Friday, 19 August 2011

Sarah Palin, same old words, two different styles on the same day

Sarah Palin did three interviews yesterday.

Between 9 and 11 am (Alaska time) she talked to Megyn Kelly on America Live, where she bashed feminists in general and Gloria Steinem in particular:

America Live, with Megyn Kelly

Then she changed into a more fetching outfit (???) to appear on Lou Dobbs Tonight (around 3 pm in Alaska), to talk about the economy:

Lou Dobbs Tonight

I think she got tired of sitting in front of the fireplace and moved to the window for the Greta show (5 to 7 pm Alaska time), where she indulged in her favourite activity. Yes, bashing President Obama:

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren

She more or less said how dare Obama go on a ten-day vacation, in Martha Vineyard of all places, yadda yadda (too elitist).

That's rich, coming from a woman who's been on a very well paid vacation for over two years!

I don't understand why, having been fairly well dressed in the morning, with a grown-up hairstyle, she then decided to change into a last frontier jacket, bad hair and completed the look with a big crucifix for the later interviews.

The inanity and vitriol of her words are consistent, but her choice of clothes, hair and accessories is very weird.

Remember this one?

[In the process of watching the videos frame-by-frame I noticed that she was doing the tongue thing very quickly, as if she had remembered NOT to do it and then checking herself. Maybe she caught my tongue videos on youtube and decided not to give me further opportunities to expand my collection of tongue shots? I'm sure she'll indulge again when she goes on Hannity, that's when she can't control the thing... Ha ha!]