Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Toxic yogurt

One of our readers wrote to Dannon regarding Glenn Beck and this was the reply she received:

Thank you for contacting The Dannon Company regarding the television program Glenn Beck in which our advertising appeared recently. I can assure you we share your concerns about the quality and appropriateness of programming. We do all that we can to ensure that it meets Dannon standards.

As you may know, companies like Dannon typically purchase advertising "rotations" throughout a network's or station's scheduled programming. And although we work diligently through our advertising agency to avoid inappropriate programming, on occasion our safeguards are inadequate. For us, that is an indication that we must redouble our efforts in this regard, and we will.

We are committed to participating in programs that reflect the high quality of our products. That is our directive to our advertising agency, and it is not negotiable.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us on this important matter. You can be sure we value your comments and we hope in the future that we can count you as a consumer of Dannon products.

It seems like a lot of waffle to me...

Perhaps if a few more people wrote to them they would think a bit faster!




Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina.

I let them know that as long-time daily customers, my family and I "would like to express our disappointment that you advertise with Glenn Beck given his behavior and hate speech, particularly against the President of our nation. Your continuation of such advertising sponsorship is the only course of action which would cause us to consider changing brands to a company that does not support such hate speech through advertising dollars."

basheert said...

They have a nice little comment for all fixed up for you. I used our real names.

It seems lots of people got the same letter from the same person because it's showing up all over the web. I wrote back to them and told them that the word "boycott" was right around the corner and their CANNED response didn't cut it.

Pressure ....

xango_xango said...

By their response, it sounds to me like they got your message loud and clear...time will tell. Now, I think I'll mosey on over there and send them a message myself and get others to do the same, also too.

lynnrockets said...

I also contacted Dannon.

Anonymous said...

I just called and voiced my conerns. The reponse that is posted here is the exact same one the rep had or me. I told her it wouldn't do. I told her that I was outraged that Dannon would sponsor such a show as Glen Beck. I also told them that I would make a point to try and get 50 of my friends to boycott Dannon and to ask that they do the same. I was thanked for my call and asked if they could send me some promotional products and coupons. WTF? Did I not just tell her I wouldn't touch another Dannon product? I don't know if they (Dannon) get it!

Lynn said...

I, also, wrote Dannon and told them I was discontinuing buying DanActive which I love. I told them it was very unappetizing to think of GB when eating delicious yoghurt and said I wanted on part of a company that supports his hate and lies.

xango_xango said...

Isn't it just pecking amazing how much divisiveness Palin (The Hoax) has done to this world. She's taken her circus act in Alaska on the road and enabling people like Glen Beck to spread the hate.

Palin is "The Hoax" from Alaska. She got elected through a hoax. The Hoax created enough divisiveness and painted enough targets on Alaska and Alaskans so she could slip in.

Regina, the continuing Hoax is her ability to continue to play her "stop makin' things up" card.
Thanks for the Dannon link!

nswfm CA said...

From a marketing standpoint, when I complain to people, I tell them that statistics show when a customer is happy, they tell 3 people that they like the product, and when they are unhappy, they tell 11. I then say I know a LOT more than 11 people. Maybe they'd reconsider.

Rather than call, I write this in a letter and FAX it to the CEOs office. Having worked with some, I know their staff will act when you follow up with the Executive Assistant.

Let the Dannon people know you won't drink their water, either.

nswfm CA said...

I should have said that I end up talking with someone in Marketing, Legal or PR. This lame example of a response in the post was written by the PR Dept.

nswfm CA said...

OK, this is my last bit of complaining-to-get-results advice:

Get a list of the equity analysts that cover the particular publicly traded company you are complaining to, (along with their phone numbers or emails or other means of contact if you can) and add the list of them as an attachment to the FAXED letter to the CEO. That will light quite a fire under the CEOs office, trust me.

(I've given you all my secrets to getting what I want changed, so please use them wisely!)

basheert said...

they pulled the ad - 57 have now quit advertising on Glenn Beck.