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Open thread

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Is this a new kitten?

Anonymous said...

I would like to continue the conversation prompted by a post from the last thread:

Is Trig really Tripp?

In other words, did Levi and Bristol have a baby boy, which they named 'Tripp', who then became 'Trig' when Sarah adopted him? The current Tripp would be their second child.

If this is true, then Levi's statements in VF make sense.

Not that I expect anything about Sarah Palin to make sense.

5:23 PM

Gryphen at IM said:

Anonymous 5:23, you are closer to the truth than anybody else on this topic.

There is still a piece missing but you are within spitting distance to the truth.

First, I'd like to encourage our mysterious anon 5:23 to tell us more! You must know some good stuff.

Then, I was interested in that unusual name, Tripp. The Palin family has the habit of naming their kids for something significant, some place, we all know them: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, isn't that cute.

I looked up Tripp (what an unusual spelling) in the Urban Dictionary. There are a number of definitions: A guy who would normally be named, for example, James Smith III would be called "Tripp" meaning triple, the III after his name. The next next two definitions have to do with Tripp being a nice guy. Then the drug reference, followed by an obscure Star Trek reference.

It is #6 that caught my eye,
To engage in sexual intercourse with, usually while drunk or out of pure infatuation. Another word for having sex.

We know from other websites that Bristol and Levi ran with a party crowd, and this definition may be part of their slang, or even been part of their past experience.

So, please, anon 5:23, enlighten us if you can add anything to the discussion!

NakedTruth said...

O.k. if Gryphen is stating that Trig was Tripp before Sarah adopted him, is it possible that the one thing that is missing is that Levi is not Trig's father but Bristol is Trig's biological mom.

Then it makes me think that it is possible that Levi's father, Keith Johnston, could be Trig's father. It was stated once that Bristol spent much time at the Johnston's house. Could she have gotten drunk one night and had sex with old man Johnston? Is this the connection that Levi and Mercede feel to Trig? Remember the pictures on Mercede's MySpace page? She stated that Triggybear was her baby brother. This could be why Levi feels that he should cover for Sarah's lie that she is Trig's biological mom. He's protecting his father. Also keep in mind that Sherry Johnston and Keith Johnston divorced during the Summer of 2008 and no one has ever indicated why.

This would definitely be a reason for Sarah to want to cover up this pregnancy and birth and for the Johnston family to play along. Keith could face criminal charges. What a shame if this is true! Do we know anything else about Keith Johnston?

I still go back to the statements that were made about the truth would be found through the connections of the Johnstons and Palins. What connections?

Just as a disclaimer, I don't know the truth. This is just a wild guess but I am curious about Gryphen stating that Trig originally being Tripp is very close to the truth.

basheert said...

I adore the kitten - she looks completely EVIL so I'm guessing she's a lot of fun!!!

Trig, Tripp, Tweety, Twerp, WHATEVER.

I believe Bristol is Trig's mom AND Tripp's mom. I think there is something goofy with the dates - including who is how old and how old they are and were.

There is a lot funny with the "birth" of Tripp and the date as well.

There are obviously two babies - with the Downs, I would immediately assume Sarah because of her advanced maternal age (sorry couldn't resist). She would be at a much higher risk of chromosomal defect than Bristol. Then again, everything this family does is screwy (so to speak).

Anonymous said...

How about Bristol's baby Tripp being the baby-later-known-as-Trig and having been the one born on December 27 to a 17-year-old mother (in 2007, not 2008)?

Bristol's baby could have been handed over to granny and had his "newborn" debut (re-named as Trig) with SP on April 18(2008).

That would explain a lot, and there would have been plenty of time for Miss Abstinance-is-unrealistic to become pregnant yet again by two weeks after the April 18, 2008 hand-over.

Go over what Levi's said (and some otherwise inexplicable comments his sister and mother have made) and see if there is anything that would not fit that scenario (Tripp being taken over by grandma as Trig) a whole lot better than anything that's come out of SP's mouth about her "delivery."

It would also explain why no one in that family ever seems to use an actual name for "the baby"/"bundle of joy"/"special needs child"/"the [grotesque word omitted] one," and why Sarah's "birth announcement" for "Trig" was perhaps the only one in history to lack a birthdate.

basheert said...

anon@22:39: Nice catch - I like the supposition. And it's highly likely and very possible and it's also plausible.

So Trig was born as "Tripp" in Dec 2007 and handed over to SP later. That would definitely give Bristol time to have Tripp2 in December 2008 or Jan/Feb 2009.

That would explain Bristol being 17 when "the baby" WAS born.

It actually makes sense.

basheert said...

And Sarah wouldn't have had to go through all the "pregnancy" B.S. She just takes the kid her daughter produces.

Anonymous said...

nakedtruth @ 21:25

I am starting to think this is the case. it makes no sense for levi to repeat sarah's lies. unless he was protecting someone who could get in a lot of trouble. and I don't think that person is his mother.

basheert said...

It does fit. And it explains a lot of holes and a ton of breadcrumbs.

Bristol WAS 17 when she had the FIRST Tripp.

This should be fun. Did Sarah choose to go away because people know about this and have figured out the details?

basheert said...

....and since he isn't actually HER baby, (Trig/Tripp1), she never bonded with him. Then again I haven't noticed that she's really bonded with any kid in the family. It would explain her interaction with Tripp2 and her not wanting "the R one".

And it makes Levi's comment clear. He's saying Bristol was 17 when The Baby was born - it's Tripp1/Trig!

Hmmmmmmmmm - how fun will this be ??

Anonymous said...

Here is an obscure article about Sarah Palin's college days.

You have to scroll to the third page of the article to read this bizarre quote from one of Sarah's friends good freinds from childhood and college, Kim (Tilly) Ketchum. When asked if Sarah ever did anything out of character, Tilly replied with a bizarre incident that happened when they lived in a dorm in college in Idaho -

"Someone pulled the fire alarm next to my door," she said. "We all were told there is an invisible dye that squirts onto your hand when you pull the alarm and you're not going to be able to hide. And Sarah looked at her hands, and said, 'Oh my God, look!' And she went and confessed."

So Tilly is saying that Sarah pulled a fire alarm in their college dorm - knowing that she would be stained with dye???

Why would Tilly mention this? I would think a good friend wouldn't repeat something so very odd.

Anonymous said...

The truth behind Trig and Tripp will be coming out soon. It's good that all of you talk about it and write about it because Sarah should not be allowed to continue this farce.

I do not respect her followers but they are being lied to and deliberately misled day after day. They are stupid but it's still wrong of her and it's up to us and a few good souls in the media (who are you) to break thus wide open.

She is a far right wing nutjob and thief. Some out there now a lot. How much is our silence worth this time Sarah?

Anonymous said...

I misunderstood the quote I posted above. I don't think Tilly was saying they had been told about the dye before Sarah had pulled the fire alarm - they were told after the alarm went off and Sarah was caught "red-handed" and had to confess.

Anonymous said...

Given that Bristol gave birth to Trig earlier than April 18, why did SP choose that particular date to SAY he was born--it seems like it drew more attention to an unlikely event than if she had just waited until she was back in town and then "given birth." Why the dramatic attempt to make him born on April 18?

Anonymous said...

I think the story Tilly is telling is that someone told the girls about the dye after the alarm was pulled. Sarah looked at her hands and gave herself away -- Sarah may have hallucinated the stain. But even so, just looking at her hands, she gave herself away. Dumb cluck.

Anonymous said...

The story about the invisible dye was meant to catch the guilty person. We don't know if there really was any dye. They did something like that on the Soprano's. AJ, the goofy son, and his buddies trashed the school and urinated on the wreckage. The dean confronted them, telling them that he had a DNA match from the urine. They confessed. Later, the smart, older sister told AJ that it takes weeks to do a DNA test; he was a jerk to confess so quickly.

So much for the fire alarm. Let's try something else. We have always assumed that Sarah and Todd adopted the DS baby, whatever his name is(was). According to Levi, he and Bristol refused. What if Sarah just sort of "borrowed" him, telling Bristol that it was save both of their reputations to pretend for a little while.

(Just a thought here, but if the baby was born with a different name, and the Palins just call him Trig, there are no birth records for a Trig Palin. There are records for someone else. Levi gave his last name to baby #2, how about baby #1?)

Sarah wanted to VP nomination, and Bristol's pregnancy as a unwed teen was problematic with the religious right. Sarah could make her claim as the image of an all loving mother, champion of special needs children everywhere, she held that baby out there as a symbol of everything she stood for. (Too bad she never held him in a loving, maternal way).

As for the problem with the dates. DS baby may have been born premature and hospitalized until he was in good shape. Bristol was caught in a traffic accident outside a local clinic around the time that a DS baby could have been born prematurely. They didn't have to do anything at first, because it was touch and go. Maybe (this is going to sound heartless and cruel) maybe nature would just take care of things. Sarah would say that she "put in in God's hands."

There reached a point when the baby was going to make it, and Sarah hastily put together her fake pregnancy plan. She thinks as far ahead as that girl in college did when they told her about invisible dye. She does not do long range planning or thinking things through.

Gryphen reported that Bristol and Sarah fought, screamed at each other. Could have been over Trig. Could also have been over alot of other issues, too. But, if Bristol was the birth mother, and she didn't like the way that Sarah was neglecting the kid after she asked for him, Bristol might have asked to raise him herself in order to give him the love and attention he obviously wasn't getting from Sarah. Trig may have been the useful political prop until November, 2008. Then, he was good for a couple of special needs speeches, but Sarah got tired of it pretty quickly. There is no question that Bristol appears to be raising the two boys together. I hope that it works out well for her.

Of course if we saw this on TV, we would all be chuckling over such an unbelievable plot! On the other hand, who could have imagined that an idiot who confessed to invisible dye would run for VP!

Anonymous said...

I love where this thread is going. (Patrick and Kathleen, are you around?)

Is this the timeline for a new theory being batted about? Please correct as needed.

1) So Trig (né "Tripp") = 12/07 or 1/08 birthday. Bristol is the mother. Levi = father.
Sarah adopts. Baby is hidden; recovering?
2) McCain picked by GOP - 3/08
3) Palin begins Dance of the 7 Veils pretending to be pregnant. - 03/08
4) Levi and Bristol announce 2nd pregnancy to family (4/08)
5) "Trig" is shown to the world via Wild Ride
6) MySpace photos of "Triggybear," "Mommy-in-law," etc. 05/08
6) McCain is pressured to take Palin on GOP ticket (5-8/08)
7) McCain picks Palin (08/08)
8) Bristol pregnancy announced onstage at GOP convention (9/1/09)
Tripp #2 - 12/08 or 1/09 birthday. Levi and Bristol are the parents.

Anonymous said...


1) So Trig (né "Tripp") = 12/07 or 1/08 birthday. Bristol is the mother. Levi = father.
Sarah adopts. Baby is hidden; recovering?
2) McCain picked by GOP - 3/08
3) Palin begins Dance of the 7 Veils pretending to be pregnant. - 03/08
4) Levi and Bristol announce 2nd pregnancy to family (4/08)
5) "Trig" is shown to the world via Wild Ride
6) MySpace photos of "Triggybear," "Mommy-in-law," etc. 05/08
7) McCain is pressured to take Palin on GOP ticket (5-8/08)
8) McCain picks Palin (08/08)
9) Bristol pregnancy announced onstage at GOP convention (9/1/09)
10) Tripp #2 - 12/08 or 1/09 birthday. Levi and Bristol are the parents.

Sarah in SC said...

I always thought there was something fishy about the fact that Trig looks pretty close to Trip if you turn the "g" around/mirror image.


LOL WV= urritest (urine test? EPT?) lol

basheert said...

Tripp2 was "reported" as having been born 12/29/08. Then NOTHING for over a month.

I believe Sarah took Trig/Tripp1 on or around April 18 which would have been Bristol's 2nd pregnancy announcement and would account for a January delivery.

I need to point out that pregnancies are NOT 9 months. They are TEN months (40 weeks). That would put Bristol's 2nd delivery at the end of January 2009.

Also, Levi says Bristol was 17 when she became a mother. That would be 2007 (perhaps December) when Tripp1/Trig could have been delivered which would have left a lot of time for Bristol to conceive Tripp2.

Now WHY would SP do this? Because Bristol had Trig/Tripp1 and announced she was pregnant already in April 2008 after having Trig/Tripp1 in December 2007. Rather than having TWO teen pregnancies - Presto, Sarah takes Lil Tripper1 and makes him into Lil Tripper2.

And she and Todd could probably provide for a DS baby easier than Levi and Bristol.

My theory....

Anonymous said...

Does Sarah actually have to adopt, legally speaking? What if she and Todd just offered to raise the child. Remember, Levi said that they refused her offers.

Something is also keeping Levi quiet or he would have told the whole story by now. Is there hush money? A contract? Threat to Johnston family?

Anonymous said...

Back in IM, someone asked the famous anon 5:23 for more information. There, at the bottom of the post about Max Blumenthal, 5:23 has answered, "What do you want to know?" There are a whole set of questions. Please go over there and add your own questions, too. Maybe the mysterious 5:23 will reveal something else. Gryphen said that this was the closest to the truth that he has seen.

basheert said...

Sorry - correction:

Presto, Sarah takes Lil Tripper1 and makes him into Trig thereby giving Levi and Bristol 2nd dibs at the new baby being named LilTripper2.

It solves everything.

Sarah's Dance of the 7 Veils aka the Amazing Amusing Miraculous Pregnancy and Birth Story

Her lack of interest in the "R" Baby

Her amazing April 18 delivery - after only 3 weeks of announced pregnancy

Bristol would have known she was pregnant for the 2nd time in April 2008)

Bristol's amazing disappearing delivery sometime Jan 2009 after the "birth announcement of 12/29/08)

Levi's statement that Bristol was 17 when the baby was born without naming the baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not getting it...this is too tangled and confusing!!

basheert said...

no not really.

Bristol and Levi got pregnant and she had a baby when she was 17 (guessing here, Dec 2007 or Jan 2008). Baby was Tripp1 with Down's Syndrome.

When Bristol pops up and announced in March 2008 (when ScarySarah started her little pregnancy ploy), it became VITAL that SARAH be Pregnant. Therefore she "had" the baby 4/18/08 and there are NO birth records.

At that time, for some reason, Bristol and Levi turned Tripp1 over to Sarah and she called him Trig. He as introduced as having been "born" to SP in April 2008. I believe that Bristol had told "Mommy Dearest" that she was already pregnant for a 2nd time.

Since Bristol could easily have been already pregnant in April 2008, the date of Trig's birth was FAKED to be later than it was so that Bristol would not be identified as the mother.

So now we have Sarah with Tripp1 who is now called Trig and Bristol pregnant for the 2nd time.

Sarah tapped for Veep. She announced in public that Bristol is pregnant.

It is announced that Tripp(2) is born 12/29/08. Nothing for 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden, Here's Tripper.

WE are speculating:

1. Trig born Dec/Jan to Bristol who is 17. This would be after Bristol is shipped off to Aunt Heather's House for the world's longest episode of mono, and is unaccounted for and invisible.
2. Bristol tells "mom" she is pregnant AGAIN in March 2008.
3. Mommy Dearest enters Panic Mode and endures the world's shortest pregnancy (probably 7 weeks) and Tripp(1) becomes Trig.
4. Bristol delivers Tripp(2) supposedly on 12/29/08 but in reality delivers in January 2009 close to full term of 10 months.

It is confusing but you must start with ONE premise.

Levi says that Bristol "had the baby" at 17. We know Tripp2 was born sometime late Dec/Jan 2009 and Bristol is NOT 17.

That one statement is Levi's trail of bread crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Baheert, are you saying that she was going to hide Bristol's first birth by faking her own pregnancy, then when Sarah found out Bristol was pregnant again, she sped everything up and faked giving birth in April?

Anonymous said... it! Makes sense.

basheert said...

anon@1:42 - Yes - I think that because Trig was born with DS and I think SP and TP felt they could do more for him (Oh boy was THAT wrong).

I think Bristol surprised mom with Lil Tripper2 - Sarah started being pregnant end of March and "had" Trig (Tripper1) April 18.

I also really believe that Sarah could not tolerate her daughter having TWO babies out of wedlock within a 2 year time period.

Don't forget, Bristol was with Aunt Heather for FIVE months which could have covered Trig's birth.

Again, Levi said Bristol had the baby when she was 17. We KNOW she was 18.5 or 19 when Tripper2 was born (Dec/Jan). I'm betting Jan because Tripper2 appears to be fullterm. So 4/1/08 to sometime mid-to end Jan is TEN MONTHS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a timeline. I get more mixed up when Levi talks.

Gryphen is saying he is wrapping up a deal to blow the lid off of BOTH Palin's secrets and the McCain's culpability.
They would have documentation. Please, no he said|she said.

Without DNA I don't know I can be certain of the father or father's of T1 or T2. Bristol was a party girl and she screwed around.

Not much has been said about Keith Johnston. I do think Levi is protecting someone or someones more than his mother.
Where was Track during the times she could have been impregnated? Levi said he got to know the Palin's due to hockey and Track Palin. There was also another boyfriend and anyone she would party with.

Levi did mention dates in VF. Someone was working to have it look accurate. No one checked Bristol's age for when she gave birth?

KaJo said...

Anonymous @ 1:09 and 1:11,

I think your #6 should be dated a little earlier. Just about everybody who has looked at the "TriggyBear" pictures with Mercedes/Palin, Mercedes alone, and Mercedes/Levi thinks the baby is quite a bit younger in those pictures than he was when Sally and Chuck Heath displayed him on TV/video.

"6) MySpace photos of "Triggybear," "Mommy-in-law," etc. 05/08" should perhaps read "...03/08...".

Anonymous said...

a bit off the topic now, but why did she really resign, anyway

Anonymous said...

3/08?! wow, that does make more sense. And Why does that girl call him her brother?

Anon1:11 said...

Thanks, KaJo! Thanks, Basheert.


1) So Trig (né "Tripp") = 12/07 or 1/08 birthday. Bristol is the mother. Levi = father.
Sarah adopts. Baby is hidden; recovering?
2) McCain picked by GOP - 3/08
3) Palin begins Dance of the 7 Veils pretending to be pregnant. - 03/08
4) MySpace photos of "Triggybear," "Mommy-in-law," etc. 03/08
5) Levi and Bristol announce 2nd pregnancy to family (4/08)
6) "Trig" is shown to the world via Wild Ride
7) McCain is pressured to take Palin on GOP ticket (5-8/08)
8) McCain picks Palin (08/08)
9) Bristol pregnancy announced onstage at GOP convention (9/1/09)
10) Tripp #2 - 12/08 or 1/09 birthday. Levi and Bristol are the parents.

Anonymous said...

basheert - I think using ten months for a pregnancy is confusing. It is 10 lunar months, but our calendar isn't based on lunar months so a pregnancy is considered 9 months and 1 week. The 40 weeks is correct, but it is calculated from the first day of a woman's last period, not conception.

Also, I've seen dates for T1's birth ranging from Dec 2007 to Jan and Feb 2008. What criteria are you guys using to arrive at these dates?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin hiking around Juneau, 5 months pregnant video:

Anonymous said...

The name Trig was defined in the news, presumably from information provided by the Palins, as an 'old Norse word for truth'. And strength. Also.

basheert said...

GenieO: I am basing it on Levi's statement that Bristol had the baby when she was 17. The fact that she gave birth sometime after 12/29/08 (it was "announced that was the birth") would give the timeline that she WAS pregnant in april therefore she couldn't have had Trig/Tripp1.
She was also out of school with the world's longest case of mono (5 MONTHS???) during that timeframe AND staying with good old Aunt Heather in Anchorage and Levi states they saw each other up there.

She did not have Tripp2 when she was 17 the beginning of this year. She may have given birth to Tripp2 this year (Jan) but she sure is not 17.

Medically all pregnancies are 40 weeks, not 36. A full term is 40 weeks and that only makes a difference if you are faking a pregnancy since most are 36-40 weeks.

I think Bristol sprang her 2nd pregnancy on Mommy Dearest sometime end of Mar/early April 2008. I don't believe the election was involved. I believe Sarah was appalled that Bristol who had just given birth to Tripp1/Trig was pregnant again. Again, this part is speculation - Sarah's motives for anything are really unknown to most living beings.

So she set out to cover it up by taking Tripp1/Trig, faked her last few weeks and then announced that in the PROUD tradition of the Palin Family, her teenager was pregnant and they were THRILLED with the news.

leila said...

Your theories sound good, but didn't Gryphen imply it was something unbelievable? (I'd have to check on the exact words used there). Maybe my standard for 'unbelievable' has been shifting these many months, cause these stories almost sound normal!

sandra said...

Gestation of a human infant is 38 weeks. This is for a "normal" pregnancy. Ob/gyn people use 40 weeks because they calculate from the first day of the last menstruation. Fertility is usually at ovulation in the second week of the cycle.

Any calculations should consider these parameters.

When we have no birth certificates or first days of last menstrual period, forget the counting. Ball park (i.e., granny fingers) will suffice.

Anonymous said...

“Picking up my handsome little man to rtrn to Juneau, Trig got 1st haircut so my little hippie baby’s ready for AK sunshine on his shoulders.”

Got this from the July issue of Vanity Fair, article titled -- wait for it! -- "It Came From Wasilla."

Anyway, what is a "hippie baby?"

Karen said...

There is said to be something very scandalous with the pregnancies coming out, makes me question the dads, who are they?

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of sympathy for the two babies, but I have to say the person I feel the most sympathy and concern for is Bristol. How does she do it, day after day? I really admire her. She has been living in hell for years and there is no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

REVISION #3(Dates Corrected):

1) So Trig (né "Tripp") = 12/07 or 1/08 birthday. Bristol is the mother. Levi = father.
Sarah adopts. Baby is hidden; recovering?
2) McCain picked by GOP - 3/08
3) Palin begins Dance of the 7 Veils pretending to be pregnant. - 03/08
4) MySpace photos of "Triggybear," "Mommy-in-law," etc. 03/08
5) Levi and Bristol announce 2nd pregnancy to family (4/08)
6) "Trig" is shown to the world via Wild Ride
7) McCain is pressured to take Palin on GOP ticket (5-8/08)
8) McCain picks Palin (08/08)
9) Bristol pregnancy announced onstage at GOP convention (9/1/08)
10) Tripp #2 - 12/08 or 1/09 birthday. Levi and Bristol are the parents.

Anonymous said...

Did Sarah adopt Trig so her & Todd's insurance would cover the high cost of a special needs baby? Is Bristal covered for pregnancy? Don't you think Levi is holding out for his book deal? When Levi stated sarah said don't give me the "R" one. was she talking about her granson's?

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about the choice of the name Trig, and Sarah's explanation that it was an old Norse name for Brave Victory. Someone else pointed out how similar the words Trig and Trip look side by side, in the right font, the g & p are almost mirror images.

So, I decided to play with Google for a while looking up Norse and/or Norwegian male names. There was someone famous with a similar name, Trygve Lie, the first Secretary General of the United Nations, and yes, he came from Norway. The Norwegian spelling has always been Trygve; there just isn't any name that is spelled Trigve or Trig (must be a Palinization of the old Norse). And, yes, it does mean "Brave Victory."

So, why didn't they just stick with Trygve, Tryg for short. It isn't any stranger than Track, Bristol, Willow or Piper. And, frankly, if you a picking a name for a kid who is going to have a harder time making it through life than most, why saddle him with such a strange name to start with. Life is tough enough without the burden of a funny name.

For example, a dear friend called her daughter Ivy and was shocked shocked shocked when the poor kid came home complaining about the cruel nickname she got. You guessed it, Poison Ivy. I know, Gwyneth Paltrow called her daughter Apple. Apple Pie, the Apple of my Eye, why do that to a kid? Shows how old I am- when someone calls their kid Moonbeam or River or Rainn,I feel sorry for the kid.

basheert said...

Let's put this all together. I know it's been posted before somewhere (probably PD) but what were the months that Bristol was with good old Auntie Heather? When she "vanished" with that world-record-setting "mono" and she and Levi saw each other when they were out of town???

What months did that cover? It would have been 2007-2008. When did she magically "reappear" all well and healthy?

basheert said...

And bear is mind, this theory is based upon the premise that the "baby" was born when Bristol was 17.

RE: the 38-40 weeks, you're right but most pregnancies can vary by 1-3 weeks either way. So the timeframe of her having the baby 12/29 (when it was announced) and then the actual baby talk reappearing the end of January - no baby pics? So I'm going out and assuming the baby was mid-Jan - that would be Good Ol' Tripper2.

I think the DS triggered the whole Wild Ride from Texas and the Dance of the 7 Veils.

It could have been a very quiet family adoption if no one objected. That would cover the insurance. There have been many grandparents who end up adopting grandkids.

When Bristol popped up with Bun in the Oven #2, I think Sarah threw a fit and had to rush all her plans.

OK I could be all wrong here but everything makes sense with this timeframe.

As long as Bristol had "the baby" at 17.

lisabeth said...

Karen, where did you hear or read that something "very scandalous was coming out with the dads." I haven seen this thanks.

If McCain knew about this, he is a much bigger jerk than I thought. Picking Palin was completely irresponsible! Isn't the security of our country far more important than revving up the conservatives for the election! McCain disgusts me. He also lies a lot about other things too. There are far Romany phonies like him in government. I will not vote for him forArizona senator unless he comes out and tells the truth about Sarah an also he must state she is not qualified for public office. I hope the crazy minutemen running against McCain beats him and I can't believe I am wishing for that!!

basheert said...

I seriously doubt if McInsane had a clue what kind of freaking nut job Steve Schmidt had "selected" for him. It was pretty obvious Cindy wouldn't touch her (since you don't know where she's been).

I've written him many times and called his office. Neither he nor Kyl bother to respond to constituent letters, emails or phone calls. They obviously are "way above us".

Anonymous said...

I'd just be a little reluctant to let too much ride on what Levi said in that VF article. Whether they are his own words or an attorney's editing, there is some strange stuff there and everyone is second guessing the normal meaning of words and phrases. Such as his saying he was there when Sarah 'had the baby.' Even a kindergartener would understand that to mean giving birth. So what gives? Are we all wrong? Did he lie? Or did he deliberately get cagey on us?
Choice # 2 or 3 doesn't put him in the best light - hence the open letter to his handlers from Morgan over on The Token Hippie.

And just because it was given out that Trig was born with all those health problems and premature to boot, doesn't mean its true. The DS yes, but I wouldn't put too much stock in the other claims. After all, we ARE talking about Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I still think the timing of the "wild ride" was a last minute decision to accomplish two things: 1) She used the labor/delivery to cover her ass for making the poor choice to ignore Juneau's requests for state of disaster caused by the avalanche on April 16th. see Jotman's article detailing the timeline
2) She decided that flying home during a state of emergency and "giving birth" quickly and quietly to Trig would take attention off of her since the entire state was focused on Juneau's emergency. I think the contractions/leaking fluid was perhaps added to the story she told her dad in order to justify why she ignored the disaster for so many days.
This is just my opinion of course :-)

Anonymous said...

Our problem is that we don't know which part of Levi's article has truth to it and which part is fudged a little. For example, how many teen aged boy friends are at the hospital at 6 in the morning when their girl friend's mother is delivering a baby. Excuse me, not delivering, not giving birth, she "had" as in takes possession of the baby. Tricky. Unless, he and Bristol brought the baby to the hospital. Too many possibilities.

He remembers far too many exact times and dates for an average kid. Sounds like lawyer talk. So, when he says that Bristol got pregnant or had a baby when she was 17, which baby? (He had to say 17, because at 16 I think that he is flirting too close to the age of consent issue in Alaska). So, we really have to take what he says with a grain of salt. I wish that we could count on Levi, but I think that he was perfect for the campaign. He looked good in a suit. He kept quiet. And his family didn't object when the McCain people scrubbed their computers, answered their doors. Has Levi ever done a DNA test to see if either of those kids are really his? We've never heard anything about his parent rights, either.

So, much as I want to believe everything in his article, I think we have to a little cautious.

lisabeth said...

Basheert, gryphen implies that McCain knew about Palin and this in particular. But maybe he was talking about the McCain campaign. Still he is the one ultimately responsible so I don't give him a pass. He did a lot of other things in the campaign I didn't like. I have written both those jerks. I wrote about healthcare reform and got a form letter from McCains office that said nothing about what I had written. I got nothing from Kyl. He is a real jerk.

It also bothers me that Megan McCain won't talk about the Palins. Can't make daddy look bad! And I think MCCain knows now what an unstable loon Palin is. He's not going to say anything ever about her because it would be admitting a mistake. I have very little respect for hu
now. And we need term limits. A lot of these guys have been in office too damn long and are out of touch.
All my opinion if course :)

Helen said...

It's all very interesting. I mispelled "Trigg" on one of my polls, (can't change it once someone votes) and maybe that was some kind of premonition, eh ProChoiceGrandma?

Lisa said...

lisabeth, don't forget... Meghan McCain is currently writing a book. :-)

Anonymous said...

Some comments above on what the name Trig might mean, so here’s my two cents’ worth: Down’s syndrome is “trisomy 21” or “trisomy G”. Abbreviated as Tri-21 or, yes indeed,Tri-G. Sarah jus' tellin' it how it is, you betcha!

Anonymous said...

Comment from a DS blog:
"Is it just me or does it feel like a full time job to just take care of all these appointments? We see the endocrinologist every 3 months, the ENT every 3 months, the eye doctor every 6 months, the cardiologist, the orthotist, we have CPSE meetings, etc etc. My poor daughter sees more specialists than an 90 year old woman!"

and $P, Trig's 'mother', wanted to be VP? She IS crazy. Poor little guy.

Eileen said...

Jeez, I click on a off day link and there is bonanzaa...Happy Labor Day everyone. Maybe this Babygate is finally having its birth-the labor pains are starting.
The kitten photo almost had me not clicking...evil kitten indeed. The last thought about Trig's name being born out of a abbreviation of Tri-G or Trisomy G for the little guy's state of being is the topper. Just like Todd's license plate.
Congrats-this is more bizarre than anything. Re-naming and trading babies back and forth to the real mommie-bear and then Triggy bear in laws family. What a mixed up family tree. When will Delivery of this story be?
This team is incredible. Is Audrey okay?
We will all have to have a Wasilla Get-Together once birth of the truth happens. We can do a cleansing ceremony for the town, proper baby shower, and a Will the Real Parents of Trig Please Stand Up game show.Someone post of photo of Keith. We can have a tour of Sarah's favorite haunts.
As we say here-Only in Alaska. We do it different than Outside. Ha! Wonder if Alaska magazine would have backbone to put the final details in their mag once truth is known. That will rock the cruise ship visiting Palinistas.
My kids are going to be taken out of school this morning...But, to guarantee they won't miss hearing Pres. Obama's Education Speech. Reverse Political Psychology in Palin Country. I guess it is "opposite day" in school today.

Anonymous said...

It's funny where these threads lead... "FE K9" is a reference to the Iron Dog, a famous snow machine race from Wasilla to Nome to Fairbanks. Todd Palin is a competitive snowmachiner.
The Palins already have FE K9 for Iron Dog. Write a good plate for a VP candidate.
Hilarious suggestions: (need to scroll way down)

September 3, 2008 - 8:46am | HLAMP

For Sara's V.P. plate; MSLEDN

First woman V.P.

September 22, 2008 - 1:51pm | ScottTay

Oh, yeah ...

She's Misleading the country with all her lies alright.

Anonymous said...

mccain was a nut to let nut girl lose .. but I don't fully blame him
I read somewhere.. sorry, I read something and don't document it .. but Im sure it could be found again... he really wanted Lieberman as his running mate
The Repub group said no way.. as his numbers were low and they needed someone that would get at least 5 mill votes? The "base" ... translate.. the jesus freaks, apple pie, church bbq gun toters

With that.. he threw up his hands and said yes to Palin.. almost outta spite
He knew she was a doozy

I think after the RNC when the world went yammer's over her.. he couldn't turn back
They now had him pegged as an old, dignified military vet with a down home honey
(I remember the photo on his main page.. just a photo of his feet next to her curvy calves in the monkey shoes)

This was the image that was going to wow the Republican base.. sick as it was.. causing Jesus family men to cheer for her when you knew they were getting tingles up their leg.. while their wives cheered her blindly because she held a Special needs kid... sick actually

Think he was too far in.. what could he do? Denounce her? he is OLD and this was his last shot. Since, he has almost become invisible... I mean you hear about him but vaguely. Selfish and nutty yes..
but eh its poliltics

Im waiting for her to be brought down.. I wanna see all the church men that felt that tingle and thought.. Oh it's not Lust it's OK! God brought this woman.. whatever tingle I am feeling is just a gift from God..
When her true colors are finally brought out ... let them feel the guilt of what running with lust does to you.. blinds you ..

ha! wv infet (infect??) :D
palin = infection of the soul

Anonymous said...

Here's what I am thinking (beware: it assumes Sarah did give birth to Trig). Sarah seduced Levi (I've got a gun in my room ... he knows all about her PJs). Bristol found out and fell into a jealous rage.

Karen said...

Lisabeth, I read that at the Token Hippie site, about the huge scandal involved. Supposedly, it will have implications for others, besides just Sarah Palin. Thanks.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Jolly good Anon @ 10:50!! Your "two cents" was actually quite valuable.
Trig = Trisomy 21 = Tri G.
That would explain "renaming" the baby.

It also reconfirms my belief that the "Van" was derived from the Desperate Housewives episode when Bree faked a pregnancy to cover for HER daughter, Danielle. Benjamin Van de Kamp Hodge and Trig Paxson Van Palin. I think the Desperate Housewives screenwriters should receive some credit for influencing the dumbest vice presidential candidate in American political history. They wrote a bizarre and humorous script and Sarah plagiarized it, like everything else.

peninparadise said...

Who is Eileen @12:26?
"...Maybe this Babygate is finally having its birth-the labor pains are starting...
The last thought about Trig's name being born out of a abbreviation of Tri-G or Trisomy G for the little guy's state of being is the topper. Just like Todd's license plate.
Congrats-this is more bizarre than anything. Re-naming and trading babies back and forth to the real mommie-bear and then Triggy bear in laws family. What a mixed up family tree. When will Delivery of this story be?
We will all have to have a Wasilla Get-Together once birth of the truth happens. We can do a cleansing ceremony for the town, proper baby shower, and a Will the Real Parents of Trig Please Stand Up game show.Someone post of photo of Keith. We can have a tour of Sarah's favorite haunts.
As we say here-Only in Alaska. We do it different than Outside. Ha! Wonder if Alaska magazine would have backbone to put the final details in their mag once truth is known. That will rock the cruise ship visiting Palinistas..."

08 September 2009 12:26


This poster seems to have some inside info, yes? Now this makes my head spin! Why a picture of Keith? "...a proper baby shower"? Unlike the one they all attended before? And only one baby shower? Does the use of capitalization mean anything? What is everyone's take on this comment?

my wv: cless as in lots of cless for us! (Channeling Inspector Clouseau)

basheert said...

Yes - WHO is Keith?

BTW I don't have a problem with Levi - I'm going to pick up the mag this a.m. I think he is a very young guy who got Bristol preggers and was trying to do the right thing.

RE: the comment "which baby" did she have at 17? She had Tripp1/Trig. Tripper2 was obviously a newborn in Jan/Feb 2009 which was a year after Lil Trigger was born early 2008. And we know that Bristol is NOT 17 this year.

RE: Gramma taking the baby. It wouldn't be the first family to raise a grandchild, especially one with a handicap.

I think Tripp2 was THE last straw for SP. It altered all of her plans. AND it showed her daughter was edging onto promiscuous with 2 kids in less than 2 years. (I don't see Bristol as promiscuous. I see her as a teenager acting out against a viciously controlling mother).

Bristol is nothing more than a maid and baby sitter to Sarah. Then again, if both babies truly are Bristols? Perhaps that was the tradeoff?

Levi has no reason to lie if these are his children. He appears to be attempting to be responsible. Since both of them are DROPOUTS he is doing his best to raise money for himself and his child.

Perhaps it really bothers him to lie, especially if he had no reason to lie to begin with. I think most of the frantic whiffling took place when Bristol had a DS baby and then got pregnant almost immediately. I think SP "lost" it (altho it would be hard to tell if she got any crazier), flipped out and hatched the whole "Wild Ride" thing.

If I'm wrong I will admit it. But Bristol is NOT 17 and she did not have Tripp2 at age 17. That is a fact Levi would know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I like Basheert's explanation! Sarah is reactive, not pro-active. She does not think ahead; she is a spur of the moment kind of gal who responds to things. Dad wasn't in the loop, so she just said some stuff to him in the haste of having to return to Alaska quickly. He spun it out of control, and Sarah was stuck with her wild ride story.

I think that she handled Bristol's pregnancies the same way, acting on gut feelings instantly instead of thinking things through. Bristol is allowed to have an emotional reaction. At the time she was 17, filled with raging hormones, and the one beautiful loving thing in her life had just been taken away from her.

Levi is young, too, and I think that his emotions got pulled in every direction. On one hand, he wrote on Face Book as a normal teen age boy that he didn't want kids. Then, suddenly there is a kid, emotions overwhelm him (no help that he has this sweet gushing sister calling the kid Triggy Bear). There is one photo that says it all, the one of Bristol tenderly holding Trig and Levi kissing the little boy at the convention. We never saw that same tenderness from Sarah Palin to the boy, always holding him face out instead of close to her body, pressing her cheek against his little face. No way.

If we are to believe Levi's VF story, Sarah benefits from adopting the first baby, especially since they were all probably overwhelmed by the DS thing. There is no way that she would ask to adopt a baby and pretend that it was hers while running for president. No one, not even Sarah, could think of a crazy stunt like that. (Or could she?)

CC from far away said...

Isn't Levi's dad also named Keith?

Fiona said...

I remember what SPalin told the media.... she said Trig was named after Todd's great uncle who supposedly fished Bristol Bay.

basheert said...

Bristol Palin's Birthdate - she will be 19 in October, NOT 18 - from Alaska Court Records.|1

(Just finished VF Article)

Ah what a difference a year makes. If she had Tripper2 in either Dec 2008 or Jan/Feb 2009 she would be 18 not 17 as they have claimed.

basheert said...

So let us backtrack a bit on dates. Bristol announces to "MOMMY DEAREST" that she is pregnant at age 17 (Birthdate 10/18/90 - see Court Records above).

Palin was elected Governor 11/2006. Family moved to Juneau.

(According to VF) Bristol refused to RETURN to Juneau for the new school year - she was sent to Aunt Heather's home in Anchorage where she continued to see Levi. This would be September 2007 where she had "mono" for 5 months.

Did she deliver Tripp1 during that time when she would have been 17?

Given that he was 35 week premature, with jaundice and heart defect Down's, he would have been small. And he has no birth records although the hospital records would be public.

Late March SP goes wacky and becomes pregnant and gives birth in records time in April for Bristol to announce she is "pregnant" to the family.

In reality I am guessing Tripper1 was born late Jan early Feb 2008. Then Bristol immediately became pregnant and told mom which triggered ('scuse me) the Dance of the 7 Veils Wild Ride marathon.

Just keep watching Bristol's Birthdate (10/18/90 according to above court records). She would have given birth to Tripp1 @ 17 and Tripp2 @ 18. Not unheard of and it would make Miss Fundie Rightwing Nutter even nuttier.

It seems that all things are possible in Palin land - including fudging your daughter's birthdate and your grandsons. It doesn't take much to make it all fall together - and pregnancies do vary by miscalculations.

basheert said...

anon@4:59 Revision #3: How can you have Facebook photos for Triggybear 3/08 when he wasn't "born" until 4/18/08? Think you got that date wrong.

I think in March the shit hit the fan when Bristol told mom she was pregnant again. This would be an 18 year old who had given birth to a DS child within the last few months. I think Sarah "knee jerked" (like she does about everything), panicked because her Little Miss Abstinence obviously is NOT practicing what Sarah (pregnant when married) is preaching. Or wait, maybe she's following in mom's footsteps?

Levi makes an interesting comment. He states he has never seen Sarah/Todd share a bedroom. And he wonders how she ever became pregnant.

Food for thought guys.

Anonymous said...

Basheert, stop and think for a minute, anon 4:59 may have just produce a nail for the coffin. If anon 4:59 can positively date photos of Mercede, Levi, Bristol (and Mommy in Law) holding a very tiny Triggy Bear (best baby brother ever) as absolutely, positively 3/08, then the announced 4/18/08 birth date for Trig is false. (Well we always thought it was false, but earlier dated pictures might help).

(I don't know how they are labeled over at PD's extensive photo file).

We know that photo-dates can be falsified, remembering the two staged Gusty photos where the camera's time/date thingee was not set correctly.

If Trig was born 6 weeks before his announced birth date, that leaves enough time for Bristol to conceive (again) and give birth by the end of December, 2008 (although we all think it might be January, 2009, too, also).

Trig looks very thin and frail in those photos. He may have been brought to the hospital for any possible reason between early March and mid-April: trouble breathing, not holding food down, I imagine that DS babies have a tough go of it, especially if born a little too early. Problem came when it was time to sign him out. Only the presumptive parents could do that, whether Sarah & Todd had already, officially, legally adopted Trig, or they were going to be the official, public parents.

sandra said...

If Trig was originally named "Tripp," then the name had been changed by the time Mercede called him, "Triggy Bear." The pictures look like a new born with the folded legs. Because she didn't post this until May, she may have changed what she called him.

I thought the term "Tripp" had something to do with hockey, and that was the reason for the choice. It would make more sense for Levi's child than for Todd's child.

Alaska Is My Home said...

Personally, I don't care about the baby stuff - but for some reason today I have been reading the comments here which are mostly taken up by baby gate conjecture. What strikes me is this, it's really weird:

If this doesn't get solved one way or another, I am concerned for both of these young children's physical privacy. It's very likely that someone who is a lesser person than most could try to obtain DNA for testing. I know that's strange, because you would have to have sample's of Todd and Sarah's, too and then the results couldn't be published if they were tested without consent or cause...but visions of blackmail & all sorts of other scenarios could draw the weirdos out.

If I were Palin, I would be just enough concerned about my kid's safety and respect that I would do it myself and move on with my life. It's not about her, it's about the kids. Way too much attention will follow these kids around until this question is answered, whether it's considered a legitimate question or not.

Timeliner said...

Re Revision #3 - the date of the MySpace photos was changed upon suggestion of KaJo (read up).

I originally had them dated in May. (See Timelines #1 and #2 on this thread, reading on up.)

I have NO proof of anything; this is purely conjecture based on the hypotheses of those speculating in this open thread...The timelines are organizational tools; I don't know if they were even helpful and I am not providing any answers myself.

The cache of the MySpace photos might still be on PD, along with, perhaps, the dates they first appeared before being scrubbed by the McCain campaign...

Anonymous said...

According to Google, the world wide authority on everything, Tripp is a hockey penalty and his second name, Easton is a brand of hockey equipment. We all agree that the likely parents of Tripp are Bristol and Levi, the former hockey player.

But if that anon poster was right, and the first baby's name originally was Tripp before he was Trig, that would connect him to Levi, not Todd, you're right. And, it may be one of the reasons that they used that name for the second boy.

As for Sarah's concern for her children's privacy, safety, mental health or anything else, that is laughable. Track is used as her prop for "Support the Troops." We saw her throw Bristol under the bus, announcing Bristol's pregnancy to the world last year when the girl could have stayed home during the campaign and we never would have been the wiser. She didn't mind linking Willow to the David Letterman joke about Palin's "knocked up daughter." As far as every one knew, there was only one person that joke was about, and it wasn't Willow. She may not have even been at the ball game. Piper was taken out of school for two months to be a campaign prop for Sarah, and Piper admitted that it was hard catching up when she finally went back to school. Trig- we haven't seen much evidence of affection, therapy, or anything else, but he is on hand for the Best Political Prop ever, special needs and right to life.
So, until Sarah starts caring about her own children more than she cares for herself, we can be respectful of their privacy, but she is the one letting them down every day. For that matter, as long as I am on a rant, Sarah has been hidden away for the last month "writing" her memoirs in an undisclosed location while people in Alaska report some of the kids enrolled in school already.

At some point, Sarah and Bristol will be faced with enrolling those kids in school, which may still request a birth certificate. If either of them has need of seeing a birth certificate later in life, passport maybe, they may or may not be confronted with the truth. But, Sarah doesn't think that far ahead. She can see as far as the last page of her book, the tour, the clothes, the waiting car, the attention, the autographs, the TV promotions, no, she is not thinking of those kids. But, it's nice that other people do.

basheert said...

AlaskaIsMyHome: Actually you are not correct about the DNA issue.

You would need DNA from either Bristol, Willow or Piper and DNA from baby.

If they all match, baby is Sarah's and baby is a brother. It's the only way the DNA can match.

I wouldn't go that far. I believe Levi will tell the truth and that both are his. Most people don't care really. It's all about Sarah's non-stop pathological lying.

I doubt if anyone would bother to approach the children. And DNA is easy to obtain, but really, it should come from Levi. And I believe it is.

The speculation is running today because of the VF article. People read, and people talk.

And wasn't Sarah the one who pushed her kids into everyone's face every time she moved?

peninparadise said...

I believe that the "Triggybear" photos on Mercedes FB were never able to be dated. This from following PD for the past year. Frustrating, but they definitely show a very young child, who seems lovingly welcomed by those in the photos. Debate over the captions has continued since they were discovered. They tend to give credence to more extreme scenarios, but those bloggers who do know the truth, say it is HUGE, so....

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case might be, whether each of these two children are "igg" or "ipp" - or which mother begat them, the final truth will shock the donors of clothing, and gifts to Bristol during the campaign and after. According to Mr. Heath, thousands(?)of gifts were sent to the Palins on the basis of Bristol Palin having a baby named Tripp.

If this story proves untrue, or if the rumors are true that the Palin's concocted these false baby plots (in whichever form), the world will finally see the conniving dangerous people they are. Hopefully soon the truth will be revealed.

honestyinGov said...

I left a message under Gryphens post about the Rabbi speaking out about the AP photo and $arahs comments.
This was one of the comments under that story. It is good for a few laughs. From one ' trained Journalist ' at the sea of pee weighs in. Bringing up the topic of " ethics " ( IE: Palin ) into the conversation as well though... Bwahhhhh ha ha ha.Good for a REALLY good belly laugh.

Josh Painter says:
As a Blue Star mom with her eldest son serving in a Stryker Brigade in Iraq, Sarah Palin has every right to speak out on the AP photo. And as a trained journalist, she is familiar with the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics.

A major subsection of the Code is to 'Minimize Harm':
Journalists are bound to: 'Show compassion for those who may be affected adversely by news coverage,' '[b]e sensitive when seeking or using interviews or photographs of those affected by tragedy or grief..."

As far as opportunism goes, anti-war leftists are hypocritical to condemn former Gov. Palin for being opportunistic on the issue while they support the AP for publishing the photo because it believe it furthers their political agenda.

But then, hypocrisy is a prerequisite for leftism.
- JP
September 8, 12:39 AM

Elizabeth said...

There has been, somewhere, discussion of the origin of the name Trig. From, there are now, or have been, the following males with a version of the name Trig as their first name:
Trig-1 in Anchorage, 1 in Iliamna
Trigg-1 in Cook Inlet, 1 in Anchorage
Tryg - 1 in Willow
Trygg- 1 in Anchorage

I think this means that it's a legitimate name. Trip is widely used (in the South at least) for a male named the same as his father and grandfather; I don't think that's involved here.

Teh Dokter said...

Regina, I've enjoyed reading all the posts here on this thread today and would be remiss if I did not say - wat a kute kitteh!!

Susan in MD

my wv: pensf (pensive, waiting on this info to finally come out. Or...maybe dat's how teh kitteh

basheert said...

RE: The AP photo

I believe the father DID approve of the photo being shown. I apologize if this is not correct.

We saw ALL the DEAD in Vietnam - it was what finally stopped that filthy war. Everyone need to see this in living color. These are not toy soldiers in the BushCheney army, these are our flesh and blood children being sent to die for oil and lies.

Sarah is a "trained journalist"? That idiot couldn't pass as a "trained monkey". It took her FIVE years and SIX schools to get a SPORTS journalism degree? Yeah right, education and intelligence are visible. But so is lack of it. She was a SPORTSCASTER - that is NOT journalism.

As for the picture, we need to see all of them, preferably as they are killed and evac'd to the rear. Color would be best. Perhaps if everyone saw the wounds and the blood, some sanity might take hold.

Anonymous said...

@HonestyinGov, FYI - JP seems to be a paid blogger. He may even be on C street's payroll or another "Christian" organization.

Anonymous said...

The image of the young girl, Neda, dying during the Iranian protests was more powerful than any slogan or show of force. Her senseless death symbolized what the opposition was trying to accomplish. It is too bad that the ruling mullahs put down their protest.

I agree with Basheert. It was the image of the senseless deaths in Viet Nam that brought more people to understand that was also a war we should not have been in.

Several years ago, Cindy Sheehan asked the same question, "For what noble cause did her son have to die?" Bush never did give her an answer.

Several years ago, we were in France, a nation that did not support our invasion of Iraq. Even so, one person ask, "How can you leave that country now that you have done so much damage?" We are in a fine fix; damned if we stay and try to set things right-- damned if we leave the mess behind.

The last person to conquer Afghanistan was Alexander the Great, more than 2000 years ago. The Russians were stuck there for 10 years. It was called their "Viet Nam." In all this time, we still have not learned anything from the lessons of history.

Anonymous said...

Just a little clarification - I believe the Van Palin is definitely a take on Van Halen. On the birth announcement for Trig the "logo" at the top VP is exactly like the Van Halen logo. Enough that I wonder if Eddie Van Halen's eyebrows were raised.

Anonymous said...

Sadly enough, I have to agree with Basheert on the photo issue. I wrestle with this, because I hate the thought of bringing more pain to the family. But ultimately, raising consciousness is even more important. We are a spoiled nation because the battles are fought 'over there.' We don't see the ugly side of war, and we allow ourselves to become passive. A little shock treatment just might wake this nation up. We are sending our SONS and DAUGHTERS over there - not some plastic soldiers that come packaged in a cellophane bag.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 23:11, I have heard others say the same thing, that it was because of Van Halen. The Van Halen explanation came later. Listen to the first interview after Trig's "birth" on 4/18/08:

Reporter: I know the other kids are named after Alaskan things. How did you come up with this name?

Palin: Trig is a family name on Todd’s side, um, a Bristol Bay relative named Trig and I’ve always loved the name and it’s a Norwegian name that means true and brave victory so you know I had that name in my heart for… especially once hearing about challenges that Trig probably will be facing I knew the name would fit. And then Paxson is his middle name cause that’s an awesome..

Todd: … a good place to go riding and excellent hunting.

Palin: Yeah, it is. It’s great hunting area. It is. It’s God’s country out there. And Paxson…and then we always liked the name Van Palin.

And please take closer notice of what she said here, after what we recently learned about Tri-G meaning Trisomy 21:

"especially once hearing about challenges that Trig probably will be facing I knew the name would fit."

(can you see me smiling?)

KaJo said...

I was just surfing over at eBay to see what's happening with the "dinner with Sarah" auction -- you have to pre-register to bid, and it looks like that might be the only way to see what's going on -- I also happened to see this Photoshopped/debunked picture.

Does the auction owner really think there's a sufficiently stupid rube out there...?


basheert @ 19:20 said...'anon@4:59 Revision #3: How can you have Facebook photos for Triggybear 3/08 when he wasn't "born" until 4/18/08? Think you got that date wrong.'

I see from subsequent comments that this got straightened out, and someone pointed out that dates on MySpace and Facebook are upload dates, not dates the pictures were taken (and if dates are supplied by the page owner, we're relying on someone's veracity).

Good...we're all on the same Page... :D

basheert said...

my father's middle name was Trygve. It was a family name from Norway.

Knowing Sarah, it was probably short for the "trigger" on a gun. She's such a clever thing.

Anonymous said...

Those auctions are rigged. Rush Limbaugh did one once. Notice the charity is for those injured in battle, a good cause.
The celebrities get paid in good public relations and who knows what. The bidders must put up more than most of us have after a life time of saving.

Don't be surprised if dinner with Palins goes for over a million or two. This is all about giving Palin importance. To them it proves she can raise money, she is popular and she cares for soldiers.

Anonymous said...

You guys are right, the bidding is supposed to make Sarah look like a great GOP fundraiser. Murdoch or one of his buddies will put up the money. It doesn't matter who the winning bidder is-- we know who will be behind the star-struck fan's dinner. "Oh, Sarah, can we go in the backyard and look at stars??"

Anonymous said...

let the sickos spend all their money on a night to gaze into her wrinkly baggy eyes behind her specks... less money going towards her pact to send her to office! :D

nswfm CA said...

For those of you who think the kitty is evil, please rethink that term. It applies to $P, not some cutie-baby kitten!

basheert said...

nswfm CA: Have four ragdoll cats. Evil does not begin to describe a home with FOUR alpha girls...

Floyd M. Orr said...

Regina, check out this article in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal.

Truth said...

Auctioning off Sarah Palin

A background check for all attendees is mandatory. Failure to pass the background check will result in the winner forfeiting the experience and a refund given. The dinner experience with Sarah Palin will take place at a site to be determined and at a mutually agreed upon time and date to be determined by Ms. Palin and the winning bidder. Ms Palin may bring up to three guests of her own. The dinner will be paid for by the seller. There are no age restrictions but anyone under 16-years-old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Winner may take personal photos and allowed to bring one item of reasonable size i.e. no larger than what can be carried by hand (t-shirts, books, magazines, etc.) The decision to sign the item will ultimately be up to Ms. Palin. Respect for Ms. Palin and her guest(s) is expected at all times. Inappropriate behavior will result in the conclusion of the experience with no refund.

Dinner shall last no more than four hours, but could be less, in the sole discretion of Sarah Palin.* Governor Palin reserves the right to refuse dinner with a winning bidder if, in her sole discretion, the winning bidder is not a suitable bidder based on her subjective standards of suitability, professionalism, background and other factors. In the event the high bidder is rejected for this reason, the high bidder's bid will be refunded, if paid, and the next highest bidder shall be notified, and thereafter, until a suitable match is determined.

Those are the prequalifiers to have dinner with her and she reserves the right to refuse based on her delicate sensibilities and how you might offend them!!

This is a guarentee that only some richy rich will get this dinner with her and as for the 3 guests she is going to bring:

Todd to prove her happy marriage and both Meg & her lawyer to answer or divert any questions she may not be able to answer, or in other words someone to do all the talking for her.


Truth said...

Hahahahahaha...even finer print on this "date".

The winning bidder agrees, warrants and represents that you will not in any way advertise, promote, market or, utilize Sarah Palin’s or the Ride 2 Recovery’s name, likeness, voice, photograph, signature, logo or image in any manner, for any reason at any time without the prior written consent of Sarah Palin or the Ride 2 Recovery. In order to make the experience more enjoyable and interesting, the dinner will be “off the record,” and the winning bidder and his/her guests agree not to record the conversation, take notes or quote Sarah Palin in any manner in any media including blogs or other online communications.

So you can never talk about this at all except in private to your friends!!!

Boy she sure is terrified of being quoted isn't she?


Anonymous said...

Floyd, Rupert Murdoch owns the WSJ, and someone on his staff probably wrote her article (same stuff from face book) for her. Rupert is Sarah's new patron.

Sarah should have included some of the wording from her former governor website for the charity dinner-winner. Especially the stuff about Sarah's rules for giving speeches. She wanted to have the first family invited (and paid for), and (I am guessing at the rest of it), Sarah required gifts, no cash please, a corsage, car, makeup, wardrobe, OK, I'm making up the last part.

Seriously, if the whole idea is to raise money for a worthy charity, I think they could have done alot better than Sarah Palin. Rejecting the top bid is not in the interest of raising money for a charity. And, if this is how she acts when it is a charity involved, imagine the long contract that her lawyers have whipped up for a speaking engagement.

And, what she hasn't mentioned is that on next year's income tax form, she will deduct the amount of the winning bid from her income tax as a charitable deduction-- after all, that's what she will think she's worth.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm in. I think that there is only ONE baby! Yes, just one. Trig. BUT, to cover tracks, they went and borrowed one for the photo shoots with Bristol. Now, so many have said they see Bristol wiht a double stroller her and there. Yet, they NEVER see two babies! Have there ever been a two baby sighting? No. Never. These two - the "uncle" and the "nephew" have never been photographed in the same shot that I can recall.
Huh. One baby, 3 daddy's and a whole boat load of fake family values.

Anonymous said...

T-1 is Bristol's. T-2 is Willow's. Piper is Brand Hanson's.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

There ARE two babies, you sound loony.

A lot of people in Wasilla know about it. They are both Bristols and it will be out soon. If Sarah was smart, which she isn't, she would confess now to all this and say she was simply protecting her daughter. She was trying to help-that part is not a lie. There would be a short scandal but she would recover and her fans especially would forgive her.
If she waits for the media to break this or someone local, it will be much worse for her her. She better move quick it's also her only chance for Bristol to totally forgive her. She is the hurt one-very poor parenting.

Anonymous said...

And it's not Willows! Stop playing games. These are kids you are talking about -that is not right! And to say that about Piper is irresponsible. All real evidence points to both kids being Bristols. People should stop the games-you know those kids could see all that you are making up out of the blue with zero evidence to support it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think I found out what happened to Sarah:

Mentally ill woman goes missing, dies from hypothermia
NEAR HOME: She hid from strangers and spoke no english.


Published: September 8th, 2009 12:32 PM
Last Modified: September 8th, 2009 07:58 PM

WASILLA -- A mentally ill woman died of hypothermia over the weekend just a few houses away from her own home, Wasilla police say.

Come on, "She hid from strangers and spoke no English"'s GOT to be Sarah!!

Sorry, it just struck me funny. Actually, it was a 51 yr old schizophrenic Russian woman that died. And no, I don't think THAT part was funny. At all.

But ya gotta admit.....

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon at 7:53--

Why do people keep putting Willow out there when the simplest explanation is that Bristol, a KNOWN PREGNANT PERSON, most likely had TWO babies.

As for those with the "borrowed baby" theories; I think Tripp looks a lot like Levi. Stands to reason he would be the Dad since he was LIVING with Bristol and her family at the time of the conception. Right? Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I think Sarah will never "confess" to this charade because she thinks it's none of our business. And it wouldn't have been, except she didn't blink and said "yes" to McCain, and then claimed to ALL the world that she specifically did not abort her infant with Down Syndrome, and she was supermom.......and, well, you know the rest. It is our business now because what she claims about herself is a lie, and liars should not be held up as exemplars.

Anonymous said...

Private Dinner for Five with Sarah Palin
100% of Proceeds Benefit Ride 2 Recovery
Item condition: --
Time left: 9 days 16 hours (Sep 18, 200917:27:00 PDT)
Bid history: 0 bids

I wonder why the auction left the item condition blank? I can think of a few descriptions to use for $P starting with INSANE.

Anonymous said...

Good read... enjoy!

Anonymous said...

O bids! Of course. And on to read Geoffreys piece. Sarah has definitely sold her soul to the devil! Letting others with greedy/selfish political agendas use your name in writing things designed to destroy help for millions of Americans.

And Palin ghostwriter only shows his/her lunacy by declaring herself "vindicated.". The woman /ghostwriter is insane, absolutely cerifiably insane. She must me in a locked mental ward. You know Palin has government health care. But is ok to have 40 million without any medical help.

What would Jesus think?

Anonymous said...

Keith O had Shannyn on today. He tried to bid on the dinner with the Palins, but when he tried, a message came back saying the bidder had to be pre-approved before placing a bid. WOW! He was going to try to figure out a way to get around it when he got off the air. It was hilarious. He & Shanny came up with a list of folks to go with him to the dinner. $carah's best friends. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an approved bidder on E-bay! I would gladly lend him my account! But rest assured, she does not want to have dinner with thinking people. The GOP only wants those that are deaf, blind and stupid as rocks to make Palin look smart.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Back to the name Van Palin, discussed at 15:17, 23:11 and 00:06 above. People keep repeating the misinformation of “Van Halen” as to the reason for the name Van in Trig’s name, Trig Paxson Van Palin. Listen to the very first interview taken by ADN reporter Lisa Demer on 4-22-08 after Trig's 4-18-08 "birth":
(well, never mind, ADN no longer has the audio, but I will try to find it later, Patrick had a box of it but I can’t find it right now)

and the transcript is here:

“Palin: Yeah, it is. It’s great hunting area. It is. It’s God’s country out there. And Paxson…and then we always liked the name Van Palin.”

Sarah did NOT have any reference to Van Halen in that very first interview. In fact, she gave NO reference to any reason for the name besides “we always liked the name Van Palin”.

Hmmm, that is not like our Sarah to not have an explanation for the unusual names she gave her children.

Then, here is an article dated May 20, 2008:

“The middle name Van, however, may have the most interesting origin. Gov. Palin joked with an Anchorage Daily News reporter that she and Todd have "always liked the middle name Van because, you know, growing up in the '80s, Van Palin (which rhymes with rock band Van Halen) would be a really cool name."

Conclusion: Unless there were TWO ADN reporters, Sarah did NOT mention anything about the 80’s, really cool, or Van Halen to Lisa Demer.
IMO, Sarah could not mention the origin of “Van” because it came from the Desperate Housewives episodes of the fake pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Apologies (and please delete) if this posts twice – I think I may have done something wrong. While we’re on the subject of names (Tri-G and Van), I’m going put forward a really “bold” (to use a Sarahism) suggestion about Paxson. Hmm. “Son of Peace”. Sounds biblical? You’d think it would come up lots of times in the bible. But it doesn’t … except in Luke Chapter 10. Which is an interesting chapter … the dominionist “power to tread on serpents” stuff etc. is in there also, too, and, oooh, what’s this? It says: “: and no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father; and who the Father is, but the Son”. Probably just a coincidence. But a rather fitting one, dontcha think?
LOL: wv: shasayin (as in jus' sayin')

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 17:01, can you give a link? Notice how Todd butted in to say Paxson was a great place to go riding and hunting, perhaps to make sure dimwit did not talk biblical?

basheert said...

OK, "preapproved" for Sarah, means that whoever wins cannot be BLACK or NON-Christian. Racism at it's worst.

And why would Sarah do this? Think about it, she doesn't get the money does she? Doesn't it "go" to "the soldiers"? Since when did SarahMediaWhore give up a dollar? What does Sarah get for doing this? And has Sarah ever done anything that didn't make money for her?

YES there are 2 babies. I would not mention Willow in this issue. Especially when we know Bristol was admittedly pregnant. One boy is an obvious Down's Syndrome child. This syndrome is recognizable - and it becomes easier as he gets older.

The other boy is NOT Down's. Of all the questions we can think about, let's not get distracted with the whole 1-baby idea.

The Palins pop out babies like M&Ms and Bristol getting pregnant right after SP gets hold of Tripp1/Trig makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever dealt with an angry, pissy teenager daughter who is madly "in love" and blames mom for everything.

Anonymous said...

@ProChoiceGrandma re. Paxson: allows you to search quotes and/or passages in many different translations of the bible. It’s very useful. Although the King James Version is the most widely used, I don’t know which translation is preferred by SP’s church. Even if it’s a different version – “son of peace” seems to be the most prevalent translation of this passage. The phrase crops up only in Luke 10 (though I did find one version that translates as “man of peace” – but that’s the exception). Otherwise, if you simply google “son of peace”, or the other quote I posted about the son knowing who the father is etc., you will probably land on a site that provides the rest of the chapter. Or even better, some bizarre fundamentalist interpretation of it. Luke chapter 10 goes on a lot about being privy to secret information, etc. So, yes, maybe it is relevant. If it is, I can’t decide whether her need to wear her heart on her sleeve like this is endearingly naïve or incredibly arrogant (as in: only insiders will understand).

Anonymous said...

The whole name thing with the multiple meanings does really make me wonder what is behind it all,
because Miss Sarah is not capable of coming up with all of those meanings (which all fit) on her own . . .

Patrick said...

Hi ProChoiceGrandma,

great comments!

The MP3 file of the press conference with Sarah Palin on April 22, 2008 where she discusses Trig's birth can be downloaded here:

Anonymous said...

@ProChoiceGrandma – this thread is probably defunct by now, but for what it’s worth, and since you’ve been so receptive to both ideas, I’ll just round off my “Tri-G” and “Paxson” definitions with my thoughts on “Van”. I suspect there is nothing more to “Van” than its literal meaning (in Dutch – same as “von” in German, though in German it tends to be aristocratic, which it isn’t necessarily in Dutch). Van just means "of/belonging to/by…" (“by” as in “descended from” or “progeny of”). Let’s just hope “VAN Palin” refers to his being the progeny of either Sarah or Bristol.
That’s all. Don’t normally comment on these blogs (more a semantics person than an ideas person).

Bones AK said...

Being a cat person, I love your kitty picture.

Anonymous said...

Here's a theory that might be entertained.

either the baby is Sarah's and NOT todds, or the baby is Todds, and NOT Sarah's.

Hummm. It would explain the sparate bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

When Sarah was in the Lower 48 earlier this year, she was in Texas and in her own words she claimed she was doing the "sisterly thing." Does Sarah have a sister that lives in Texas? Heather lives in Anchorage, but where does Molly live? If she had a sister living in Texas and sent Bristol there when she was pregnant with T1 then the baby may have been born in Texas and that is where the birth certificate is located.

Does anyone know if she has a sister living in Texas?