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Sarah Palin calls John Kerry in "Going Rogue" an "elitist loon" and lies on "Barbara Walters" - UPDATE: Right-wing blog: Trig story is about to break

Sarah Palin apparently is constantly concerned about how she is perceived in public. I guess that it won't be a happy Sunday for her today, because members of the former McCain campaign are furious - HuffPost headline:

The Huffington Post has obtained internal McCain campaign emails - addressed to and by the former vice presidential candidate - that directly contradict and cast serious doubt on several of Palin's assertions - READ HERE.

Furthermore, in a telephone conversation with CNN, former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt said that Palin's portrayal of him in her book is "total fiction."

I have some new very enlightening "palinbites" for you today.

Apparently, Sarah Pain likes the military a lot, we all know that.

Also, it's not hard to imagine that Sarah Palin dislikes John Kerry.

So Sarah Palin thought to herself: Why not combine these two in my new beautiful book? Here is the result:

On page 180 of "Going Rogue", Sarah Palin writes about Track's military graduation in Fort Benning which happened in January 2008. Apparently she was there in Fort Benning with Todd and Piper.

So Sarah on page 180 contemplates about how great it is that these soldiers are now going to "fight for freedom", cites Pearl S. Buck ("None who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free"), and with this introduction she slowly starts to take aim on page 181:

The boots on the ground at boot camp graduations on every base paint the picture of what is right in America. Left, right, one step at a time, it is straight ahead for those two (Track and his friend Johnnie, P.), it can only be assumed, have a special quality that gives them a sense of honor and selfless duty. What else explains their choice, amidst so many other possibilities, to serve in the U.S. military?

I recalled Senator John Kerry's comment to California college students in 2006: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

What a loon, I thought. What an elitist loon.

Now I was in a position to know firsthand what I had always implicitly hoped: the kids enlisting are smart and observant and have made the most of the opportunities America has given to them. So they choose to put other desires and ambitions aside for a while to protect our opportunities. I knew it because my son and his buddies were part of a culture that enjoys comfortable luxuries and choices, boys who knew that once they graduated high school the world was their oyster. And here they chose to make sacrifices and give up luxury and comfort. They have within them a willingness and drive to fight for freedom, the absence of which they do not even know, and that fascinates me. I thanked God for this second greatest generation, marching in front of us, because if not them, who?

Wow! Here we have young soldiers, graduating - and "embedded" in this display of greatness of what is good and right, we have John Kerry, the "elitist loon" - who himself has won a silver star, a bronze star and three purple hearts in Vietnam (see the exellent overview about the manufactered "swift-boated" controversy surrounding John's Kerry's awards on factcheck HERE).

Classic Palin, indeed.


Let's present another Palin lie - can anyone keep count of her lies?

Barbara Walters asked Sarah Palin in her interview whether she knew that Bristol was sexually active before Bristol got pregnant.

Sarah answered: "Noooo - and that is why it was shocking!"


This is a bold-faced lie, and we can prove it.

Earlier this year and after months of intense research, the Palindeception-research team (of which I was a member) published a collection of Bristol's old myspace comments. They can be downloaded HERE. These comments of Bristol span a time period from January 2007 to June 2007.

Bristol Palin exchanged romantic messages in the first half of 2007 with Johnny Chandler over myspace. On May 14, 2007 Bristol wrote to Johnny Chandler:

"haha, my mom was asking me who i was on the phone with last night, and she said she heard everything i was she thinks im pregnant. ahaha, call me later if you'd like.. (heart symbol)"

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Therefore it is proven that Sarah Palin already knew in spring 2007 that Bristol was sexually active.

Has Sarah Palin ever cared about facts? Will she ever care about the truth? Will she ever stop lying?

There is even a follow-up to this story:

Apparently as a direct consequence of this conversation with Johnny Chandler, Bristol had her phone taken away by Sarah Palin, because Bristol wrote two days later, on May 16, 2007, to Johnny Chandler:

"its fine, I got my phone taken away anyways. but i didn't do anything, ive been packing all my stuff, which is taking forever..what have you been doing? tomorrow im going squirle hunting! call me tonight, i might have my phone. (heart symbol)"

One day later, on May 17, 2007, in another message to Johnny Chandler, Bristol addressed the issue again:

"haha, sorry i still had my phone taken away, but i got it back today, so you can call whenever..(heart symbol)"

Here is the screenshot (click to enlarge):


If you would like to read about more of Sarah Palin's distortions in "Going Rogue", please read Celtic Diva's excellent new post regarding the ethics complaints HERE.



The "final phase" of Sarah Palin's political life finally seems to have begun - in a surprising turn of events, the right-wing blog "" reports in a story titled "Just a Hunch on Romney and Palin: Is there a Trig Truther Story on The Horizon?":

I received an e-mail from a very reliable source here in Alaska that there may be a story about to break on Sarah Palin's son Trig. The source received a hand written letter in the mail with the following statements:

Get word to S.P.
Mitt R. paid off
They have photos, copies + signed statement RE: Trig

The author "Tom" goes on to say:

With Palin's book coming out in a few days and who she has attacked, I would venture to say, if Romney has info on Palin, it came from McCain staffers who are outed in Palin's book and are part of Romney's campaign.

And if the info in the letter is true, then it would put Palin in the same position as Obama is in with his birth certificate.

When you study Palin and Obama, you have two political figures who have the same charisma with their base. And you have those who have come out calling for Obama to produce his birth certificate. The same request would be levied against Palin.

"Tom" is nobody else than Thomas A. Lamb, an Alaskan Republican who in 2006 stood for the Republicans against the Democrat Mike Doogan in the election for state representative in district 25 from Anchorage.

It should be noted that one of the three contributors of this right-wing blog is none other than Josh Painter, a leading Palinista and (former?) contributor to C4P who has his own pro-Palin blog "texas4palin"!

Therefore this information must come right from the heart of Republican party in Alaska.

Which is extremely interesting, because it conforms which the information I have been given by a reliable source - that top-officials of the Republican party in Alaska know the truth about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy.

Thomas A. Lamb says in the comments of his blog:

There may be an attempt to discredit Palin coming from Romney's camp..

He later rules out in the comments the already "well known" Trig Truthers as the source of this attack.

It is clear that now the right-wingers, faced with the inevitable revelation of Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy, try to put the blame on Palin's enemies within the party, in order to minimise the damage and in an attempt to direct parts of the inevitable outrage towards her opponents within the Republican party.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's about the world is a high school graduate's "oyster" shows how out of touch she is with real America. Anyone who does not get more education than that will be seriously disadvantaged. So, about the only opportunity is to go into the military. That's why John Kerry says that you'll get stuck in Iraq without more education. Only Sarah Palin and her ilk would consider it an opportunity to go to work in George Bush's trumped-up war.

Anonymous said...

Meg said the world is Sarah Palin's oyster after she quit the governorship.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

When you read Bristol’s MySpace entry of 5-14-07 in which Sarah thinks Bristol is pregnant, then compare the 6-10-07 picture of skinny Bristol with the First Family photo taken on 9-14-07 in which Bristol looks at least 4 months pregnant, those three pieces of evidence alone let you do the granny finger counting to conclude that Trig was due in mid-February 2008, but most likely born in mid-January 2008 at “35 weeks”.

IMO, that is the basic timeline from which to start adding all of the other bits and pieces.

SKV said...

"Anyone who does not get more education than that will be seriously disadvantaged. So, about the only opportunity is to go into the military. That's why John Kerry says that you'll get stuck in Iraq without more education."


As Ron Chusid wrote on Liberal values blog: "Let’s look back at John Kerry’s botched joke as if he meant it the way it was twisted by some conservatives to mean that those with an education don’t wind up getting stuck in Iraq. (In case anyone hasn’t yet heard the truth on this one, Kerry was actually joking about George Bush getting the country stuck in Iraq). It turns out that the conservative twist on this one really works–especially if we’re talking about West Point grads. They don’t want to get stuck in Iraq. The Boston Globe reports:[...]"

West Point Grads Don’t Want To Get Stuck In Iraq
April 12, 2007 — Ron Chusid

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, did she include any pictures showing that she and Todd and Piper actually attended Track's graduation from basic training in Ft. Benning, GA.? Because I have searched high and low for any pictures or articles about the Governor of Alaska attending the graduation of her son. There are none that I can find. Shocking that Sarah did not utilize such an opportunity to be photographed with the troops! That's why I do not believe they actually attended, but were busy elsewhere bringing Trig into the world.

SKV said...

wiki page on Kerry has a good summary on the controversy over comments on Iraq and education:

"On October 30, 2006, Kerry was a headline speaker at a campaign rally being held for Democratic California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. Speaking to an audience composed mainly of college students, Kerry said, "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." Kerry said that he had intended the remark as a jab at President Bush, and described the remarks as a "botched joke", but he had inadvertently left out the key word "us" (which would have been, "If you don't, you get us stuck in Iraq"). In Kerry's prepared remarks, which were released during the ensuing media frenzy, the corresponding line was "… you end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq. Just ask President Bush." It was also clear from the context of the speech which, prior to the "stuck in Iraq" line, made several specific references to Bush and elements of his biography, that Kerry was referring to President Bush and not American troops in general. However, most news outlets covering the controversy did not mention or report these contextual comments, making it seem as if Kerry was referring to American soldiers in general.

"The day after the remarks were made public, leaders from both sides of the political spectrum, including Republicans President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain and then-Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, said that Kerry's comments were insulting to American military forces fighting in Iraq. Democratic Representative Harold Ford, Jr. called on Kerry to apologize and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Bob Casey, Jr. canceled an appearance with Kerry.

"Kerry initially stated: "Let me make it crystal clear, as crystal clear as I know how. I apologize to no one for my criticism of the president and of his broken policy."[82] Kerry also responded to criticism from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.[83] However, after two days of media coverage, citing a desire not to be a diversion, Kerry apologized to those who took offense at what he called the misinterpretation of his comment."

Anonymous said...

It's well known in Wasilla that when Sarah says, "noooo," pronounced like "knew," she is lying.

Pat said...

Is there any way that the networks can be shown this proof of her lie to BW? Is Huffington Post the best place to start? However, I don't think any of Sarah's followers ever get close to HP...this needs to be published where it cannot help but be seen by those on the right.

Good work

peninparadise said...

This looks to be the latest from The Alaska Report:
"Rumor Central:
An Alaska politico's unmarried, and underaged, daughter is pregnant. Oh, and her mom's a "Family Values" Repub. To be continued...

Confusion Alert:
In Sarah Palin's new book she claims she's NOT divorcing Todd and her family is doing just fine. If that's true, why is Todd and Willow living in Palmer and why is Willow attending Colony High School in Palmer?"

Anonymous said...

Sarah lies... even when she does not need to.

"Todd built the boat" is a perfect example of lying for no reason whatsoever.

Sarah is divorced from reality and the truth.

Anonymous said...

It is actually rather damning if she didn't know that Bristol was sexually active, or didn't consider the possibility that she might become or might be sexually active. Barbara Walters may ask a follow-up question or two about sex education, mother/daughter relationships. I am sure she knows that is something her viewers would be interested in.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry is a genuine hero for both fighting in the Vietnam War instead of getting endless deferments, and then for speaking against it when he came home.

This country would have been in a much better place if Bush had not stolen the election yet again in 2004.

Oh, and even Mrs. Heinz-Kerry would have been MUCH better qualified to be President than that little *itch from Wasilla. I really liked that John Kerry had such a strong opinionated partner--to me it showed that he was a Real Man.

SP is the loony one, as is made abundantly clear to everyone now.

As for Trig info coming out now? God I wish, but I'm not at all confident.

I like the comment about if Sarah replies "nooooooo" pronounced "knew" that it is well known that she is lying. It's kinda like having a really bad poker face, hey?

Wilbur Mercer said...

hope this's been edited for brevity.

Senate, Palin squabble over speech start - 7 OR 6? Majority now demands later time; governor can't delay.
Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The 2008 session of the Legislature starts today, and there's already a fight between Gov. Sarah Palin and the Senate majority.

The squabble is over what time Palin gives her State of the State speech tonight. It's reached the point where the governor's office is saying Palin might give the speech just to the state House without senators present.

"It's looking like that's going to happen, that she would just address the House," said Palin spokeswoman Sharon Leighow.

House Speaker John Harris is trying to broker a deal between the governor's office and the Senate.

"I'm not very comfortable with the situation," Harris said. "I'm almost caught in the middle here."

The governor's State of the State speech always happens in the first few days of the annual legislative session. Palin this year decided to have it on the first day of the session.

She sent a letter Dec. 18 asking lawmakers to schedule a joint session of the House and Senate to hear the speech at 6 p.m. tonight.

"We wanted to have the State of the State in prime time and we were hopeful television stations would carry it live," Leighow said.

She said the governor did not hear an objection to the time and purchased a plane ticket to fly out after the speech tonight with her family to attend her son's graduation from boot camp. Her son, Track, graduates Thursday at Fort Benning , Ga.

The Senate majority, led by Senate President Lyda Green, wants the State of the State at the traditional time of 7 p.m.

Palin would not make her flight if the speech were at 7 p.m. The governor's office isn't saying that missing her flight would make her miss her son's graduation. But Leighow said the Senate should have let the governor know its objection earlier. She said the word it was a problem for the Senate came about a week ago.

"We'd asked for this a month ago and it wasn't a problem until just recently," Leighow said.

Palin and Senate president Green, a Wasilla Republican, have been on opposite sides repeatedly. Palin hosted a campaign fundraiser last week for the Senate minority, which opposes Green, at the same time and across the street from Green's own fundraiser.

Palin's office downplayed that, saying it was just because the minority asked and Green did not. But Green opposed Palin's successful push to raise state oil taxes last year. She couldn't be reached for comment late Monday.

Copyright (c) 2008, Anchorage Daily News


Greta's Interview With Todd Palin Part II
FOX News Channel - Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Author: Greta Van Susteren

VAN SUSTEREN: Proud of your son going off to Iraq?

PALIN: Very proud of him. And we went out to their graduation, boot camp, last year in Georgia, Fort Benning , and it was just quite the experience.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you surprised he did that?

PALIN: He's been talking about it for a number of years. And when him and his buddy got together and decided to make the step, it was his decision. And we're very proud of him and proud of the military for just training him and getting him prepared for his next mission.

anniebgood said...

I can't bring myself to comment on SP's "book" excerpts anymore, they're so pathetic.

I don't want to get too excited about the update (although of course I am excited). "Get word to SP" sounds funny, like it's the middle ages or something (and she's the Queen of the North). Anyway, if this were so serious, wouldn't these people be communicating privately, rather than on a blog?

I'm loving the push back from the McCain staffers yesterday, esp the e-mails on huffpo. Hopefully more to come. It really seems like her book should be filed under Fiction.

10ctsinmd said...

Sarah' not catering to Wasilla any more.

It's the real world baby. All this fact checking is just too much for her. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Why is Piper all tarted up in the Barbara Walters interview?

She looks ridiculous with makeup on and her hair like Shirley Temple.

Poor kid.

Virginia Voter said...

Patrick, look at the comments on this guy Tom's blog. One of them says:...

"it is common knowledge in Alaska that Trig is not Palin's by birth".


Then even the Palinbots commenting say that Sarah should release Trig's birth certificate.

KellyB said...

Hmmm... One and maybe two past miscarriages for Palin, and then the Texas "Wild ride" and free to return to Alaska after her speech... Then the miscarriages were left out of her MD's official statement on election eve? Palin's next book: National Disgrace, Book of Lies.

Anonymous said...

Here are some of the comments on that same blog, the second of which is from the blog owner, Tom:

Anon: It's common knowlege that Trig is not Palins by birth. Everyone in AK already knows that info. Whippie.

Tom said... Anon 9:01
I was waiting to see a response like yours...
Common knowledge that Trig is not Palin's....
Now you and I know that is not true..

Anonymous said...

I hope Andrew Sullivan sees this stuff from an Alaska Republican blog.

Virginia Voter said...

I usually don't feed the trolls because they are like feral cats...once you feed them they camp themselves out at your house until the food dries up.

But Wilbur you are totally bringing down the vibe on this blog, and are such a wet blanket it is depressing to think that your blind worship of Sarah Palin leads you to ignore the fact that no one but Sarah herself is to blame for her inevitable implosion. Sarah chose to fake a pregnancy, Sarah chose to run an ethically challenged administration, Sarah chose to use her special needs baby and children as political props, Sarah chose to QUIT, and Sarah chose to write a factually inaccurate book. Those are all facts. Sarah also chose to insert herself into a congressiona race in NY-23, and handed the democrats a congressional seat that has been Republican since the CIVIL WAR. Sarha single handedly gave Obama the largest electoral landslide since LBJ. Sarah gave us a crucial vote on health care.

What Sarah Palin does is incite hate, fear, and violence (remember the holocaust museum shooter and the Pittsburgh gym killer?) in her lunatic fringe. She publishes false rhetoric (death panels, anyone) on her Facebook page like a middle school mean girl, then refuses to back up her "opinions" with any facts.

Sarah Palin resigned her position as governor so she could make money!

Sarah Palin is a fraud, hypocrite and a liar, and has been proven as such dozens of times, many of them this weekend alone.

So Wilbur, do donate more money to SarahPAC so Palin can furnish her new castle with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, leather couches and big screen TV's. She's made $1.5 mill so far this year, but she wants more, because her daughter Bristol doesn't work, doesn't go to college and takes care of two babies. Oh, and she's like to lose more elections for the Republican party next year.

not that sarah said...

Her comments about Kerry are despicable.

I work with the military often enough to have close contact with the enlisting and the enlisted, and I can tell you for a fact that MOST of the KIDS enlisting will tell you that a) they did it for opportunities that they would not have otherwise and b) they are proud to do so. Make no mistake, I never heard one of them say they turned down college or any other such opportunity. They are kids who come from disadvantaged backgrounds mostly. We have single mothers who can't support their family any other way, we have kids who can't get a job, we have kids who want to go to school and the military offers a lot of benefits for college tuition pay. We also have some kids who got into mild trouble with the law having to serve as their punishment.

True, some of them say this is what they always wanted to do, even though their parents disagreed. But in no way can you say they all chose this freely, with a world of opportunity in front of them, as Kerry actually did. The fact that they had no economic choice is heart-breaking. I wish her comment were true, but it's factually inaccurate and blindingly, belligerently supportive of her hawkish pro-war sensibilities with no appreciation for the collateral damage and costs.

This doesn't take away from the kids bravery or their pride in serving our country. The young people I meet have awesomely inspiring honor and pride in their service.

But facts are facts. Bush started an illegal war which has predominantly hurt the folks who voted for him, and the folks who voted for Palin. They are always being used by issues of cultural resentment like abortion and religion to vote against their own best interests. And they think we're the "elitists", which is the saddest thing about the entire machination of the right.

As for this other blog, I'm staying far away from that because I don't trust the source. But I have always figured that it would be the Republicans who brought her down, so I'm not surprised, as she is far more dangerous to them than she is to the left.

For all of her cult's incessant whining and braying about how the left "fears" her, they've never seen the iceberg headed their way, steered by the GOP. But what can you expect from people who don't deal with facts and refuse to accept the numbers. No one benefits from a Palin run more than the Dems.
We raised the most money for Obama the night Palin debuted her mean-girl lies and snark at the RNC.

The country doesn't like her and she can't get elected. She can and has stirred up violence, resentment, and division in this great nation. And she will continue to do so, to our country's great peril.

She has ALSO made us an international joke, as people from Canada, Europe and Asia always want to know why we allow such a lying idiot to run our political stage here. What can I tell them when they ask me about her, other than that a large minority of this country also thought Bush was a great president? No Child Left Behind; Epic Fail.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin obviously doesn't care at all about education. Frankly, it's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's idea of education is to take her children out of school so that they can appear on the Barbara Walters show.

Anonymous said...

In 2000 Carl Rove (& GOP ops people) spread the McCain has illegitimate black baby story.

Did Sarah really think she could keep the fake baby story from coming out?

The other GOP hopefuls will drop this bomb on her when they need to.

They may out her just to get her off stage now.

Anonymous said...

Can Sarah weather the storm caused by her book?

I hope the campaign people continue to rip her apart and expose her many lies.

Sarah you are an idiot! What were you thinking when you wrote this book?

Meg.. enjoy watching your hero go down in flames.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

It makes sense to break the fake pregnancy story now as she is about to embark on a very public tour. everyone will ask her about it and she will have to address the allegations.

I'd say that this is definitely the right time for everyone to come out with what they know.

Lisabeth said...

This is why Sarah put Kerry on her "attack and discredit" list for the book!! She is so juvenile and petty. She was so proud of her ghostwritten op-Ed piece on energy.

God what a piece of work she is. I really think there is something wrong with her. I wish she would see it and get help because this is not going to end well for her in so many ways!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's fans deal with incest, abortion, infidelity, scams, lying and cheating, daily, in their own personal lives. So this book helps them deal with their problems.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Levi and Mercede with Triggybear that she had on her My Space page is a big part of the puzzle. (You have it posted with the Tripp pics, it was posted on My Space before Tripp was born, before SP was picked as VP.)

Levi, Bristol, Mercede and SP all looked like a big happy family, something happened between then and The birth of Tripp. Did SP set up their mother? Were they getting too involved with Trig after the adoption? Or were they just using Levi as part of some cover up of Trig and, or Tripp?

Anonymous said...

Correction- Bree has it on her Tripp flicker Pics. That is Triggybear, unless it was Tripp before he was Trig?!! Poor kids, Has to be hell to live in SARAHLAND..

ProChoiceGrandma said...

“not that sarah” @16:09, your comment was beautifully expressed. My feelings exactly.

not that sarah said...

@ ProChoice Grandma, thank you. I always enjoy your comments so much -- so well thought out -- and you always make me think of things in a new way.

I'm simply FED UP with the lies and the spin of the right. Glad to see the AP and others finally stepping up to do some basic fact-checking.

Where were they when our country was in peril during her run for VP? Why did so few report on the AIP connections and the fact that her husband was cc'd on all of her state emails, and ran her office essentially, and hence, his affiliations were even MORE important than usual with a spouse?


Hugs and I hope you have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is functionally illiterate. That's why they won't release her e-mails from when she was Governor. Look for some doozies to be released from the McCain campaign staffers.

She says kids "graduate high school"?

Gee, down in the lower 48, you graduate FROM high school. You graduate FROM college.

Forever Anonymous said...

What gives me the impression that Tom blog about Trig is a set up or test.

- To gauge response from the people before palin hits the road.

- The connections to c4p and texas for palin....yet the sensitive topic is posted in a less known blog.

- Romney did not endorse Hoffman in the NY23 race, Romney must be discredited or malign.

- Tom is in construction, but he gets info on Babygate, not Housegate.

Their motive may be to force the ones with the story to show what they got. Meanwhile, people get use to the fact the she faked it, but there is not proof.

wv= promorr

Anonymous said...

OMG. Just read Palin's 2008 e-mails on HuffPo. She was AFRAID OF SNL. This woman is so insecure. How anyone could donate to her as a presidential candidate is beyond lucidity.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Wilbur @ 15:24, ordinarily I ignore you, but just wanted to tell you that I already have ALL of that material and more. I am looking for any independent source of pictures or news articles of Sarah and Todd actually attending Track’s graduation. The point is – the source must be someone other than Sarah and Todd! Sarah and Todd saying they attended Track’s graduation as proof is the same as Sarah saying she gave birth to Trig on 4-18-08 as proof that she is Trig’s mother – a big fat lie!

Now you can resume your regularly scheduled trolling.

not that sarah said...

@forever anon- Exactly. It's the old Rove tactic where they know the truth is coming out, so they plant a lie related to the truth, disprove the lie when it comes out, and thereby "smear" all other info from that source as unreliable.

They did it with the Palin "Africa isn't a continent" thing. They do it all of the time. I'm just steering clear -- if they want to implode on themselves, let them, but this sounds like there are so many agendas going on that the truth is not the priority.

I know from good sources that top AK Republicans DO have the goods on Palin, and maybe they shared those with their preferred candidate, but I think they'd have a better strategy for coming out with it than this weird blog roll-out from her fans.

What would be really interesting is to get the scrubbed Johnston computer info. Now that would be something the McCain staffers could provide....if they were so inclined.

I'm wondering why Palin is pre-emptively striking the McCain people, letting her fans know not to trust a word they say because they are all "out to get" her.
What is it that they can say or will say, should she run? Yes, that's the question of the day. This isn't merely a pity party. Oh, no. There's an agenda attached.

Anonymous said...

Go Pro Choice Grandma! You rock!

And great turning up the blog, Patrick. Awesome work.


not that sarah said...

@Pro Choice Grandma,

Per your suggestion on one of my articles, I did research Palin's "trip" to Ft Benning and found nothing. I also called some folks I know there, and got nothing.

I can't say for certain she wasn't there, but it wasn't in the local papers and the folks I know there don't recall her ever being there.


Anonymous said...


I have heard that "graduated" and "graduated from" are both acceptable (though one is probably more correct).

I like to say: "Are we sure Sarah done finished high school?"

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a media whore "patriot" like Sarah Palin not releasing pictures of her at her son's military graduation.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's email are her Kryptonite

Too many details about troopergate, housegate and other gates in them.

Hopefully someone will sue the state to get access to them.

Anonymous said...

So all you Palin bloggers are going to get scooped by the right wingers. That is so perfect that you will get no credit for all your work. Its especially perfect for Gryphen, who took peoples money to find info, then refuses to give them what they paid for. I consider it a fraud on the people who paid him. Its almost stealing, especially when he says he has what they paid for but wont give it to them. I sincerely hope he pays everyone of them back especially if they get the info from another source having nothing to do with Gryphen.

And for those that say take it to Gryphens blog...He censors comments like this and I think its important that the feeling is out there so more people feel comfortable speaking thier minds about the fraud that he has commited against his readers.

He owes those who paid him not the source he pretends to be protecting.

CR46 said...

Gosh it would be funny if the truth about Trigs birth was revealed by another GOP member LOL! I just can't wait. But Patrick, whats going on in Palmer, rumor central about Willow.

Anonymous said...

Regina goes on vacation and all hell breaks out again.

Does Vegas have odds yet on whether Sarah finishes her book tour?

5 to 3 she does not make it to the end of the tour

EyeOnYou said...

You know she is struggling with the fact her lies are being brought out to the public light when she links to a blog (that her own spokesperson previously claimed she had no affiliation with) to help defend her.

Naturally this is not surprising if you take into consideration that one of her FB writers is a previous writer for that blog and is still posting there under the title of "The Editors" (the one who is supposedly refuting the *lies" being told about her book).

ProChoiceGrandma said...

not that sarah @ 18:05, WOW! Knowing your excellent research skills, that is a huge confirmation, IMO, that something was going down (or coming out, shall I say?) somewhere other than Georgia.

It also ties in with the very odd Saturday court date on 1-19-08 for Bristol's simple traffic ticket from 8/6/07 that had been continued several times.

Anonymous said...

Palin will go after anyone she thinks will gain her attention. Senator Kerry made a remark about her recently-suggesting that it was a shame she didn't disapear for a while like the Gov. of South Carolina, so this her payback. No surprise though, her goofy base hates Kerry so that plays to them and she doesn't need to fact check something the press didn't even bother to check themselves- that Kerry's remarks were, mispoken but were clearly stated on the speech handouts distributed before he spoke. He was referring to Pres. Bush. If you don't study or work hard.... you get US stuck in Iraq. I know enough about the history of Senator Kerry to know that he would never disrespect our soldiers and Palin does too. She just isn't Christian enough to pass up an opportunity to lie for her own benefit.
I would say I truly hate this woman, but that would only fuel her and her followers to continue promoting her, so after this I am only going to ignore her-she isn't worthy of my time. When she really has something to add to the conversation and does something worthy of attention and praise, perhaps I will pay attention to her then.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares which media outlet, political party, or blogger outs Palin? It's probably better that it's the GOP.

Forever Anonymous said...

Not that sarah- wow, the info from the Johnston computer! I never thought much of it but, yeah Sarah may want to retrieve that or "get in front of the story".

Who knows maybe the Mccain camp was the one telling her to sitdown and shut up. She has been angry for a while know.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your faith in me. I don't want to say definitely that she wasn't there, because I haven't spoken to anyone who was there that day -- but as I said, the military connections I have down there didn't know of her being there (and many of them are fans), and it wasn't in their local papers that I could find. Knowing her penchant for publicity, I find this odd. I would have thought she would have had a picture posted on her AK website at the very least, but as you know, they have all been scrubbed, so I can't determine what was there or not there. If anyone knows more about this, please let me know. It would be very sad if she hadn't shown up to her son's graduation, though. After all, she had the means. Who paid for that trip, anyway? If she didn't charge the state, she probably wasn't there. That's a safe bet, anyway, seeing as how she charged the state for her visit to her church, etc.

I can't help but think she would have also, too, added Georgia to her list of places she had been, and perhaps confused it with "We're all Georgians now" as foreign policy cred; it bordering the ocean and all, and being at war with Russia:-) Sigh. Ever grateful to my fellow Americans for their votes last November.

Wilbur Mercer said...

You're a real hoot VA Voter, you really are.

Look people, it was the Republican Party of Alaska that gave Palin her start, that's where the real bad blood lies.

These Johnny-Come-Lately's such as Bree Palin and the rest don't have a clue as to what's going on up here.

The AK Bloggers don't either because they're running in the wrong circles.

Of course it was common knowledge, you Outsiders just can't accept that.

You can't accept that polite people would leave this kind of stuff alone, but folks like Pro Choice Grandma have simply too much time on their hands to leave enough alone.

I agree whole heartedly with you VA, she's all that and more, which is why she's so dangerous.

I also agree with David Brooks that she's a joke.

What is so hard about that for you to comprehend ?

You're not going to find independent verification Grandma because the people who could help you don't want to.

They don't care, they have more important things to do with their lives than to tear people down.

You guys ought to hire Orly Taitz, you really should, she'd actually bring an air of sanity to your cause.

I try to help you poor, clueless folks out and all you can do is whine about it.

Nice !

Anonymous said...

@forever anon,

Yes- they were the ones telling her to sit down and shut up. I've been saying for a while now that her anger is really directed at the GOP, but she couldn't say that, so she kept saying "liberal/dem operatives" digging up info and "filing frivolous ethics charges", when she knew it was the Republicans doing those things to her. Of course, her base wanted the red meat, so she had to make it Dems that were after her. And that made her a victim, which opened their pocket books in a much more generous way than if she had told the truth about who was after her.

The McCain people have the goods on her and they've been leaking things one drop at a time for while now.

Obviously, they're "holding their fire", whilst Palin merely talks of doing the same. She has no fire but her base and their rabid response to her feigned martyrdom. She aims them exactly where she wants to and the fall for it every time; very reactive, much like her. Not the types to contemplate or think first (didn't blink).

As for the typical taunts here about who outs her, clearly these folks are not politically savvy. If the GOP outs her, she's finished for good. Those people don't play fair like the Obama campaign did and she has no idea what she's in for. I'd feel sorry for her if she hadn't wreaked so much havoc on our country, when we were down and needed to unite the most. And she's still at it-- trying to turn this country into a Fascist state which wouldn't allow the law to do its job (9-11 trials). She has no faith in our system of justice; but this is no surprise, she used her Dept of Law like the mafia uses hitmen. Thanks, but no thanks, Sarah.

Sorry for posting so much; I missed your reply to me when I posted above. And now, I really must get back to work!

Anonymous said...

About the Katie Couric Slam

Once again, the fruit loop does too much yapping. Just like the "wild" ride.. whether she is telling the truth or is lying ... both make her look like a complete ditz.
Same with the Katie boo hoo fest

Ok, say Katie did have horribly low self esteem and wanted so badly for Sarah to "like her" and Sarah was only doing the interview out of pity.
First of all... why would one ever do an interview for V.P. out of pity? Say's their noggin is not screwed on straight... says why for so many years people fought to keep women out of politics as they were too "emotional" ... like that Sarah Mavericky Loon... you chose to do an interview during a high stakes political race and need to be choosy who and where you do interviews and you chose to do one because you feel sorry for someone? Har Har

Or .. even worse, if it is true about po' pitiful Katie, who in their right mind goes out and reveals to the world that someone "suffers from low self-esteem" ??
That's kindof a personal subject you just don't go blabbing about. It's like saying so and so doesn't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, it's true! I saw them! Nope, didn't even wash! I thought you all would find that interesting and ..snicker.. humorous in a humiliating sort of way.. isn't it funny they don't wash their hands? Now let's all laugh at them

Same with Katie.. hey world! Katie, America's lil' darling, suffers from low self-esteem.
Let's all laugh at her.. she ain't so big now is she?

see? no matter how the tale is spun.. either way Sarah looks like a goofy fool

Anonymous said...

18:18, I wonder the same thing. Have they released the post-Thanksgiving tour schedule? I find it odd if they haven't, and wonder if it's to give her to option of running home if she can't take the heat. She must have known that once the book came out she'd get called on her crap. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

If it's true that "everyone knew" then why would we need to hire Orly, who is known for representing a fool's cause, and has been charged with filing frivolous lawsuits and using faked evidence?

That doesn't make sense, Wilbur.

Of course not "everyone knew". People in the know might know, but I can assure you that the general public will not look kindly upon this, no matter how you spin it.

You think it's true, so why equate it with a paranoid cause like the birthers, who have been fact-checked and been heard in various courts and thrown out?

Where's Trigs bc? and how about her abortion? That sort of goes against her base. Or maybe they stand for nothing and they won't care. IN which case, they're not pro-lifers, they're pro-liars. But we already knew that.

ella said...

As to whether or not the lies exposed in SP's book will finish her off for good: The short answer is "No," The book is NOT speaking to any of us - it is speaking to her Evangelical base and only her base. Gryphen has a great post up about this fact, a "book review" if you will. WE are not included in the masses of people she chooses to speak to.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Ella. That's why it will be the GOP that brings her down.

Anonymous said...

In one of the Facebook rants (about the bus tour) she mentioned that she's having Thanksgiving with relatives in Washington state. Anyone know who those relatives are?

snowbilly said...

I agree that the book and tour are aimed at her "base." Apparently she thinks her support needs to be shored-up. The rest of the people will get the impression that with the book Palin has only succeeded in hoisting herself by her own petard: things like the vicious attacks on her staff and the media, only to send an email toward the end of the campaign thanking her staff for their help with the media, apparently aware that she had been quite a loose cannon. Sarah Palin's trying to dress up her inability to play on a team by claiming she "went rogue," as though that were something to be proud of.

Ripley said...

To $P, I say this insofar as the reality of her Pro-Life stance:

Get the "f" outta here! You are Pro-LIE!

Anonymous said...

Followers of SPalin know not what they do--

Matthew 7:15-23 (KJV)

-Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

-Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

-Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

-A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

-Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

-Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

-Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

-Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

-And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

In love-----

Anonymous said...

Trig Truth may sound better being released from the Republicans than from bloggers. The Alaskan and antiSarah bloggers know that it wouldn't have happened without their work, and that may have to be their reward- although frankly I would LOVE for it to be officially "broken" from an Alaskan blogger.

As far as the Track graduation thing goes: I, also too, can't see Sarah going there and not getting her picture taken.

Some stray thoughts: there was the kerfuffle over her State of the State address, which she wanted to give early, on a certain date and time, because she was leaving for Track's ceremony. A ceremony like that is a totally understandable thing to adjust one's schedule around, and evidently there's no specific, traditional date for giving the speech. She was going to be gone a couple three days at the most; why couldn't she have scheduled the speech for afterwards?

As far as the no pictures or news article thing goes (and here we enter pure speculation): I can see there being no pictures of Sarah with Track if he was still angry about being caught in vandalism and Sarah forced him into the Army. I can easily visualize her yelling at him: I called in favors to get you this! You're going into the Army or they're going to put you in jail! (Or juvenile detention, whatever.) I can see him seriously pissed off about the whole thing and refusing to communicate with her- which would leave her free to happily burble out her lies du jour about his willingness to serve his country. And of course, if ANY pictures were taken of the ceremony, it would look odd if no pictures were taken with Sarah and Track together- so none were ever published.

It's harder to explain why the Governor of Alaska's presence was not mentioned in the local paper, though. That would be news, and whatever officer coordinates news coverage would have given out a press release- I would think, anyway.

OTOH, it's interesting that they mentioned that Sarah and Todd were there with Piper. What- Bristol and Willow weren't proud of their brother? I suppose Sarah is so dedicated to them continuing their education that she wouldn't hear of them missing a couple of days of school.

Yeah, that last bit was sarcasm. You noticed?


Anonymous said...

Anon@18:35 please send the info to Patrick. I know he is probably documenting all the stuff. If she was claiming to be at her Son's graduation and was somewhere else then she pulled a "Sandford"!!!

Wilbur, you are a classless boor.
Please troll somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I think we should leave Willow out of all of this, she is under age and if there are rumors we will find out soon enough, lets not dig there, the kids are victims of SP's lies and lifestyle and they have to live with her!

And I'm sorry to say, Gryphen does censor, I'v made some comments that possibility Sherry was the mother of Trig, never made it to the comments. Maybe he is protecting his sources, anyway that's his prerogative, it his blog.

The MaCain campaign knows the truth, their the ones who scrubbed the computers and they have covered up for her and themselves. Sooner or later some one will squeal.

Anonymous said...

Iveyfree, interesting take on Track being angry at his Mom and not wanting his picture taken with her at his graduation from bootcamp. Wasn't there a picture of Sarah with an anonomous soldier at the Home coming recently, but NONE of her with Track? I wondered about that. Correct me if I am wrong

wayofpeace said...

ANON @ 18:53,

that has been my speculation re schedule: a way to quit without actually quitting!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if it was mentioned before but does Palin's official Alaska Governor schedule book say she was in Fort Benning in January 2008?

If not, she was not there.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is my take on the Track graduation.

If this happened in Jan 2008(?), Palin was still essentially a nobody. No one outside of AK paid any attention to her (nor did they have reason to) until McCain introduced her as his running mate on Aug 29th.

I'm sure there are many politicos out there whose sons and daughters graduate from boot camp, but do not merit being written up in the local paper.

My point is... she was a nobody at the time. Why should anyone have cared about her attendance or lack thereof? Just my $.02

Anonymous said...

It's not whether or not anyone else would care. It's that Sarah Palin, a media whore politician with her eyes on the prize wouldn't make sure it was covered.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Takes The Blame! (video). Did she read her book?

Anonymous said...

Ft Benning is in a small town -- they write about stop lights breaking, so they would have written about a R governor coming to town. Esp given the demographics of that state. R and bible belt to the core. You don't think she would have called Chamlbiss to let him know she was coming?

Kallie in Texas said...

If we ever get to see Trig's birth certificate, you can be sure it will have "white out" on it! Ha ha, that seems to be how Scarah makes everything look legitimate!
I don't think she will make it through her entire book tour. If she comes near me in Texas, I will go with a sign that says "YOU LIE!". I am sick of this bat shit crazy woman, she needs to be taken down. She is not good for America!
I used to be amused and shocked by all this, but now I'm angry.
Anyone else doing what she's done would already be behind bars! Prison or mental institution.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

The Poop is about to hit the Propeller.

Anonymous said...

HuffPost article about SPalin refusing to shake Oliver Stone's hand because of his liberal leanings, and that he supports the communist Hugo Chavez that call the Bush "the devil,"

Anonymous said...

why do her eyes look so different in that interview wit BW? Is it lighting? can't figure it out

Anonymous said...

Track Palin -
Fort Benning 18 January 2008 A 2/58 Class A's

Looks like Fort Benning Graduation/Family Day was around January 16-18, 2008

Those dates should be in Palin's State of Alaska planner. If not, something is up.

Virginia Voter said...

So Wilbur is confirming as an Alaskan "in the know" that it was common knowledge that Trig was not birthed by Sarah Palin, and is also confirming that the Republican Party of Alaska has known this all along. The obfuscation here is unbelievable if that is the case.

Well, maybe you backwoods Alaskans don't care about stuff like that seeing as rape and incest is about as common up there as a cold, but we here in the lower 48 don't take too kindly to being presented with a VP candidate whose about as qualified as a pet dog to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Sarah Palin uses her Trig pregnancy as her pro-life street cred, which continues to this day. She said death panels would deem him not worthy of health care. McCain touted her as the foremost energy expert in the country.

What Sarah did by faking that pregnancy is immoral, possibly illegal, and downright devious. If you really want to help Wilbur, you need to put an end to Sarah once and for all. But I very much doubt you would do that.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that "graduated" and "graduated from" are both acceptable (though one is probably more correct). I like to say: "Are we sure Sarah done finished high school?"

"I graduated high school" is the norm in parts of Georgia.

why do her eyes look so different in that interview wit BW? Is it lighting? can't figure it out

It bugged me too, until someone on Bree's blog pointed out that she is wearing green contacts.

Dianne said...

I'm not a fan of the GOP, but if they assist in bringing SP down, I might find an element of a slightly higher regard. I'd rather see the bloggers do it, but a good deed is a good deed, whoever does it.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the phrase "Get word to S.P." indicates the writer has difficulty perceiving reality. S.P. already HAS the facts and knows those facts will inevitably be used against her. Who will expose her and when can't really matter much.

Sorry! Just don't believe this is the week the truthers will triumph.

Anonymous said...

I agree - the wording on that note sounds so juvenile, that I was sure it was fake.

Then I reminded myself that truth is often stranger than fiction.

maybe her people are just that stupid so as to not even have code names -- but surely they would have created some.

"get word to RD" -- Rogue Diva. See, now everyone would have known who that was.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anon@20:37 she is wearing green contacts which show how very much her eyes are dilated from the legal speed she is using to stay thin or for ADD..ahem...!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Whether the note is true or not...the fact it is on a repub blog is huge! sea of piss won't allow any trig truther talk and people who they know blogged on here and Gryphen's comments were deleted, Patrick has pages of his that were deleted.
To me it is HUGE! BABYGATE!!!!

Lilybart said...

I would love to see photos from mid Jan of 2008.

Please Sarah show us that proud day that Track graduated! Did you put Piper in front of for these photos too?

Must be photos of what was her proudest day. Maybe others who were there took pictures and now they may look at them again and see what they ahve.

ravenstrick said...

@ Virginia Voter

"Well, maybe you backwoods Alaskans don't care about stuff like that seeing as rape and incest is about as common up there as a cold, but we here in the lower 48 don't take too kindly to being presented with a VP candidate whose about as qualified as a pet dog to be a heartbeat away from the presidency."

Take it up with John McCain Sweetheart.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I like to say: "Are we sure Sarah is done finished?"

Anonymous said...

So seems again little Piper is gonna miss a bunch of school as well as Willow. Education not a big deal in the Palin household huh?

How many times has Palin said Trig was left in Alaska cause he had the "Sniffles"?

The boy didn't have any "Sniffles" for months on end being dragged around the country before Rex seemingly put his foot down.

Anonymous said...

It is sick and sad that you are so involved in a teenage girls sex life. Pedophiles. Mind your own business. Stay out of other womens vaginas.

Anonymous said...


Where was Levi January 2008?
Would he know what the family was doing? Families often go to these events and take pictures. Perhaps Bristol talked to Levi about this.

Levi possibly heard or saw something.

I think John Ziegler interviewed Sarah at her house during Jan 2008. There was a portrait pic of a soldier in the background. I don't know the date, it could have been earlier.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 20:00, first of all, you can see for yourself at Sarah’s calendars, which are located under EXTRA BABYGATE RESOURCES on the right side here on Palingates. See “Folder with various documents for download” in red print:
10 to 20 January 2008-1 pdf

For Sarah’s 1-15-08 schedule, at the bottom is says:
“8:00 – 10:00pm GOV/Todd: JNU/SEA – Commercial”, but it does NOT give the flight # and Seat # as she has on almost all of her other calendar dates.

Sarah’s calendars for 1-16-08, 1-17-08 (this would be the day of Tracks graduation), 1-18-08 and 1-19-08, simply says “DO NOT SCHEDULE” for those dates. No effing mention of the proud occasion for which Sarah would have had to spend her own dime to travel to watch her oldest child graduate from basic training. For someone who spouts mention of the troops at every opportunity, and has her picture taken with the troops as often as possible as proof of her patriotism, I feel it isn’t just “odd” that there is nary a picture or newspaper article, it goes totally against every fiber in her photo-op whoring nature.

On Saturday, 1-19-08, it says “GOV/Todd: SEA/JNU – Commercial”. Again, no flight number and no seat numbers. ALSO, the 1/15 and 1/19 calendars do not mention Piper going. If Todd was listed, then Piper should also have been listed. Furthermore, the ADN article said that she and “her family” were going to fly out after the State of the State speech. Now, in Sarah’s memeroars “Going Rogue”, Patrick said:
“On page 180 of "Going Rogue", Sarah Palin writes about Track's military graduation in Fort Benning which happened in January 2008. Apparently she was there in Fort Benning with Todd and Piper.” So “her family” going to Track’s graduation only consists of Sarah, Todd and Piper? Hmmm. I wonder where Bristol was…….

I do not think Track is angry at Sarah. I think Sarah has ostracized Track from the family.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I just thought of something interesting. After Oprah's interview, Palin blogged on her FB page that Oprah was gracious. No such blog after the BW interview. Could it be that Barbara asked some difficult questions and that SP wasn't quite as happy about it?

Something to chew on...

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

they talk about the Scarah here starting at 5:00, basically they all don't take her seriously and fully expect her to be no part of the next presidention election.

Anonymous said...

anon 20:37 i swear she is wearing green contact lenses..

Patrick said...

New post up - Harper Collins is pissed! :-)

Anonymous said...

To understand Track/Sarah you have to look into Sarah's obsession with Michigan, during the campaign and for the start of her tour.

Anonymous said...

@ 21:20

All child abuse is horrible. We went through not being able to talk about what was happening to children in the Catholic Church for decades. It was a taboo subject, it would hurt children and so on.

This needs sunlight, there is no getting around that.

Only the Palins can pull back on their children's publicity tours.
If Sarah was telling the truth and she wanted to clear this up and do right by her children she would do what other celebrities do to address reports and rumors.

The don't mess with the kids meme is a distracting tactic. What people are trying to get to is the fraud that is taking place. Fraud that includes child abuse.

Sarah keeps the children center stage, they need to be noticed and it needs to be addressed why they look as they do and all.

Sarah has the power to change things if she would care to do it for her children or any other reason.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 21:20, go stick your haughty holier-than-thou criticism up yours.
Sarah Palin is a liar and a hypocrite about family values, abstinence-only education and anti-abortion positions (and a hundred other issues). It is ok for her to think about having an abortion, and it seems she actually did have an abortion.
SHE will not stay out of other women’s lives where their decisions are between the woman and her doctor, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to others, not a very cohesive sentence but had to respond to that sh*thead.

KaJo said...

Anonymous said 15 November 2009 19:07 ..."In one of the Facebook rants (about the bus tour) she mentioned that she's having Thanksgiving with relatives in Washington state. Anyone know who those relatives are?"

I hope I got this straight: Sarah Palin's aunt (Sally Heath's sister) Katie Johnson lives in the Washington state Tri-Cities area (Pasco-Kennewick-Richland, WA) and Sarah Palin's great-aunt, Colleen Jones, lives in Kennewick, WA.

It was Colleen Jones who apparently was the source for the People Magazine story that Tripp Palin was born in late December 2008, via an e-mail from Sally Heath.

Like Jack Bog said on his blog, "But hey, some distant relative of Sarah Palin says she got an e-mail saying that Bristol Palin just had a baby, and that's good enough for the mainstream media in the United States."

Forever Anonymous said...

Good, it is established that Sarah faked a pregnancy in plain view.

She could have been "pregnant" for whatever length of time made her feel good, mental disorders are unpredictable.

Whatever motives or disorders; She produced a baby. How did she get that baby?

Was the mother of the baby killed or died of natural conditions?

Did the mother gave up the baby voluntarily or was she coerced?

Was the mother homeless or in prison and the baby stolen from her?

Did Sarah get that baby by a legal adoption?

Adoptions, legal adoptions happens everyday, so does kidnapping and forced illegal separations of mother and child.

How did Sarah obtained Trig?

Can social services confirmed that Trig belongs to the Palins by legal means?

What authorities investigate the conditions of adoption rings?

Anonymous said...

You know, you try so hard, Patrick and Regina. Yet you just can't seem to succeed in your efforts, It almost makes me want to pity you-almost.

Whatever medals John Kerry might have won do not excuse the comments he made.

The argument you made based on Bristol's supposed MySpace comments is fallacious. You can't conclusively prove, based on those few words, that Sarah Palin knew exactly what was going on in Bristol's relationships. It is a complete non sequitur. But your standard of proof always was particularly low, so this most likely is par for the course for you.

However, come November 17th, I'm done with you folks. I've come for what I want. I've obtained it rather easily. I might return every few months to remind you of the futility of your quest, but then again, why should I bother? This blog will eventually lose whatever following it has when its central premise is exposed as a fraud, and you all know it.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

I do believe there could be animosity from Track towards Scarah. If these are the type of stories and memories he's grown up hearing, she's not the most sensitive mother, which of course we all know is true.

There was an interview, I'm sorry I can't remember which one, I think it was during the campaign. She was asked something about Track, she said something to the effect, that he told her 'the military was his family now', I think she was questioning him or trying to tell him what to do, his answer came across to me as saying, butt out mom, your sticking your nose in my adult business, my life, I belong to the military, they tell me what to do.

Of course I sure Scarah slightly revised her side, to make her sound better. Or in her twisted mentality understood it as she was proud of him, he was growing up.

I'll try to find it.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Jesse, how cute is it that you think any of us care.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

So Jessie, were you just hanging out to learn where the leak was coming from? in the Republican party? that was your goal in hanging out on this blog?

Am I catching your drift correctly? or am I missing it all together. I have not read all the comments all the time.

leu2500 said...

Another thought on SP attending Track's grad at FT Benning. A gov attending would be a big deal and would involve the protocol office. And no, I don't see SP passing up the VIP treatment.

Anonymous said...

"What else explains their choice, amidst so many other possibilities, to serve in the U.S. military?"

Yeah, serving a sentence for vandalism or joining the army. Tough choice indeed.

Scary that she actually thinks we don't know about Track's criminal behavior and the ultimatum he got.

Anonymous said...

Hey JC,
You are wrong.
I am certain you have no ligitimacy to speak to John Kerry's remarks about war, the consequences of war, soldiers, the military, the lives of the folks and their families who are in the military or any other facet of life that John Kerry has led.
No need to wait 'til the 17th.

Anonymous said...

@ 21:20

I also want to remind ppl that our system jails children that commit crimes. Just because someone is under age that does not mean they are exempt from doing hard time. It doesn't always matter if the parents taught the child the scam or what. When crimes are investigated where children are possibly part of the criminal activity they don't get passed over because of age. Children at a young age can be considered culpable.

Most corrupt lying politicians do not put their children center stage when trying to pull a fast one. So this is untraveled territory. Ppl are not exempt for criminal speculations, investigations or prosecutions because of their reproductive organs, age or b/c they are parents.

What is going on here is not about hairstyles or pregnancy costumes. This has the potential of being the biggest scam of the century. The fact that it is blocked every step of the way solidifies that it is huge beyond comprehension.

If a child is used by the perps to distract the pursuit of justice, sad to say that child will be center stage. Even if the McCain campaign or the RNC is behind the crimial activity.

tm68 said...

Along with the green contacts, her makeup is not done well. Her heavy eye liner makes her eyes look smaller. I would say this is the look that someone in their 20s might go for- not a 45 year old woman.

tm68 said...

Along with the green contacts, her makeup is not done well. Her heavy eye liner makes her eyes look smaller. I would say this is the look that someone in their 20s might go for- not a 45 year old woman.

sandra said...

The Ziegler interview was in 2009, not 2008.

In response to the Shirley Temple curls, I wonder if Piper is taking dancing lessons. There may be a door open.

GinaM said...

I think Jesse Cornish is referring to Patrick posting Lyda Green as being his source of the miscarriage story.

Jesse Cornish said...
However, come November 17th, I'm done with you folks. I've come for what I want. I've obtained it rather easily. I might return every few months to remind you of the futility of your quest, but then again, why should I bother? This blog will eventually lose whatever following it has when its central premise is exposed as a fraud, and you all know it.
15 November 2009 21:47

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Even if Track didn't want his mother to make press hay on his graduation, and even if he requested it not be a big deal on base.

You can bet your booty Scarah would have called the press herself. But he could have also threatened her with something.

I don't think he appreciates being used as a prop. And if he wasn't cut out for accadmic he may have actually chosen to sign up as a way to get away from his freaky mother and get a career going.

Toad may have encouraged this. Toad himself wasn't cut out for the academic path, but related more to the manual labor/or service trade industry. Didn't I read he volunteered his time to programs geared towards keeping kids from dropping out of school.

As a father, he understands the need to make a living to support a family. He may have encouraged Track to do this and saw it as a win/win situation. They'd all be out of each others hair. He probably also wisely saw if he and Scarah couldn't train him, maybe the military could and even be good for him in the outcome.

I do think Toad cares more about the kids than Scarah. And Track, just like Levi was most likely pressured by the McCain campaign to be on stage as a family.

That's most likely why Scarah told the staffers they could break the news to the kids. I think when she realized what the campaign had planned to promote the family values picture. She knew the resistance she'd have trying to convince the kids if would be fun to live in a fish bowl with millions of people watching.

Other than Piper, did the girls or Track help with her previous campaigns?

I saw a picture that captured Levi and Track looking at each other after the debut was finally over, it looked like two guys who both thought, dam, can we get out of here now, get these dress up clothes off and get back to being reg. guy dudes and whew where's that drink.

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 22:14

Yeah, serving a sentence for vandalism or joining the army. Tough choice indeed.

Can you prove this ?

What is the evidence.

PC Grandma - You pick nits like no nit picker i've ever seen.

Have you ever been to Juneau ?

Oh, I didn't think so.

It's also widely known that Track doesn't want the attention, the Palins may have been respecting his wishes.

Also, the Army wouldn't have appreciated the spectacle that would have came with an official visit and wanted to keep things on the down low.

You no doubt obviously know that she attended his deployment ceremony in Fairbanks, and that was a huge dog and pony show.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Leu22500, you are a genius! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Ziegler interview is 2009 NOT 2008

From what I know of Track, he does not fully go a long with his mother's regime. He has taken some stand of his own, he is not a Republican. Britta Hanson is alleged to be his girlfriend, she goes along with that. How true it is, is not verified. They may only be old friends and useful to Sarah. Britta has been almost inseparable from Sarah. Which may be Sarah's only means of control where her son is concerned.

Track and Levi were both local hockey stars growing up. Keith Johnston was also central to the boys during that time. He has made statements supportive of both Levi and the Palins, but he has gone silent. No one mentions the early relationships and the sport connection. Keith is an eletrician. The earlier articles about him and his hockey rink links are missing.

As of early 2009 it looks like both Keith and Levi were still part of the Palin family.
Magazine photo of 3 generations of Johnstons. Keith, Levi and Tripp. The Palin's living room with same shelf, heart and photo in background as the John Ziegler interview January 4-5, 2009.
VIDEO; Wasilla, Alaska – January 2009 Stage 2 Studios filmed an exclusive @ Palins

Where Sarah is concerned, Track would be rolling his eyes so much his eyes are possibly stuck in the back of his head. She can't control his hormones and there are tensions. He is old enough to know right from wrong and when things are going rogue (1. To defraud). He will do all he can to stay out of prison.

Levi does know plenty about this group. I think he said he was dating Bristol off and on for 3 years? I don't know the times he was home schooled with Bristol, living at the house, or traveling back and forth from the North Slope. There is no public mention of Levi and Track's relationship prior to second hand from Sarah's book. No one is saying if Keith knows about the building projects that went on. Were Track and Levi at an age they helped with the labor? Levi may never want to talk about Bristol or Track. He may want to protect them.

Anonymous said...

Here's the real sick irony of Palin's characterization of Kerry as a "loon": All of his actual fighting time and many awards of valor in Vietnam in service of our country are NEGATED by his one comment according to Palin's view of the world.

It fits....when you think about it. Palin is all about appearances and superficialities instead of ACTUAL PERFORMANCE in her own life.

Anonymous said...

Here's the real sick irony of Palin's characterization of Kerry as a "loon": All of his actual fighting time and many awards of valor in Vietnam in service of our country are NEGATED by his one comment according to Palin's view of the world.

It fits....when you think about it. Palin is all about appearances and superficialities instead of ACTUAL PERFORMANCE in her own life.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why she has made such a big deal of Trak [sp] going into the service as though he actually had 'other choices' after high school. It was my understanding that he either went into the service or was going to be doing time in juvi [or jail] for getting in trouble with the law. That would really have been great for Scarah's image - troubled son and pregnant daughter - since she is such a 'terrific mother/parent'.

Anonymous said...

Do a Google search for "campst14 Airline flights to" (with the quotes) and you'll find an ADN comment from a "someone who (also) went to Fort Benning to see her son graduate at the same time as Gov. Palin's son". The person doesn't clearly say that they saw Palin there and doesn't say that they didn't see Palin there. Make of that what you will.

KaJo said...

I'm not usually moved to comment on Jesse Cornish's hints and innuendos, but I thought it was rather amusing that he posted this:

"I've come for what I want. I've obtained it rather easily. I might return every few months to remind you of the futility of your quest, but then again, why should I bother? This blog will eventually lose whatever following it has when its central premise is exposed as a fraud".

And what's this blog's central premise? "Exploring the many issues behind the many gates involving Sarah Palin."

Gee, do you think Jesse Cornish has Palingates mixed up with some other blog? He must be SOOOOOO frustrated that Audrey left that last blog entry up August 19th this year for everyone to see.


Anonymous said...

jesse cornish loves to make himself sound important.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Hit the road "Jesse" and don't come back no more.

No more, no more, no more.