Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Charming, mature Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin had a spat with a reporter from the Daily Caller and another, from the American Spectator, who had previously defended her, came to the defense of of his colleague on this occasion:

Palin Cheap-Shots a Good Reporter

... Alex Pappas of The Daily Caller, one of the rising stars among political scribes and a meticulously careful and wonderfully polite, fair-minded young man (an aside: I've known him since he was in junior high school), wrote a perfectly fine story about Palin's current stances vis-a-vis the presidential race. In it, one of the things she said was that if Mitt Romney is the nominee, well, of course she would endorse him over Barack Obama.

Fox Nation picked up the story and, in its own headline (not Pappas', not the Daily Caller's, but its own headline completely apart from anything Pappas ever wrote) played up the "Romney endorse" angle in a way that apparently did not make it clear that the endorsement might be in the general election, rather than the primary campaign. (The headline is no longer available at Fox Nation, so I can't say exactly what the wording was.)

Anyway, the Palin team pounced. Specifically inviting over reporter Kasie Hunt from Politico so she could hear the exchange, Palin called Pappas' cell phone and began berating him in a very scolding manner for writing a headline suggesting she supports Romney. Pappas didn't even know what she was talking about. When he tried to say that neither he nor his editors had written such a headline, she said she didn't have time for this, that she needed to go back to the "real people" at the State Fair, and hung up on him.

Fox Nation distorted what Pappas had actually written. The headline had nothing to do with Palin endorsing Romney:

Palin at Iowa State Fair: I’m still undecided on 2012

Swarmed by media and supporters at the Iowa State Fair, the former governor of Alaska told The Daily Caller that she’s not concerned that Mitt Romney is considered the frontrunner at this time.

“No, nothing worries me at this point,” Palin told TheDC. “Could I support somebody like Mitt Romney? Yeah.”

When TheDC pointed out that some tea partiers have pledged to make sure Romney doesn’t get the nomination, Palin said, “I’m of the mind of ABO — Anybody But Obama, at this time.”

It's not surprising that Sarah Palin has such a poor relationship with the media. Her style of  "putting the record straight" is far from dignified, it's downright disrespectful.

Sarah Palin not only dresses and accessorizes like a 15-year-old, but also thinks and acts like a vindictive one.

How very presidential! Sarah could wear this for her "inauguration."