Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Another invitation to deadly Sarah Palin

Huffington Post, earlier today:

Sarah Palin, whose claim to fame in the current health care debate is helping to spread the infamous "death panel" myth, has been invited to testify before the New York State Senate about how reform will impact the state's elderly.

New York State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz, a conservative Democrat from the Bronx who is sympathetic to Palin's views, will be hosting a Senate Aging Committee hearing next week on "President Obama's proposed health care reform and the impact it will have on New York State senior citizens."

The former Alaska Governor's health care policy contribution is defined by a brief Facebook message she wrote in early August in which she warned that Democratic reform would create "death panels" tasked with determining who to euthanize, including her Down Syndrome child.

Palin has not yet accepted or declined the invitation to attend the September 8 hearing, according to Diaz's office.

Sarah Palin's contribution has been to serve as a mouthpiece for the healthcare insurance companies. Toxic people using a toxic celebrity...

She allows the use of Trig as a political prop, without any shame or thought for his future as a human being perfectly capable of working out her schemes when he's older.

I don't think Sarah Palin will show up. After all, she didn't write any of the healthcare reform notes on Facebook and wouldn't be able to present a credible argument.

Also... people don't get paid to testify before a commitee, do they?

(H/T to Truth Seeker)


KaJo said...

To answer your last question, Regina -- indeed, this invitation will just be added to the maybe-it's-950-maybe-it's-1050 other invitations Palin's "crack team of aides" are keeping track of.

You can bet all but about 25 of them will be rejected because they're not extended with freebies or actual real money.

The real joke is that some of these people inviting Sarah Palin to do something for them actually expected her to do it out of the goodness of her heart, like she promised the people of Alaska when she gave her quit/resignation speech.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the elderly die due to her incompetence as Governor of the State of Alaska? Is she going to testify about that? Is that what she wants for all Americans?

Anonymous said...

Press coverage
Questions to answer
No payment
No adoring crowd

Ain't no way she shows up for this

The "Quiternor of Alaska" lives by a motto.... "no press, no questions"

Archivist said...

Sarah doesn't 'do' events that require her to be asked questions.

Anonymous said...

Testify? About what?
" reform will impact the state's elderly." What would she know about NY State's elderly?
What would she know about the reform debate? She isn't in congress. She doesn't work for anyone who is. We already know she doesn't read newspapers. And good ol' Rubert isn't interested in reporting truth.

Nah.. she won't accept.

haha WV - exproxi

Anonymous said...

In agreement with the other posters, Sarah can't go anywhere where some one might ask a question. Even worse, committee meetings and testimony can be televised (think C-span), picked up and the slightest gaff will be instantly You-Tubed. No Sarah, No Way, Hell No.

They just keep announcing all of her invitations to show how important and relevant Sarah thinks she is. My guess is that many of the invitations include:
1. Please speak at our high school sex education program
2. Please be our guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
3. Please be our guest on Stephen Colbert's show
4. Please be our guest on Late Show with David Letterman
5. Come and campaign with me, it will be fun, Love, Michele Bachmann

basheert said...

No way no how.

What the HELL does this woman know about health care and the elderly aside from how to KILL THEM like she did in Alaska?

Why would they even invite her?

She doesn't "do" questions.

And I seriously doubt that she knows anything about Health Care in NY.

Sarah Palin does nothing if she doesn't get paid for it.

If I lived in New York I would be insulted by this - again, how many Alaskans DIED because of her "health care"????

Someone get to this guy ok?

sandra said...

Wasn't SP awarded some kind of honor in NY for her support of retirement communities or nursing homes? This recognition of her expertise is probably why they want her to testify.

wv= untru OOPS!

basheert said...

Look how she is holding Trig - did she shove a broomstick up his shorts?

He looks like a hot dog on a stick...babies do NOT look that rigid.

FEDUP!!! said...

Somehow I do not think $arah would show up - even if it WAS paid (which I do not think it is) - because there will be QUESTIONS asked, and REPORTERS will be there (good photo-op, but not good because of questions)
Besides, how would she respond to the questions re. the deaths of over 100 senior citizens under HER watch?

2emptynest said...

As a New Yorker, I was so outraged by Senator Diaz's actions that I had to fire off a letter:

Senator Diaz,

I would like to know why you are wasting the NY State Senate Aging Committee's time by inviting testimony from two known liars? Sarah Palin and Betsy McCaughey have both been widely demonstrated to be deliberately and grossly misinforming the public on currently proposed healthcare legislation.

Sarah Palin is known for popularizing the "death panels" lie. Not to mention, as well as for having run Alaskan Medicare/Medicaid into the ground. Her mismanagement was so bad that the federal government was forced to intervene. She is reknowned for her incompetence on numerous policy issues, and is apparently not even capable of keeping a handle on current events or high school level US civics. To be quite frank, she is a national joke.

Betsy McCaughey (considered by some as the originator of the "death panels" lie) is a known insurance/medical industry shill and political opportunist, who was recently so thoroughly humiliated on-air by Jon Stewart that she had to resign from the board of Cantel Medical Corporation.

Certainly, neither of these women is a credible voice on healthcare policy. So, is your intention to hold them to account for their deception? If not, what possible reason could you have for inviting them? By inviting these women, you are providing legitimacy to their views on a subject that they clearly have no business discussing. You have a responsibility, as a committe chair, to keep the discussion(s) on track and credible. Do you have any standards for who you consider to be a credible expert on subject?

I am seriously disappointed in you and your staff. You are hurting the discourse on this subject. You are not properly serving your constituency, nor the country at large. Would you bring in other known liars to testify on important matters? Do you plan to get creationists/"intelligent design" proponents to contribute to writing science standards? Have you reached out to any Holocaust deniers lately? Are you planning to hold hearings on the legitimacy of Barack Obama's birth certificate? Giving credence to a known liar is the same as perpetrating their lies yourself. You are part of the problem. You should be ashamed.

I think you owe the people of New York a much better explanation than that which you have already provided. Just because Palin has mentioned you in a blog post does not mean she is a credible voice on healthcare issues. Is this just a ploy on your part to gain some publicity by trading on the names of people much more famous than yourself? If so, that would make you rather sleazy, it puts you in league with Paris Hilton and her ilk.

If you value your own credibility, I fully expect you to rescind your invitations immediately.