Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Christian God in the White House?

OzMud posted this video, one of our readers drew my attention to it and I would like to repost it here, adding a couple of videos I put together.

These people would take their beliefs into the White House and promote policies based on them, affecting a great number of people who don't share those beliefs:

They advocate freedom from government when it comes to services and "entitlements." They want to keep government out of people's lives when they need help from the government. But they would have no hesitation in bringing the full force of the government into people's lives when it comes to sexuality and women's wombs.

They would also open the door even wider to the extreme religious fundamentalists who preach that all aspects of society should be infiltrated by their God, a trend started by GW Bush.

Considering that these people "quote" the Constitution ad nauseam, it seems clear that they don't understand it all!

[H/T to Sleuth]