Saturday, 27 August 2011

Open Thread - Saturday

Today we have another very special open thread.

Pallottine wrote to me a while ago, saying he was looking forward seeing some friends coming all the way from Ireland for a visit. We have seen Luke before. He's the grandson of Pallottine's good friend Paul:

Luke and his girlfriend Edna had a good time in Las Vegas before going to Arizona, where the following photos were taken. Pallottine was thrilled to get a hug and a kiss from a genuine Irish lass. Edna is beautiful and speaks Gaelic!

Now... surprise, surprise!

Our resident leprechaun Pallottine, his lovely wife Annette, Edna and Luke.
Pallottine doesn't like his looks and I told him he should have said
"cheese" instead of "mustard..."

Pallottine dedicated the next photo to Tumbleweed.

Greetings from Edna and Luke

I hear that Paul, an original Scot, wears a bib when he drinks his whiskey. I suppose he's either a wee bit sloppy or doesn't want to miss a single drop! Here's Paul with grandson Luke (what a handsome young man...)

It's no wonder Pallottine was happy to get a genuine Irish hug from Edna. She's gorgeous.

They had a jolly good time at Paul's beautiful home:

If Paul gets an unexpected visit from a bunch of Palingates readers, blame the good company and the fantastic swimming pool!

The approaching storm didn't dampen their spirits:

That's it for today. I'll just add a picture of Edna's parents' cottage in Ireland because Pallottine tells me he dreams of going there and staying forever. It's definitely a dream cottage, looks like a postcard.

Thank you, Pallottine, for sharing the good times with us.

Go raibh míle maith agat!