy of ProChoiceGrandma. I especially like the poster which refers to Sarah Palins "wite out miscarriage" (click to enlarge):

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all participants, and I do hope that this protest will inspire more protests in the future!

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