Sunday, 13 December 2009

Open thread

Here's a photo of a lovely tram in Melbourne. It's been quite a shock coming back from sunny Australia to a very cold France...

Do experiment with the comments section. I would recommend not hitting the reply button if you don't want your comment to be buried in mid thread or miss out on the discussion. Write replies as a complete new comment and see how it goes.

We can't switch off the reply button and the time stamp appears to have mind of its own. But at least we got rid of the spamming!

BONUS: From ADN's Alaska Ear:

SHORT TIMER? . . . It's gone viral in watering spots around town. Still more a question than certifiable fact: Is Magnum Staplegun out with Sarah? There's no sign of her on the book tour and friends say she may have to stake out a spot under that high-centered bus where Sarah tosses people who have served their purpose.

(H/T to Say NO to Palin in Politics)

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