Friday, 26 August 2011

Have a break, Sarah Palin

The weather is a bit unsettled over here. We woke up in the middle of the night because of the thunder and lightning. It died down long enough for me to put this post together, but dark clouds are gathering again, so this will be short, just to keep things going.

Sarah Palin is still honourably giving advice to the President, still helping him progress the nation, just like she promised.

She knows sooo much about Libya and other Arab countries! President Obama is a lucky guy to have an insightful person like Sarah Palin sharing her wisdom with him so selflessly.

Can you just imagine the mess the country would be in without her? She was so helpful to the President and the country when she campaigned to elect all those clever teabaggers to Congress! Their contribution to the debt ceiling debate was priceless.

Her Facebook notes and clever tweets are loaded with precious advice and support for the President she respects so much. She's true to her word. She said she couldn't put all the pressure on one individual's shoulders and she's dutifully sharing the burden with him, always ready to help and encourage him with her kind words.

Every time she appears on Fox News she reinforces her support for the President, doesn't she?

What a girl!

The President and the country (hey, the world!) would like to thank Sarah Palin, but she must be tired by now, so we think she should take a looong vacation somewhere without any cameras, without the internet, without anything and give her fantastic brain, her sweet mouth and that busy tongue a well deserved rest.

You've done enough, Sarah. Really. Just go and relax. Take your family with you.

We'll manage, somehow.