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Sarah Palin's week in pictures - UPDATE 3

It's been an interesting week for Sarah Palin in Wasilla. She signed books, banned people from her book signing and served Christmas dinner to the less fortunate...

Let the pictures tell the story.

Sarah signing books, helped by Todd and Juanita Fuller

(Photos by Bill Hess)

(Photo by Kim Chatman)

Others weren't so lucky. Todd provided a list of people who weren't welcome at the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center.

There were four names on Todd's list. Gryphen and Dennis showed up, the others didn't.

Gryphen, from Immoral Minority

Dennis Zaki and Shannyn Moore

Andree McLeod was too busy to attend

One person wasn't prevented from entering the sports center, but her signs were confiscated and destroyed. Dawn was threatened with arrest for disturbing the peace. On the plus side, Dawn could display her beautiful t-shirt and got her flu jab!

(photo by Kim Chatman)

...I turned up at 12 in my Sarah Palin LIAR shirt & with 2 signs 1 of which had & 3 others with slogans. I planted them in the snow at the front door where I stood. After 45 min, bldg security told me to get rid of the signs cuz Palin’s publisher was paying $85/ hr for facility, (can’t remember exact amt )I said no. He said the cops would come. They were parked right there. I said FINE. They can just give me a ticket. Anyway, he took the signs before I could grab them since using a walker slows one down. He crumbled them up after refusing to return them to me. I did make him give me the sticks back.( one was my meter stick) . He asked for my ID. I refused. I told him I could stay out there & sing my slogans & he said I’d be taken for disturbing the peace. I didn’t sing cuz I really don’t & laughter was something I didn’t want to inspire. So, instead, SarahPalin LIAR shirt prominently displayed, I entered what I thought would be the lion’s den only to find an H1N1 flu clinic giving free flu shots. GEEZ. And lucky too cuz I had planned on getting one. The nurse filled out the form for me cuz I didn’t have my reading glasses on the picket line. I pulled my sleeve down for the shot hoping that with my SP LIAR shirt I wasn’t at the mercy of 1 of Sarah’s biggest fans. It didn’t hurt. The next 1/2 hr I spent displaying my shirt to a winding line of people passing by with their books to be signed. I talked with people getting flu shots, ate a few Palin Xmas cookies & let those in line see that yes, even in Wasilla, there was a real live person who considered Palin less than legitimate. Had I known there was a flu clinic going on, I would have been more aggressive about letting brown uniformed security man get my signs. Other than that, mission accomplished, at least on a personal level. (Comment by Dawn on Shannyn Moore's blog.)

UPDATE - Commenter William Henley, at C4P, disputes the photographic evidence shown here and issues a charming threat to detractors of Sarah Palin:

Sandra, you are lying out your a**. I was at the Wasilla book-signing. As a matter of fact I was there at 10 p.m. the night before and was in line at 05:30. I was one of two people who sat out there all night. The second person (Amy) got there at midnight. I was there through-out and not a single protester with signs showed up at anytime. No single person was there handing out oblabla/hitler pictures. You are nothing more than a lying bi**h and need to go to one of the sights that care for what you are lying about. Just as one of the security heads told me, if anyone started trouble they probably would not have survived. I and many others at the signing were carrying our sidearms. Mine happens to be a police special 357 mag. and I know how to use it and rather enjoy using it for the right reasons, i.e. protecting Sarah Palin and family.

(H/T to gunsmoke)

Sarah turned her hand at food serving at the same venue a few days later. She wore gloves, but somehow she never seems able to find a hairnet for these occasions. Maybe hairnets don't come in big enough sizes to contain her generous mane...


Todd looks tired...

Sarah signing yet another copy of "Going Rogue"

Yes, all in all, it was a busy week for Sarah Palin. It provided a lot of material for the bloggers, as usual...

We can't wait for the New Year!


UPDATE 2 (by Patrick):

The extremist threat by C4P commenter William Henley to shoot people who attack Sarah Palin (with words?), or, as he puts it, to "enjoy using his gun for the right reasons", is an eerie reminder of the remarks of Wasilla's mayor Verne Rupright, about whom the London Times Online reported in August 2009:

"But the local people have also learnt to be wary, and the list of those who won’t talk to journalists is long. Verne Rupright, the mayor, understands this protective spirit. “This is a hard place and that makes people a bit more bound together. People like Sarah came up that way,” he says.

As he points out where Mrs Palin shot her first rabbit, he notes that those who threaten her family should remember the local tendency to carry guns."

Perhaps William Henley is just more outspoken?

Speaking of right-wing extremists:

HERE on this excellent website you will find more background information about the fascist demagogue Lyndon LaRouche and his organization. It's a scandal that Sarah Palin and the organizers of the book signing in Wasilla allowed the guy pictured above to distribute LaRouche propaganda whilst banning Palin's critics! As usual, the media didn't pick it up. Imagine what would happen if someone had distributed extremist material at an imaginary Obama book signing! It would have been all over the media for weeks.

Despite their public display in Seattle, they clearly weren't keen to be photographed.


UPDATE 3 (by Patrick):

On Sarah Palin's twitter, the following message was tweeted one hour ago:

"Happy 1st birthday Tripp!! :D"

Immediately followed by:

"That message is From Willow! :)"

Therefore I guess that the Palin family has officially agreed that the 27th December should be Tripp's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston!


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