Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mercede Johnston "hates all lawyers" and is "sick of these bullshit lies"

Mercede Johnston, the sister of Levi, has a habit of leaving spontaneous messages on myspace which prove to be very revealing. For example, in January 2009, she left a message on the page of Melissa Wilfong, complaining that Sarah Palin considers Mercede to be "white trash", which afterwards received a lot of public attention.

Then we have of course the famous "Triggybear" pictures with a suspiciously tiny Trig. The pictures popped up on Mercede's myspace and after they were discovered, Mercede switched her myspace-page to "private" immediately. Much later an even more mysterious addition to the Triggybear-series appeared on the Tyra Banks show - instead of Mercede cuddling Trig, it was Levi who was cuddling him on the same day as all the other pictures were taken. The Triggybear-pictures have never been mentioned or explained by the Johnstons in public, although they must be aware of the controversy surrounding them.

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In the comments, the question was raised at which location the "Triggybear" pictures were taken and some of our readers wondered whether they might have been taken in a hospital. However, that is not the case. It was already established several months ago that the pictures were taken in Sarah Palin's kitchen in Wasilla. Here are two pictures of Sarah Palin's kitchen in Wasilla - you will see that the interior looks very familiar. Note the chairs in the second picture:

Here is Sarah with Mercede:

Mercede with Bristol:


Mercede strikes again - until seven hours ago, for about six days, she had posted the following sentence above her "status" line on myspace:

"I hate all lawyers, I am so sick of these bullshit lies."

In addition, she described her mood as "aggravated".

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

So what does this mean? Everybody knows that the lawyer of her mother Sherry and her brother Levi is Rex Butler, so was it him who lied? Or did she refer to other lawyers? Did she say this in regard to the sentencing of her mother, or in regard to Levi's upcoming custody battle? We can only take educated guesses. In any case, it seems certain that some things are not going as smoothly as Mercede had hoped.

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