Thursday, 24 December 2009

palingates censored at Sarah Palin's book signing in Wasilla

Celtic Diva has just published a post about Sarah Palin's book signing in Wasilla and what really went on inside the sports complex. Kim Chatman was there and reported on the lone protester who had her signs destroyed by Sarah's security people.

Palingates was censored...



Sole standard-bearer Dawn amongst the Paliban!

"Celtic Diva" Linda Kellen Biegel explains in her post:

"While we have now heard about the "banning" and are all wondering who else is on the list, no one has heard about the censorship part deux: according to the Anchorage Daily News:

'At the Wasilla signing, many people talked about "Sarah" like she's a member of the family. The only signs in sight had to do with conservative causes or Christmas.'
There's a reason for that: the lady pictured above had her three signs taken away from her (one of them said simply ""...the URL for a popular anti-Palin blog ), while whatever Conservative signs the media saw were allowed to remain. (I verified this when Kim (Chatman) handed her the phone and I got a chance to talk to her for a moment.)

So, to summarize...the reason the ADN only saw "Conservative or Christmas" signs is because the Palinistas took any signs with a different point of view...even if it only had the location of a website with a different view.

In protest, this brave lady stood by the door with her shirt in full view and took quite a bit of flack. Kim said it was all she could do to maintain control when she heard people actually ask:

"Why is that woman allowed to have that shirt on?"

Kim's reply:

"Have you ever heard of "freedom of speech?"

Anyone else thinks naming that group "Conservative Patriots" is a complete joke? Who is calling whom a Nazi?"

Thank you, Dawn, Kim and Linda!



The Quitter Queen has tweeted again, and her fantasy right-wing rhetoric certainly will appeal to the right wing-extremists who showed up to her book signing in Wasilla:


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