Monday, 30 November 2009

The Daily Beast and Andrew Sullivan report about Sarah Palin's "fake bus tour"! - UPDATE: Harper Collins say Sarah used plane only for "three flights"

(picture of Sarah Palin's original private plane that
she uses for the bus tour - click to enlarge)

Joe McGinniss on the "Daily Beast" and following Joe's article, Andrew Sullivan on the "Daily Dish" gave us a nice surprise today!

They reported the story about Sarah Palin's "fake bus tour" - the story which started here on Palingates a few days ago with THIS POST.

On this occasion I would like to thank again our reader "snowbilly" who has the distinction of having identified Sarah's plane!

Sarah Palin is a fake, from beginning to end - and the end is near.



Huffington Post also reports the story!





Greg Sargent from The Plum Line reports that Harper Collins has now confirmed that they paid for Sarah's flights - but they say that she has only taken three plane trips, although the plane was following her all the time!

Does anybody believe that? Because I sure as hell don't! The plane was following her, but she was not flying with it? NO WAY.

Harper Collins want us to believe that an EMPTY PLANE was following Sarah Palin half-way across the nation, for $ 4,000 per hour?

Here is the complete flight log of the plane, beginning from November 18, 2009, the start of Sarah's "bus tour" (click to enlarge) - there are
10 flights in the flight log, and they match the destinations where Sarah had her book signings - the flight from Jacksonville to Orlando on November 23 was obviously an "empty" flight, because Sarah travelled on November 24 from Jacksonville over The Villages to Orlando by bus, then boarding the plane again on November 25 in order to fly from Orlando to Tri-Cities. The flight from Teterboro to Westchester County would have been empty, too, as the plane was based at Teterboro:



C4P has written a big article about "planegate" (they even use this word), but unfortunately C4P and Harper Collins can't even get their story straight!

C4P writes:

"The Birmingham event is a great success, with thousands of people shouting her name and... Sorry, that's not what McGinniss wants to hear. Let's talk flights. On the evening of the 23rd, the private jet (...) takes Gov. Palin from Birmingham to Jacksonville (FL), the place of the first of her three stops in the Sunshine State. The jet flies ahead to the destination of her final stop in the state, Orlando."

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Wait a second!


Harper Collins said:

"Tina Andreadis, a spokesperson for Palin publisher HarperCollins, confirmed to me that Palin did in fact take three plane trips by privately chartered jet, flying to stops in Michigan, Rochester, NY, and Birmingham, AL."

So: C4P said she flew to Jacksonville, and Harper Collins said she didn't?


You know it's a lie when they can't even get their story straight.

Not a good day for the Quitter Queen! ;-)



The plane story goes global!

The leading German news website "Spiegel Online" (belonging to famous magazine "Der Spiegel") reports the story! Have a look at the slideshow, it's very interesting!


In addition, the extensive reporting of "palingates" with regard to Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig CAN BE READ HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for snowbilly, Patrick, Regina, and Palingates!
Good work, team!

For those who wonder why it matters: another lie in a pattern of lies....Another lie when the truth would have been fine....It fits the Palin mode of behavior: all lies.

Anonymous said...

Trust is the single most important factor when casting a vote, for any elected office. Sarah Palin can go have a cable talk show, I don't care. She and her backers just need to keep their hands off our country's government.

Anonymous said...

Palin is a certifiable mythomaniac.

Patrick said...

Read Andrew Sullivan's latest piece about Palin: He discusses the review of "Going Rogue" in "Alaska Dispatch" and also brings up babygate again!

Andrew Sullivan about the review of “Going Rogue” in Alaska Dispatch

Anonymous said...

It's not just the lies.
It's the deliberate deception.
As a family member who shall remain
anonymous once told me --

"What you see and what you know are two different
things." He was absolutely serious and saw nothing
wrong with either that statement or that worldview.
THAT is where this persona archetype is coming from.

Liz I. said...

Don't miss Andrew Sullivan's concluding paragraphs:

"You can live in a rational world and ask rational questions, but you soon realize you're dealing with a disturbed individual who shouldn't be allowed custody of a child let alone a nation. I've tried to make sense of this book. It cannot be done. It's a tissue of lies, truths, half-truths, fantasies, grievances, and hilarious references to Plato and Aristotle. It's a joke, as she is. And yet this joke is, to my mind, the likeliest Republican nominee for president in 2012. And one of the most common reasons people cite for supporting her is her honesty.
Think of what that says about America in 2010."

A succinct summary of Palin's fundamental dishonesty and why it matters.

Anonymous said...

OT but did anyone notice that the old guy on Palin's Facebook page used these words: "in this final battle". End-timers, again. And congrats that your work has been recognized, Patrick and team! I am encouraged to hear you say the end is near; not the kind she had envisioned of course!

Patrick said...

Anon 19:53

Yes, definitely NOT the kind of ending that Sarah had envisioned! ;-)

Daisydem said...

I am so tired of the hypocrisy .. that is the worst of it! If you have money to spend (or you can spend other people's monies - which I have a feeling Caribou Barbie is doing - but it is not MY monies) and can fly around on a luxury jet to promote a book - fine! Just do so and don't pretend to be a fiscal conservative, "I'm just a regular joe" mavericky sort of person riding a bus (with my picture plastered all over it) cross country. Go away Sarah Palin! My favorite part of this post Patrick - "and the end is near." Think I'll write that on a sticky note, and put the sticky note on that bottle of champagne (STILL in the bottom of my fridge). You know, maybe by New Year's Eve, I can drink to a new year sans Palin!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Patrick and Regina! Kudos to Andrew Sullivan and Joe McGinniss!

You know, I remember an interview she gave talking about the old plumbing in the mansion and that her husband had fixed the plumbing. Nothing about a roof. I read it back during the campaign. That may have been the reason for moving to Wasilla, the pipes were old and her husband was saving the state money by fixing those old pipes himself. I thought it was strange in that the mansion is the people's house. The state would have paid for a licensed plumber to do all repairs and paid for all the materials as well.

I don't understand why child protective groups haven't yelled loud enough about poor Trig being removed from a bus at a late hour with only a diaper and a sweat shirt in 41+ degree weather. SPalin was more interested in showing her little prop to her fans; she was not looking out for the best interests of the child. And I think I heard it right; BWalters stated on her show that the baby had a hole in his heart and may require surgery. I thought that was strange because I heard earlier that the hole had closed.

Anyway, H/T to Patrick and Regina!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, Reg, did you see Joe McGinnis called you a Alaska Blog???
t seems now that Palin hasn’t been on the bus, except for short hops between local airports and hotels and book-signing sites. Instead, as first reported by the Alaskan blog Palingates, she’s apparently been aboard UJT750, the Gulfstream American twin-jet that she first boarded at Westchester County airport shortly after noon on November 18, bound for Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the first stop on her tour.
Thought that was cool....
Thanks to snowbilly for the find and Palingate for breaking this story...!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on breaking the bus/jet story and having the Huffington Post acknowledge that fact in its article on this.

For me it is not the flying around in a jet that bothers me. It is purposely giving the general public an untrue visual of what is happening in order to bolster a non-existent image. This is the part that I find reprehensible.

I decided to see if your counter was going wild like it did on that Trig story. Wow! This day may beat that last one.

I love your site for its meticulous fact-checking and organization. It looks like other sites recognize this, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Please do not misunderstand what I am about to say.
Although "Planegate" is a worthwhile story, and kudos to snowbilly, I wish the last post
(Sullivan/babygate/factchecking) was still at the TOP of this blog.
"Planegate" is being covered in many places now.
Sullivan's newest post gives us a tremendous opportunity to further expose a much bigger lie.
The pee zoo folks think "planegate" is a non-issue, and I agree with them to an extent.
Anyone with even half a brain (even the pee people) could figure out that a bus would not get Palin to and fro scheduled stops. I think even they knew it would include a plane.
I am all for exposing ALL gates here, believe me - I guess I am just grumpy that the last post (re Sullivan) was only up on top for a short time.
"Planegate" is another embelishment-sure, but just not scandalous IMO.

Anonymous said...

Patrick @ 19:34

That was an excellent read. I had never even heard about the alleged gang-rape threats against Willow and Bristol, where no police were ever alerted.
This quote from Sullivan, to me, is why we all care so much, and why this blog, and others like it, exist:
"You can live in a rational world and ask rational questions, but you soon realize you're dealing with a disturbed individual who shouldn't be allowed custody of a child let alone a nation. I've tried to make sense of this book. It cannot be done. It's a tissue of lies, truths, half-truths, fantasies, grievances, and hilarious references to Plato and Aristotle. It's a joke, as she is. And yet this joke is, to my mind, the likeliest Republican nominee for president in 2012. And one of the most common reasons people cite for supporting her is her honesty.

Think of what that says about America in 2010."
Bears repeating.

not that sarah said...

I opened the HuffPo, not having seen your post here, and was blown away by seeing "PG" in the first paragraph!!

Way to go! OH, goodness....the end is near for her!

Good job, Patrick and Snowbilly and everyone else who pitched in!!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

screw the plane. take her down. PLEASE!!!!

not that sarah said...

Oops, second paragraph, I meant. And thanks to Regina as well!!

Patrick said...


I absolutely understand you!

I can assure you that we are working very hard in the background, as well as in the foreground.

However, you have to understand that it's a big breakthrough for us to have been able to bring the plane story into the national MSM (just a few minutes ago, CBS also has linked to us).

ella said...

I am highly suspect of the gang-rape threats re Willow and Bristol in Juneau.
If true, I am sorry - but NO police reports? What kind of mother would NOT protect her daughters and NOT call the police to investigate this?
I suspect:
a. She remembered all the support she got (even from NOW) when Letterman supposedly made a rape joke.
b. She wanted to justify not living in the Juneau Governor's mansion, so she threw Juneau under the bus (as an unsafe city, full of rapists out to harm her children).
It bears repeating - she is SICK SICK SICK!

Ripley said...

And the walls come tumbling down.....

Anonymous said...

This article is a Must Read!

I couldn't believe all of the details that they fact-checked in "Going Rogue", even looking up old weather reports to decide if Sarah's story about braving 30 below temps, huddling together in sleeping bags to watch "The Brady Bunch" was true. The TV show aired on Friday nights, and this writer checked out how many Fridays in that year had 30 below temps. (Only one). That's fact checking.

Regina, Patrick, and Kathleen: You guys are doing such a great job. I can't keep up with all the good stuff you write and the great comments posted here. I know that you are getting someplace because of the troll attacks.

And, by the way, it isn't important if Sarah really watched "The Brady Bunch" snuggling in her sleeping bag. It doesn't matter if she rode the bus, had a limo or came in by space ship to sign her books. It is the total accumulation of untruths, misrepresentations, outward lies, fiction and other innacurate stuff that makes anything Sarah says or does unbelievable.

Rationalist said...

Exactly, Anon at 21:11: "It is the total accumulation of untruths, misrepresentations, outward lies, fiction and other innacurate stuff that makes anything Sarah says or does unbelievable."

How many people are going to click over to Palingates tonight if Charlie Gibson covers this on CBS evening news? Get ready, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

Now that I've had a chance to catch up with the other comments, if the lie about the bus opens a door, great! If some more lies open more doors, even better. I'm happy that you're able to get through to more msm than ever before. Maybe the new attention will open more doors.

Rationalist said...

Oops - that's ABC. CBS is Couric - even better.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


I understand the fact that PG is making headway into the MSM arena, but this is a non-story in the grand scheme of things. yes it is another deception, but her fans wouldnt care if you had a photo of her on a broom with a witches hat on. (No offense to any Wiccans).

Please dont get sucked into the vortex of the limelight, unless the groundwork for the end of her national platform is near.

Eye on the target, head on the stock, and squeeze the trigger! FIGURATVLEY OF COURSE!

Patrick said...


Don't worry, we have our feet firmly stuck to the ground. No vortex will suck us in ;-)

We are doing it step by step, but I can assure you that all steps lead into the right direction.

Anonymous said...

It just makes me PURR with pleasure to see Palingates NAMED by the bigger folk. You guys are performing a noble service for all of us. And don't forget to read Geoffrey Dunn's piece today in HuffPo about how $P attributed part of a quote by a native American named John Wooden Legs to... basketball coach John Wooden. Classic!

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

snowbilly said...

Many thanks to Patrick for posting the video and the pictures of the plane's landing that appeared in The Bellingham Herald. Those and someone's question about whether the plane was a gulfstream made me so curious. And if someone hadn't posted about trying to track Franklin Graham's plane, I wouldn't have known about the flight database. Great community effort by all pajama wearing, basement dwelling bloggers (Hi, Sarah!).

ArmchairJane said...

Sarah doesn't like us to talk about her relationship (or lack of a decent one) with Todd, which compels me to wonder, WHY, if you have a $4000 per hour private jet parked on the tarmac in Washington State for several days, do you not send it to get poor Todd to come visit for at least a few hours?

How hard could that be? How badly did that roof need fixing? Couldn't hire somebody or put a tarp over the roof?

After all, this is a family who supposedly allowed the roof of the Governor's mansion to leak into a bucket on the top of a grand piano for TWO YEARS?! And yet Todd could not get away for even a day to spend time with the family even with a private jet at Sarah's disposal? Sure doesn't sounds like a close and happy marriage to me.

snowbilly said...

I should clarify about the "pajama wearing, basement dwelling bloggers." That is how Sarah Palin described us to the ADN in an article earlier this year. She must be very familiar with the blogs and forums, because that phrase is a common insult on the internetl.

Irishgirl said...

Well done Patrick and snowbilly!

Anonymous said...

Giving specific details about threats to one's children is a really bad idea. "My children were threatened" is the most one should say. Giving details can ignite copycats. It also unnecessarily exposes the children to questions from their peers.

I can't even begin to express my disgust at learning this Palin woman had so little regard for the privacy of her children. What a ___!

Anonymous said...

Tons of visitors keep showing up from the links to the fake bus story.

Jesse does not get credit this time.

Congrats to snowbilly

Dianne said...

CBS picked up "palingates" blog. That's a BIG DEAL!!!! Congrats!! And, it's about time.

Anonymous said...

Pls help me understand the time frame of the threats against the older Palin girls. Was it before or after Palin stopped letting Piper walk home from school unescorted?

Anonymous said...

@ Snowbilly,
LOL, glad you clarified. I was just assuming you were talking directly to Sarah, as her new occupation is facebooking and tweeting when she's not flying around on luxury jets at 4,000 bucks an hour (you know, sort of a low class blogger), and we know from Levi that aside from designer clothes, pjs are her favorite attire. ;)
Thanks for your excellent work, and congrats!

Anonymous said...

It was before Palin let her youngest girl walk home alone from school, even though they have security and nannies paid for by the state.

indylindy said...

Great job Snowbilly and Patrick! I was so happy to see the link to Palingates on Huffington Post.

Sarah's total lack of credibility is being exposed a little more every day. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Bristol and Willow were both threatened, yet she was allowing her youngest daughter Piper to trudge through the ice and snow in Juneau, back and forth to school in January? This was when she was supposedly accosted by journalists she had met on the campaign trail causing SP to have another coronary. All this while SP still had a Secret Service detail, Troopers and private hired security, yet Piper is just wandering around that evil town. Just another flat out lie by SP, or she really IS the worst mother of all time

Rationalist said...

Anon at 21:52 said:

"It was before Palin let her youngest girl walk home alone from school, even though they have security and nannies paid for by the state."

Oh, for crying out loud. This woman is too much. I've got to take a breather from Palin. I cannot take her anymore today.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the truth is starting to trickle out. Good job, and it really does pay to be patient and vigilant.

If the mainstream media felt this was important enough to report, they too must have been under the impression Sarah Palin was going to be traveling on the bus across the states. It was implied that the hockey mom was goin' to rough it like "regular" moms, and to impress folks she's all about the simple life.

If she'd just admit she's no different than any "celebrity" or politician, this wouldn't be an issue. It's her stubborness to make one believe she's one of us.

LisanTX said...

Way to go, snowbilly and Patrick!! I'm happy that your efforts were recognized by others and that planegate is helping educate the public.


Anonymous said...

When you tell the truth and have actual evidence the MSM will pay attention.

When you exaggerate and stretch the truth is when the MSM will ignore you. They are not stupid they know what is fake and what is not.

So put up your real evidence if you have any... otherwise sit down and shut up.

Anonymous said...

A woman who would risk the life of her preterm, special needs, baby with a heart defect in order to make some kind of political point, might also not report rape threats against her daughters. She's a drama queen, what would be more dramatic than an attack on her daughters?

People have to consider the possibility that she isn't lying with some of this, and actually has no maternal instinct.

Helen said...

Seriously excellent excellent excellent work. Getting the truth out to the mainstream. Really made my day.

Anonymous said...

"couldn't believe all of the details that they fact-checked in "Going Rogue", even looking up old weather reports to decide if Sarah's story about braving 30 below temps, huddling together in sleeping bags to watch "The Brady Bunch" was true. "

Could somebody please explain this to me? Why were they huddling in sleeping bags in 30 degree below temps to watch a TV program? Don't Alaskans keep their televisions INSIDE their houses? Is this some pioneer Alaskan thing, to watch TV outside in the cold? You roguish scamps, you! Just can't sit on a sofa like we do Down Below!


Anonymous said...

Hi trollies!

I just read an article today about how desperate Right Wingers are hiring trolls to "Flood" the internet with talking points tailored to the particular person.

How much you wanna bet Sister Sarah is using her PAC to shell out mulah to have paid trolls defend her on the interwebs?

Money money money

Anonymous said...

Going back to the threats against the older girls being detailed in Palin's book, I have to ask - WHERE was the EDITOR? !! Even if Palin was inclined to give details that would expose her children to the questions and taunts of their peers, the EDITOR is supposed to weed out that sort of blunder.

Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - my comment vanished - trying again.

What could the EDITOR be thinking of to let Palin's book publish details of threats against the children? Editors are supposed to catch that sort of blunder. Not fair to the children to be that incompetant.

Anonymous said...


My eyes are twitching! I have been watching feedjit live!!

Great work, Patrick and Regina! Kudos, all!

Ruth said...

I totally respect all you do here. All the lies, no matter how small, point to the big picture and eventual truth being fully told.
Anon at 21:11: "It is the total accumulation of untruths, misrepresentations, outward lies, fiction and other innacurate stuff that makes anything Sarah says or does unbelievable."

Sarah Palin lost all her pleas for privacy, IMO.

"I agree with whomever said that when people started asking questions about the birth...and the ADN was asking right after the birth in that audio recording...if she had JUST said, OK, the reason this birth was the easiest, the reason I saw no impediment to flying long hours home after my water may have begun leaking, was that I was not in labor, and I was not pregnant, and the reason I pretended I was pregnant, was because we have adopted this beautiful little boy, and we are so proud to be his parents, and we feel that God chose us to be his parents, and we are adopting him into our family, and Im sorry I mislead everyone, but we wanted our baby to know that his family wanted him very much, and the circumstances of his birth are private, and please honor our request to keep the details private."

I am waiting for the excuses to pour out but it is too late. Todd and all who went along with wrong choices and child abuse must be an example of how America feels about fraud and abuse. Throw the book at them all. I am looking forward to when the attention turns on what they do to Trig (a prop, the grueling tours et al) and Tripp (deprived of his father, used as a drugged prop)

It is about time this goes MSM VIRAL!

"They know perfectly well what they enable."

Patrick said...

+++See my latest update!+++

Vaughn said...

Silver Salmon......This is the tiny url for the Mat-Su Regional baby nursery. Once you get on the page just scroll to the bottom
and keep on clicking next 30 babies on each page until you get to the April births. You can see the babies pictures by clicking
the babies names.

Anonymous said...

Well Snowbilly earned a round of applause.

And Patrick for taking it further.

This woman is the pits. She needs to be taken down completely so she can't be taken seriously.

She will always have her core bots, like granny willing to shell out 100 a month and eat rice with her grandchildren to send Sarah her own much needed money. Probvably social security.

FOR what?

Can't do anything about total idiots.

Anonymous said...

CBS? THAT'S HUGE!!!! Not 'cause I personally think they're a big deal, but because that's Main Street, baby! Congrats to all, you have FINALLY hit the big time :-).

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, just a little heads-up to all you newbies here on this blog: Please feel free to check out any and all of the Palin-'gates' on the right hand side of the blog...

There are some REAL DOOZIES amongst them! Like 'Religion-gate', 'HOUSE-gate', Ethics-gate,Legal-Fund-gate and ALL THE OTHERS, too numerous to mention here!

Anonymous said...

Can you say HYPOCRISY? Can you say LIAR? Bit by bit, she will be brought down to size. It's just a matter of time now. Some may think this is a minor point about the bus, but the fact that that the MSM is picking it up now means they have had enough of her too.

EyeOnYou said...

Palin fans at Ocean of Urine are saying they have known all along that she was using a plane, that it was reported a while ago she was flying as well as using her bus and that this is just a huge NON ISSUE, but then they turn around and scream for someone to do a blog post on it debunking the entire thing!

So Sarah claims to be doing a bus tour, but she really isn't instead the bus is more or less for show, and she is happily jetting around the country in a cushy and EXPENSIVE private jet, while promoting a book she got millions to write, and still tries to claim she is an average joe six-pack hockey mom kinda gal?

What a joke this woman is.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yup! She only 'flew' on three flights - the other times, she 'winged' it!

Anonymous said...

This comment by Moderate Republican was posted on Bree Palin, re the letter SP quotes on her Facebook page today. Note that Moderate says the "Estes letter" is fabricated:

Moderate Republican said...

He claims to live in a "rest home". This is a fabricated letter from someone "resting" in the Arizona Memorial. This name was taken off the plate honoring all the dead who currently are entombed in the USS Arizona, which still leaks oil. I have been to that Memorial. I have rendered honors to that Memorial while serving as Officer of the Deck, Underway, Making Way, aboard a USN warship. This is protocol for all commissioned USN ships who pass the Memorial.

My grandfather served as a marine in WWII, my father served 3 tours in Vietnam, and I myself served on a Knox Class Frigate in Pearl Harbor, HI. My oldest son, in fact, was born at Tripler Army Hospital.

Sorry if this is a bit run-on, but stunts like this chit get my blood boiling.

Shame on you Sarah.

Rationalist said...

Wow! They're coming in every few seconds now. I guess Palin's supporters are wrong - it IS a story. Way to go, Patrick, for posting the babygate link right at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Dairygate, in which she secured Federal loans for her con artist friends with NO experience running a dairy. Those loans have now been defaulted on, making her deplorable friends in the valley VERY rich. It's still not enough for them though, as they now have their hands out looking for MORE federal money to line their pockets with.

Anonymous said...

Keep on chippin', Patrick, baby. Never give up. That's how you beat a quitter.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many authors Harper Collins have done this for? I have never seen a bus being used for a book tour, and now a plane, too?!

Is this normal, or is this just early campaigning paid for by the big guy, uh, Harper Collins?

snowbilly said...

You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last.
But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast.
Yonder stands your orphan with his gun,
Crying like a fire in the sun.
Look out the saints are comin' through
And it's all over now, Baby Blue.

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Anonymous said...

What does HC have to say about sharing in using Trig as a prop and his lack of dress in the cold and other abuses they approve? When will the MSM pay attention to the needs of children?

Patrick said...

Another update!

The plane had 11 FLIGHTS since the begin of Sarah's "bus tour"!

Rationalist said...

and, snowbilly, may I add:

"The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense.
Take what you have gathered from coincidence."

I really think Palin's luck - the luck that began when Obama said "families are off limits" and the entire MSM gave her a pass - may be running out.

WV: infactr - one who infects with facts, like Alaskan bloggers

Anonymous said...

THey claim she didn't fly to Florida from her last stop. Really? They expect us to believe that?

How nice for HC that they are now on the REAL Sarah Bus. You know, the one all of her other helpers have been thrown under.

Does Sarah realize that when the publisher says they're picking up the tab, it might just come out of her royalties? After all, I'm sure it's like the point system in the movies, where you get your points AFTER expenses. Including the cost of promoting the film.

Yeah, the studio pays for you to fly around, but that all goes to the bottom line of costs and you don't get paid until the film is making a PROFIT after costs.

Maybe I'm wrong on this? Do we have any publishing experts on board?

A note: one of the feedit listings was someone who came here after searching for "beautiful photo of Sarah Palin". PG has a great selection of Sarah pics- the best on the internet:-)

Have fun!

FEDUP!!! said...

So... Where is the *plane* (Ooops! - *Palin*) headed for today?

Anonymous said...

Tracking is off flightaware

Anonymous said...

22:58 Anonymous said... Is this normal, or is this just early campaigning paid for by the big guy, uh, Harper Collins?


It is crap to ignore the well being of a child.

Whether she is on the plane or not it is the same carbon print, same waste, same NOT "like us" to have that option. What more is she scamming for?

Harper Collins EPIC FAIL!

Anonymous said...

So, her underlings were on the bus while she was on the plane? Does that include her children and their nanny, or do they get to ride with Her Royal Highness in the jet?

Martha said...

Palin is such a phony..... ....after she made such a big deal at the convention about selling that fancy Alaska state jet on e-bay..... which wasn't sold on e-bay..... just like she did NOT say thanks but no thanks to the bridge to nowhere.........some of her followers are going so far as to ask others.......... to feed their kids rice instead of meat so that they can afford to give more money to her............oy vay!

Palin supporters are now officially the "Glass Bellybuttons"....... ......their heads are so far up their bums, they need glass bellybuttons to be able to see.................

Anonymous said...

Ivyfree: The various places around the internet that have fact checked Sarah are a riot! She included every little unnecessary detail, such as a clear, freezing morning when the weather records, on-line, noted that it was warm and cloudy that day.

Another favorite was the story that the Palin family were all avid Scrabble players, and they would "hoard all of the K's and Q's since those letters had the highest value, then make the longest fancy words out of them."

Well, we know the limits of Sarah's vocabulary, and Mr.& Mrs. Heath for that matters. But, the blogger pointed out that there is only one K tile and only one Q tile in the game.

My husband wanted to bravely defend Sarah, saying that they played with multiple sets of tiles at the same time. Yeah, and the sun was brightly shining on New Year's Eve at midnight.

The little gaffs individually are just silly. This is a woman who wrote the story of her life the way she imagined it, or the way she thought it should have been.

Remember when Katie Couric asked what Sarah's reading material was in terms of how it informed her opinion of the world. Sarah heard the question in her own personal, subjective way, insulted that Katie would wonder if they had newspapers away up there in Alaska.

It is possible that Sarah just doesn't see and hear things the way the rest of us do. Maybe it's because of a learning disability or some other problem, and she needs to cover up it. Maybe Sarah lives in her own fantasy world, and in that world, it is always colder, she runs further, she overcame greater odds, she put it on Ebay, she said "thanks but no thanks," no matter what the facts of the matter are.

This need to over exaggerate, to puff up the story, regardless of the facts may be something that she acquired (learned?) from Chuck Heath. He has opened his mouth and said stupid things more than once.

We have Chuck Heath to thank for The Wild Ride Story, and Sarah was stuck with it. Chuck Heath has made such ridiculous statements as "the kids are always losing their underwear," and his most recent racial tirade against the "minorities" who Sarah went to school with in Hawaii. Chuck may not have taught Sarah any science, but I think, by accident, he was the role model for exaggeration and stupid speech.

As written early, each little gaff isn't anything serious in itself. It is the total collection of lie after lie, untruth after untruth. No wonder that secret reporters need to sneak into Sarah's speeches just to fact check her, because she just cannot be believed. No way, no how.

Patrick said...

Anon 23:14

It seems that now only the flights of the plane from Nov 23 onwards are visible any more in flightaware.

However, we had taken screenshots of the full log from Nov 18 onwards, I just posted it in the update, therefore everything is saved!

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2
Alaska Reporting child abuse/neglect: 1-800-478-4444

If no answer, call Childhelp: 800-422-4453

The Office of Children's Services (OCS) is a state agency within the Department of Health and Social Services.  OCS is committed to safety, permanency and well being for Alaska's vulnerable children, youth and families.  OCS assesses allegations of abuse and neglect and provides family preservation services in the home when appropriate. 

OCS is the primary state agency for mandatory reporters to contact with reports of abuse or neglect.

When you call to report a suspected case of child abuse or neglect, the OCS worker will want to know all of the information listed below.  Please be prepared to give as much information as possible to OCS.

Name, age, date of birth, gender, ethnic heritage/race and current address of the child

Where the child is at the time of report

Names, addresses and phone numbers of parents and siblings (if the street address is not known or there is no house number, provide a description of the house and where it is located)

Names, addresses and phone numbers of other significant relatives (if the street address is not known or there is no house number, provide a description of the house and where it is located)

If the child has Alaska Native or American Indian heritage, their tribal affiliation

What type of abuse has happened, how often it is happening and how serious it is

What happened that made you decide to report now?  Was there an incident or situation that led to the report?

Current condition of the child

Names, addresses and phone number of person(s) suspected of doing the abuse

Any action taken by reporter (or others)

The name, address and phone number of the person making this report.
Anonymous reports are also acceptable (mandatory reports must provide their name and contact information so it can be verified that they reported)

Whether the reporter witnessed the abuse or neglect, the dates of occurrence

the names, addresses (if the street address is not known or there is no house number, provide a description of the house and where it is located) and phone numbers of others who have knowledge of the incident or situation

Whether you have a concern for the immediate safety of this child or other children in the home

Whether the reporter told the family of plans to file this report

Whether you want the family and others to be given your name.
What does OCS/law enforcement do with the information I provide?


wv: comode

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2
OCS receives your information and screens the case to evaluate the situation and prioritize the case with the others the OCS office is responsible for. The OCS investigation may include face to face contact with the child, parent(s), caretaker(s) siblings and others residing in the household or who have information relevant to the investigation. If OCS concludes the allegations are unfounded, OCS may end the investigation. The OCS worker may not be able to tell you what action will be taken or how quickly because information about the case is confidential. A report to OCS may result in services provided to the family to work with them to avoid further state intervention in their lives. This is called a family preservation case. Or, the situation may require that the children are removed from the parent's care and into state custody, and placed with temporary caregivers to protect them from further harm. If this type of intervention is required, OCS will initiate a Child in Need of Aid case in state court. OCSs first priority is to work with families to help reunify children with parents once the situation is no longer harmful to the children. If that is not possible, OCSs priority becomes finding a permanent home for the children. This may require termination of the parent's rights, and adoption of the children in the most extreme cases.

In the event of an emergency involving an imminent danger or imminent risk of harm, OCS may coordinate a joint response with law enforcement. Law enforcement investigates potential criminal violations. Some abuse or neglect may involve both OCS through a Child in Need of Aid case, and law enforcement through a criminal investigation for a criminal prosecution.


wv: testrou

snowbilly said...

They have a consciousness that they have a big problem, if they've turned the flightaware tracking off. Another plane she used to go to dinner had its flightaware tracking turned off before it flew. It's a little late to shut the barn door, as they say.

This is a very expensive book tour. The sponsor may have seen the whole book deal as a way to slip some dollars to Sarah Palin, and provided the jet to give her a good time, without running afoul of political contribution reporting and restrictions. The cost of the book and tour would seem as nothing to some people, if they hoped to recoup their "investment" with some influence over Sarah Palin should she ever hold public office again.

Don't remember by whom it was said, but someone once said that "freedom requires eternal vigilance." Let's keep connecting the dots.

Anonymous said...

23:25 - THANK YOU.

It can also be reported in the state where it happens, to Federal agencies, to Harper Collins, the bus and jet co. that may know and ignore the child's well being or the sake of earning a buck or fame.

Report to the media when you are sick of it all. Don't leave out any of the perps or enablers.


Most of all Alaska.

Anonymous said...

The vast multitude of whopping lies and misstatements in Palin's book, together with its obvious lack of even minimal fact-checking, should demonstrate painfully to the right-wing the bankruptcy of their anti-intellectualism rants and slants. Had there been even one iota of intellectualism extant in either Palin, her ghost writer, or the Harper Collins editors, this book would not be the universal laughing stock that it currently is. Additional, ongoing fact-checking by vigilant truth seekers should put a halt to Palin and all that she represents; and if it destroys the Repug party in its current form, so be it. Hopefully, those who pride themselves in anti-intellectualism will eventually come to see the irony of their talking points.

Anonymous said...

23:25 - THANK YOU.

Too upset, sorry about the typos...
... ignore the child's well being for the sake of earning a buck or fame.


pearlygirl said...

You guys are great! It's one of those "straw that broke the camel's back" situations. Each little lie doesn't seem so consequential but when it's more and more little lies, ESPECIALLY over things that don't need to be lied about, it adds up.
It would not have been a problem to travel by plane but don't LIE that it's "average hockey mom who understands the problems of everyday Americans riding around in a bus tour." Don't forget that her fans often state that they love her "honesty" and that she is "real" I have not seen one real or honest thing about her especially surrounding Trig's birth--either this was a total lie or showed her true character in the reckless, selfish, "roguish" way in which she knowlingly risked his life in utero and during labor.

Harper Collins made their deal, let them pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Wait, took a flight to dinner?
Please tell me she did not take a private jet to go eat dinner.
Did she?
I think you are likely right about the influence peddling here.

I also think people should be reminded loudly and clearly of her public argument of why she put the Alaska government's jet on eBay: she didn't need such things. It was a luxury. Funny how she feels she needs such things now (and yes, I do remember the video of her saying to someone that she put it on eBay because it didn't handle well in the snow or some such different story).

sandra said...

Why would they make so many flights if SP wasn't on the plane? I thought take off's were extremely expensive. It would be in no one's interest to puddle hop with no one on board.

conscious at last said...

Right On Snowbilly !! Thank you!

..All your reindeer armies are
going home ....

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Anonymous said...

I had not seen update 3.

Patrick, did HC give an explanation as to why it was flying an empty jet from one book signing site to another at 4000 bucks an hour? Is that standard practice for them? Do they so hate clean air they are willing to pay to fly empty jets all over creation?
Man, who knew Sarah's lying was so contagious!

Anonymous said...

YEs, report the child abuse while she's on her media elite tour, because the people won't be so cowed by her. State level agencies would be best, and out west or midwest better than the south.

Anonymous said...

Oh man,

Give a dog a bone and he drools all over the floor.

Its fun to watch dogs play.

But in the end he is still just the dog, who will have to go back to his corner after he gets his

At least you have a comfy bed in that corner though.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Reagan use to have a helicopter fly 200 miles round trip for breakfast, lunch and dinner when she was at the ranch, Western White House.

They do not care about pollution.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for not including:

Wasilla Children Services / Child abuse/neglect reporting line:
907-357-9797 8am-4pm, but please don't wait until the end of the day.

State of Alaska Office of Children Services site:

Before you call and report suspected child abuse and/or neglect, please take your time to formulate the specific and descriptive concerns regarding Trig. What. Where, When you have seen suspected child abuse/neglect? Other documentation? Videos, photos?


wv: aftingl

Anonymous said...

Can you get in some kind of trouble for reporting child abuse as a form of harrassment where you know no child abuse has occured?

Anonymous said...

HC will have to hire a different plane. The current one will be detected at airports all over america (real or imagined).

The tracking software was a mistake they won't make again.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave Harper Collins out of the complaints to Child Services.

The more complaints the better chance for children. Attention brings awareness to all children

snowbilly said...

anon 23:56 --- It looks as though it was a prop plane that took her to dinner. It was a plane connected to Franklin Graham's charity (he may have flown it). The only reason we know it was his plane is -- believe it or not -- a Palin supporter made a video of the plane's arrival, with Sarah Palin stepping off -- and Franklin Graham having to grab Trig, because she appeared as though she could have easily fallen down the steps as she disembarked. That plane was identified by its 'N' number, which was visible in the video, but when people tried to track it via flightaware it was discovered that the tracking had been turned off before the plane flew, which is information I got from a comment at Celtic Diva's blog.

Cammie said...

I don't think reporting about Trig is a good idea AT ALL. Who are we? We only see bits of film so there is no evidence.

Waking him up at midnight to show him off to a crowd in only a diaper is just awful, but it is not abuse.

save abuse for REAL abuse cases

Archivist1000 said...

Wish I could take credit for this one, but ... I will SHARE it (from Huffpost comments)

Harper Collins leased Air Head One for the tour.

Rationalist said...

Gotta agree with Cammie. Could really backfire.

Lisabeth said...

Great news Patrick et al! I am on vacation but keep checking in. HC must be very desperate for money to have let this book of lies be published. It's obvious they didn't do fact checking and that's just wrong. Even if some criticize her for partisan reasons, the book should have been thoroughly fact checked before publishing. For those of you in publishing, is this unusual?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 00:27

"Who are we?"

They are the kind of people who are so hell bent on destroying a woman they dont like that they are willing to falsify child abuse reports. Lie to authorities and create stories where there are none just to hurt her. Those are the kind of people who frequent this blog.

Are you one of those?

Anonymous said...

01 December 2009 00:11

Anyone can see the abuse. They need to investigate to find out the other details about drugs and lack of therapy.

Prefer the federal level is involved, crossing state lines, mother is working and it is serious to lie to federal agents. Is the child working and being paid for his performances?

HC should be hounded for their part. The public should not be subjected to seeing this abuse either, other children see this on the news.

It is wrong wrong wrong no matter how you spin it! What a horrible example.

Archivist1000 said...

Maybe HC is hoping to publish a FOLLOW UP book, where all of Sarah's targets will be debunking and responding to her fantasies??

It will need numerous footnote/cross references and of course an INDEX just like a grown-up book usually has!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 00:36

You people are seriously sick.

sandra said...

I agree that reporting child abuse is a bad idea. You will be tying up social workers, etc. who could be working on more flagrant situations. Making comments on the parenting behavior on blogs seems to get some attention.

Franklin Graham was in the airport when the plane landed, so I don't think he was flying the plane.

midnightcajun said...

This is hilarious. Of all the things Sarah has done and that this blog and others have investigated, THIS is the one grabs the attention of the MSM and brings traffic to new home of Babygate? To quote Sarah, what a hoot! Bet she didn't anticipate this when she decided to pretend to be a folksy hockey mom takin' a bus around real America all the while she was really flying in a private jet

Anonymous said...

So, someone needs to 'camp' at the near by airports where the queen will be landing. If you seen increased security, a big blue bus and a waiting crunchwrap, you know 'SHE' is in the area. Take a photo of the plane, and were golden again.

Perhaps we should have waited until the tour was over to break this over her head? But GREAT work regardless!

Archivist1000 said...

The other day there was an interview with Sarah and Trig/Trick on her lap on the bus. He is bouncing around while she pretends to leaf through a book ...


Anonymous said...

Ok, bennie of the doubt. Perhaps the queen of saraugh meant 'Air Bus'?

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Scarah should either be in MO today or tomorrow am early. She has a book signing at Springfield Borders book store 10 to noon, then speaks at 7:00pm at Christian College of the Ozarks, Branson area.

The Springfield airport is rather small. There may be a private airport in the Branson area, I don't know.

Patrick said...

New update!

C4P and Harper Collins can't even get their story straight! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Adding up the flight times, it's 11.3 hrs in the air x 4000/hr = $45,200 so far to fly Sarah all over. Does the company charge the same rate for the plane to sit on the ground, say in Tri-Cities, for days on end?
What do you suppose the multiple buses are costing?
HC is willing to shill out for this?
They've invested a bundle in Sarah, and her book has been discounted to 9.00 already in some places. It's been out what, for 2 weeks now?
Merry Christmas HC. Hope you think it was worth it!


Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

BTW, the College stated early on that the no media, camera etc was due to Scarah's CONTRACT.

And that you can have your cell phones, you just need to turn them off. How in the world can a speaker expect someone to be out of touch in case of an emergency, doctors?, just because she is afraid of pictures and recordings.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link about airports in the Branson area.

Anonymous said...

Cammie Trig is real and this is real abuse.

Trig is real and this is real abuse. It is not in the best interest of the child to go to work with the mother and add to that the unkempt, under dressed and other problems. Child Labor needs to check this out. Not only for Trig, but to help all the children that will never be paid proper attention because of the way we look at children in America.

There are laws to protect children who are transported for the wrong reasons. This book tour work smells to high heaven and it is very legit to investigate what is going on with the children. HC is benefiting, what are the conditions for Trig? There will be future book tours with other children and campaign tours like Trig endured. Children that work and are in the workplace or on a campaign trail need protections. It is not only about Trig. He is an attention grabber because of what we see, no glasses and all.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

here is a link to the Springfield airport......

Daisydem said...

So Harper Collins is lying too? I mean if she only flew on the plane 3 times, why would it have to land and take-off at every airport at every stop? Have they not heard of the expediency of direct flights?

Regarding fact-checking a book, if someone wants to write an autobiography of lies, fine .. but this book is not all about her. It has a lot of information (lies) about other people who she thinks have wronged her; she calls them names; she attributes behaviors to them that are not true, so if I were a publisher and I saw a manuscript containing potentially libelous comments after comments, I think I'd do a little fact-checking before I found myself in a courtroom(s) which is what I hope happens.

Anonymous said...

Taney Country Airport at College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri - formerly the M. Graham Clark Airport
Located 1 mile south of Branson at the College of the Ozarks, the Taney County Airport can take care of all of your corporate and private plane needs. Their full service terminal, newly expanded runway, plane parking and hangers offer all the private plane owner needs and wants when you arrive in Branson. The airport is just minutes away from "The Strip" and all the fun and excitement of Branson. Car rental is available at the airport. Aircraft fuel is also available on site. For detailed information you can reach them at 417-332-1848.

FAA Identifier: PLK

ArmchairJane said...

Another thing about that interview where Trig is being used as a prop while Sarah turns pages and barely even looks at him, there is more in addition to, as you mentioned, the lack of car seat. Also interesting: a few minutes into the interview, Trig starts getting more rambunctious (maybe because without his glasses he can't see the pages very well, and he can also tell that "mom" is not really paying attention to him???). Sarah then says something to the effect that okay, "grandma" can take him now. It was just the tone with which she said it, as if he had played his part in showing her as the Sainted Mother of Special Needs Child, and now he could shove off to grandma as he was getting on the Sainted Mother's nerves. I got the impression that Sarah is used to being able to "hand off" Trig to somebody else whenever he starts getting antsy... At least Piper seems to love him, but it seems like he'd probably be happier back at the Palin compound with Bristol, who seems to be his usual caregiver when he's not on private jet/bus tours for Sarah's PR purposes.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with Cammie.

Patrick said...C4P and Harper Collins can't even get their story straight

How are they straight about Trigs job and are they straight up about his conditions and where he is? Does he fly or bus? Would Harper Collins tell the truth? No child should be allowed to travel with a proven fraud of a book tour. If the Henne children can be helped, why not Trig?

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to a radio talk show here in Tri-Cities and callers were saying Mrs. Palin is, the common, pioneer, down to earth women, she's not like anyone else.
At this point I don't think anything will change their minds about Mrs. Palin-- babygate, child abuse, murder, lying etc., they will make excuses for ANYTHING she does or says. She is their icon, a fictional person to believe in because they have no one and nothing else. She's the pioneer women who shoots dinner and has a baby and goes back to work the next day, watches The Brady Bunch at 30 below snuggled in a sleeping bag, she's made herself into this fictional person and their eating it up..think Little House On The Prairie! ! Something had better happen pretty soon to bring her down a few notches.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

This is where she is most likely flying in to. Branson is one hour south of Springfield......

There are a lot of weathy big wigs who have homes in the area. Don't think Dolly would put her up, lol. Probably some guy. Branson is just now jumping into it's big busy season. Lots of people, lots of shows. It wouldn't surprise me if she shows up to one for the publicity......

The Taney County Airport (formerly the Graham Clark Airport)
Located 1 mile south of Branson at the College of the Ozarks, the Taney County Airport can take care of all of your corporate and private plane needs. Their full service terminal, newly expanded runway, plane parking and hangers offer all the private plane owner needs and wants when you arrive in Branson. The airport is just minutes away from "The Strip" and all the fun and excitement of Branson. Car rental is available at the airport. Aircraft fuel is also available on site. For detailed information you can reach them at 417-332-1848.

FAA Identifier: PLK
Available Approaches: NDB, RNAV, & GPS
Latitude: 36-37.701333N
Longitude: 093-14.066000W
Lights: Dusk to dawn
Wind Indicator: Lighted

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to add, they did call her Former Alaskan Gov. in the write up in the Tri-City Herald.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

From Washington state to Missouri is a dang long drive. She would have had to leave days ago to ride the bus. Didn't she have a book signing yesterday? Ah, not enough time to drive those many, many, many miles.

Anonymous said...

has anyone else noticed a virus attack occuring when they vist "bree palin"?
when closing the window, i get multiple ( actually unending new windows) windows opening in internet explorer. the only way to stop them from opening is to shut off my computer.

Anonymous said...

FLight aware tracks in/outbound flights from PLK

Leftside toolbar on website

Anonymous said...

Say No--She said in an interview in Tri-Cities that she was going to Arizona from here. Maybe another little white lie??

Anonymous said...

Do we know for sure that he is attached to Sarah as his mother or primary care giver?

He may be suffering from the separation from who he feels is his mother. An assessment is in order. ASAP.

Anonymous said...

The palinplanegate article on HP is NOT moderating
comments right now, everybody go post something
interesting !

Anonymous said...

Private jets flying that high have to file a flight plan which flightaware picks up
so if they switch planes...

Anonymous said...

TRIG I meant TRIG.

Do we know for sure that TRIG is attached to Sarah as his mother or primary care giver?

TRIG may be suffering from the separation from who he feels is his mother. An assessment is in order. ASAP.

Anonymous 1:23

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"Waking him up at midnight to show him off to a crowd in only a diaper is just awful, but it is not abuse.
save abuse for REAL abuse cases"..

Yo, Cammie..

Did you get dropped on your head, or are you just naturally dull and inclined toward letting toddlers outside, half naked in near freezing weather?

When its 35 degrees outside, and everyone except the baby is bundled up, and he has no pants, socks or shoes IT IS FUCKING CHILD ABUSE.

And why is Piper signing books instead of being in school?

Forever Anonymous said...

Who is creeepier, Sarah or Todd?......talking to Barbara Walters:
"He'll be able to do everything that our -- that all of our other children have done with us," Todd said. "We treat him just as another kid in the house and I look forward to getting him out on the trail this winter."
So, what's the biggest misconception about children with Down syndrome?
"They are just beautiful gifts from God for all of us to learn from ... and to make us stronger as we live," Todd Palin said. "He is just another kid in our house. ... But he has, but he has just been a blast."
Given medical advances and much-improved educational approaches, Trig should grow into a productive member of society.
"At the turn of the last century a child like Trig would have been lucky to perhaps even to make it to 10 years of age," said Gross. "You could easily say 60 years of age now."
Walters also asked Palin if she wants to add more children to the brood.
"I'll stick with the grandkids thing now, but even that can wait another ten years, as Bristol would tell you," Palin joked. "Ten years from now? Oh gosh, bring on the grandkids. I can't wait."

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Oops, my mistake, Scarah will be in MO Wed. Dec. 2nd, (not tomorrow, Tues.), but even as said above, AZ is a heck of a long way away from here.

Anonymous said...

Did Trig get the The Brady Bunch snuggle when he gets off the bus or plane?

Sarah and her kooks make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Texas for SP- Updated book tour
12/1-Tempe AZ Costco
12/1-Roswell NM. Hastings

EyeOnYou said...

anon at 1:22
No virus issues for me when I visit Bree's site. I just visited to be sure and no problems at all!

Anonymous said...

Track UJT5 flight plan to PHX on was diverted to PHX from Scottsdale yesterday

Rationalist said...

I think we can all agree that Trig is being abused - but his abuse is of a chronic, insidious kind, not an emergency. Yes, it's horrendous, and definitely needs attention called to it. But at the moment, he is basically safe and warm and fed. We have no evidence that he is being thrown around someone's kitchen, or raped, or burned, or any of the other horrific things people do to children.

Alaska has among the highest incidences of molestation and rape in the country, and I'm sure the child welfare departments up there have their hands more than full.

I agree with Cammie that a bunch of us suddenly calling to report Trig to protective services is not going to further the cause. It will only make us look like alarmists.

Virginia Voter is planning over at Bree's website to protest Palin's appearance in Fairfax. To get some folks out there carrying signs that say things like "It's 10:00 pm - do you know where the kids are?" and "Where are Trig's glasses and shoes?" might open people's eyes in a more effective way.

Anonymous said...

Valley residents will have a chance to meet the author behind a new controversial book. Tempe is listed as "Phoenix" on her bus tour schedule. Many conservatives and libertarians in the area. Only Costco members can have a book signed and must have bought the book at Costco.

There are at least two airports in the area that can handle a jet: Sky Harbor and Deer Valley.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there an issue with Down syndrome and flying? The hole in his heart? Are HC and Sarah neglecting his health conditions for their campaign, tour, money? Is Sarah flying and leaving Trig where, with whom?

There are too many red flags to ignore Trig's safety and well being. There is no h1n1 flu where the tour is going? Doesn't this feel too much like watching the High School girl being gang raped? Well everyone else was watching and didn't see a problem with the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Palin bus will probably drop her off at Cutter Aviation southside of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport after the Costco appearance. Plane spotters will post it

Rationalist said...

Okay, that's too much. This is NOT like watching a girl being gang raped. It's sad, it's maddening, it's a lot of things, but that kind of hyperbole diminishes the horror that poor girl suffered. Come on.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions said...

Rationalist said...basically safe and warm and fed.

Maybe fed. Not always warm. Doubt he is safe. All abuse is not an emergency, that does not make it less abusive. This let-it-be attitude is why we have so may troubled kids. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The adults always win. Not only Trig but children everywhere lose again.

Anonymous said...

O/T - Keith Olbermann will be talking about John Wooden Legs and Mike Wooten this hour! AKM has info about where the quotes come from over at The Mudflats!

Rationalist said...

I am not saying to ignore abuse - I'm saying not to raise the alarm in a way that deluges an overburdened system and therefore backfires on us, and, ultimately, on Trig.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

There is a smaller airport more to the south side of Phonix called (I think) Mesa airport. It would make more sense to go there, it's closer to Tempe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rationalist.
Having a narcissistic mother who fails to notice you need socks, shoes, pants, glasses, hearing aids, sleep at regular hours, and some semblance of stability will cause suffering, but it is orders of magnitude different from gang rape.

Anonymous said...

When Sarah learns about the John Wooden Legs quote, will she blame the ghostwriter? It brings up the whole issue of the native peoples, which is big in Alaska. When Sarah went with Franklin Graham to deliver cookies, she told them that they needed to get religion to get ahead.

Also, too, it reveals more about the use of quotes that a conservative book reviewer caught her on -- Aristotle and Plato.

Yes, she takes things out of context, probably because she hasn't read what she's quoting.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"why does everyone hate my plane and my baby?"


Anonymous said...

It's not everyone that hates the plane and the baby, too, it's just the mean libruls and pajama wearin basement dwellin bloggers who pal around with terists, and probly also too are terists who hate the plane and the baby also.
Real Americans love the plane because they know it doesn't exist and too is really a bus. They know that librul bloggers made up the plane because they are jealous of Sarah's looks and smarts and honesty!
Real Americans love the baby because the baby is an icon!

Anonymous said...

thanks, eye on you

i still get that bug thingy when i click on "bree palin".
very strange.

glad it's not spreading to others.

Anonymous said...

Track PSC departures at Flightaware. the GII left at 3:30 PST yesterday and she had a book signing at 3pm PST in PSC?? No private planes have left PSC in the last 24 hours. She will have to be in PHX or IWA airports

Regardless, either one of these will have a departure to Roswell, NM tomorrow btw 1pm and 4 pm. If they switched up the planes we will know

Anonymous said...

Rationalist said...This is NOT like watching a girl being gang raped.

I asked the question, I didn't say what you wrote. I wrote---Doesn't this feel too much like watching---

too much like watching

I don't know how long you have watched Trig and Tripp, at least, respect what it is like or some of us. We all come from different experiences.

Do you know any victims? Many will tell you if only one adult had done something. ONE
ADULT. I respect your opinion, just don't agree with it.


Anonymous said...

She will be flying to Roswell, NM, because it is impossible to meet the schedule by taking a bus from Phoenix to Roswell.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the bus is already in the Phoenix area, that it was driven from Florida to Phoenix, and that she will hop aboard tomorrow morning. Then again, maybe she will give up the pretense ... time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she'll soon have to quit the book tour altogether because the evil bloggers are bein' mean to her again

Anonymous said...

anon 02:23 .. or the bus was driven from FL to Roswell ... Sarah didn't see that "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive" on the fridge.

comeonpeople said...

Anon 00:11
No, you can't get in trouble for reposrting what you perceive to be abuse or neglect. It is always better to err on the side of caution and let the authorities figure it out. (And there are alot of instances when even the authorities fail and children end up dead, despite multiple reports of abuse and neglect.)
So, I am OK with people reporting their concerns of this "sacred mother".....jsut as I am also a HUGE advocate of reporting CBJ to the Alaska State Medicial board for her ridiculou wild ride advice which she never denied. In my opinion, CBJ has NO BUSINESS practicing medicine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening the bomb bay doors on Palins Air Farce One!

Anonymous said...

Since you have really connected with the media-- nothing succeeds like visual proof of flight logs vs. HC denial-- I see another visual.

Remember when the three major auto companies came to Washington DC last year to beg for bail out money, and each official arrived, separately, on his on private aircraft. Nothing spelled out GREED in larger letters, and the senators were outraged at the abuse.

How about a picture of the big three being called out by Senate and Sarah and her airplane too, also. Most authors who do a book tour go by plane, fly from city to city, appear on the local morning show, sign some books, do some late afternoon news, sign some books, fly to the next city. No problem. It's only a problem when you pretend to be driving cross country like a hockey mom, bloggin' from the back of the bus.

The bus is a moving billboard. It is advertising and fundraising media. It shows up at every stop. It was not meant to carry Sarah; it was meant to advertise Sarah and beg for money for SaraPAC. Let's throw the bus under the bus!

Anonymous said...

Guess what the top news story on google is when you type in Palin.


Anonymous said...

...fails to notice you need socks, shoes, pants, glasses, hearing aids, sleep at regular hours, and some semblance of stability will cause suffering.

THAT IS NOT ALL. You can add he could have been doped up and that may be how he is kept under control now. A tour is not too much stress for his condition? You know he is not suffering from separation anxiety? What happened to the meme that Bristol takes cares of him? Was someone lying to us about that? What do you know about separation anxiety and controlling a child with drugs? None of that is abuse in your book? If someone slips a drug to you, it can be like a violation similar to rape. No it is not identical. Children may not count to some and if it is a parent like figure maybe no one cares. It is a hellish violation to some.

Anonymous said...

O/T Just watched Shannyn on Keith's show. Both were great, discussed John Bitney and Mike Wooten as well as the quote from John Wooden Legs. Also about her quitting Turkey Trot!!

Ratfish said...

The amazing thing is no one seems to pick up on another example of Palin's hypocrisy: the jet itself.

When she campaigned against frank Murkowski for governor one of her big issues was that he thought the state should have a jet for him to get around the long distances in Alaska.

Her comment" That luxury jet was over the top."

Once again, it may be "over the top" for someone else, but if Palin wants to fly around in a luxury get, instead of commercial aircraft or even her bus, why that's ok!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Sarah Palin "pregnancy" picture is the one where Sarah is wearing the red/pink scarf, black jacket is open, and tight fitting skirt shows a flat stomach. Can't remember how many weeks later she would "give birth." (I think that she is holding a notebook, too,also).

I think that you should also post the Gusty (posed) picture that shows Sarah in her full blown "pregnant" glory. The caption should be: This woman flew from Anchorage to Texas and back again 1 day before giving birth to Trig, and no one on the plane noticed that she was pregnant, in labor, and leaking amniotic fluid. Amazing!

As long as you are getting all of this great traffic, go for it!

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny that she is going from Phx to Roswell NM tomorrow. There is a huge winter storm in southern NM at the moment. I wonder if that bus will make it on time to Roswell so the Queen can make her pretend grand appearence on the bus?

Anonymous said...

Two things that struck me as I read the post and the comments.

First, it bugs me that the Palins think of Trig and apparently all people with Down Syndrome in general as gifts from their God to make families stronger. Um, no...people with Down Syndrome are people not otherworldly entities.

Second, what parent who's daughters were threatened would not go to the police? And if Sarah did report the threats to the police, she should let us all know. Cyber bullying and threats are a serious problem and people need to know that these crimes should be reported. Once again, Sarah's either lying or being a horrible parent.

Anonymous said...

03:18 a huge winter storm in southern NM

WOW!!!! How will Trig travel? I betcha they will dress him or his entrance now.

Move along... said...

Sarah Palin is a trailblazer, without a doubt. Get use to the kids who will not be left at home or behind when she rules the world. Her fans want to see Trig and this is how they can get to know him. He is more popular than Kate's eight. On his face, you can see how happy he is . There is no better proof. To anyone who is jealous of her parenting, lighten up and stop the report silly talk.

Anonymous said...

Snowbilly- Good job on the plane. I am the person who wrote Celtic Diva about Franklin Graham's plane and gave the flightaware site. The actual N number for 750 is 750RA. Sometimes the flights are under 750RA. At the company's website they have their other planes N numbers, if they change planes on Palin you can still check the other planes to see if they correspond with her schedule.

Did you notice the plane stopped on the 18th for a few hours in Grand Rapids?

FEDUP!!! said...

A bright blue bus like they always show, with her mug shot on it, should cause some sensation along the highways and byways... Wonder if anyone has seen the bus speeding from place to place, or if there are multiple buses around. I noticed in one of the pics, that there was no license plate in the front of the bus...

Anonymous said...


Palin's plane is now UJT5 Left KPSC to Phoenix and then to Scottsdale.

Anonymous said...

You can make a difference

One of the most painful effects of child abuse is its tendency to repeat itself. One of every three abused or neglected children will grow up to become an abusive parent. You may be reluctant to interfere in someone’s family, but you can make a huge difference in a child’s life if you do. The earlier abused children get help, the greater chance they have to heal from their abuse and not perpetuate the cycle.

To get help in the U.S., call:
1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) – Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline

To get help for child sexual abuse, call:

1-888-PREVENT (1-888-773-8368) – Stop It Now

1-800-656-HOPE Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Warning signs of child neglect

* Physical signs. A child may consistently be dressed inappropriately for the weather, or have ill-fitting, dirty clothes and shoes. They might appear to have consistently bad hygiene, like appearing very dirty, matted and unwashed hair, or noticeable body odor. Another warning sign is untreated illnesses and physical injuries.

Untreated mental illness. A depressed mother might not be able to respond to her own needs much less her children’s. A caregiver suffering from emotional trauma may be distant and withdrawn from her children, or quick to anger without understanding why. Treatment for the caregiver means better care for the children.

Not all abusive parents intend harm to their children, however. Some parents need help to realize that they are hurting their children, and can work on their problems.

Alaska Reporting child abuse/neglect: 1-800-478-4444

Anonymous said...

Reporting child abuse and neglect

Reporting child abuse seems so official. Many people are reluctant to get involved in other families’ lives. However, by reporting, you can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child and the child’s family, especially if you help stop the abuse early. Early identification and treatment can help mitigate the long-term effects of abuse. If the abuse is stopped and the child receives competent treatment, the abused child can begin to regain a sense of self-confidence and trust. Some parents may also benefit from support, parent training and anger management.
Reporting child abuse: Myths and Facts

* I don’t want to interfere in some one else’s family. The effects of child abuse are lifelong, affecting future relationships, self esteem, and sadly putting even more children at risk of abuse as the cycle continues. Help break the cycle of child abuse.
* What if I break up someone’s home? The priority in child protective services is keeping children in the home. A child abuse report does not mean a child is automatically removed from the home - unless the child is clearly in danger. Support such as parenting classes, anger management or other resources may be offered first to parents if safe for the child.
* They will know it was me who called. Reporting is anonymous. In most states, you do not have to give your name when you report child abuse. The child abuser cannot find out who made the report of child abuse.
* It won’t make a difference what I have to say. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even if you don’t see the whole picture, others may have noticed as well, and a pattern can help identify child abuse that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Anonymous said...

Need help?

CR46 said...

She will bring her own self down with her own lies. I find it telling that all of a sudden on HuffPo that Sarah remarks that would never have been allowed before are, I know because I tried before. Remarks about her fake pregnancy, her abhorent parenting, rumors of divorce etc are all now allowed through...Hmmm is the journalistic world ( besides a few small blogs) finally seeing through this wench?

Anonymous said...


How is the weather in Fairfax? Good signs "It's 10:00 pm - do you know where the kids are?" and "Where are Trig's glasses and shoes?"

I wish the best to the courageous protesters and cant wait to see them on You Tube.

Also, too:
Anyone suspected that a child is being abused should report it to their state child abuse hotline or call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD).

Visiting a state's child abuse website will also help you learn about mandatory child abuse reporting laws that you may be subject to.

Also remember that if you think that a child is in immediate danger from child abuse or neglect, then you should call 911.

911 is the emergency number.

Anonymous said...

= CR46 = fake pregnancy, her abhorent parenting, rumors of divorce etc are all now allowed through (HuffPo) =

she will do herself in.

Anonymous said...

During that protest in Virginia, in addition to the signs asking about where are Trig's shoes & coat & glasses, why not have posters with the infamous three "Who's Not Your Mama" "20-day pregnancy solved" pictures that Audrey posted on PD before she went dark--short and sweet and says it all....

Whoa, Baby! said...

"Thousands of people shouting her name"??? Well, not surprising when she only goes to Hicksville, USA. Well, that's not quite true. If she extended her tour to San Francisco, there would have been thousands shouting as well, something like, "Go home!!" "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" or maybe, "Take your meds!"

Anonymous said...

"when she rules the world" ah ha ha ha ha...

who's your moosiah, Palinbots?

Worshiping false idols! God no likey likey!

Lucky for the world, there is no "Rule the world" position, the rest of the world hates her guts, and she will never see elected office in this country again.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, do you remember right before her book tour...c4p had a post about "flying pigs" or watch for flying pigs? I posted it here on the blog...Maybe RAM was trying to get word to the bots that she wouldn't really be flying at all?

Take your child to work said...

When actors take children to work on a set, what obligations do the studios have? I am wondering why HC is not chastised for their part in Trig's neglect.
Does anyone know the answer?

What would happen on a film set if a child was not properly dressed? The studio and actor's fans would ignore the neglect and the media would not bring it up?
NO MEDIA COMMENT?????? Trig does not count as being in the work place because Sarah does not have a Screen Actors Guild card?
HC gets a pass because they do books and not film?

Everyone notices Trig is a prop, props cost money. Who is asking if Trig gets money? Where is the Dept of Labor? Circus bears are treated better than Trig, bears have advocates. Not Trig, he works for a former politician.

Anonymous said...

this from our non friend Jessie........

Jesse Cornish
This whole thing is a non-issue. However, CBS is giving coverage to a virulent anti-Palin website. That is unacceptable.
Today, 17:54:29 – Flag – Reply

Someone told me about a Palin bashing website (Palingates) and I thought that I would check it out for grins and I think that this story started there. They got someone to find out about the flight plans, took screen shots and everything. The irony is that the woman who started this blog is a British ex-pat living in France. I ask you, why would such a person be so deranged? The answer came to me when I saw that she had advertisements for a t-shirt. Now she is asking people to vote for her site as the "best blog of 2009" or something silly like that and to get people to vote she asks if people like her blog and if they HATE Sarah Palin please vote. In other words, it is not merely dislike but HATE what she is spewing. They send hate information to Huffington Post and the like. They are also working on a campaign to get people to write, call, fax to Ft. Hood asking that Gov. Palin be disinvited. Oh, that's another thing they hate for Sarah to be called Governor. Forget that Mitt Romney and Huckabee are still called Gov., she should not be called that because she "quit", and even if she would have finished her term she should not be called that because she says that Sarah says she does not need a title, and all that nonsense. Anyway, it is funny the derangement that they have, but also quite sad.
Today, 18:08:58 – Flag – Reply
Liked bygelston the knowitallJesse Cornish

Jesse Cornish
I've had a few tangles with them. They are not worth you're time. Call them out on their lies, and they start babbling incoherently about "evidence yet to be revealed".

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Did anyone NOT notice the write up of the Turkey trot a FAN gave her two pairs of socks and she immediately put on TriG and the sock giver suggested she give the other to...the other baby in the stroller I think Tripp.
She had TriG without any shoes on AGAIN!!!! We all know how very important shoes are TO HER!!!!
Where are his glasses? His hearing aid? Why is she dragging him out as a prop at 11:45 at night???
No!!! It time everyone speak up about palin! Its been a year now the MSM has shut up! NO more! she wrote the SarahPac-o-Lies! Now its time to call her on her lies and how she treats TriG!!!

Anonymous said...

"tangles" with them? WHy do conservatives have such a hard tie with language? Are they caught in the grunting stage of development?

Re children on set: A child who is working on set (any appearance at all) has set hours (babies only a few hours), a tutor, a guardian, and many other rules. Their money has to go into a bank account for them, etc. I don't know the particulars, but if it's a SAG set, yes, the rules are very strict. Pesky unions. Sarah is against those (even though Todd is a member) because anything that gives power to the people is bad. Down with the common man!

You don't mess with kids or animals on a real hollywood set.

They save abuse for the tundra, apparently. You know, where the real americans are. those who don't care about our children and our fellow beings on this planet.

Anonymous said...

funny I don't see any "move on . org" T shirts here?
And best blog...Patrick or Regina had nothing to do with that, I and another blogger nominated this site?
I thought this was America? Its alright for the queen Quitter to bad mouth the President with her treasonous filthy mouth on facebook?
Allie: I think you are something causing "Anal leakage"....!

Anonymous said...

Moosiah's Cult very disturbed today; How long can they hold on?

I am asking them all to forfeit Christmas and give to poor Sarah. She may want to take a side trip in the jet, ya' know. Pay up!!

Pay up for the Queen Moosiah or shut up!

Anonymous said...

Read the recommendations from the hotlines. Sarah does not intend to harm,
"Untreated mental illness. A depressed mother might not be able to respond to her own needs much less her children’s"

Harper Collins is the culprit. I am complaining to them and reporting them to the Child Protective Services nationally and in the states where she travels. Harper Collins pay Trig, he is there to get off the bus for you. That can not be as easy as it looks. With all the bus and plane shenanigans he looks lost in the shuffle.

pizza said...

"Jesse Cornish
This whole thing is a non-issue. However, CBS is giving coverage to a virulent anti-Palin website. That is unacceptable.
Today, 17:54:29 – Flag – Reply"

Oh Noes! The libruls at CBS are not Palin panty-sniffers!! Alert all Cesspool inhabitants to immediately stick their fingers in their ears while singing one of the many horrid songs the Palinbots have written in honor of $arah The Liar!! Also, too, sell your house, car, etc and give all proceeds to $arah!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 06:14, that is funny! Our resident troll Jesse is trying to discourage Palin's minions from visiting Palingates, where they will discover actual facts about Sarah's lies!

Anonymous said...


What jerks! I am angry with those hypocrites!!!!!!!! They don't notice children after birth.

Stupid MSM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't get why Jesse Cornish is a big deal here.

Take care of Trig, Palinbots won't

Anonymous said...

Jesse Cornish is a frequent visitor and is allowed to voice here, that's why.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Midnightcajun @ 12/1/09 @ 00:43, Sarah must be having a snit-fit, and wildly looking around for someone to blame for forcing
her to fly on that luxurious private jet instead of traveling on the folksy bus, like I am sure she wanted to do in the first place (snark). It is incredible that her fake façade of the bus tour would bring huge traffic to Palingates where people may finally see all the “gates” listed on the side bar, i.e. Babygate, Religiongate, Housegate, Legal Fund gate, etc. where all of the information has been gathered and sources provided. I hope people will bookmark Palingates and come back to thoroughly go through each gate to see what the main stream media has neglected to report. More people are beginning to realize Sarah lies as easily as she breathes. And most times for no apparent reason.

But Sarah’s biggest lie was the fact that she faked her pregnancy of Trig Paxson Van Palin. First of all, Trig was born as early as January 2008, but he was presented as a preemie newborn on 4-18-08. Sarah carefully staged his presentation upon her return from her speech in Texas. But unbeknownst to Sarah, Grandpa Heath told reporters that her water broke in Texas. Sarah was flummoxed when the reporter asked her about her water breaking, tried to avoid the question, and then included the leaking amniotic fluids in her fake birth presentation. THANK YOU GRANDPA HEATH! Listen to the audio of the “Wild Ride” on the side panel.

Anonymous said...

Where did I read that with Trig's heart condition it was not safe for him to fly? Was that a librul lie?

Jesse Cornish rules! said...

06:47.... Thanks!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Sarah announced her “pregnancy” on 3-5-08, the day AFTER McCain won the Republican nomination on 3-4-08. She had been toying with the idea to fake the pregnancy since 2-19-08 when she began wearing the scarves. But when McCain won the nomination, she had to make a decision whether to launch the hoax or scuttle the idea. Stupidly, she decided to go for launch.

Sarah is concerned with only one thing, her image. If there is any threat to her image, she panics or attacks. In the case of Bristol’s first pregnancy with Trig, she panicked. What would be such an extreme threat to her image, you ask? That Bristol was pregnant? Well, yes that is distressing if your 16 year old got pregnant, but so distressing as to fake a pregnancy? No. But if you learn who got her pregnant? Apparently, yes, if you are a brainwashed political dominionist who has aspirations for a high national office. If Sarah had not faked her “pregnancy” of Trig, Bristol’s first pregnancy would have remained a private family matter, and there probably would not have been a second pregnancy in such quick succession (Tripp).

None of this speculation would have transpired if Sarah Palin’s political ambitions had not trumped her role as a supportive mother of a victimized pregnant teenage daughter. And yes, I seriously believe that Sarah got the idea to fake a pregnancy from watching the episodes of Desperate Housewives that had aired in the fall of 2007.

Be sure to check out all the Photos and Extra Babygate Resources on the side panel. And my next favorite sites, “BreePalin” and “Gods Own Party?”

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 12/1/09 @ 06:54, here is where HAPE was discussed:

“Children with Down syndrome often have medical problems, such as chronic pulmonary hypertension, frequent infections, and pulmonary vascular overperfusion and injury due to previous or current cardiac defects. These problems all may be viewed as risk factors for high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and for the rapid development of HAPE at low altitudes. Care should be taken when children with Down syndrome travel to even moderate altitudes.”

Just recently, Sarah mentioned something about the holes in his heart and I was stunned, because if he still has holes in his heart, he should not be flying! I don’t have time to find where I saw that, but it was within the past couple of weeks.

Barb Dwyer said...

Yes.. Jesse is allowed to post here but only the Queens toe suckers are allowed to post on his site (3 weeks and waiting for any of them to appear like you said Jman) or on any other Palinocchio bot site. They all live in a sanitized SarahBubble which just furthers their dementia and inability to grasp any form of reality.

Guys like Jesse also live in a Fantasyland where they are all under some delusion that they are her boyfriend. Jesse sees himself as defending her honor, but of course she has NONE to defend. Sarah is the least honorable, least honest, most despicable person I've ever had the displeasure to meet. People outside the bubble see her for who she is, those still living inside it are just plain ignorant.

ella said...

PCG: The hole-in-his-heart re Trig was mentioned on Barbara Walters interview.
Could be she was making it up (like the pathological LIAR she is) to gain sympathy. I say this because I remember an earlier statement where hole had closed.
Dunno WHAT to believe - but inclination is to think she made it up - or does not know Trig well enough to remember.
If Trig is flying around and DOES have hole in heart, OMG - I am so worried for this little boy.

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