Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rick Perry and Sarah Palin

Rumour has it that Rick Perry will announce his run for the presidency very soon.

There may be no love lost between Sarah Palin and Rick Perry. She tweeted a link to a post that compares Perry unfavourably to herself.

Of the five governorships examined, Alaska under Palin saw the smallest increase in total debt outstanding (12.7% cumulatively, 4.2% per year). Texas under Perry performed worst, with total debt increasing 20.5% annually, almost tripling during his term (a cumulative increase of 184.2%).


Judging by his performance in the following clip, things could become very interesting, should Sarah decide to run. [It was edited in a way that you don't have to listen to her voice at all. It's safe.]

[You may watch Sarah Palin's press conference on youtube, if you wish.]

Rick Perry has better hair, also too.

Depending on who runs and the outcome of the primaries, there could be some strange bedfellows on the same ticket, as opportunism trumps everything else in the GOP. Something tells me that neither of these two would feel comfortable taking a back seat to the other.

I can see wigs flying from my house...