Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Does Sarah Palin need help?

This has been brought to my attention by Andree McLeod:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is receiving legal help from the state in a civil lawsuit.

Assistant Attorney General Dale House says Palin asked the state to help defend her against the lawsuit by activist Chip Thoma.

The claims made against Palin date to when she was governor, and House says state involvement in such cases is typical.

The state will pay for House's participation, but not for Palin's personal lawyer, who will be co-counsel.

Sarah Palin, multi-millionaire, can't take responsibility for her own actions, despite having a legal defense fund. She doesn't need help from the state of Alaska and they don't need to be saddled with yet another costly participation in a lawsuit against the quitter governor.

Sarah Palin said she quit because she couldn't put the state through so much expense against frivolous complaints and lawsuits.

Why did she have to involve the state? Why is she making the state spend money when she can afford to defend herself using only her own attorneys?

I expect she wants to show that the state is on her side. And OPM is always so sweet...