Wednesday, 2 December 2009

MSNBC reports about Sarah Palin's bus tour hoax and mentions "Palingates"!

MSNBC mentions "Palingates"!

Citizen-bloggers can make it into the mainstream media - here is more proof for it. This is good news for EVERY blogger!

MSNBC: Can you now please start to report about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig ("babygate")?

It's about time that the mainstream media finally does its job and reports this huge scandal!

You can never look at these pictures often enough - but let me also say it's not just pictures we have, but in addition we have solid inside information about the FACT that Sarah Palin hasn't given birth to Trig (click to enlarge):

Graphics created by our reader WayOfPeace,

This is how Sarah Palin looked
when she was pregnant with Track (click to enlarge).
This picture was provided to AP by the Heath family in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I am really hoping we all get a big Christmas gift this year. Maybe Santa will send SP into obscurity after her lying ways are exposed to the world.

Congrats Patrick! Almost there!


Anonymous said...

why isnt the dinasour media even a bit embarressed when the new media scoops them and does their job?

and god, hillary truly has no soul...cackles when talking about her only child's engagement?

but at least the clinton's have real family values....traditional engagement and wedding and chelsea knows how to use birth control

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, the trickle is turning into a flood, the snowball into an avalanche!


MAYYYbe, just MAYYYbe we will be able to bury this $$$arahcuda story by Christmas, and mayyybe, just mayyybe, she will finally get what is coming to her, with all her various -gates. By that, I mean, that maybe she will finally end up in the Big House (which is NOT the 'White House', but the one with re-inforced, barred windows...)
I.R.S., FBI, law enforcement, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO ALL THE 'GATES' that are so conveniently listed on the right hand side of this blog?

LOL! My wv is bophoo...

Anonymous said...

You seem to scoop everybody!

It is about time the msm is taking notice. Do you think that Shannyn helped by cozing up to Keith & Rachel on MSNBC? She puts a nice face on the anti-palin/anti-craziness movement. I think in a few years she will be ready for a spot on a cable network. Her new show is great, I love the humor & great guests.

Good work!


dancingthroughlife said...

Way to go! The hard work is finally being noticed! Since there's going to be even more traffic here than there has been lately, I noticed something- you'll probably want to update the comparisons with Heidi Klum. She had her baby on October 9th; ironically, one of the articles I found said the baby was born only an hour after she was induced. Keep up the good work!

becky hollywood said...

What chaps the palinbots' asses more than anything else is the comparo with real celebrities. By seeing these pics, they discover their fantasies are just that; they realize Sarah's not one of the beautiful people. It's very disappointing for them.

Virginia Voter said...

Patrick, Regina, Kathleen, and guys are amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!

Since we have alot of new readers, please can you do a quick post, that anyone in the DC area can come out and protest Sarah's appearance in Fairfax, VA on Saturday, December 5 at the BJ's Wholesale Club in Fair Lakes Shopping Center. The book signing is from 11-2, but we will be there a few hours earlier!

Other friends of the blog will be there!

Anyone can contact me at!


Chevy Chase, DC said...

Bree, Patrick and Andrew Sullivan, the "Unknown Blogger" haha.

Don't know who said it then, but I certainly read this here or there. Perhaps one of your commentators said it, and it went uncorrected.

In any case, not important.

But it sticks out in my mind, and I am not dreaming it up.

Fact is, Sullivan is and has been a member of the MS for years and years, and I am glad both of you seem to know that, it was the absurdity of the original statement that made it stand out.

Going back and parsing all the comments for it would be time consuming and stupid.

Anyway, y'all are doing a HUGE public service here, and now that MSNBC can link (and apparently CBS, too? or was that just a name drop?) to here, i think the taboo of this subject will largely disappear.

I think the tide has turned insomauch as the MSM coming around to realize this is not a story about Bristol, Trig, or Levi, or any of the Palin kids, per se, but rather it is a story about how a woman was able to lie to everyone in such a brazen and uncouth manner and get away with it unquestioned and seemingly validated.

I think one of the major reasons we are seeing this now isn't the critical mass Bree and Patrick have achieved in their respective blogs, rather I think it was her pack of lies in her book which are now causing even the MSM to get on board with us.

For a long time I felt the truth would not come out until John McCain was in the cold cold ground, as the MSM would not embarass him by exposing what a liar and a kook he picked for a running mate. IMO, They did not want to do to McCain what was done to McGovern over the Tom Eagleton affair.

Now, however, with so many lies being told, and the obvious lack of fact checking in her book, the MSM is revisiting all of Palin's claims. She woke the beast herself.

Anyway, Sullivan is not my favorite person (tho I am sure he is not a bad person), I will never be able to forgive his misplaced support for GWB and the dead end path he took us on in Iraq, so it burned my britches a bit when I read that bit about him being unknown prior to this scandal.

But, back to point, keep pressing your MSM contacts. I have attempted myself to get Howard Kurtz at the WP to bite on this story several times without success, I hope he is eventually shown to be wrong when he dismissed these rumor categorically during the campaign. Kurtz, from my POV, leans right, but he is fair, and it is his job as a meta-journalist (Media Critic) to get stuff like this right the first time around, and like so many others, has failed miserably.

Until now, that is, maybe, and also, too. HENNNGHHHH?

Anonymous said...

Fake bus tour story got covered on Inside Edition and The Ed Show.

We need a photoshop of jet with "Palin 2012" logo on it.

Her campaign motto will be "Money First"

names for the jet

Air Palin One
Air Head One
Jet to Nowhere
No Todd Express

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the disclosures for the Alaska Trust Fund that she was supposed to release?

What ever happened to the the emails she still hasn't released?

Does anyone know what's going on with the emails that were hacked? That guy could have destroyed her and he didn't.

Great job, guys. All the biggies!

Kat said...


Way to go!!!

I have a suggestion for the photo array. For the folks who might think that $carah might be one of the lucky people who don't show much during pregnancy, put up the picture of her in the red shirt when she really is pregnant and as big as a house. She was even bigger there than she was with the fake belly on. Might open a few eyes.

Keep up the great work!

pearlygirl said...

Much better graphics to illustrate this. Excellent work guys.

wv: saute (how appropriate and even French for you)

EyeOnYou said...

What happened to the Alaska Fund Trust?

No response yet from the personnel board despite the fact that the investigator that they hired stated it would be illegal for Palin to take the funds. The website is still up soliciting funds, and no information was ever released about the fund by the trustee (and Sarah's BFF Kristan Cole) despite her statement that the information would be released last August.

What happened to the email requests?

The State of Alaska is still requesting extensiions on releasing that information, a year after many of those requests were made even though statues require a response within 10 days.

What ever happened to the email hacking case?

It is going to trial in January 2010. I am unsure of the exact dates.

Anonymous said...

Seconding the idea of the pic pregnant with Trac. She's short, so the only was for her to grow with the baby is out.

EyeOnYou said...

Well, sorry about the double post. I don't know what happened there, but it won't allow me to delete one of them now. :/

Gail said...

Thanks from a faithful reader! You have done so much research on this blog with careful integrity.

It's important to remember how dangerous Sarah Palin's secretive religious fanaticism is to real freedom, and to the environment.

It's no coincidence and not at all charming that she is a hunter. In Sarah's warped sociopathic worldview, God put all the creatures on this earth to be exploited by humans. No wonder her philosophy is drill baby drill. She believes she as one of the Chosen will survive the Rapture up in Alaska while the rest of us burn baby burn.

Expose her as the fraud she is!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Diva has a post up ... apparently she's received a response on the emails.

Chevy Chase, DC said...

I am also very interested in the Tennessee case...AFAIK, it should be starting very soon, or underway already. I am sure that they are at least well into discovery on it.

It would not surprise me however if the case actually never goes to trial and a last ditch settlement is reached, that is of course assuming the status quo with babygate continues through the trial.

If, on the other hand, the MSM finally gets off its collective ass and actually gets some facts for us to consider in the case of the hacker and the content of the e-mails as they were parsed in the discovery process, the Tennesse trial could go a long way to settling this matter once and for all.

In the end, I think one motivation for Palin to get that book out and get on with this tour so quickly was to make as much money as she could before the facts of the Tennessee trial, and possibly babygate, come to full sunlight, either in concert or independently.

Of course, the other e-mails that she has to release as directed by the approved requests in regards to the ethics complaints, and Parnell's continued refusal to release them, suggests to me that there is quite a bit of documentation regarding Trig in these messages that are still under wraps, and they are trying to squelch their release or scrub them prior to release. And given the sheer volume of material, that could take a lot of time. Maybe that is what Todd has been working on while he's been up on the roof. Maybe he brought a laptop up there with him?

Insofar as a sign for Virginia Voter, if I were going, and I might, I think my sign would say:

"D&C=Abortion" on one side, and one of those nasty fetus pictures on the other.

Essentially, I would stand with the right to lifer's on this one (Tho I am pro-choice), as Palin herself has admitted to having a D&C in her book. I feel this might actually spark some of her anti-abortion minions to wake up to the fact that this woman is not who she says she is, and every word from her mouth, or book, smacks of political expediency rather than the truth.


(the HENNGHHH meme is a Wonkette thang, folks. It's the sound John McCain makes, lol)

Anonymous said...

Eye on You- thank you!!! You are a a veritable fount of info!!

I also suspect that the hacked emails are a big problem for Palin and that the campaign put that situation on HIGH RED ALERT -- babygate, but also the many Troopergate facts which would have been revealed and proven how heavily involved she was. As it was, without the emails that they requested, they still found her guilty of 19 counts of abusing her power.

I think Palin got her book out early to get ahead of the many looming scandals -- FBI< IRS< , the many lawsuits filed against her, etc. But I also believe that she is so narcissistic that she doesn't believe anyone will ever bust her.

She's always gotten away with everything, and even when found guilty, she's pronounced that "We've been cleared".

She's batshit crazy.

Rather ugly that Cheney is behind her now, too. That old coot just won't give up. He's a big one for secrets, too. His house is blacked out on google earth.

Yeah-- because he's a war criminal.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else beside themselves with worry about Todd? He's been on the roof for over a week, and well, it's time someone got him down.

There is proof their marriage is still strong, Sarah is wearing a wedding band in pictures again. Another victory for family values.

EyeOnYou said...


I previously stated it would be going to trial in Jan. 2010, but in looking up the dates for additional information, I discovered that it has been delayed until April 20, 2010

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regarding the emails:
Celtic Diva said her FOIA request is ready to be picked up! Be sure to keep checking her site.
The trial of David Kernell in Tennessee has been moved again, from 10-27-09 to 4-20-10, so be sure to mark your calendars!

Mouse said...

Anonymous 14:19, that's a good point about making sure that Sarah's Track pregnancy photo gets included, and noting that she is short. That point doesn't get brought up very often. How tall is she?

Anonymous said...

Air Farce One.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Chevy Chase, DC, thanks for explaining HENNGHHH:
"(the HENNGHHH meme is a Wonkette thang, folks. It's the sound John McCain makes, lol)"

Anonymous said...

Mouse, A palinbot has stated that she is 62", which would make her 5' 2".

Anonymous said...

They said she was 5'2" to 5'4". Another very famous celebrity is 5'2" - Reese Witherspoon.

I met her when she was 4 months pregnant and you could already tell.

Just FYI. Her pictures would be from 9 years ago and in 2003 when she was last pregnant, I believe.

Anonymous said...

OH, teeny tiny celebrity starlets! Oh noes! say it isn't so!!

Did y'all hear Chelsea Clinton is getting married? Doesn't she know she's supposed to get pregnant first if she's a real American? Shame on her elitist family for not teaching her better.

I suppose she's also finished college.

What a bunch of heathen liberals.

Next think you know, she'll have a job and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job on exposing the liar and fraud that Sarah really is. As for family values, she has none.

Anonymous said...

I third or fourth that suggestion to put up a real pregnant picture of Miss Wasilla.

She is amazing; other women get big sooner with each pregnancy, have a shorter labor, but not HER!

Anonymous said...

Only two dozen people lined up at the Border's store last night for Sarah's book signing in Springfield. The crowds seem to be decreasing.

Ripley said...

It's been said before: Babygate is not what will bring her down out of political meandering. She will come up with some outlandish story about how she saved someone else by faking a pregnancy and people will believe her. That makes her unfit for office, but it will not land her in jail.

Now, HOUSEGATE, that's another story.... two words: John Rowland (CT Governor) Look it up.

Come on, MSM. Let's see you get on this.

Kat said...

Here's the picture when she was pregnant with Track in 1989. From Bree's website.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are telling..........Have you considered that perhaps she tried to "abort" this baby by not gaining much weight and starving the fetal Trig?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The emails, housegate, Trust Fund gate, tax fraud gate, etc - those things will bring her down.

Babygate will finish her off as a celebrity, after the media drags her through relentlessly painful mud week after week until she has a breakdown.

Every single thing she ever wrote down or said or did will be brought out. Interviews with her high school coach about her lack of importance on the team. Psychiatrists pontificating on her mental status. Ex lovers coming forward with vulgar stories.

It will get ugly.

But it won't bring her down politically. She'll do that to herself if the gates don't get her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the fundie abortion has been considered. The Wile Ride is certainly another aspect of the fundie abortion effort.

But it looks like she was never pregnant. We got pictures of pregnant anorexic women at one point to see how far you could starve yourself, but the baby still shows.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 15:50
I have a very anorexic step mom-in-law who had 5 kids after marrying my pop-in-law. With each one, she gained very little weight and exercised like a maniac. None of the babies weighed more than 5 pounds at full term birth.
She still looked pregnant when pregnant by 5.5 to 6 months -- olive on a toothpick pregnant, but unmistakably pregnant, and she's 5 foot 8.
Look at the pics. There is no way SP was ever pregnant with Trig.

Anonymous said...

"If you’re scratching your head wondering why my flight and hotel logistics warrant news coverage, join the club," Palin said. "They can, of course, report on whatever they like, but in my opinion CBS loses whatever professional integrity it still has when it links in its report to a website devoted to the bizarre conspiracy theory that I’m not the real mother of my son Trig."

Well, Sarah, perhaps you are the "real" mother of Trig in that you have physical custody of him. What this blog is saying is that you did not BIRTH him. However, that's not the only thing this blog covers. Take a look over to the right. If all of these "gates" were about somebody else what conclusion would you come to? But, I'm giving too much credit to someone who justifies every lie she tells and illegal thing she does with another lie.

Anonymous said...

Im glad the MSM has picked up the bus story but I still dont think they will touch babygate. The photos are not enough proof for them.

Palin will never admit it and never provide proof, so she is good right now. As long as no one comes forward with real evidence they wont touch what has been provided already.

I know for most of you it is proof but for everyone else it is not.

Someone in the know with actual proof, and not just hearsay needs to come forward for the media to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Oh please... Sarah is loving the attention.

Basically she is saying... Of all the news out there look what is bein reported...My travel arrangements! I am so special and much more important to you all than all the other real news out there! Basically she is rubbing it in that she is getting this coverage.

She is disgusting. She needs to be stopped. Wont anyone come forward!

Mary G. said...

Wonderful work! I too hope we can break the story before year's end!!! The babygate story, of course.

Anonymous said...

Pictures were enough to do in John Edwards. Funny how that works, eh? And it's not like there were pictures of him having sex with this woman. The two of them walking together in a hotel lobby or corridor.

IF Sarah Palin were caught doing that, she'd accuse the media of sexism and stalking - not cop to her crime.

The pictures show she was NOT pregnant.

As for the idea that Trig was born earlier (which must be since he was presented 3 days later at work and no down syndrome underweight premie would be subjected to the elements like that), was she pregnant the year before? No. We've all seen pictures of her before.

It's important to note that Alaskans all doubted this pregnancy long before she was McCain's sinking anchor in the most negative campaign ever in American history.

That's Sarah's legacy. A nasty liar who blew off the secret service asking her to tone her lies down.

Anonymous said...

Exposure of Sarah Palin's pregnancy story is directly connected to exposure of the complicit politicians. Those complicit are fortifying their "I couldn't have possibly suspected" positions. Mainstream media is dependent on the people in power, and will continue to appear oblivious.

Watergate took what seemed like FOREVER and there was no internet! Mainstream media will "break" the story when they get the go ahead.

Protecting McCain is by far the least of their concern.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, here's the dilemma:

Not only did sister sayrah feign a pregnancy ~ and has been advancing the lie for weeks and month, but there is also the insurance and tax fraud component to this whole travesty. Trig is the innocent in this farce, yet sister sayrah continues to drag him around from pillar to post for the opportune photo opp.

Not that all of the egregious frauds she committed in office weren't enough...but this hoax surely grieves even Jesus, who said:

"It were better for him that a millstone were hung around his neck, and that he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones."
~Luke 17:2~

Yesterday, the Mayor of Baltimore was convicted for FAR LESS SERIOUS CRIMES...yet she must rightly suffer the consequence of her actions. So must $arah Paylin.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, please add the photo(s) of Pregnant Sarah. I'm thinking of the one where Sarah is wearing a red shirt and is as big as a house. Caption: This is what Sarah looks like when she really is pregnant.

(She just might be posting on FB that she "carried small" and you need to get ahead of any comment like that.)

Congrats on the recognition and all of the new visitors. I think that your photo display says it all. Great work!

Anonymous said...

You need to add one more panel to the "15 DAY" photos-- a picture showing that her huge 'Gusty' belly SHRANK back in time to be unnoticeable at the TX conference. THAT's the kicker, in my opinion. She can claim that she had 'hard abs' and possibly that the baby didn't roll over and out until 4/13'ish, BUT there is NO WAY you go from the Gusty photo back to a bump you can "hide with scarves."

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Those photos are great!

Just an update, Heidi Klum had her baby recently and the date needs to be added to the photos.
I know you all like to be factual.

Unlike someone we know.

lilly said...

I think the palinbots are lobotamized myself.

Look, she had a abortion, it was whited out, possibly by her, to show Todd.

He seems to be keeping a low profile.

Two dozen idiots waiting for her in Springfield signing. Hmm, that sounds a bit sparse.

I once was in Borders when Nicole Ritchie was signing, and it was filled with screaming over excited teenie boppers.

Like Sarahs hoards.

Nicole looked like a dry stick. Now she is a teeny girl, and even she had a big bump.

In fact Two Peas in A Pod Maternity wear had a giant sized photo of her and her bump. She seems a bit anorexic like Palin.

She might be a good comparison to Palin because she is petite too.

Anonymous said...

Rx for Sister Sarah:

Lie. Cover-up.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly when she started to wear a scarf? That will give you the date that Trig was born or at least the date that they knew he was going to survive.

basheert said...

It is great that after so much legwork and info gathering, the BabyGate story is growing legs. There will be many who don't believe she would fake a pregnancy - and will never be convinced.

The fact is, it took me awhile to gradually see the web that surrounds this pathological lying freakshow that is Sarah Palin. I was very skeptical. When you first start seeing crazy aberrant behaviors in someone, you tend to stand back and think "oh well, she's having a bad day".

Then as more and more stories, lies and confabulations come out, it becomes obvious that Sarah is not playing with a full deck. She is pathologic in that she lies when it is not necessary. She lies about STUPID stuff that never happened.

She is obviously not realizing that 1) there is VIDEO and 2) people are beginning to notice she lies about virtually everything and cannot keep her stories straight.

I now truly believe that she created BabyGate. If we are fair - we must admit that it was completely unnecessary for her to create this absolutely ridiculous story of her "wild ride" from TX, leaking amniotic fluid, bypassing a NICU in Seattle AND Anchorage in order to give birth to a DS child with a cardiac anomaly in a COMMUNITY HOSPITAL that has NO NICU or Pediatric emergency support.

That was it for me. It is so made up it isn't even rational (sort of like all of Sarah's life). This story could not happen.

People are coming forward with the Sarah truths. The book evoked a lot of response and contacts by people who KNOW Sarah and KNOW what she is and what she does with her lies. Many people within her world are deeply disturbed at her vicious, nasty personal attacks in her "book" (that she didn't write) that she chose as PAYBACK for all the people she views as her "enemies" (google paranoia) and those who "damaged" her.

She is soiled and dirty. She lies and makes up things at the drop of a hat.

It is my personal opinion that she is a raving loon and totally overwhelmed with a really bad narcissistic personality disorder. She is also dangerous, to pretty much all living things.

She will be brought down. But not by us, not by bloggers, not by her actions.

She will be taken down by those who thought they were her friends, and she stabbed them in the back with her many lies.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Andrew Sullivan who made the comment that anyone who had ever known a pregnant woman (especially one with a mentally challenged child) would know that NO pregnant woman would do the whole Wild Ride thing. It is too stupid, crazy and insane to even consider.
If it was created to make her look like a hero, it only succeeded to make her look even more insane.

Anonymous said...

This seemed like this was shaping up to be a critical week for getting at this SP mess...MSM starting to pick up on certain threads...linking to these blogs. We have Andrew Sullivan's support. But now, all the media can talk about is Tiger Wood's car accident and alleged infidelity. Every segment of MSM is now chasing the next shiny object. I fear a break in the momentum.

Anonymous said...

Even her basketball story is a farce. Frank Carney has told us that Sarah Palin got the "barracuda" nickname by sucking up to the coach and dissing her teammates in order to get more playing time. She did not score the winning point in the state championship game.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods says he let his family down. Sarah could pattern her response after his. Her 'bots have often compared her to Tiger Woods.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin lies without blinking...and the MSM laps it up like dogs returning to their own vomit.

FACT: Sarah is one Manic Mama ~ and the 'TRUTH about Trig' will come to light. In her tangled mind, she is probably now scheming on just how to break the sordid details of the miraculous birth (shrouded in a lie) to her gullible followers...

3, 2, 1....

Anonymous said...

Reese Witherspoon (5'2") pregnant:

"The "Legally Blonde" star, here playing feisty London society girl Becky Sharp, is five months pregnant -- and "Vanity" director Mira Nair is kindly accommodating that fact, reports Reuters.

"We've had a couple of scenes where my stomach was peeking out a bit, but we've found solutions," says Witherspoon, 27 (and one of PEOPLE's 50 Most Beautiful People).

She says she hid her stomach by wearing voluminous period dresses -- the story is set in the 1820's -- and standing behind strategically placed pieces of furniture."

FIve months pregnant on a petite girl and they have to wear big dresses and hide her behind furniture.

What's the matter, Reese? DIdn't you have any Quitter Scarves?

added bonus:

"Ava and Deacon are rarely seen in tabloids and paparazzi publications, mostly because their mother is always very protective of them. Even more, Reese loves her family's privacy more than anything else so this is why she never takes her kids to places where she knows she will be followed by the paps. Or, to put it differently, she acts precisely the opposite of Britney Spears. " Or, the Britney of politics: Sarah Palin.

Note to conservative whiners:

Reese Witherspoon is conservative, from the south, and church-going.

Why aren't the media attacking her for her beliefs?

basheert said...

I agree that all of us who truly believe that everything about her is a lie are finally finding our voice.

Sarah Palin is a "flash in the Pan". Her horrendous litany of lies will finish her off. People who are known liars do not gain respect.

She has a few rabid idiot followers, who believe she is some sort of "magic" savior (pity them and their sad lives) but for the most part, she is offensive to people, especially when they see day by day the fact that she is totally unable to tell the truth.

Her stories and her confabulations are escalating. Regardless of whether she is or is not completely mentally ill, she needs to be openly discussed. Her life, her behavior, her lies, her "Wild Ride", her FAKE pregnancy, her questionable financial dealings in Alaska. All these are grist for the mill.

She showed the world, in her book, that she was finally out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Her polling numbers continue to be poor, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

I want to clarify that Reese W is also a feminist -- when I said she's "conservative", I should have stated I don't know how she votes, but she's very intelligent, so I doubt she voted for Palin.

Perhaps she stands more for what conservative used to mean...before it became a teagagging bigot fest.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anonymous said...

OH, teeny tiny celebrity starlets! Oh noes! say it isn't so!!

Did y'all hear Chelsea Clinton is getting married? Doesn't she know she's supposed to get pregnant first if she's a real American? Shame on her elitist family for not teaching her better.

I suppose she's also finished college.

What a bunch of heathen liberals.

Next think you know, she'll have a job and stuff.
02 December 2009 15:14
So Funny!
Thanks Regina & Patrick and congrats!
Go citizen bloggers!

Rationalist said...

The website looks great. I agree with the folks asking that the red pregnancy photo be put up top for comparison.


Anonymous said...

O/T Found over at HuffPost, "Going Rouge" headed to the bookstores:

"From Tuesday this week, via a rights deal with the publishers HCI, "Going Rouge" will be available for the first time through bookstores and on Amazon. Our hope is that the efforts we have made to draw attention to the book, which includes coverage in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine and NPR's On the Media, will have laid the groundwork to drive customers into the stores."

Forever Anonymous said...

Somewhere at the end of her tales, Sarah says of her critics and "haters" who ran her out of office:

“Now, these adolescent screechers are obviously not scuba divers. And no one ever told them what happens when you continually jab and pester a barracuda. Without warning, it will spin around and tear your face off.”

yes, she is at the bottom of the tubes, spinning around from blog to blog, it is imperative that we play Marco Polo with her using all the gates.

conscious at last said...

OK Sarah- you want us to leave you alone ?? Here's the deal-

1- Get out of politics-- FOREVER!

2- Stop pimping out your facebook like it was a billboard for rent.
We know you don't write even the slightly coherent stuff.

3- Admit that you faked the pregnancy-- HEY MAYBE YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THAT ! I'm sure it would sell even better than the rogue fantasy that you are hawking today.

4- Now for some suggestions to feed your ego and your coffers--

Reality Show

Alaska Travel Photos Book

Shopping Networks

PBS Travel Show Through "Real America"

...and when I think of more, I'll get back to ya !

EyeOnYou said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The words of a former politician and current ideologue should not hold more weight than a reporter’s article. Perhaps the AP should let Palin write a review of her own book, as that sounds like her idea of an unbiased way of doing so.

Obviously media coverage can be, and is, flawed. But to insinuate that reporting is biased because it’s about your mistakes and not your accomplishments is ludicrous.

The Show Me State Has Sarah Palin's Number

Kernuack said...

Dydh da.

Forever Anonymous said...

EyeOnYou- no, no, not her fans Sarah wrote that about the "haters" who didn't let her do her job as Gov. of the great state of Alaska.

I was trying to point out the viciousness with which she ends her book and how susceptible she is any critic of her.

Anonymous said...

What a weird 'scuba diving' comment by Miss Sarah.
Most people who grew up in Alaska back in the day are not good swimmers and I am quite sure she has
never put on scuba gear. But she does seem to be
saying that she is proud to be a barracuda.

Anonymous said...

HuffPost announcing another speech for bowling expo:

Anonymous said...

Very nice post! Keep those photos up at the top!

EyeOnYou said...

I misread what you stated, and when I realized my mistake I deleted the comment. :/

Anonymous said...

Eye Witness Account of Washington, PA Jet Tour

Anonymous said...

Politico story on Palin's lashing out at Palingates.

Anonymous said...

I might be misremembering, but somewhere on one of the blogs I think someone wrote about the beliefs of the Dominionist branch Scarah belongs to and how lying to anybody who doesn't follow their particular brand of faith is not only allowed, but ENCOURAGED, because if you're not one of them you are a demon.

I'd love to see a new article that touches upon that because I think it speaks to the core of why this woman is such a constant liar. She regards anybody outside her circle as beneath contempt and unworthy of the truth because we're all demons headed for hell.

This is a PROBLEM. I'd love to see this angle further explored.

Great job, everyone! You rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, you failed to mention that the jet that Sarah Palin is using at $4000.00 an hour is being paid for by the publishers of her book. You know the one that is NUMBER ONE EVERYWHERE!!!!!! The myth that Sarah did not deliver Trig is so stupid. You must have missed the First Lady Laura Bush interview when she said she had lunch with Sarah and she was very PREGNANT. Maybe you want to research the facts.

HighJumper said...

About her basketball days: She played in high school in a little bitty town in a little bitty state. I won a silver medal in the national track and field championships when I was 19: and not only do hardly remember it, not only does it not make the top ten accomplishments or character building moments of my life; I doubt I've mentioned it to anyone in 20 years until now. The things people cling to - good Lord.

Anonymous said...

4,000 an hour times 24 hours (the charge isn't just for when it flies) should be the total.

Aw, look, and Palin Cult member here to defend her Queen. Please go donate to Sarah. She needs money so desperately.

And never consider yourself a chump for supporting a millionaire with your food money. It's the christian thing to do and God wants you to do it.

If not, he wouldn't have made Sarah famous and not you, right?

Pay up.

Oh, Former First Lady Laura Bush ALSO said Sarah did not have any foreign policy experience. I wonder if Sarah's strap on belly told her that? Did they have lunch AFTER Sarah started leaking amniotic fluid at 1AM and then gave a speech the next day after contractions started?

Or do you think they had lunch while Sarah waited for her two plane rides home, leaking amniotic fluid and having contractions (oh, boy) and eating with the first lady?

Yes, that makes perfect sense. I can see why you believe that. Fairy dust and moonshine:-)

Please provide a link for this so-called luncheon. I sure would like to see the two of them at lunch together. Just to compare plastic surgery if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

We don't care if she's flying. It's the hypocrisy and fakery. Sarah Palin said, herself, on Facebook, that she was looking forward to going on the road with her BUS TOUR!!!

Sunshine1970 said...

@ Anon 02 December 2009 19:39:

When did this luncheon take place? Are there photographs? Is there an article? Please provide a link. (but I bet you don't have one. I bet you won't be back, either.)

Yes, her publisher is paying for the plane, but if you did not read on CNN yesterday, she lobbied for the bus tour to give the impression she was "one of the people." HC wanted her to travel by plane which makes sense in book tours.

Our very own Evita Peron. Someday there will be a musical about her life. Ah. I cannot wait.

Love it: wv=kookmo

Anonymous said...

anon 19:39 .. Sarah's just like you. She lies. What's so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

"You must have missed the First Lady Laura Bush interview when she said she had lunch with Sarah and she was very PREGNANT"

Laura Bush said Palin was very PAGEANT.

Sunshine1970 said...

Link to article, please.

Anonymous said...

Palinbots: "She's one of us."

She lies.

Therefore, We're liars!.

A new meme is born.

Anonymous said...

anon 18:45

I'm quite sure Sarah has no idea how to swim. Just like she has no idea how to jog. No one in Wasilla or Juneau ever saw her jogging, the running myth was all contrived to back up her "tight abs" story.

She tried doing a little jogging once with the Secret Service in tow and of course was so inept at it, she fell down and scraped up her hand. I'm sorry, but people from Alaska who jog in the ice and snow, don't fall down running in nice weather. It's just absurd and a blatant lie, like everything else in her life

Rationalist said...

Anon at 19:39 - when are folks going to understand that if you are faking a pregnancy, you are going to make yourself look pregnant with padding. It means absolutely nothing that Sarah Palin looked pregnant during the time she said she was.

But if she was truly pregnant, she could never look unpregnant. Look at the pictures on the main page of this blog.

Rationalist said...

Sunshine 1970: here's the article Anon is referring to:

Laura Bush did say Palin looked pregnant. Not that it matters. So did Andrea Gusty.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Ah...Always so good to see the anon trolls stop by and know they had to scroll past the BABYGATE pics :)
Yes,Yes, have a good look people and trot back to the sea of urine...
and yes please show us that link with Laura Bush...?
We are waiting....4,3,2,1...? crickets...

Anonymous said...

She'd fake a bus tour, so what else would she fake?

Anonymous said...

I suppose CBJ advised her to stay on her Red Bull and latte' diet throughout the fake pregnancy as well. She could be seen pounding them down daily. I've heard the Red Bull, latte', crunch wrap diet is now all the rage for mothers with high risk fake pregnancies throughout "real America"

Anonymous said...

In the article, Laura says that SP was pregnant (according to SP, I guess) - but where does it say that Laura claimed she actually looked pregnant? And ...look for yourself... isn't that the photo from Feb 25 at the beginning of this post from the Governor's convention to which Laura is referring?

ella said...

I read the article that linked to Laura Bush on Palin. Laura does NOT say SP looked pregnant!
Here are Laura's words"
"She was pregnant when I was last with her at the National Governors Assn., and since had that baby."

Laura says SP was pregant because Palin TOLD her that! I would love to ask Laura if she noticed a baby bump, but there is no reason to believe that Laura was saying anything other than the lie promoted by sarah herself.

Anonymous said...

Palinbots say, "She's one of us." If "she's one of us," then she has something in common with palinbots.
Now reasonable, reality-based, people have decided that Sarah Palin is a liar, so it is certain that palinbots are liars, because "she's one of us."
If they're reasonable, logical people, palinbots should stop saying that "she's one of us," unless they want to be known to be liars.

Sunshine1970 said...

Rationalist: Thanks for the link :)

I wanted to see if the 'bots would go look for it. I knew they wouldn't--or couldn't figure out how to use 'Teh Google'

But doing a bit more googling myself, I found this pic:


Can see her back in this one:

Haven't seen them before. Taken Feb 24th 2008. I know one can't see much in them, but figured 'what the heck.' If you've seen them before, please ignore.

Of course, then we have this well-known one: Taken Feb 25th, 2008. How Mrs. Bush saw a pregnant Sarah Palin on this trip defies logic.

All from the site.

Mona said...

If Sarah Palin was indeed pregnant, why did she refuse an offer by The Anchorage Daily News to pay for a DNA test to put the "rumor" to rest???


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Laura Bush said:
"She was pregnant when I was last with her at the National Governors Assn., and since had that baby."
Later, at an appearance with Cindy McCain before the Louisiana delegation, Laura Bush again noted that the last time she saw Palin the governor was pregnant with her fifth baby.
She says she was pregnant, not SHE LOOKED pregnant. Laura Bush was saying this after the fact and could indeed to part of the DECEPTION!!! Note this was after talking to Cindy McCain. They had all the reason to promote the DECEPTION of Sarah being the "superwoman"!
Unless there is a actual interview with Laura at that time, this is just proof that not only The McCains were involved but also the highest ranking Gov. Official's wife in the US was also involved!
This REALLY NEEDS to BE EXPOSED now since she is obviously campaigning now!

Anonymous said...

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

ahem, two charter planes......

I wonder if Scarah whigged out and called mommy and daddy for little girl moral support?

or whether she got a flash of spontaneous inspiration (from God of course), hey, lets turn this into a famdamily rally! Todd and the girls weren't interested.

"This book signing looked like a campaign rally," said Heath, who said he flew all day from Anchorage to be in Rochester.

Bill Nojay, an event organizer, said Palin's flight and her parents' flight arrived within 20 minutes of each other, and they both headed right to Borders. Both were charter flights.

Anonymous said...

Well, anyway, Laura Bush has better foreign policy qualifications than Sarah Palin, because Laura Bush lived closer to George Bush that Sarah Palin did to Russia.

ArmchairJane said...

I didn't watch the video at that Laura Bush link, but did see this line from that article:
"Later, at an appearance with Cindy McCain before the Louisiana delegation, Laura Bush again noted that the last time she saw Palin the governor was pregnant with her fifth baby. "Every woman in this room knows that she is really a superwoman -- that she is a mother and a governor."

This does NOT say that Palin *looked* pregnant when Laura Bush saw her. It says that when Bush last saw Palin she was pregnant etc etc. Obviously this supposed pregnancy is one of the most famous in recent American history. It sounds to me that Laura Bush is saying she saw Palin during the time frame she was supposedly pregnant. It is not too surprising that Bush would likely mention that she saw Palin *during that time frame* since being a "working mother" was pretty much Palin's claim to fame.

I would also add that the claim of this blog is that Palin FAKED a pregnancy. That means at times she padded herself to look pregnant. And we have photos of how the pregnancy changes in size and shape, including the famous "spongebob" square pillow stomach that Palin sported in one major interview. You can make somebody who is not pregnant look pregnant, but you cannot make somebody who is in advanced pregnancy look NOT pregnant. Hopefully later today this blog post can be updated with the "red shirt" photo that shows just how huge Palin really gets when she is ACTUALLY pregnant.

I'd also like to remind people who are new to this site that the Newsweek reporter who interviewed Palin and Governor Napolitano ONE DAY before Palin announced her pregnancy had NO IDEA that Palin was pregnant at the time, much less 7 months pregnant. The Newsweek video is yet another piece of footage that people need to see, as the supposedly pregnant Palin leans way forward, with crossed legs and wearing knee high boots with high heels., and stays in this position for the entire interview. A neat trick for someone if they actually had a seven month pregnant belly... To the critics, when is the last time you saw a thin, petite woman who was seven months pregnant but she had to TELL YOU she was pregnant because it was not noticeable when you were standing right by her?

Rationalist said...

ella and crystalwolf aka caligirl - you are right! She said she was pregnant, not that she looked pregnant.

Good catch.

My point was that even if she had said Palin looked pregnant, it wouldn't matter, because she looked pregnant in the Gusty picture too. You can look pregnant when you're not, but you can't look unpregnant when you are - hence the awesome scrapbook currently at the top of the palingates page.

Rationalist said...

Also Armchair Jane. Good summary for folks who might not know the whole story.

And thank you, Patrick, for posting the red shirt picture!

Chevy Chase, MD said...

I bet the Palin lie-bot who was referring to comments made by Laura Bush was referring to this:

Anonymous said...

02 December 2009 20:28 ... Your link contains bogus information. The Equirer has not been sued and has stood by its story that Palin had an affair with Todd's business partner. Did that affair occur around the time of one of Palin's "miscarriages?"

Chevy Chase, DC said...

Indeed, y'all already found it!

So, yeah, the Palin lie-bot has the same issues parsing the English language that many of her supporters suffer from.

Patrick said...

Sarah Palin did NOT look pregnant at the National Governor's Conference on February 24/25, 2008.

Here is the proof - the enlargement of the group picture, taken on February 25:


Patrick said...

I have now added the picture which shows Sarah when she was pregnant with Track to the blog post. Sorry that it took so long. This is the largest version of this picture which is available so far.

Anonymous said...

Bots love to get all bully-ish (only on the internet- cowards) and crow about Palin suing everyone.



NOWHERE. Just like her. She's nowhere. Signing books in a Costco aisle, pretending to be President, to "crowds" of hundreds. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, the poster who linked to that picture linked to one where you can click on it and get a picture of her VERY large. Suffice it to say, the first couple of pictures were so close you could see the hair growing out of her cheek and the wrinkles under her eyes.

A good one for plastic surgery conversations:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick, for redirecting the trolls are sent to deflect the attention and to distract. Sister Sarah has trained them well.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!

Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!

Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!

Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!

Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!

Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!

Anonymous said...

I find this hilarious. Sarah Palin is not a runner? Can we please document this in a substantive way? I realize it's once again having to prove a negative - oh Sarah, you are so freaking high maintenance! This type of thing is what would get people's attention, though. Many Americans are quite familiar with that Runner's World cover. The MSM would also bite.

Rationalist said...

Anon at 20:59 - for plastic surgery conversations:

From the governor's association meeting in 2008:

From the book tour:


Anonymous said...

The Runners World cover and the other photos associated with it, helps prove the point she isn't a real runner. No socks?? She is completely clueless as how to even dress properly to go jogging. Which makes sense since she never really has been jogging.

This is why she fell and scraped her hand with the Secret Service in tow, after 2-3 minutes of jogging she was wiped out and needed an excuse to (ahem) quit. Same with the turkey trot, she ran out of steam quickly and thus had to (ahem) quit.

Anonymous said...

Actually that bit of her denomination of religion being encouraged to lie does explain a lot.

Another thing about her, the madonna image with trig, she likes to promote.

Well she appears to have a new hair style from one of her chopped up wigs. It covers one of her cheeks which had a lump.

Who knows what aftereffect of her plastic surgury. It was much commented on in Bree Palins Blog.

As she stepped out of her blue coach, for once she wasn't pushing her madonna and child image. No Trig. Her mother held him.

How much you want to bet she didn't want him pulling at, or dislodging the faked strange new hairstyle used to cover her strange bump.

Infection, being drained? Who knows.

All you palinbots need to start praying for your idol with feet of clay.

All you prayer warriers who want to bring down a sitting president.

Rationalist said...

Anon at 21:08 -

Good point! Can anyone find a candid picture of Palin running?

Palin has a long history of posing for pictures in running clothes, but actually running? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Right, Jesus went out of his way to demand loving kindness for children. Good to point that out. I keep forgetting we are dealing with a fake Christian. And that point about the lying to all the devil's little helpers - that would provide her with all the rationale she'd ever need. We are all going to hell, didn't you know that?

Anonymous said...

I think I have seen a few posed shots, perhaps some footage, but why was the person above saying "everyone" up in Wasilla knows she's not a real runner?

Anonymous said...

Of course that makes so much more sense about the Turkey Trot! She'd never miss an opportunity to be greeted by a huge crowd chanting her name, would she? That made no sense to me. Now it might! She couldn't do it!!!!!!!!! Real runners could have done that thing while asleep.

Anonymous said...


yes, and I give you Madge's transformation via cheek implants and facelift...tell me if you notice anything similar:

Anonymous said...


You won't find any candid pics of her running because it's just another one of her fabrications to cover up a bigger lie. There are plenty of races she could have entered up here, how great would it have been to have the Governor in a 5k for charity. It never happened.

She would need a Trooper detail to jog "daily" up here as she claims. People would have seen her running with Troopers in tow, except for it never happened. Levi never mentioned she would go for a casual jog before going to her room or taking over the couch. Just add it to her list of lies

Anonymous said...

I had seen that Track pregnancy picture before but it really stands out with the slide show. For me, the "proof" picture continues to be the March 14 one.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I think she has always gone to a workout place, right? That of course doesn't automatically make her a runner, though, does it? I think press or people should ask her if she's getting her running in while on this tour. And keep asking her, after it's over. Keep highlighting it and see if she gets uncomfortable. If she wasn't a real runner before this, maybe she'll have to become one! Goodness but the Karl Rove GOP Bushies taught her well. Just say something enough times, and it will make it "true".

ArmchairJane said...

Patrick, thank you for the picture of Palin in red! It really does help get the point across :-)

And I am sure you remember the video from an interview with an overseas TV station. I believe it was in French? And Daddy Chuck looks at his wall of photos and says something to the effect that the Sarah "Miss Wasilla" photo is one of the few he has left of her. It leads one to wonder why he would not have his Sarah photos now. I am guessing that the red shirt photo explains a lot about that. Probably Daddy Chuck had too many photos that showed things like how Sarah really looks when pregnant. Because wasn't it Chuck who provided the red shirt photo in the first place? They had to make sure he didn't show any more photos like that...

Anonymous said...

Many volunteers helping w Trig during these book events: thank u,I love u,couldn't do this without u!We're seeing the good heart of America!
Palin twitter adressing concerns of bloggers??

Anonymous said...

She ran the Anchorage marathon, I know because my sister did the Chicago marathon this year and her only goal was to beat SP's time from HER marathon. There must be pictures of that-- we have tons of pictures of my sister running hers!

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand the hate from liberal dims. Our country will never be brought together as one. I think BHO has brought racisim and hate groups to a new level. I think it is sad for our country. WE need to be united as one. Sarah Palin to me wants to do that. Why anyone would not want a hard working, Family Loving, Country loving individual is beyond me. God Bless You Sarah

Anonymous said...

She "said" she ran in the Humpy's Marathon in '05 and rattled off a glorious sub 4 hour time. I wonder if she did that without socks too? She likes to say things all the time that have no bearing on the truth

Anonymous said...

Wow. Searching on Google for why palinbots were favorably comparing Sarah Palin to Tiger Woods:
Results 1 - 10 of about 4,580,000 for "sarah palin" "tiger woods". (0.16 seconds)
I don't want to root through the results, but there must have been a reason they were trying to boost her by comparing her to him.

Anonymous said...

Hard working? A woman who had to hire an assistant to run Wasilla.

Family loving? A woman who thrust her pregnant teenage daughter onto the national stage and can't seem to find her toddler's glasses.

Country loving? A woman who incites racial hatred towards our now sitting president.

If anyone brought out racial and general divisions in our country, it's your Sarah Palin. And the only way that Obama has brought about an increase in hate groups it's because he is African American.

You can have your Sarah Palin. I'd rather have my country.

Anonymous said...

02 December 2009 21:32 .. It isn't hate on the part of liberals but fear on the part of conservatives that divides us. Sarah Palin exploits your fear of: muslims, atheists, gays, blacks, terrorists, non-whites, liberals, moderates, and anyone not like you. There are many -- many real Americans -- that aren't one of you, that aren't like you. You're a minority now. Face it. The world changes. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

didnt she blab one place that she can go running because she is not in makeup and noone recognizes her?

hello... people would see her leave the gov's mansion..

then when in CA writing that book she said she could run on the streets as noone recognized her?

why does she always run while "invisible" .. hrmmm

Anonymous said...

Remember, she didn't run in the Turkey Trot (that part of it she actually finished). She walked, pushing a stroller.

Any links at all to coverage of her actually running in that Marathon or any other race?

trishSWFL said...

Where's TODD?

How's that roof repair stuff going?

emrysa said...

if you palin supporters truely believe that the country needs to be united, you wouldn't be supporting the divider palin.

"this is a man who doesn't see america the way we see america"

"he's pallin around with terrorists"

"we love coming here to these small towns, the REAL america"

yeah right. now tell us again how the "dims" are dividing america? you people are dumber than sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Liberal DIMS" -- There's your answer, sweetie.

You insult us right off the bat because you live in a made up world of cultural divide, which benefits the puppet masters running Sarah Palin (Dick Cheney - pallin' around with terrorists).

And you blame US? I guess none of you Palin fans take responsibility for your behavior.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin aged 41

emrysa said...

you know what's coming next, don't you people?

palingates getting mention by more than 1 msm outlet... sullivan linked to bree today...

too much pressure.

the fake birth certificate is coming soon. you watch.

Anonymous said...

This two-star (at present) YouTube video of $P at the Kennewick Turkey Trot attracted some comments from viewers who noted that she had quit the race. So the guy who posted it disabled the comment function:

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

Sarah is the prime example of the reality-show narcissists that achieve fame through notoriety and then thrive on tabloid attention. Think Omarosa from The Apprentice, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, and now the White House party-crashing couple.

All of these characters behave very similarly. They smile confidently while behaving atrociously. They lie readily and without regret, saying things that can easily be proven untrue. They have NO SHAME about acting like this, because it brings them attention, and any attention is good attention to the narcissist. If people are paying attention to them – then, in their minds, they WIN. And Sarah is the Queen of them all.

They are literally shameless. Once you peel back the charismatic veneer, you realize these people have no redeeming qualities. The sad thing is, with our current culture’s obsession with celebrity and tabloid news, these characters will continue to get attention and be rewarded financially.

4Truth said...

It is interesting that Laura Bush said that Sarah was pregnant at the Governor’s Convention on
Feb 25, 2008, because Sarah said she kept her pregnancy a secret and didn’t announce that she was pregnant until the March 7, 2008.

Remember, everyone was shocked when Sarah announced her pregnancy because she didn’t look pregnant! So there is no way that Laura Bush would have know Sarah was pregnant on Feb 25, 2009, because you couldn’t tell by looking and she didn’t announce her pregnancy until the first week of March 2008!

Marcy said...

To Anon @ 17:00 Don't worry about the 'break in momentum' being caused by the headlines about Tiger Woods and the President's Afghanistan speech. Sarah will find some way to get herself into the spotlight. She couldn't even let Michael Jackson die in peace, she had to resign the governorship. She'll work up something for a headline, probably before Friday. cynical grammy

Anonymous said...

I don't know Palin personally, but her actions are very clear. The reason why politicians like her are successful is because they take advantage of a very powerful tool: fear. Conservative working-class Americans are afraid. They are afraid of terrorists, Muslims, immigrants, homosexuals and socialists. Some of them are terrified of a black president. --
A View From The Show Me State, where Sarah Palin appeared today.

4Truth said...

Emrysa @ 22:14 said, “The fake birth certificate is coming soon, you watch.”

You are exactly right, that’s why we shouldn’t settle for documentation that Sarah can have altered! A DNA test should be the only option for her.

Let’s set up a fund to pay for an independent DNA test. I think we should offer her this free-of-charge. All she has to do is open her mouth and have it swabbed! She would not need to lift a finger to “prove” anything.

Come on Sarah we are offering you an opportunity to clear your name and put this so-called rumor to rest!

Anonymous said...

DNA is free. It's in the trash. Discarded Red Bull and Dr. Pepper cans, diapers, etc. We should check to see whether she is paranoid about her trash.

Anonymous said...

The only marathon she showed up in from 2005-today:

Humpy's Classic Marathon
8/21/05 PALIN, SARAH (F41) 3:59:36 63 15 /

Winning time by ANOTHER female:


Race in Anchorage.

comments re the race:

"The marathon is small enough that I have placed in my age group 3 of the 4 times I have run it, and like I said, I am slow."

"This race is comfortable in its skin as Anchorage's 'lesser' marathon"

And handily, there were no markers so those unfamiliar with the course got lost and had to make up their time....

Gee. Sounds like a certain failed beauty queen really wanted to place in the race. Naw, just kiddin'!

Guess she stopped thrashing her guts out in 2005.

Loser Patrol said...

So looks like the MSM is still not picking up your pathetic baby stories...

What Losers.

The best you can do is a story about her travel arrangements.

Its laughable how hard you try and fail

I just loved the "Hey look at me and my babygate imaginations." at the end of all your latest blog postings. Yet still no one looks.

I might have to pee myself from laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't dare open up the can of worms that a fake birth certificate would open. She's undisciplined enough that she ranted about the "rumors", but she won't address them so blatantly as to provide a birth certificate that could be analyzed.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Greta would have not have mentioned babygate unless they have a plan to drop a nuclear bomb about it.

Personally, I think traveling across country after her membranes broke, carrying a premature infant who suffers from a heart defect and who has other medical concerns is far worse than any adoption scenario. Run with her story, it's certainly not the behavior of someone who wanted the baby to be born alive. Neither is starving herself so she wouldn't show.

Anonymous said...

You love how we fail?

Gee, I love how Sarah fails and you, right along with her.

She's glamming it up in costco aisles with visitors in the "hundreds". Oh, she's speaking at a bowling conference!


it's just like being a governor, only no responsibilities.



Anonymous said...

I like the "paliban" name. It fits with her yearnings for a theocracy and goes a long way toward describing them for what they are: terrorists. They have no respect for our constitution and government .. the proof of that is Sarah's Palin's insistence on undermining the President and undermining the constitutionally mandated civilian control of the military when she claims the President should just give the generals whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

No one of any imortance has ever asked her for a BC. No politician, no political opponent, no vetter, no news program, no lawyer, no authority figure.

Only anonymous bloggers and commenters.

Are you kidding? Do you actually think she will provide you with any documentation to prove a story that absolutely NO news source will cover.

Pipe dreams.

Anonymous said...

Vagina, is that you?

Anonymous said...

And yet, you wing nuts got a birth certificate from the President.

Oh, that's right. Because he is an American who believes in a transparent government, whereas Sarah the Moosiah was running a dictatorship with emails sent under personal accounts to avoid FOIA.

Yes, you must be so proud. Run along and donate, now. The Grifter needs some cash and you know you haven't done your part.

Anonymous said...

02 December 2009 22:58 .. Sarah Palin made it a news story, yesterday. It may not be an issue right this moment, but if she ever seeks public office again she'll have difficulties in the court of public opinion, because the underlying issue is one of judgement, trust, integrity and truthfulness. As they're saying: if she'd fake a bus tour, what else would she fake?

Anonymous said...

So they pee themselves laughing.

LOL The name sea of Pee or Urinetown is SO apt.

Anonymous said...

Yes DNA.

One of Trigs diapers, or a lock of hair by the devoted volunteers.

A red bull can thrown into the trash.

It IS there for the taking.

Anonymous said...

02 December 2009 22:58 .. Check out the CBC coverage of the wild-ride; the ADN coverage of the wild-ride; Sarah Palin's own description of the wild-ride, with audio available here on palingates; the statement of McCain's staff to the NY Times. Even if she could prove that she birthed Trig, the wild-ride is a story of someone with poor judgement, especially when you consider that she had been pregnant six times before, the experiences of other women, and the statements of medical professionals.

Sarah Palins Vagina said...

Believe me I would know! I pushed out five live babies! Count them five live babies. It hurt really bad, except for that last one, he was small and we had pain meds.

Let me tell you I've been around, seen a lot of different guys in my day, and I know what it feels like to push a baby out.

I wish I could go on TV and be a witness but for some strange reason its kinda illegal to let me talk on live tv.

Oh well, just gonna have to take my word for it...wink.

Anonymous said...

Emrysa@2214 Sarah will explain that Trig was adopted through her church, but they had a "bomb" (their words)go off and it destroyed all records. It wasn't her fault. Oh, and also too, she didn't have anything to do with the dead nurse. It was Turd's buddies, just tryin' to help out. They don't do roofs, though.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 23:02

No moran, we got one because SENATORS not bloggers were asking for it.

See what I mean by someone of actual importance.

Geez... the god complex here is astounding.

Anonymous said...

moron I know.

Anonymous said...

moron I know.

Anonymous said...

23:12, it's kinda hard to take someone who can't spell moron seriously.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you do know MANY morons. Probably morans, too.

Anonymous said...

Please don't use "moran" directed at us. You do realize the origin of that, right?

It came from a wingnut's sign. That would be a radical right person. Holding up a sign for McCain.

with the word "moron" misspelled.

You are either:

Paid shill or sucker.

Go give Sarah some more money.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I thought it misspelled moron on purpose.

It didn't.


Sarah Palin fans at work.

Anonymous said...

23:16, you're giving that person WAY too much credit!

Anonymous said...

Wow, just look at the desperation.

You are actually suggesting to go dumpster diving for a poopy diaper and some spit on a soda can!!!

Do you not see yourselves???????

Oh god, I just peed myself again.

Anonymous said...

PTL Patrick

I buy the tar you buy the feathers

Anonymous said...

At work today, a lot of people were asking why she wouldn't fake a pregnancy if she faked the bus tour. The motive is the same .. she wants the praise and approval of other people .. she's one of us .. she walks the talk. But listen to Barbara Walters ask her if she really had a "choice." She told James Dobson that Trig gave her an "opportunity to walk the talk," not that it was something from her own values, out of her own heart.

Anonymous said...

You assume Im a wingnut.

Its a reflex to spell morons as morans because thats my screensaver. I tend to do that when talking to people I find retarded. They usually know what it means.

Is it hard for you to believe that a flaming liberal thinks you are one taco short of a combo platter.

Is that the reason for the wingnut asumption.

Im no wingnut, and you people are not sane.

Anonymous said...

A really interesting thing is that Karl Rove gave her some free advice about babygate when she appeared on Greta's show -- he knows it's an issue -- but we say, yesterday, that she couldn't leave the issue alone. There's a reason for that, and I suspect that it has something to do with her small-mindedness.

Anonymous said...

Someone has a mighty weak bladder.

Why not see a gynecologist, or do your Kegals, instead of wasting your time showing your stupidity here.

Peeing all over yourself is a big issue with some women.

Anonymous said...

OT, but an important question: Does Sarah Palin think Mormons are Christians? Mormons would hope so, but some of the evangelical Christians she hopes to impress don't think so. What is her answer?

Anonymous said...

She brings it up every now and again because it makes people feel sorry for her.

She uses you to solidify her victimhood status. She used you as a reason to quit.

The relentless personal attacks were a perfect excuse to get away with quitting, and her fans love her for it.

Thats why she brings it up. She will say she fought back... yada yada whatever.

Anonymous said...

You could really help me out with the peeing on myself issue.

Stop being so darn funny!!!

Maybe just be a little bit funny.

But the laughing stock you have turned into has just got to stop.

Anonymous said...

You know, she says she resigned because of ethics charges. Funny thing is, she signed those ethics laws into place. Does she have any foresight? I mean if the ethics charges were frivolous wouldn't she have worked for a law that would permit frivolous ethics charges to be dismissed? What was she thinking?

Sarah Palins Vagina said...

I forgot to add,

Did you see Todd on that roof! He sent my head a pic on her phone and it showed me... so hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@23:23 A long-time English teacher here.

It's best to proof your screeds before posting.

Lines 1 and 5: "Im" s/b "I'm."
Line 2: "Its" s/b "It's."
Lines 3 and 4: Sentences should end with question marks, not periods.

Please make corrections for passing grade.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's getting awful cheap and tawdry looking. The 'bots think she's hot? They should cruise a different neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

We can always use a bit of levity in these trying times.

One thing, Ladies or gents at the sea of pee. the bladders over at the sea of pee are in need of gynecological or a urologist help.

No wonder they are such wingnuts.

Anonymous said...


English Teacher...

Get with the program, this is not an essay. This is an internet comment box. Kind of like texting, have you heard of that, we do it with phones?

We shorten words and dont use proper punctuation to speed it along.

Again... This is not an essay...or a test. Pull the stick out, you will feel much better, and your walk wont look quite so funny.

Gail said...

New article in The New Yorker:

Anonymous said...

I think Palin will start a new Veronica Lake look with that snappy bit of wig hair over her right infected abscessed cheek.

An infected Salivary Gland? a bit of stray cadaver bone drifting
over, or is she melting? She does look mighty waxy.

becky hollywood said...

anon 23:55 - agreed .. her bff Kyla Cole ought to give her some tips .. her best bet is to team up with Carrie Prejean and do videos.

Rationalist said...

Can we puh-lease stop debating these idiots? IGNORE THEM.

Anonymous said...

Good people who frequent this blog, please tell me it isn't you all who are engaging in the juvenile bickering above. Please tell me it's people sent here to both provoke and also to do the responding.It's fake, all of it. The people who contribute to the threads here don't speak so rudely to one another, nor do they allow themselves to be baited into sophomoric arguments with anonymous adversaries. Nice try, Camp Sarah.

Anonymous said...

You think it is only the repukes laughing at you?


Liberals mostly ignore you and try to pretend your not real, but I realize both parties have nuts.

I choose to look my nuts in the face and call them out on their nuttiness... it brings me some entertainment... but it does have that nasty side effect of peeing myself.

Raise your hand if you are really going to dive in the dumpster and be on the lookout for Trigs soiled diapers?

What will you say when you bring it in to the lab? How will the technician keep a straight face after you tell him wht you've done?

Oh god... not again... I think I just used up a whole weeks worth of underpants... damn

Anonymous said...

Well time to stop having a bit of fun with the wingnuts and go out to dinner.

Anonymous said...

I don't think "we" are debating them. I think they have come here to do it all by themselves, to make us look bad. Now that's an "epic fail". Don't respond to any of this. The real bloggers don't need me to remind them, I know :-).

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm a doc. Bladder control is a big and very serious issue with some women.

See your gynecologist.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 00:12

You wanted the extra traffic.

Did you think all the new people would swallow this hot mess and not realize it tastes like crap.

Crap is crap no matter if you put it in a shiny sterling bowl. Only dogs eat their own crap.

Anonymous said...

Who loses the most when Sarah Palin's bubble bursts? Although McCain and mainstream media might feel a little pain there has to be some powerful people that will lose big time. I sense that a scapegoat is being readied for presentation. But I can't figure out who will take the fall.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Patrick. With the pic of Sarah Palin looking so big with Track and knowing that women get bigger earlier with more pregnancies you've really nailed it here.

The whole picture at 25 weeks, where she's talking to another woman, not pregnant, also nails it.

The Sarah + Empathy Belly = Gusty Pic shows just how she tried to pull it off.

Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon@00:13

I dont think you need help yo make yourselves look bad... you are doin a pretty bang up job all by yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I think if you wanted to have a realistic comparison, you would have used pics of women who did not show so much.

Anonymous said...

03 December 2009 00:18 .. McCain knows and has a lot to lose, because it is a bad reflection on his judgement. That's why he more or less damns her with faint praise, but says "let a hundred flowers bloom," hoping that she'll fail in the Republican primaries, reducing the odds that the story will come out. But I am sure Romney's people know, and the info is available to others. It's going to get real interesting if she runs. All the stories will come out: troopergate, housegate, earmarks, babygate .. all to show that her judgement is flawed and that she can't really operate ethically. Then, too, there is the issue that she really has no interest in governing; if she did, she would rein in the teabaggers, haters and other assorted crazies.

Anonymous said...

Only dogs eat their own crap...

Oh my

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