Sunday, 6 September 2009

Looking into Sarah Palin's soul

More than one of every five requests for medical claims for insured patients, even when recommended by a patient’s physician, are rejected by California’s largest private insurers, according to data released today by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee.

“With all the dishonest claims made by some politicians about alleged ‘death panels’ in proposed national legislation, the reality for patients today is a daily, cold-hearted rejection of desperately needed medical care by the nation’s biggest and wealthiest insurance companies simply because they don’t want to pay for it,” said Deborah Burger, RN, CNA/NNOC co-president.

“Every claim that is denied represents a real patient enduring pain and suffering. Every denial has real, sometimes fatal consequences,” said Burger.

Rejection of care is a very lucrative business for the insurance giants. The top 18 insurance giants racked up $15.9 billion in profits last year.

“The United States remains the only country in the industrialized world where human lives are sacrificed for private profit, a national disgrace that seems on the verge of perpetuation,” she said.

These are snippets from an article which appeared on "Sarah Palin Truth Squad" and refer to the real death panels in California. I'm sure the big insurers in the rest of the country adopt the same "caring" policies.

In my opinion, paranoid Sarah Palin received some inducement from the insurance giants to let them use her Facebook page to disseminate their vicious and dishonest propaganda.

Sarah Palin doesn't have the intelligence to put forward any arguments regarding the healthcare reform. Like her ignorant followers, she's just following the insurers cue. The difference is that her fans protest the reforms out of the fear instilled in them by their muse, she does it for the money and to divide public opinion.

Sarah Palin and Fox News managed to convince the people who disrupted town hall meetings that a system where care is rationed for profit, a system that costs them a fortune in premiums is preferable to a more equitable system where decisions about care would be made by doctors, where patients would have a say in their treatments, where everybody would receive the best possible care because health is considered a basic right, not because they can purchase a policy with strings attached.

As entertaining as Sarah Palin is from time to time, the fact remains that she's one of the most cynical, dishonest and callous figures to (dis)grace the American political scene.

I don't know how she managed to sell her soul to the devil.

Sarah Palin doesn't have a soul...



Irishgirl said...

Of all the things that this woman has done....this has to be her most evil act. She did sell her soul to the devil.

jo said...

I agree, you said it. Keep up the good work, we already know what kind of monster McCain unleashed on us. What we don't know who is training her now and what is to come from her. We can be sure it will not be good. We could be in for one hell of a fight from one of the most despicable persons in politics. She could very well be a Cheney equivalent.

Anonymous said...

I think she also requested from old Diablo to be able to keep her Christian get up
and he laughed and was like sure! even bettah!

If she had come on stage nauty monkey boot, 80's rocker chick hair and greasy makeup (think B52's and 80's rock video girl combined)... spitting all that hatred garbage behind smug expressions..
had she not had the family woman cloak and a few pretend tears of how God lives in her heart
She'd be the poster girl for evil politician

without her props and God spit
She'd never of made it anywhere

EileensHoot said...

Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a very mentally sick woman.

She is a disgrace to Womanhood / Motherhood.

I sincerely hope President Obamas dream that ALL USA citizens will be covered for Health Care..comes true. Politicians have been playing around with the citizens Health for...far too long.

The Republicians have been far more vocal and hateful in regards to the Canadian Health Plan than in years past. What are they afraid of?

For the true facts on my Countrys Health Care Plan. I invite you to read a true based researched article. And view the accompaning video of " Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care " present.

< >

Keep up the good work..bus or march on for fairer Health Care for ALL USA people.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Virginia Voter said...

Sarah Palin obviously let some corporate health insurance shill post that death panel bullshit for a healthy donation to SarahPAC, and then threw in her "retarded baby" and senior citizen grandparents to make it personal. She is a disgrace not just to womanhood and motherhood, but to our country as this woman was presented to the world as someone who could step in as president of the Unites States!

McCain should be sent out to pasture by the voters of Arizona. I will even donate money to the whackjob Minuteman mounting a primary challenge against him. Probably better chances of getting a democrat elected as senator there if a wingnut runs....

Anonymous said...

For Sarah's sake, I hope she hasn't sold her soul, but with that, the devil does eventually come back for his payment. Usually, his payments are tame at first, but then they begin to get more and more demanding, and if the seller challenges him, he in the end gets his way.

She would be a fool to hand over any allegiances to these high-powered makers and shakers for her bowl of "pottage" - (like Jacob and Esau's story in the Bible), where Esau, the oldest and inheritor of his father Isaac's fortune, got hungry one day, and accepted a bowl of pottage from Jacob, if he would give Jacob (the youngest) rights to the inheritance.

Could SP's bowl of pottage be a big bowl of $$$ from a shrewd worldly businessman who expects his minions to pay the piper?

A mallable person who lusts for money and power can be a useful tool to a maker and shaker.

peninparadise said...

More from Max Blumenthal's
amazing book...

Anonymous said...

Sarah has no soul.

What is shocking is anybody backing and funding this loser.

No matter how much money is behind her, Sarah can only win 30-35% of the vote... and will still be a loser.

She is still a dangerous voice. Everyone must work to expose her for what she truly is; and make her a non-player.

Bloggers, like Regina, are doing good work and I thank them all.

Anonymous said...

i have a friend who thinks she is the best thing since chicken wings

She posted on her FB (my friend) this morning how Obama admitted to being a muslim and now how do we all feel voting for a muslim?
Well it showed her true colors..and im sure the colors of SP minions..
what if he was a muslim? why is that bad? Muslim, Buddist, Christian, ect.. they are people.. good and bad in all religions

yes and she is still my friend.. gotta love people.. just will be ignoring that crazy rant of a thread

Anonymous said...

Early in Bush's first term as president, Justin Frank wrote a book exploring the psychology behind George W Bush, trying to explain what made him tick. (Bush on the Couch).

In Bush's case, when George was 6, a 3 year old sister died. No one was allowed to show any emotion or grief; Barbara played golf after the little funeral. It was never spoken about, and Frank reasoned that not grieving affected that family for years.

Add some more ingredients: ADDH, so George was not as "smart" as his father. George's college career was marked by frat boy stunts, getting into trouble, drinking too much. By his 40th birthday, the drinking was so out of hand that Laura was supposed to have challenged him, "Me or Jim Beam." He suddenly found religion.

I am leaving out the panic attacks and insecurity that comes from not being as athletic, as smart or accomplishing as much as his father (or other famous relatives), and covering up the panic with bravado and drinking.

Frank reasoned that Bush was a "dry drunk" who had not gone through a 12 step progam. Instead, George found God, who "spoke to him." That way, George was never responsible for anything; there was a higher power directing his life.

I don't know anything about Sarah Palin's early life. That demanding perfectionist father may have created the same kind of panic in Sarah, who may have had (or still has) ADDH and the same kind of panic attacks. Her compensation is the same route,chosen by God and outward confidence to mask inner insecurity.

Whatever the causes, the results are the same. Someone who doesn't realize their limitations, believes what those who use him/her say, and is willing to be the puppet in exchange for the attention and affirmation. They must reach a point where they actually believe it, or they need to keep believing it to prevent panic from taking over.

When we saw Sarah announce her intentions to leave the office of governor, we saw her in full panic mode. We still don't know what caused it, money, investigation, enough material for future blogs from Regina. What we do know is that from time to time she did have panic attacks and canceled speeches, appearances, her job.
What is truly scary is that those same people with a rabid right wing religious/conservative philosophy have replaced George with Sarah. We can only hope that when she is watching the superbowl and chokes on a pretzel there will be a different outcome.

(Sorry to go on so long, the people using Sarah, and to what-purpose are something to be afraid of on a world wide basis).

MadCity Chick said...

Obama workers start petition asking the President to settle for nothing less than the Public Option. Please go sign. is offering up a little reminder too.

basheert said...

I have a friend on my Facebook (yes I HATE it and am hardly ever there). She did not realize that "Glenn Beck" had somehow ended up on her Facebook and so I deleted her because it showed up on MINE. I sent her an email and explained that I cannot and will not have that type of EVIL on MY Facebook. Once you remove them as a friend, their vile ravings go away.

I'm sorry I'm not giving ANYONE license to put something repulsive, disgusting and rightwingnutty on MY facebook. They can do what they want on their own but not on mine.

You do realize that everyone who reads your wall now realizes that you obviously approve of this type of stupidity? Just disconnect her. All her craziness will disappear. Then send her a note and tell her why.

My friend understood and we are still friends. She has "fixed" Glenn Beck (she didn't know how SHE got it) and she's back on my Facebook.

You end up being a reflection of your Facebook. I have Steve Clemons and Cliff Schecter. I will NOT tolerate right wing loonies because THEIR opinion belongs on THEIR Facebook. Facebook has serious challenges and that's just one of them.

And yes she is evil. I don't even think she has a soul. She appeals to the lowest possible slime.

She could never get 30% of the vote. She couldn't get 35% of the Republican vote. Don't forget Indies outnumber Dems and Reps. Indies DETEST Sarah Palin - as do most women.

She can rant and rave, but she is NOT going to attain a high office in this country.

Anonymous said...

How could ANYONE EVER vote AGAIN for a creature who QUIT for no reason other than laziness?

Anonymous said...

The title is "Looking into Sarah's Soul." Should read, "Looking into $arah's $oul, $he $old it a long time ago."

Anonymous said...

She indeed is evil and dangerous. While she was still playing Governor, my spouse disagreed with her on an issue , things got ugly and the next thing we knew we had a person outside our house in a hooded sweatshirt taking photos. They sped off before Icould get a license plate number. That can mess with your mind and we still don't sleep well even after all this time. Don't underestimate her. She has an army of fans. They say on two of her websites that her soldeirs will die for her and will kill for her. Scary. She needs to be stopped.

nswfm CA said...

annon 06 September 2009 21:12, people who are that stupid deserve to die, preferably before they reproduce.

Anonymous said...

Bill Moyers has one of those brilliant minds which can succinctly hone down a complicated argument into a simple, understandable statement.

So he did on Bill Maher's show "Real Time". Moyers' statement was inspired by Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist whom Moyers interviewed years ago. The idea is to change the current metaphor underlying the health care debate, because if one can change the metaphor, one can change the outcome.

Moyers suggested our new metaphor should be: "We're all in the same boat." We all need reasonable, responsible, affordable, excellent, universal health care.

I like it.


Anonymous said...

I don't recall the level of hatred, sheer hatred ever being this high before in regard to a US president. I certainly was not alone in thinking that GWB was an idiot and his government did some awful things, but I never heard calls to kill him.

Bill Clinton let his personal life mess up his political life, but I don't think that the level of hating Bill Clinton rose to what we are seeing now.

There must be an undercurrent of racism fueling this kind of reaction. It is beyond reason, it is beyond thinking, and Sarah's crazy statements certainly fuel it. They vetted her all right, not for any qualifications, but for her ability to raise the emotional level to what we are seeing now.

I wish I could say that if Sarah were gone, this would disappear. It will not. There is mad woman Michele Bachmann talking about slitting her wrists (please, oh, please). Those clowns on Fox are accountable to no one spewing lies and hatred. There are plenty more just waiting to take Sarah's place.

The big problem is that she may be heading into an arena where she may not be accountable, like Fox, FaceBook, speeches. Have you ever looked at Michele Malkin's face when she is spitting out her tirades? Sarah must be studying her tapes right now.

GinaM said...

One of Sarah's supporters posted this as a fantasy to getting pick to go to dinner with Sarah. Try not to puke while reading this.
about re: If you could have dinner with Sarah

Oh, gosh.
I'm at the airport.
First I would be tongue-tied. She'd ask me why I was tongue-tied but I'd just smile and say, "I'm just really happy to see you." Then she'd give me a big hug and lead me to the car after going through baggage claim. She'd ask me to call her Sarah, but I will say I can't because it's my parents rules that I can't call an elder by their first name. She'll settle for Mrs. Sarah instead.
We'd have dinner at her house of course. She'd make moose chili after me telling her I've never had moose before. Piper will want to show off her room. Bristol would be nurseing Tripp but talking with me too. Willow would be kind of shy but soon I'd make her laugh, which will make Todd holler, "What's going on in there?"
We'd have dinner-I'd say blessing. Then afterwards I'd make my grandmother's chocolate pie, which the whole family will devour except Trig, because he played with it more than eat.
Then I would go outside and lay down, looking at the stars. Gov. Palin would lay beside me and we would talk girl stuff. I would have a hotel reservation, but Gov. Palin would insist that I would stay with her.
I'd accept.

September 6, 2009 9:49 AM

Wow...they have taken crazy to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

My impression of dinner with Sarah is not quite the same: Moose stew from her father's freezer. It's cold out and Todd makes me ride behind him on the snow machine; I'm freezing. I ask Sarah questions about Trig's birth but her mouth is full of moose stew and she isn't talking. Bristol and Willow are out at a wild party, so Piper is the baby sitter, feeding both babies at the same time- one bottle in each hand. I ask Sarah if she had morning sickness when she was expecting Trig, but her mouth is full of moose stew so she still isn't talking. I brought some chocolate chip cookies and a prayer from the Native Alaskan people who were starving last winter. Sarah choked on one of the cookies, so I won't find out how long she was in labor with Trig. Todd made me walk back to the airport; I'm frozen. Luckily, Levi was lurking nearby and shot a moose. We field dressed it, and I was a bit warmer in my new moose coat. Levi said that I could ride in the back of the truck. As I lay in the bed of the truck, I was enjoying the midnight sky and twinkling stars. Then suddenly, a shooting star fell crashing to earth, striking the Palin Palace, which burned into cinders. My prayer was answered.

You're not going to believe me wv: coldermi, yup, colder me, as in I was freezing, you see, my story was true.

sandra said...

Gina M: That garbage is from a sock puppet. I'm pretty sure the author is a middle aged man. It is weird.

GinaM said...

You know sandra you are probably may be a middle aged man who wrote that drivel. It kind of sounds like a "Letter to Penthouse"...LOL. Especially that part about... "Then I would go outside and lay down, looking at the stars. Gov Palin would lay beside me and we would talk girl stuff"...WTF.

Anonymous said...

Just posted on IM by Celia Harrison:

Celia Harrison said...

Judy wrote ...someone in the valley named Elizabeth Moe who posts under the name moelogger

I just spoke with Elizabeth Moe who was willing to talk to me about Palin. She sounds like a very strong person and says she is not afraid of Palin. She said she had a large trust fund as a child and was adopted by people who were close friends of Palin. Somehow the adoptive parents got her money and she believes Palin got some of it from them. It may be tied up with some oil money she said. She also mentioned Palin had an afair with someone she appointed to work on the PFD and a lot of money was missing, but then got put back. She says the feds are invesitgating and that she actually reported several things Palin did. She does not read the blogs usually as she is very busy. I told her a little about my story and she told me several people I should call or email about it. All people well known to everyone. She is also saying something big is coming. She never answered my questions about the fire.
Her story does sound crazy just like mine. What I always say about my story is if it hadn't happened to me I would not believe it, but it's all true.
5:49 PM

LisanTX said...

anon. @22:03, here is another reframing:

Public option="Would you like the option of buying into Medicare before you turn 65?"

that's a simple, catchy way of looking at it.

Helen said...

Gotta weigh in on that absurd scenario re visiting some fake Palin and family that lives only in the fervid imagination of some middle aged man as was already said, or the most naive school kid ever.

Anyone who has ever made a pie knows you don't start making a pie after dinner.

Geez. The whole thing is preposterous.

sandra said...

Helen: I hadn't thought much about that, but yes, the pie would be made long before dinner.

This guy waits for me to comment and then says I'm not as smart as a teenager. It has been interesting.

LisanTX said...

OT, also from IM:

Is Trig really Tripp?

In other words, did Levi and Bristol have a baby boy, which they named 'Tripp', who then became 'Trig' when Sarah adopted him? The current Tripp would be their second child.

If this is true, then Levi's statements in VF make sense.

Not that I expect anything about Sarah Palin to make sense.

5:23 PM

copy and paste the url below and read Gryphen's response!!! we're soooo close....

Verbose said...

She definitely sold out. As a wannabe writer, I can't help but wonder WHEN. Was she EVER a nice person? Would one change in her life have made her into something good?

Sorry. I hope I don't sound like a Palinbot. Like I said, I'm a writer and there are two politicians I think would LOVE as characters in a story: Sarah, and Andrew Jackson. Both were completely insane.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of soul, read this great piece

winkwinkWA said...

That little fairtale of dinner with the Palin's is typical of the peepee's over in LaLaLand, she's their little princess don't ya know.
The picture you have up is the real Sarah, the evil look in her eyes reminds me of Dick C.
Sooner or later the truth will come out and she will turn into a pumpkin, then the pee pee's can make their pie...Hope they enjoy it!!

basheert said...

LisaNTx: Agreed. It would be (of course) based upon the thought that no one would actually SEE Tripp until he became Trig. Anyone who even glances at that child would recognize the Down's profile.

I'm still willing to wait and see what happens. I'm betting this will be fun.

peninparadise said...

Regina, Thank you for your diligence and bravery.

For all of us who have been following this story for the past year, and have had to endure to the eye rolling of friends and loved ones, Thank you!

We all know we aren't kooks, and have found support with our like minded friends here on the babygate-open blogs.

Gryphen's most recent "almost-confirmations" of commenters' theories is very encouraging. I believe those of us, who know the importance of this, and who have not been willing to turn a blind eye, will soon be vindicated!

For your contribution toward this end, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Here's MY dinner with SP: I arrive at her house with a wire concealed on my body, because I'm going to ask some questions. I have invited Rex Butler, Carl Bernstein, and President Obama along and I bet they will ask a qu or two also. I make sure to get DNA samples of all the usual suspects. I plant a bunch of audio bugs in her house, so we can all have some fun listening in after we leave.

I pull out this graphic at some point during dinner and ask SP to comment on whether she ever had to make up her mind?

The thing is, any number of people might want to do some or all of this to SP, for the rest of her life, or until she comes clean. No rest for the wicked.