Thursday, 11 August 2011

Open thread - Thursday

We like traveling to different countries and today I've chosen Venezuela. According to you know who, the country is run by a dictator. Mind you, he's a democratically elected dictator...

Politics apart, let's take a look at the country, the people, the art and listen to some music.

Hector Ortega

Armando Reveron

Santiago Pol

Popular art

The trip wouldn't be complete without some food...

I couldn't have music from Venezuela without mentioning Gustavo Dudamel.

Dudamel is featured in the 2011 documentary "Let The Children Play," a film which focuses on his work advocating for music as a way to enrich children's lives.

Here's a very different version of Alma Llanera, featuring the Youth Orchestra Simon Bolivar, conducted by Dudamel:

I hope you've enjoyed our little trip to Venezuela...