Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Babygate made simple

The MSM won't touch this:

Sarah Palin seven months pregnant

That's simple enough and yet...

There are a number of theories about Babygate, different people have their pet angles and some of the theories are very complicated. I respect their tenacity and praise them for the time spent on elaborating their ideas.

I'm not a Babygate researcher. I don't know any details about Sarah Palin's "pregnancy." I rely only on my eyes and my ears and only on evidence offered by Sarah Palin herself. So I don't have a theory, I can't offer any further evidence of anything.

As I see it, the photo and her own account of the wild ride tell me everything I need to know to reach the conclusion that Sarah Palin didn't give birth to Trig.

The MSM won't look into this very simple scenario, probably worried about being compared to the Obama birthers.

What could possibly motivate them to embark into an investigation of the much more complicated Babygate theories that pop up from time to time?

They could all be true, I wouldn't know. But I can't see them going beyond the blogosphere.

A book has been written about it by Floyd Orr, but it wasn't discussed in the MSM, as far as I know.

We'll have to wait for Fred's book to see if it makes a difference. I sincerely hope it does. Perhaps Brad Scharlott will find a wider audience for his revised paper on the topic. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Perhaps all three together will do the trick.

It's been a long road this far and I do hope the final destination is not too far ahead.

In the meantime, I'll keep a low profile and stick to the simple stuff...

[Bonus VIDEO for beginners.]