Friday, 19 August 2011

Open Thread - Friday

Today we have a very special open thread, where we get to meet our very dear friends Mrsgunka, Spike and spouses.

Without further ado, here they are:

Spike and Mrsgunka

Mrsgunka told me: "I told Spike I have my fingers behind her head and she looks like the Devil!  She informed me those weren't my fingers it was her horns. She forgot to put her hat on to cover them!"

Hmmm... somebody is a cheeky devil, and not necessarily Spike!

Mr Spike, our Spike, Mrsgunka and Ray

Now it was Spike's turn to add something, about Mr Spike: "Oh so you got his bald spot, had I known that, I'd would have drawn a smiley face on it for him!"

Mrsgunka was very taken with Spike's flower beds:

Grasshopper will have to haul in a lot more rocks to keep up with Spike's 17 flower beds! :-)  Hope you enjoyed the tour of her farm.  She also has TWO big vegetable gardens just over the hill before the corn field that goes down to the road. (9 acres). 

That's a fantastic garden, Spike!

We also get to meet Marcie, Ray's mom, on the occasion of her 102nd birthday.


"Here is picture for you of Ray and his mom on her 102nd birthday. Can you see the resemblance?"

Happy birthday, Marcie!

"The second picture is of Grandma in her first pair of pants in 102 years!!!  They brought in the scale to weigh her, as the nurse had written down her weight wrong the first time!  Jon said he wanted to put his finger on the scale like the meat butcher does to make her weigh more!! She would have gotten a big laugh out of that, but the doctor may have frowned on his game! :-)"  

Thank you very, very much, Mrsgunka and Spike, for sharing such a delightful visit with the rest of us!

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