Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sarah Palin: loving mother, adoring wife and fantastic cook!

These two videos are quite interesting. They show Sarah Palin at home, with family and friends. Please note her interaction with Trig and facial expressions from around 0:37 of the first video. Sarah sounds and looks very arrogant throughout.

See how much love she shows towards Todd @0:34. Out of curiosity, spot Kristan Cole @1:24.

In this next segment you can observe Sarah Palin cutting cheese as if she had never touched a piece of cheese before and other displays of culinary prowess. She's a natural in the kitchen!

Yes, Levi confirms it:

The Palin house was much different from what many people expect of a normal family, even before she was nominated for vice president. There wasn’t much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook—the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. Most of the time Bristol would help her youngest sister with her homework, and I’d barbecue chicken or steak on the grill.

I'm sorry to bore you with so much footage of Sarah Palin talking to Greta Van Susteren, but I wanted you to see what her adoring fans consider to be absolute proof of how loving the Palins are, what a wonderful mother and fantastic cook Sarah really is. That's how they prove Levi is a liar!


Floyd M. Orr said...

What color eyes do Levi and Bristol have? Here is a link to the best photo of Tripp that I have seen, taken at the picnic in Anchorage in July. You can click on the photo to enlarge it slightly

regina said...


Two dark eyed people can have blue eyed babies, but two blue eyed ones can't have a brown eyed baby... it's all to do with dominant and recessive genes.

basheert said...

Regina: Look what I found at the VANITY FAIR article website comments section:

Levi has every right to tell his side of the story. I too wonder if Levi is talking about Trig or Tripp. I think both kids belong to him and Bristol. Check out palingates bloggspot.

Posted 9/2/2009 by JackfromGA

Anonymous said...


so puttin hotdogs on a pan and cuttin some cheese (very gingerly, I might add) is proof that palin cooks and levi is a liar! hahahah man those pee-ers are too much.

and one more thing - hot dogs???????? jeezus.

Anonymous said...

The moose stew in the Matt Lauer interview was made by Sarah's father, the great moose hunter. I think that she admits it.

regina said...


His comment was copied and pasted on News Review Online as well, by the writer herself (a K Lo). I found out at the Sea of Pee, they're livid!

It's midnight here, and my sitemeter shows the highest number of visitors ever.


Anonymous said...

Piper loves the cameras as much as Sarah.

Notice the number of times she will come into the shot when Sarah is talking.. in these and many other videos.

Piper also came over and climbed in Sarah's lap during the new Governor's swearing in..

I think Piper is going to miss all her press coverage.

Anonymous said...

erm....she cut the hot dogs/sausages with a knife and WITH THE SAME KNIFE she cuts the cheese.

1.58 - 2.40

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

"she cut the hot dogs/sausages with a knife and WITH THE SAME KNIFE she cuts the cheese..."

Feh! Imagine my shock and surprise! $P doesn't keep a kosher home! lisabeth and I are about to fight over who gets which end of the fainting couch!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Piper loving the camera;

I think Piper is just trying like hell to get attention from her no-good mother.
That could be why she is always getting into the shot. It's probably the only time she gets time with her.

I hope those little ones have a 'normal' aunt or uncle who showers them with love. Because you know that Palin is incapable of loving anyone but herself.

FEDUP!!! said...

You call that cheese? It is called PROCESSED cheese for a reason - so you can cut it as easily as she does (no way could you do that with a 'regular' hard cheese!), and so it melts faster. Velveeta anyone? (Shuddering at the thought... since I come from Switzerland, the cheese country, right after France...)

Anonymous said...

Oh let the Pee-ing People have their laughs. You didn't write the article, Vanity Fair did.

Anyone can tell she's a crap mother. Her kids beg for attention. Bristol is mothering BOTH kids, FirstDud Tod is off somewhere working to get away from the hag. Willow is already doing shots and smoking pot.

Poor little Piper. Or as Sarah refers to her "little what's her name?"

Some people should be culled from the herd. Sarah should have been spayed.

It would be difficult to imagine or picture her as being a "mother". As soon as they grow a bit and start drooling, spewing or screwing, she pops out another prop baby to hold up to the cameras.

Braindead bitch.

Keep up the good work.

basheert said...

FEDUP: She thinks Velveeta IS cheese. Some people just have no class.

get real said...

Remember, also, too, that Sea of Pee-bots also think that "reality" TeeVee is real and that FUXNews is really news. Morons.

sandra said...

I always wonder why she cooks in her on camera clothes without an apron. She doesn't look all that skilled with the cutting, but she isn't a TV chef. The hot dogs were probably moose or caribou sausages, so that was a good choice for preparation. As a dietitian I would not recommend processed cheese, but I order nachos at Mexican restaurants.

This is exagerrated. What I think Levi meant was that cooking was not a big thing. Not that she or Todd never cooked.

We thought it was ridiculous to criticize Obama because he likes Dijon mustard and argula. We shouldn't be as close minded as they were.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how during her cheese slicing monologue she referred to outsiders' questions, which, she thinks, presume Alaskans are a bunch of hicks. "What do you read?"

basheert said...

Read Levi's comment Sandra: He says "Sarah doesn't cook, Todd doesn't cook". That doesn't sound like "cooking isn't a big thing". Not everyone cooks I agree.

But she has 5 (or maybe 8) kids. She can't cook in a crock pot (if anyone would recognize a crock pot it would be Sarah)?

Then again it DID take her 5 years to get a 4 year degree (and 6 schools). She's obviously dumb as a box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

She seems very self conscious.

Wasilla Resident said...

Sarah and Todd don't cook is because they don't eat much! Look at them.

Kids> Let them fend for themselves. You can walk or take the 4-wheeler/snowmachine to the Wasilla Wendy's. It's less than a mile from their house on Lake Lucille.

Anonymous said...

It's only cheese is you can spray it from an aerosol can, like Cheeze Whiz. Mmmmmm, gourmet cooking.

Anonymous said...

Palin spokesperson Meghan Stapleton said Tuesday that the ex-governor would not be commenting on Levi Johnston's claims.

Anonymous said...

There is something artificial about that kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Sarah can not cut cheese and talk at the same time. Doing the interview was more important. The food was just there as a prop. She was far too dressed up to be the cook. She was dressed for the interview.

basheert said...

Hey Wasilla Resident: Hi - got any secrets you'd like to share with us? We here know all of Wasilla knows the real truths about this hideously dysfunctional family.

Is there really a Wasilla Wendy's??? How hilarious. I suppose Sarah considers it a 5 star?


CC from far away said...

Congratulations, Regina!

It's no wonder as your blog is one that is well researched and beautifully written. :-)

La Palin is just tragic trash ... (and my apologies to trash).

I really hope this blows wide open, she is such a fraud!

Anonymous said...

anon@:53: the something strange about the kitchen is that no one has ever been in it or cooked there before.

Sarah eats live puppies in her back yard.

Lisabeth said...

Mrs Biscuitbarrel.... LOL!!!! Is moose kosher by the way? What about caribou? Blchhhhh

Regina, I wrote a long comment or two at VF with your blog name too. I don't think it was published but there are quite a few posts also saying that Levi is talking about Trig.

I really feel sorry for Bristol. Imagine a mother doing that to their teen! One day, when she can, she will rebel in a big way and tell the truth. And I wouldn't blame her.

The Palinbots sound nuts at VF. They do not help their cause ranting about Pres Obama. And how is he connected to this article???

Anonymous said...

No comment from Sarah Palin??? Now we know something is strange! She is locked up somewhere!

CC from far away said...


Don't you know they inject President Obama into EVERY talking point, whether he is connected or not? It is their standard M.O.

The bottom line is it is a barely veiled racism. By connecting him to everything they convince themselves it's not about the-black-man-elected-President.

What a delusional, dangerous fringe.

Lisabeth said...

They really are creepy I agree. I never realized how many stupid people their were (and racist!)

Anonymous said...

That article in VF is titled "Me and Mrs. Palin." There was a song once, "Me and Mrs. Jones." And Sarah can't shoot, asks Levi for some help, with a gun that's under her bed.

These word verifications are something else, huh? Mine is gropc !

basheert said...

All the Palinistas are racists. It's what sets them apart from human beings. They have never and will NEVER accept the fact that this country elected a black man as President. If "offends" them that the "uppity" blacks feel qualified to hold public office.

Their nasty racism comes out in every word they say and it's so obvious to people that it's what their driving force is all about.

Racism is ignorance. There really is no reason for it and no excuse for it. It's generally found in uneducated and stupid people.

Well, guess I answered why the C4Pers are racists whore hatemongers ....

Anonymous said...

First and only time I ever saw Piper wearing eyeglasses.

FEDUP!!! said...

She has TWO sinks in her kitchen? That set-up is a commercial setup. How did they pay for all that with his some-time North Slope job, and her then-mayor job?

basheert said...

FEDUP: I have 2 sinks.

I do cook though. And I don't keep my GUN under my BED in a BOX.

Sarah in SC said...

Anon 1:31--
First and only time I ever saw Piper wearing eyeglasses.


They were probably Trig's. LOL

FEDUP!!! said...

Basheert: No problem with 2 sinks, but UP IN WASILLA, in a house supposedly built on a salary of around $100,000? When cost of living is so high, it is obscene? (Check out the anonymousbloggers blog of Ann Strongheart, when she wnet grocery shopping last winter... :( )

Anonymous said...

I think that kitchen may be a lot like a kitchen that would be put in the Wasilla sports complex.

basheert said...

Palin's house IS the Wasilla Sports Complex.

nswfm CA said...

Anonymous said...

erm....she cut the hot dogs/sausages with a knife and WITH THE SAME KNIFE she cuts the cheese.

1.58 - 2.40
I thought that comment was about food poisoning, but when I looked at the block of "cheese," you all had me laughing!

The food is a total prop and this was an INTERVIEW! not making dinner. As in do something normal while we talk...

word verification: destrock
as in destruction of the charade.

Anonymous said...

That shirt that Piper's wearing in the 1st video is the same shirt she's wearing, alone, in the kitchen, with an apron on, in another blog.

Lynn said...

I noticed that Piper is wearing a chef's jacket and pearls in another scene. Poor kid is being pushed to be so grown up. It makes me feel anxious to see her hauling little Trig around. I remember how I felt when my 9 year old carried her new brother. I wanted her to bond with him but she just wasn't fully aware of the awesome responsibility. That's what I see with Piper but what I don't see is real concern from Palin. I know that in some cultures children do take care of children but this is an economically advantaged family who are always talking about family values. Looks more like survival of the fittest.

To those citizens of Wasilla and other places who know stuff but are afraid or reluctant to speak up. Form a group! The more of you who speak up at one time the fewer that can be attacked. Stay below the radar and then all at once start talking. Where one person can be discredited it's impossible when it's a large diverse group. Maybe just pick a day--Revelation Day you could call it. Has a kind of nice religious sound to it. Choose the date such as Mischief Night or the First Tuesday in November. Go for it!!

basheert said...

Or better yet, why not go for "The day of the Dead"? But please don't wait for Cinco de Mayo.

I think it goes without saying, that regardless of what the truth IS, we'd all like to hear it.

Most of us don't envy or blame Bristol. But if this is looking like what I think it is - Bristol needs help now, and in the immediate future.

Lisabeth said...

Gryphen says that Levi is talking about Tripp not Trig. Ate you confused yet?

Anonymous said...

Regina, you're going to be very busy -- wait until you read the full VF article. Campaign clothes, Todd's sponsors, going to church, divorce/affair talk and the list goes on and on.
ICEBERG thy name is Levi!!

Anonymous said...

I hope we learn about the timing of Sarah's desire to get Levi to teach her to shoot. Did she have it in for someone and want to shoot them?

Anonymous said...

US Magazine has a story, too:

"She [Sarah] thought she was running for President."

basheert said...

OK if what Gryphen says is true, why would she want to adopt Tripp? She believed she was going to win the election. She "had" a 6+month old Downs syndrome child. She expected to move to Washington as VP (yes she really thought that).

She is hardly the loving, caring, nurturing type. What would she get by wanting Tripp?

Anonymous said...

anon@ 3:04: She was running for president - she could very well have killed John McCain within 3 months.

Eileen said...

Keith O calls Levi a Sarah Palin Whistle Blower. Wasilla-give tips. Saracuda is on her way out in credibility and will be shown from North to West to East coasts that she is a fraud.
It is good therapy for Wasilla residents to distance Wasilla from her by letting the truth be known. I have said my share of jabs at Wasilla due to the bad image she gives residents there since we all know they have vital information to give and keep themselves muzzled. R.A.T. :Right ActiON Truth. Isn't that what we tell our children to do? This is political and personal fraud on a local and then national level. A female version of Sanford style scandal-she never nurtured Trig in her womb.

Anonymous said...

Boy did I notice the glass stair railing - same as the sports complex.

Great Blog!

lisabeth said...

Basheert, all I can figure out is maybe she thought she could get away with it again, or a second time? The dates of when those kids were really born isn't known for sure.
I'm confused but there are a lot of good things in there!

If someone has the full article, can you tell us more or even type out other sections?? I knew she thought she was the one running for president! Remember how her speech was already in the TelePrompTer.

She HAS to be in either rehab and/ or a psych unit or she would be relying to this!!

Virginia Voter said...

Lisabeth...go on the Mudflats Sarah Palin book entry. A poster Lori in LA has the VF, and has posted lots of great intersting thing Levi says he was at the hospital when Sarah gave birth to Trig at 6 am on April 18!

CC from far away said...


Lori in Los Angeles, over at The Mudflats is posting excerpts from the VF article. It was available in NY & LA today...

Quite a few juicy tidbits although I was a bit perterbed regarding Levi writing "he was at the hospital the day Trig was born."

Something does not add up, (obviously).

CC from far away said...

VV ... you typed it before me ... tee hee!!

And we are on the save wavelength ...

(cue in eerie twilight zone music)...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

OMG, Huffington Post is FINALLY letting all comments through about babygate!! THANK YOU LEVI!

Please enlighten all the poor people who have been kept in the dark by the media and go comment!

Keith Olbermann finally talked about Levi's Vanity Fair article also.

Sarah, do ya think it's about time ya quit makin' things up? Try just telling the truth for a change and acknowledge that Trig is your first grandson. From one grandmother to another, grandkids are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

read what she says about Trigg

if it were true.. no wonder he never has his glasses on.. you never hear about the care he is getting..
Im guessing if she DID have little Trigg then the sorid tale that will come out is how she DID want to have a miscarriage.. i can see it coming out she drank diet dr. pepper all the time and never ate.. and ran all the time.. they were trying to tell her she would kill that baby and she would laugh it off..

she's a real sicko.. and i just thought she was a looney fraud
She actually is very creepy

and I notice the kids that talk (I never hear willow talk) almost talk in whispers.. with their head down.. typical of kids that have a beast for a mother.. and they never smile.. always have a far off worried look on their face

I used to laugh at this woman .. now she makes me sick

ha! never had a cool wv
but it is furriess

furious! :D

basheert said...

OK went over and read Lori in Los Angeles who was snipping comments.
On page 4, there is an absolutely horrific description of something she called Trig that Lori was so disgusted by she couldn't type it.

Evidently several people could not believe that Sarah had such a vile mouth. You will not believe what she called her own baby.

She posted multiple comments directly from the mag all evening. It's very enlightening and there is some new stuff there.

basheert said...

She's TOAST:

Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi’s baby, Tr!pp, than she did to her own baby, Tr!g, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign.
Says Johnston: “I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around,
‘No, I don’t want the retarded baby — I want the other one’ and pick up Tr!pp.
That was just her, even her kids were used to it.”

CC from far away said...


I could not believe that, indeed, horrific description of what she called Trig.

As a mother I am absolutely speechless. Heck, as a member of the human race I am speechless!

She is even more vile than I had thought and I didn't think that was even possible!

She needs to go down NOW!!

basheert said...

Of all the things that Levi could have said, I believe that one comment is a nail in her coffin. Everything else just shows she's a media whore with delusions of grandeur and is greedy as hell.

Calling her son a "R" is a reflection of her total worthlessness as a human being.

I hope she rots in hell. Not even "her" personal God would like that comment.

basheert said...

Let's see how her flying circus spins THAT remark, ya betcha?

How do the loony monkeys take a statement where she refers to her Down's syndrome child as a "R" and make that acceptable to polite society?

How do you humanize THAT comment?

CC from far away said...

McCain, McCain ... look what you've done!

Treason ... plain and simple.

I hope he is finished in politics and he is only remembered (badly) for this fiasco.

Worthless human being indeed.

CC from far away said...

Basheert, I think the Palinistas will just say Levi is lying, sadly.

There is no way to spin it.

She is vile and repulsive.

basheert said...

How does anyone defend that comment? I mean I know they are all crazy and nuts but this isn't acceptable to most human beings?

She is human filth.

(Sent quote to - let's get it out to ALL the media.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have Andrew Sullivan as a contact?

indy_girl said...

hilarious--in the first video at 1:11, watch the dark haired woman to the right of sarah roll her eyes when sarah is yammering on about "moose meat."

Sarah's interaction with trig is pretty sad in this video, like he's some kind of pesty annoyance. Could she look any less maternal? I sure hope bristol cuddled Trig a lot during those times when Sarah didn't have the cameras aimed at everyone staging a narcissistic PR event.

Also, I don't believe the VF story is really about Tripp. It's about Trig, and Sarah knows it. Listen carefully and you can probably hear the furious shrieking from Wasilla. Levi IS the iceberg.

basheert said...

indy_girl - are you on Gryphen's blog? You might want to go read his UPDATE on this topic.

Sarah holds Trig like he's on a popsicle stick. Disgusting.

lisabeth said...

It's all something else. We knew Sarah was an NPD monster so none of what she said surprises me.

I just still find it impossible to believe that Levi was at Trigs birth (Sarah is mom). I just don't buy it and it makes me distrust Levi.

They are all opportunists, money grubbing hicks. And if he lied about that, why? And if it's true why would he be at the birth? That makes no sense and why would she want to adopt Tripp.

Her lemmings are SO incredibly stupid and racist they will stand up for her no matter what. There may be a few who were on the fence about her.Who knows. I just want the truth- I am sick of her and her family, even though I do feel for those kids.

basheert said...

lisabeth: I disagree with you a little on this whole issue of Levi.

Basically what can Levi do to support his child? He is (I believe) a high school dropout and I don't think there are a ton of jobs available to him at his age in Alaska. They tried to get him on the No Slope but he had to quit when it hit the paper because he didn't have a high school diploma which was required.

So what does he do? He has made it clear from Day 1 that he wants to be involved with his child. I don't know how often he sees him, or anything about his current relationship with Bristol (if there is one), but they don't seem to have a problem with each other.

He has stated he wants to prove for his son. And he has a story that will sell. It will enable him to give his son things he otherwise can't.

Perhaps he was 'at the birth' with Bristol? The story obviously is being told piece-meal and not all at once.

I don't understand why SP would want to adopt Tripp. Unless having a DS child sent her even more off of her tracks.

I have a really hard time blaming either Levi or Bristol. I believe the entire family including Todd, have been victimized by this Black Widow spider. Their relationship has been made public, been speculated about, and their lives have been objects of speculation.

Sarah asked for all of this but the kids, none of them, did not. SHE chose to use them as props. She announced her daughter's unwed pregnancy to the world. It was public fodder.

No sorry, I can't blame Levi. At this point in town, the publicity is the only way he can make money. And it seems to me that Bristol must know what he was going to say. I don't think she is her mother's biggest fan.

CC from far away said...

She belongs in jail, irrespective of her lack of morals and base motives.

If only for housegate, though there are many other 'gates' this one may be the easiest to prove.

I hope the flood gates start gushing.

NakedTruth said...

Yep, Levi did exactly what I thought he would do. Only tell enough to make you wonder.

I think Levi wants to tell the truth but can't. I bet it was devastating to Bristol and especially Levi for Trig to be born with DS. Remember Sherry saying that Levi always wanted a son to hunt with and play with. I know that Levi is saying that Sarah used the awful "R" word but IMO Levi probably felt the same way about Trig when he was born with DS. I bet it freaked him out. His baby boy not perfect?!!!Levi did not think that he could raise and support a DS child. He still doesn't want that responsibility.

Levi's way of dealing with his guilt was to volunteer to teach hockey to special needs kids. He loves Trig in his own way but it appears that Bristol, Trig's biological mom, is the only one that unconditionally loves Trig. I feel so sorry for Trig.

Levi is just o.k. with Sarah taking care of Trig and he's not going to spill the beans anytime soon.

And yea, why was he at the hospital at the time of Trig's birth at 6:00 in morning? What teenage boy you know will be at their girlfriend's mother's delivery so early in the damn morning? Does Levi think we are stupid?! This I think is a lie. I wonder why he felt a need to say this? Just saying that Palin was pregnant and gave birth to Trig would have been enough. What's the purpose of this lie and why tell it now? Levi is full of it. What he is hiding and not telling is messing with his credibility.

lisabeth said...

Basheert that is ALWAYS how I thought of him until this story. I have stuck up for him on other boards. But then he writes he was at the birth of Trig and saw Sarah pregnant. I don't believe it. Why is he lying? I have to go back and read what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Regina, from the comments I've read, it seems Levi confirmed Trig belongs to SP, as well as the date and time of his birth. Oh, and that she is not a fanatical fundamentalist.

All the rest of the stuff just family drama. I wouldn't base all of SP parenting skills on just a few months from a teenage boy. After all, his mother and father are divorced. And with her health problems, wasn't he helping his mother with cooking and chores?

Something's fishy ... SP was not pregnant in the photo taken on March 14, 2008, with Parnell. Negotiated for less jail time, maybe. It would have to be negative enough to seem real. Oh, well, FWIW.

EyeOnYou aka TruthSeeker said...

Notice how in this video clip, Piper hands Trig to Sarah only to have Sarah hand him right back to Piper and tell her to put him somewhere else.

FEDUP!!! said...

I, like so many others, am still puzzled about Levi being so particular about saying he was there at the birth of Trig, at 6 am. I believe he was giving a message/clue there.
Maybe Trig was adopted by $arah after all, and Levi is trying to assure her by this that he will not spill her beans on THIS issue. Maybe he HAS to do it for the sake and safety of his mother, who is in jail, awaiting her sentencing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Levi made a deal with the devil... He reiterating Sarah's 'birth story' not the real one.

NakedTruth said...

I have always gone back and forth as to my belief on Levi being the father of Trig. I've always thought that Bristol is the birth mother but just wasn't quite sure about Levi being the father. Then Levi started saying things like he and Bristol were homeschooled at the Palin's house during the school year of 2007/08 (GQ Interview). I then thought that Levi had to be the father of Trig because Sarah would not have allowed him to see Bristol pregnant if he was not. So he and Bristol were hid away during her pregnancy.

Now we are hearing from Levi in this Vanity Fair interview and he is saying that Bristol was actually sent to Anchorage to live with her Aunt during this school year and he often visited. This does not add up. Levi's hockey coach also mentioned that Levi was being home schooled while playing hockey and then suddenly quit in Feb. 08 and dropped out of school in Mar. 08. Was Bristol being home schooled at the Palin's or was she in Anchorage? Is it possible that Bristol was pregnant and was sent away to Anchorage to hide the pregnancy from Levi because Trig just may not be his baby? Is it possible that Trig was presented to Levi in April as Sarah's newborn but he knew that the baby was actually Bristol's and thought that it could be the father? Was Levi deceived too but think he knows the truth?

Levi is hiding something. If he thinks for one minute that we believe that a 17 year old boy was at a 6:00 AM birth of his girlfriend's mother then he really thinks we are stupid. Why would he be there? And if it's because he was living with the Palin's at this time then why was he living with the Palins? This would have been before Tripp was conceived. Levi is really beginning to lose credibility. I can believe some of the things he say about Palin but only because we already know that she is a biatchhh!

And would Sarah call a child she birthed a 'retard'? Sounds like she has no connection to this baby and sounds like Levi took offense to Sarah saying this about his son. Yea, I could see Sarah saying to Levi and Bristol while they were taking care of Trig and Tripp 'Give me my grandbaby, not the retarded one!".

BuffaloGal said...

I wish we could see footage of Levi's face as he said he was at the hospital at 6am. Did he literally say "i was there when she gave birth at 6am on April 18th"? Doesn't that sound like an odd statement? Why give the time and the date? Why not, "yeah..i was there that morning". Seems odd to me.

It doesn't make me mistrust him. He doesn't seem the cunning type. I think he needs to cover this one and has it rehearsed in his head.

I'm hoping someone snags him for an interview and asks that question again. Facial expressions will be telling.

As for the, "not the retarded one" comment - If you take out "retarded" and replace it with "that" , we have, "no, not that one". Isn't that an odd way to refer to your own child? Wouldn't you say, "no, not mine - i want to play with yours." She references Trig as being part of a pair that belong together.

Levi might not be remembering the exact wording correctly but I'm sure he's got the feel of it. I'm sure some version of the word was used and I believe him when he says she was saying it in a goofing around manner. Crass, yes, but this is also the woman that giggled during a radio interview when terribly rude comments were made about a cancer victim. She probably has a really immature sense of humor.

EyeOnYou aka Truth Seeker said...

Just a bit more on the "Cooking" situation!

Those videos they want to hold up as showing that Sarah can indeed cook actually offer evidence of how uncomfortable she is in the kitchen. The “salad” was a pre-made deal that comes in little plastic containers bought ready to serve at the grocery store, the bowl of carrots seen on the counter are pre cut ready to serve baby carrots so all she had to do was open a bag and dump into a bowl, just like the salad, the “caribou hot dogs” she admits she got from her parents house, she struggles opening the package, dumps them onto a sheet pan and then struggles cutting up “velveeta” to put into the hot dogs to make them cheese dogs!
She claims to have made the “ moose chili” but evidence from her current endeavors on the kitchen would suggest she wouldn’t know her way around a spice rack, let alone know enough to make chili, so I would be willing to bet that someone else in the family made that chili….but more to the point Levi didn’t say she didn’t know how to cook, but that she didn’t cook….cooking for a photo op is not the same thing as doing it day in day out.

I have been in kitchen's and have worked in the food industry for many, many, many years and it is obvious that this woman is completely uncomfortable in a kitchen. I am a parent of 3 children and I know what is "healthy" and what isn't, and her claims that they eat moose, & caribou because it is better is not just absurd but a deliberate lie to play on her "wild Alaskan woman" theme. The Palin family has more than ample money to purchase whatever they want whenever they want, and the fact that Sarah admitted on the video that they had no moose or caribou in their freezer indicates to me that her "we eat therefore we hunt" meme was just an additional shtick for the general public.

Sarah also has her fans claiming that she fired the chef from the mansion in Juneau as if that somehow makes her more apt to be the one cooking and proving she saved the state money, but in reality, if Bristol did the majority of the cooking, or take out was on the menu then a chef wasn't needed and the chef was just transfered not fired, so there was no money savings going on with that situation.

Anonymous said...

You should re-read what Levi actually said (I was there when she got the baby at 6a.m - he did not say ( when she gave birth ) A completely different statement than what some here are reporting.

BuffaloGal said...

Anon @16:05

Lori in CA had a copy of the article and was posting excerpts on Mudflas, yesterday. One of them was " “I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby, a little after 6 a.m. on April 18, 2008…………” "

I was working from memory when I posted here this morning and I guess "had the baby" , coming from a teen equated with "giving birth". Now, if the phrase was "got the baby", that'd be different.

Do you happen to have a copy of the article? That'd be an interesting use of words.

lisabeth said...

Well THaT is much more telling isn't it

Anonymous said...

Then again it could be as simple as Levi went with Bristol to the hospital when Sarah had the baby?

I disagree that Levi would not have known the baby had DS. It would have been diagnosed within the 2nd trimester from a blood test with an amnio following (regardless of who the mom was). So the father (if he was told) would know that Trigger has DS - it would not have been a surprise.

What I'm pondering is why SP would have expressed a desire to adopt TRIPP? The timing is all wrong. Then again I've always wondered when Lil Tripper was born. They say end of December but I believe it was the end of January.

So if Lil Trigger was born earlier and Tripp was born later - we can have Bristol with both babies.

It is also my understanding that the hospital has no record of his live birth. It was Mat-su right? It lists other babies born that day.

I am assuming someone has scoured their birth records (public info?) from Jan 08 on?

peninparadise said...

"...Todd, you've seen a ton of it," Sarah then glares at her estranged husband, giving him a jab and his cue to, now speak.

These videos are priceless, and soooooooooo telling! At one point, you can see Meg darting in and out of the shot to adjust the scene, in the kitchen. When Trig dares to start making noise, across the room in his, "swingy thing..." where his was left alone, someone runs over to get rid of that background noise! No one cooks dressed like that, even if she is just zapping hot dogs. Obviously, she was told to look domestic and cook while being interviewed. In anticipation, someone bought a chefs, jacket for piper to wear. It is clear she is trying to formulate her answers, and sounding like a total BS-er in the process.
Thank you for reposting these videos Regina, as we finally hear the truth about this woman, they just solidify what we've known all along.

Anonymous said...

I just watched some of the third video: Slittin' hotdogs with Greta! (Watch out, Julia Childs!)

Palin seems sooooo pissed off in that segment--really angry.

Anonymous said...

"I was there when she GOT THE BABY " !

That makes perfect sense and is not the way you
would describe a woman pushing a baby out of her
body. And Levi would very likely be there when Trig was 'handed off' to Miss Sarah.

I am in the camp which thinks that Miss Sarah faked the pregnancy in order to force the adoption. Gross.

Anonymous said...

These are painful to watch. Sarah is just plain stoopid. She clearly can not multi-task (i.e. talk and cut velveeta). What a joke. And Greta VS - she is just pathetic. She used to be quite intelligent in my estimation, back in the OJ trial days. Then she got some plastic surgery and clearly lost some brain power in the process

Anonymous said...

So, I was bored this afternoon and decided to make a "cold call" to Wasilla. I spoke with a kid in the Wasilla blockbuster. He didn't know if Bristol or Sarah was the mother of Trig.He said people he knows in Wasilla aren't talking much about scarah anymore. He did say that his aunt went to school with Sarah and she seemed to like her. Then he started sounding alittle fundy to me.He said Levi is a jerk and is doing this for the money only and none of what he says is true.
We should all start cold calling Wasilla residents and shake things up a bit!!! Maybe we'll hit on a nicu nurse or a unit clerk that knows something lol

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to give Miss Sarah a pass on the 'retarded' comment. Because I bet that she heard that comment a lot herself as a child. Addressed to her.

Everything is self reflective at different levels. She uses her kids as props. Where did she learn that ? Who uses her as a prop ? I am guessing Daddy Dearest . . .

Anonymous said...

Food comments: I am guilty of a secret love of Velveeta. That was 'cheese' in my family, when I was a kid. It was all we ever had! Not sure if that was our cheese because it was cheaper, or if it was simply what my parents liked? Maybe they ate it as kids too?

These days, I don't have Velveeta very often...but every once in a while, I just have to have a grilled 'cheese' with Velveeta.

Hope I don't gross anyone out, but Velveeta is my little guilty food pleasure, LOL

ps: I also love White Castles, and cannot get them here!

~just another junk food junkie ;)

sandra said...

That must have been one crowded delivery room. Remember Chuck Heath said he was there when Trig "popped out." How many male family members witness births? Things have changed, but I wouldn't think most mothers would want all the men they know bearing witness.

trish in SW FL said...

I know that when my son and DIL had their babies, the only male remaining for the actual birth was my son, the Daddy.

Other male family members and friends were more than happy to go wait outside, down the hall.

I cannot even imagine a teenage boy, or even a woman's father actually being present at the birth! Unless of course.....nahhhh....that's just too ICKY!

Anonymous said...

I should have posted this a long time ago, but when you're used to things, you figure everyone knows them. I work in TV, and do interviews with famous people often enough to know exactly what happened here.

Greta made her "story" up and submitted it to her bosses, who naturally approved it. It read something like "Exclusive interview with SP. List of approved questions to be asked. B-roll of her doing things which tell our "story"; e.g., cooking, holding babies, out in snow looking tough, etc. Extra bonus: will interview whole family while SP cooks."

I mean, that's obviously a shortened version of it, but that's the idea.

Many times, there are food preparers making the on-camera food off camera. Hair and makeup are there, obviously. And stylists, too. Family is told what to do and how to act, or more subtly, "what the story/angle is". Producer figures out how to fulfill the mission of their boss (show SP as Perfect Mom, for example) in subtle and not so subtle ways.

None of this is "reality". It takes hours to light the rooms for the interview, arrange the background, get the folks ready -- and we haven't even started on the questions yet. Those questions are all preapproved (unless it's a "real" news story, in which case, publicists will give a list of questions which can NOT be asked under any circumstances and interviewers usually go along with it. If they don't agree, they cancel interview and lose prestige w/ their boss).

Before cameras are even turned on, producer or interviewer (Greta, in this case) will go over questions and topics with everyone. Might hear a cute story she knows she wants to exploit when cameras roll.

None of this is reality.

I'm sure you all know that, but it still amazes me that anyone buys this crap as telling a real story about anyone famous.

Only the people behind the scenes know what went into getting five minutes of "golden TV". This is true for all TV, and most news. And we all know Fox isn't news. Fox wants to give their viewers their hero, who pays the bills around there, in all of her false glory. Every single thing is planned out in advance. Then, they try to make it look natural and unscripted:-)

of course, for minor celebrities, the efforts are trimmed back for cost reasons, but I can't imagine Fox not going all out for this one, and I can't imagine SP not demanded certain things (wardrobe, makeup, final approval of final cut of "interview" even).

Obviously, SP is a fraud, as many famous people are. As a celebrity, she's a failure because she's not what she says she is and she is even worse, a hypocrite. She can't afford the level of exposure she's had so far, because her story is a lie and she has no "talent" to back up the failed narrative. Narrative is all they have with her, and believe me, it's heavily crafted.

As a politician, well, she's simply not one. She has no "ideas" or "policies" to share with the county other than primal hate and the drive to make herself the center of attention.

It is my very real dream that one day, behind the scenes footage will be released by the McCain aides and or any of the crew who've worked on these sad little "narratives".

I often wonder if the McCain camp took Levi's phone when they confiscated the Johnstons' computers. If they didn't, could it be that there is video or audio evidence of the Real SP somewhere?

Hmmm....Someone has it. And it will surface on day.

Anonymous said...

Very insightful posts, and thank you to anonymous above for explaining some of the staging.

I agree with the poster who noted John Coale's lurking presence.

And did you see how physically uncomfortable little Piper is at the end of the "snowmachine" video, literally trying to shake off Greta's hold? And how they swathed her head-to-toe in Arctic Cat gear for the camera time?