Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sarah Palin goes fishing...

I'm still reading "Going Rogue" and found a couple of interesting passages in the section preceding the wite-out little gem:

When Track was just a couple of months old, the commercial fishing season began. Todd was a low man on the BP totem pole, so he couldn't take much time off to work our leased site on the shores of Bristol Bay. We depended on the season's catch as part of our annual income, so Dad and I, along with our fishing partner, Nick Timurphy, a full-blooded Eskimo, fished it without our captain,


I headed to the bay to work the site when Track was just ten weeks old. Mom came along to babysit. It broke my heart to leave him for whole days at a time while I was out on the water plucking salmon from the nets, but I did what I had to do.

In the next section, the one I transcribed earlier, she said:

... we loved our little life together, though with the Slope and fishing schedule we still didn't see each other very much. I wanted another baby right away, so I was excited when I learned I was pregnant again.


I loved the fact we had planned so well and that events were falling neatly into place in our well-ordered lives. Our babies would be a year apart, right on schedule.
It doesn't sound very well-ordered to me, based on the previous passage...

But hey, this is Sarah Palin's book, it doesn't have to make sense!

Changing the subject, I've noticed that she's very quiet. No tweets, no Facebook notes. Let's wait for the book signing in Wasilla to see if she's OK.

(The photo above is from a much later fishing expedition, right after she announced she was quitting as governor of Alaska. Click to enlarge)

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