Sunday, 28 August 2011

Small government for the little people

The GOP and a certain undecided political celebrity have this weird mantra about small government and disparage the "Feds" at any given opportunity. And yet, they seek federal government jobs. The most vocal among them want the biggest federal job of them all, that of President.

"Keep government out of our lives," they chant. "Decisions should be made by individual states," they moan. But state jobs are not satisfying enough for them, they want to go to Congress, to the Senate or to the White House.

They twist the poor old Constitution, mangle the history of the country and make stuff up in the pursuit of power inside the bad, bad federal government they despise so much.

When the Bush administration was spying on "we the people," they didn't say boo. They didn't ask the government to stay out of people's lives. They want to repeal Roe vs Wade and invade women's wombs. They want to regulate people's sexuality, interfere in education and make some religions better then others.

Staying out of people's lives has nothing to do with the people. The translation of their chant is: "Stay out of the corporations' lives." No regulations, no taxes, no obligations for their masters. People only qualify as "we the people" when they have millions of dollars in the bank. The more money they have, the more "people" they become. Their servant's hearts want to serve these people.

Small government is for the little people: Less services and less benefits for their tax dollars. All the juicy benefits go to the other, "proper" people, the ones that don't pay taxes.

Take from the poor and give to the rich. The fiscally conservative mob want to balance the books by cutting services and entitlements so they can continue to give the corporations and the billionaires their daily blow-jobs. I'm sorry I used such coarse language, but what these politicians advocate is obscene.

So they want to go to Washington DC to screw the "little" people, interfere in their personal lives, squeeze every last little dollar out of them and reward them with no services, deny them the "entitlements" they paid for, so the big people, the so called "job creators" can have it all?

Invading the little people's lives and screwing them royally give these hypocrites a feeling of power. Staying out of the big people's lives gives them... $omething.

It may explain why they want to make the sacrifice of joining an institution they despise. They have servants' hearts that long to serve themselves and their corporate masters.

Serve "we the people?" What an obscene joke!