Friday, 4 December 2009

Sarah Palin: USA should rededicate itself to God

The woman who has faked a pregnancy while she was in office as Governor of Alaska has some good advice for her fellow citizens in an interview conducted with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

AP reports:

RALEIGH, N.C. – Sarah Palin says the United States should rededicate itself to seeking God's will, arguing that a humble spirit could help leaders get more answers on issues such as health care, energy and national security.

In a video released Friday by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president said it's important for leaders to acknowledge they don't have all the answers.

"No one person has all the right answers," Palin said. "It takes a united nation, and it does take godly counsel, and it takes prayer and answers to prayer — and a collective humble heart of a nation seeking God's hand of protection and his blessings of prosperity. I think if we can get back to that, our country will be a safer, more prosperous and healthier nation."

The former Alaska governor referred to an Abraham Lincoln proclamation that declared a day of national humiliation, fasting, and prayer. She said the United States has been "touched by God" because the nation's early leaders dedicated the country to God.

"If we could get back to that — that humbleness, with that kind of contrite spirit — I think that we would be able to be provided more of the answers to so many of the great challenges that we're facing," Palin said. "And these are huge challenges, whether we're talking about health care, whether we're talking about energy independence, whether we're talking about national security measures."

You can find four more clips of Sarah Palin being interviewed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on THIS PAGE.

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Anonymous said...

"contrite spirit"?! Please, Sarah. Counsel yourself, first.

Anonymous said...

Um, Sarah ?
I will dedicate myself to God if you promise to dedicate yourself to the truth.
Seek help Sarah, there are Doctors and medications that can help you with your journey back to reality.
We know you read these blogs, and yes right now I am in my P J's, we are going to out you.
Be afraid because even God can't help you right now.

NYC girl

CR46 said...

Religion has no part in my life and never will. Church and state need to be seperated, even our founding fathers knew this. And a special shoutout to Thomas Jefferson who brought "french fries" to the US after a trip to France ( one of my two guilty pleasures)

Patrick said...

Everybody please note that I will put up two more posts in short succession during the next hour.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you answer two questions, Patrick?

Prove the CBJ letter is a forgery-provide expert testimony.

Prove your photos show a woman who is not pregnant-provide a doctor's testimony.

Anonymous said...

We should return to God so that we can be "provided" the answers to problems like health care? I want answers to come from lawfully elected lawmakers. Not from the voices in Sarah's head.

Anonymous said...

Um, a day of national humiliation or a day of national humility?

Either one will do for Sarah Palin, but personally, I'd rather forgo the former.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin will never hold elective office again. But she could earn millions as a televangelist. She and Joel Osteen could each learn something from the other. The book / jet tour is just the beginning. She intends to fleece lots of innocent, ignorant people of millions of dollars. I really have to admire a good con artist at work.

Anonymous said...

Is Todd on the scene now because of Palin's bouts of depression?

Anonymous said...

I want to see her pair up with Orly!
Palin/Orly 2012!
Orly could teach her how to obtain multiple, made to order Kenyan/Australian birth certificates on eBay.

Think of the hairdo and makeup tips those two could exchange.
The only drawback would be if Orly wanted to babysit Trig, and the Governor of Real America allowed her to. That would be too much.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, if I returned to "fictional imaginary invisible being", I'm not going to ask it about policy. I think I would put in a request to cure all diseases.

Anonymous said...

Bouts of depression?
Did I miss something?
She's been signing books and sowing division nonstop since Thanksgiving Quiznos.
When did she get depressed?

Anonymous said...

And why is she still calling herself Governor?

Anonymous said...

ltl - Last year, she went through periods of depression, hardly eating, staying in her room, etc.

Does she look good to you right now? Is the lump on her head related to a condition? She looks like she's suffering. If you are a manic-depressive, your "mania" is always followed by a depressive dive.

Is she showing up for the fully scheduled times everywhere? No. At least in one place, she cut it short. How will she do in the snow tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

anon @ 00:06
Same reason the Fisher King called himself King.

ArmchairJane said...

Of all the hugely egotistical things that $P has said or done, this takes the cake. She's basically comparing herself to Lincoln as she makes this "call", while reminding us of Lincoln's words spoken in an entirely different situation. And yet she is the least humble and contrite politician on the national stage.

And this: "the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president said it's important for leaders to acknowledge they don't have all the answers." Palin is the very LAST person to acknowledge she doesn't have all the answers, even though she seems to have no answers at all that are not to be found on refrigerator magnets. Just saying "commonsense" a lot won't cut it.

A woman who has never acknowledged a personal failing or inadequacy, who thinks her biggest failing is getting a D in Macroeconomics, wants to lecture national leaders.

And, Palin lectures everyone else via Facebook on topics that INCLUDE Macroeconomics, and doesn't seem to realize that she still gets a D in that subject...

Palin gets an F in history. She needs to go back and read the actual writings of the Founding Fathers. And not just the cherry picked little bits that the fundamentalists use to try to claim that the Founders really did want this to be a specifically Christian country. They did NOT want this. Deism is not Christianity. Separation of church and state, it really IS one of the founding principles of this nation. Palin reminds us why, as she wants to not only have this nation be governed as a Christian nation, but as a very specific kind of Christian nation, the specifics of which are considered by many to be a heresy. The Rapture is a new and heretical doctrine popularized in the last 200 years by people who don't know their history and are seriously lacking in Biblical scholarship. However, this still does not matter, because government and church in this country are to remain two separate spheres. EPIC FAIL again on Palin's part.

However, she's desperate as she's looking worse to the public every day. Now we'll see just how low she will go to try to keep the spotlight. It should be interesting.

(wv = liedness, as in Your Liedness, new Title for the Queen of Liars, Sarah Palin)

ML said...


NakedTruth said...

Sarah Palin is CRAZY! She really needs help. How can you speak of GOD one minute and tell lies the next? This lady is the HYPOCRITE of my lifetime. She needs to remember that GOD does not like UGLY!

wolf's paw said...

To begin, this nation was never dedicated to God, so a re-dedication would be unusual, to say the least. Even if it weren't an unreasonable thing to do, whose God would Sarah Palin want to dedicate the country to?

Yes, we could be more united. So why does Sarah Palin try to diminish the President? Why does Sarah Palin exploit her supporters' fear of others -- blacks, immigrants, muslims, moderates, liberals, etc. -- to divide the country?

Anonymous said...

And speaking of "united," why is Sarah's husband part of a party whose goal is Alaska secession?

Anonymous said...

Can we please start a campaign to have this slug STOP referring to herself as GOVERNOR??? It's really pathetic!

Reesie said...

Sarah Palin is a shell of herself. She doesn't look like the same person in Aug. 2008. She looks scary. She is becoming the picture of Dorian Gray.

CC said...

Isn't it interesting how BlueTx, parading himself as an anon and cheering the current resident troll, says he knows the truth about SPalin but doesn't care if it ever comes out and is even happy she will get one over on Patrick and the others isn't the least bit worried how absolutely horrifying it will be for everyone else in this country, including him?

Yeah, Palinbots are TRUE patriots .. uh huh, hatriots maybe, but patriots? Not.

And by the way ... I was so looking forward to Jesse's own admission of weeks ago to promise to leave this board alone. Can't count on ruses or trolls....ever. Sigh

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of one the pronouncements she made in that video wherein she addressed a group of newly minted Evangelicals in her church. This is a paraphrase, excepted for the portion in quotation marks:

As powerful as I am, all that I am able to do as Governor "means nothing until Alaska get's its heart right with God."

Got that? Palin's magical powers extend to an actual survey of the depth and breadth of each Alaskan's 'heart' and she has come to the conclusion that Alaska is still not 'right with God.'I wonder what that means to all Alaskans, Christian or otherwise, who simply do not believe exactly as she does?

I also wonder what God 'thinks' of her setting herself up on the same podium level as the Creator? I wonder what Christ would think of such a statement, judging the soul of Alaska with such a broad and negative brush?

I think Palin not only has to brush up on world and national affairs, she needs to reread the New Testament.

The Noive, the utter noive of that woman. I'm Christian, and this statement irks me above all others that she had made.

Including allowing Dr. Muthee to bless her right after his statement that the Church should 'take over' the government, the media and the schools. . .and that Sarah was just the one to do it.

Over my dead body, Sarai. . .

Dianne said...

Thomas Jefferson said (1807) "among the inestimable of our blessings, also, is that ...of liberty to worship our Creator in the way we think most agreeable to His will; ..."

You know what, Sarah? How I choose to worship or even if I choose to worship is none of your business. You sound like those crazy preachers my grandmother used to drag me to hear when I was a kid. I had a brother-in-law who belonged to some crazy church in Alaska (unknown which one) but it certainly sounds like it could be hers. When he and his family would visit at Christmas, the children weren't allowed to see pictures of Santa. Their mother would take ornaments of Santa off of the tree, etc. Wacked out. Just like the grifter quitter queen.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing Abe Lincoln thought a national day of "humiliation" would be a good idea.
Did she actually say he said that?

I say let her call herself "governor." We'll just have to figure out what she's governor of.
She certainly lives in her own universe. I guess she's Governor of Sarahland. She is superb at quitting. She can be Governor of Quitting. She's even better at dissembling. She can be the Governor of Lies.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's inner ugliness in now showing all over her face. She is a liar and will never go to that $carah? People like you go to someplace much hotter. You seriously need help. The rumors in the valley about you being treated for bi-polar appear to be true. Get some help for crying' out loud before you ruin this country.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Senate asked for the national day of humiliation-- I can only imagine it's some variation of the word humility and applies to humbling oneself.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that link should end with


wolf's paw said...

ADN: Palin's Attitude on Separation of Church & State. This has the "unless hearts of Alaskans are right with God" quote. Note the use of state funds. Note, too, that she presumes to know what the will of God is.

You can see the video of the address to the Wasilla Assembly of God right here at palingates. Check-out the religiongate topic.

Also, there is a McClatchy news article that is very similar to the ADN article, linked above.

Anonymous said...

Hey, CC, I didn't make an absolute promise.

To ArmchairJane:

Tell me where "separation of church and state" is found in the U.S. Constitution. Just tell me and make me shut up.

Also, tell me how many of the signers of the U.S. Constitution were Deists? How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Deists?

Anonymous said...

America should rededicate itself to God? Careful what you wish for girl, there are alot of Gods you might not like.

Palin should rededicate herself to JESUS.

I am totally floored by a fundamentalist who never mentions Jesus. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Remember when one of our resident "trolls" said Levi would be "finished on 11/17? Good times.

This is a fantastic post. Of course Americans support the separation of church and state.

Sarah Palin has a God complex. It is another sign of her mental illness.

KaJo said...

If you haven't seen it already, Andrew Sullivan comes out with a new set of questions for Sarah -- the same ones he was asking in August 2008 -- but it certainly seems like a good time to revisit them.

Could it be that Palin's flailing around on her Facebook page with her "policy statements", and her recent serial interviews with conservative and religious talk show hosts is akin to the golem in "Total Recall" shorting out and going bonkers?

Yeah, she might be in a "phase" all right, but not either a manic or depressive one. Maybe she has toxemia from that oozing sore on her face.

Anonymous said...

Not only was Levi "not finished" on 11/17, there was no mention of him in the book AT ALL. That's how ridiculous the "trolls" are here.

Back on Topic, many Christians are openly worried now about the "crazy face" she's putting on Christianity.

CC said...

Jesse said:

"Hey, CC, I didn't make an absolute promise."


Anonymous said...

Sarah's just worried that the lump will have to one day stand in front of one of "Obama's death panels" (notice how she never calls him President Obama, while she insists on being referred to as Governor?) and justify its existence.

wolf's paw said...

Sarah's "christianity" is quite far from mainstream christianity.

Consider that she is a "prayer warrior" and encourages them. Prayer warriors will pray that harm comes to their enemies. Witness their Psalm 109 prayer for Obama.

Consider her blessing by Rev. Muthee. Consider Rev. Muthee's beliefs and objectives. You can see the video where Rev. Muthee blessed her right here at palingates. Check-out the religiongate topic.

I could go on, but check-out religiongate. Check-out Leah Burton's blog.

Anonymous said...

O/T - Sarah, if you're reading this, THE LUMP NEEDS TREATMENT ASAP. You're about to sit in a room of media heavyweights who will not look favorably upon the state of your health with a lump like that so visible in public.


Patrick said...

New post up!

Sarah is a "Great American" know, I am sure you will be thrilled to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard much from tough guy Levi, have you? Where is the salacious info he was going let the world know about? He was finished as soon as the Governor had her piece. His reason for a media blitz was to get what little scraps of attention he could before he was reduced into utter irrelevancy.

The man is a paper tiger. He may be propped up by the lamestream media, but even they seem tired of him by now. Now one believes an openly treacherous, dishonorable man.

Anonymous said...


The lump is a blessing from God!

Anonymous said...

Levi has a book coming out and his own reality show! As usual, our "troll" is so ignorant and out of date.

Why doesn't Harper Collins care about the health of those who purchase their books? The lump is very worrisome from a medical perspective. It's huge.

Archivist said...

Jesse said: Now one believes an openly treacherous, dishonorable man.

I assume you meant 'no-one'?

Whatever ....... how can you possible describe Levi as 'openly treacherous and dishonorable??? He may be a bit naive, but hardly treacherous or dishonorable...

That is way over the top, especially coming from a Palinbot!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

She aint talking about Allah, is she?

Archivist said...

About ....Sarah's lump

Anonymous said...

Ignore Jesse. He just wants to get into Sarah's pants.

Anonymous said...

@ Archivist

From the link:
"Doctors have closely examined Gov. Palin's head, and found nothing there."
Quote of the day; thank you for that!

And, as an aside, I'm glad it's not cancer. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even the Governor of Lies.

Anonymous said...

The questions kept comming: "Where is Todd?" Now Todd is back.

The questions kept coming: "Why isn't that baby wearing socks?" Now the baby wears socks (thank goodness).

It's time to start asking, repeatedly, why hasn't the State of Alaska released the e-mails requested more than a year ago under Freedom of Information?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie --

Does the name Benjamin Franklin ring a bell? One of the most famous Deists in American history? I believe there's a signature with that name on the Declaration of Independence. It's even possible he had something to do with the framing of the U.S. Constitution, but that would be killing two birds with one stone.

And then there are some other obscure names like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and even George Washington -- raised as Christians but associated with Deism by many historians. Look it up. It's not hard to find.

Verbose said...

Jesse, here are the (known) Deists amongst the Founding Fathers:

*Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence. Look up the "Jefferson Bible" and you'll get an idea of his ideas about God).

*Benjamin Franklin (

*James Madison (author of the Constitution. Neglected to include separation of church in state in the ORIGINAL because that would have been redundant; the states already guaranteed it (BTW, its in the amendments))

*Gouverneur Morris (signed Constitution)

*Thomas Paine (worshipped by Glenn Beck, though he didn't sign either document. Look up his book "The Age of Reason". Also believed in a "guaranteed minimum income.")

*George Washington (If you don't know who this guy is, seek help.)

I found this in about two minutes.

Anonymous said...

James Madison and George Washington were not Deists. They were Christians, members of their respective churches.

In addition, Jefferson himself considered himself a Christian in a sense. Why do you think he wrote the Jefferson Bible?

ManxManma said...

The 'lump' on her face is bigger than her pregnancy bump!

Anonymous said...

The lump on her face is more popular than she is.

Anonymous said...

Jesse not knowing SHIT about Alaska OR SP obviously didn't watch the Shannyn Moore show with Tank Jones on it this Saturday. Levi IS coming out with a book, to which Tank states Sarah will "no longer be walking on water." Remember when our friend was saying how SP was going to put him in his place and finish him off with her book. We were told it would all be clear 11/17 and Levi would be finished. SP would have %90 approval rating among all Americans. We would all adore Sarah and bow to her wishes the very day her book went into our hands. You're an idiot Jesse. You have no credibility. You just repeat yourself over and over, when you've already proven yourself to be fraud.

Nothing you said has even CLOSE to come true. And NO, you do NOT allow comments on your blog that aren't of her Lie'ness toe sucking variety. Quit makin' stuff up son

Verbose said...

In the Jefferson Bible, he cut out all miracles, including the RESURRECTION. I thought that was important...

Also, scroll down to below the first picture HERE:

ArmchairJane said...

I wonder if Sarah is going to be "humbly and modestly" tweeting about what a great Christian she is, and how she apparently feels SHE is a special annointed one, and how great it would all be if SHE were in charge. That would seem to be the next phase, as apparently we're just not getting it how wonderful and special she is. Remember how GW Bush thought he was specially chosen by God, and we know how that turned out...

She's going completely off the rails. Every time there's a Van Flein threat letter she's seemed to be decompensating. With Van Flein's previous letters he threatened bloggers, but never a lawsuit even when bloggers did not comply with the demands. Now Palin's got Van Flein lecturing the entire nation. Just shows how grandiose she is getting.

TV Evangelism is perfect for her. Ever since she QUIT as Guv that's where I thought she might end up. She can be the next Tammy Faye. And it will probably turn out as well for her...

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is the 21st century Elmer Gantry

Anonymous said...

Yes you see this fits the construct of "Obama doesn't talk to God and if he did, God would tell him that Free Market Jesus is not pleased with the direction he's taking the country" we have to go back to the (enter "founders" meme) way things were at the 'beginning' you see. Sarah honey, do you REALLY want to go back to your own delusional reality of the 'beginning' where the founders were deists and part of the enlightenment? Fine by me! But know this Sarah, at the 'beginning' of this country? YOU and your OTHER WOMEN were considered PROPERTY and would NOT have been able to run for elected office. Nor would you have been allowed to vote. She sure is milking the God connection. Also too, you betcha that the magic baby velcroed to your hip like that is going to be the most popular image on the web once you are exposed as adopting another person's down's baby...what will be your "excuse"??? Was it guilt for going ahead with that abortion? Or opportunity to 'seal the deal'...or both. What was it exactly Sarah?

Anonymous said...

No watches or listens to Shannyn Moore, much less care, and if they do, it's only to hear her less-than-pithy insights into Sarah Palin.

I'll believe Levi's book when I see it. No one will read it anyway, and it will be forgotten quicker than when it arrived on the scene.

Anonymous said...

SP would not know 'contrite' if it hit her in the face.

She's a joke and I'm so happy that this media/bus/plane tour is exposing her for what she really is.

It's so obvious now and on display for all to see.

The only people who don't realize it are SP herself and SP fans.


Anonymous said...

Don't feed the troll, you should never argue with the mentally challenged, he's probably on meds and knows not what he says. Just let him sit in his corner of pee and stare blindly at Sister Sarah's picture, usually that keeps him happy.

midnightcajun said...

Didn't she dedicate Alaska to God after she became governor? I always wondered why she wasn't hit with a major law suit over that.

Of course, the implication of what she's saying is that God is no longer blessing America because it's no longer a theocracy (not that it ever was except in the Dominionists' parallel universe). So if we wanna be blessed again, we need to be a theocracy with Queen Ester as head of state. Because having a president who thought god talked to him worked out so well during the Bush years

What the hell difference does it make whether the Founding Fathers believed in God or not? They also believed in slavery, the genocide of the Native Americans, and the disenfranchisement of women. Fortunately, we've evolved a bit in the last two hundred years--all of us, that is, except for the rightwing lunatic fringe who don't believe in evolution.

Anonymous said...

Jessie can't handle that his vision of Sarah is becoming damaged. Part of him knows that she is through and a total fraud, and that is the part that keeps bringing him back to this blog. If he had total faith in her, he would hold onto that faith and coming here wouldn't even enter his mind. Everyone should feel sorry for him. The guy is lost. Maybe he is paid, but I don't think so. His persistence and the words he uses show that he lives a pretty lonely unbalanced life.
Imagine yourselves going on a pro Palin blog or other blog every day and badgering the people there about what they say. You would have to be pretty disturbed to do that. Sorry. I just don't waste my time with those blogs because it is so negative. Jessie can't help himself and I wonder why? He is one sick puppy.

Jessie do you have a wife or girlfriend and do they know how you spend your time? Or is Sarah your love?

You can sure learn a lot about Jessie by reading his blog. Its pretty sad his little world is falling apart. He seriously believes Sarah is going to be president, just like he believed Sarah would bash Levi in her book. He said she was going to tell "her side" of the story. Guess he doesn't have the inside edge he thinks he does. He thinks he is special to Sarah for some reason but he isn't.

Jessie I will pray for you that you go and doing something more worthwhile with your life. Idolizing Sarah and being obsessed with Palingates is pretty pathologic.

Anonymous said...

The "Christian Nation" Myth:

The primary leaders of the so-called founding fathers of our nation were not Bible-believing Christians; they were deists. Deism was a philosophical belief that was widely accepted by the colonial intelligentsia at the time of the American Revolution. Its major tenets included belief in human reason as a reliable means of solving social and political problems and belief in a supreme deity who created the universe to operate solely by natural laws. The supreme God of the Deists removed himself entirely from the universe after creating it. They believed that he assumed no control over it, exerted no influence on natural phenomena, and gave no supernatural revelation to man. A necessary consequence of these beliefs was a rejection of many doctrines central to the Christian religion. Deists did not believe in the virgin birth, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus, the efficacy of prayer, the miracles of the Bible, or even the divine inspiration of the Bible.

These beliefs were forcefully articulated by Thomas Paine in Age of Reason, a book that so outraged his contemporaries that he died rejected and despised by the nation that had once revered him as "the father of the American Revolution." To this day, many mistakenly consider him an atheist, even though he was an out spoken defender of the Deistic view of God. Other important founding fathers who espoused Deism were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Allen, James Madison, and James Monroe.

Fundamentalist Christians are currently working overtime to convince the American public that the founding fathers intended to establish this country on "biblical principles," but history simply does not support their view. The men mentioned above and others who were instrumental in the founding of our nation were in no sense Bible-believing Christians. Thomas Jefferson, in fact, was fiercely anti-cleric.
Jefferson was just as suspicious of the traditional belief that the Bible is "the inspired word of God." He rewrote the story of Jesus as told in the New Testament and compiled his own gospel version known as The Jefferson Bible, which eliminated all miracles attributed to Jesus and ended with his burial. The Jeffersonian gospel account contained no resurrection. . . . Writing to Adams again, Jefferson said, "And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter" (April 11, 1823). These were hardly the words of a devout Bible-believer.

Drew said...


GOD told me to tell you to


Stop making a fool of yourself, your family and God himself!

He's kinda busy right now and he's getting sick and tired of listening to your bullshit!

He told me to get the message to you because with all the voices screaming thru your head lately, he can't get thru to you, and Jesus knows meg ain't paying no attention!

Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger!!

P.S. Don't forget to post Trig's birth certificate!

and DNA of you, Todd and Trig would be real nice!

P.P.S. Have you seen TODD Lately?!