Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sarah Palin on the road again

Unlike next week’s Obama Bus Tour, taxpayers aren’t funding our tour, which is why we so appreciate your support in allowing us to be out there on the open road to visit with you to highlight small towns, big-hearted people, and the important role they play in our most exceptional nation.

The whole sentence "Show your support for the Fundamental Restoration of America and the One Nation Tour today!" is a link to this page:

Sarah Palin has made millions of dollars in the past 2 years, but she's not shy about using Alaskan's taxpayers money to defend herself in a lawsuit...

Sarah Pac doesn't receive tax money, just good, sweet OPM.

Her idiotic followers send her their cash so she can further divide her so-called One Nation and crash actual candidates' parties while she sits on the fence.

[H/T to the readers who renamed her bus]

Well, looking on the bright side, perhaps we'll be treated to another history lesson...