Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sarah Palin, the laptop, the happy husband, a few kids and many lies...

Apparently Sarah Palin has been in San Diego with Piper and Todd for the past month.

Residents of a San Diego apartment complex saw her several times over the better part of August -- sitting poolside and tapping away on a laptop, her husband and at least a few of her kids nearby.

But don't go looking for them anymore: The neighbor tells us he saw them pack up last weekend; he hasn't seen their car since.

There are so many lies in one sentence...
  1. Tapping away on a laptop. Designed to "prove" that Sarah Palin writes her Facebook notes and is working on her book.
  2. Her husband... nearby. See? They're not separating.
  3. At least a few of her kids nearby. How many is a few? Bristol was seen at the Alaska state fair with both Trig and Tripp. Willow started attending a school in Palmer. Track wouldn't be there playing around the pool, would he? That leaves Piper. Is Piper a few kids?
The strange thing is, despite speculation about Sarah's whereabouts, there are no photos and this "scoop" came after the happy family had left the building.

Look at the banner on this blog. See the pigs flying?


Truth said...

A person on IM claiming to be from "the valley" stated that Piper too was in school in Palmer with Todd and Willow, but for privacy/safety reasons stated that they would not name the school, so it would seem that the story of Piper being with her mother in Los Angeles is false as well.


Anonymous said...

Most apartment complexes top out at three bedrooms. Would that be enough room for them? She could not have restrained herself from commenting on what's been happening. I would treat Palin sightings like Bigfoot or Elvis sightings.

Anonymous said...

What great parenting, once again. Notice how even if this convenient-to-Sarah anonymous post-sighting were true, no one seems able to bring himself to claim to have seen a baby there with "mom," but only that "Piper" conveniently mentioned having a "brother" by that name.

By the way, Sarah, school started in AK on August 17th. You might want to look into getting Piper there if she's not already there without her so-called mother. You might also want to supervise some of your teenagers.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I had not had time to read Helen's post until just now: Big Scarah in Little China - Murdoch Will Have the Last Laugh. Great information on Murdoch and his ties with communist China. Bear Woman’s comment gives the scenario of a repeat of how Dubya got into the WH. SShudderr. I always knew Dubya had puppeteers, but I believed the puppeteers were the ones that wore the pointy hats, i.e. Pope and Grand Wizard. Now I realize the one holding the most strings is Murdoch.

I was torn between Scarah having plastic surgery or rehab, but given that Murdoch likes his women purdy, now I am more inclined towards the surgery. Look at his current trophy wife, a beautiful Asian 38 years younger than Murdoch.

On the other hand, after Levi's VF article, she will need additional botox shots to erase the new frown lines. The straight-jacket restraints shouldn't leave any bruising before her appearance at the CSLA gig. Her current handlers must be under strict orders from Murdoch: “don’t let her bang her forehead against a wall until AFTER her speech”. Murdoch must be paying those handlers handsomely. That job belongs on the TV reality show “Dirtiest Jobs” and would be the equivalent to hand washing the inside of a cess pool tank.

peninparadise said...

I am reposting what Anon @ 11:12, in the last thread posted. These videos are extremely informative, and enlightening...

Anonymous said...

Why haven't there been any more announcements of Sarah's speaking appearances? Didn't she have about 1000 offers?

I think they were trying to start a stampede with that Hong Kong annoucement and the press release to the Politico reporter.

It's interesting that one of the CSLA founders started his career with Murdoch's papers in Australia. Sarah's publisher is a Murdoch press, too; no doubt someone will buy a lot of copies -- before the book goes on sale -- and she'll have an instant best seller. I believe that's how it's done; another stampede attempt coming.

What's interesting is that no one outside of Murdoch's organization is interested in paying her; many republicans don't want her "help," even with a free appearance.

Anonymous said...

A poster on Mudflats mentions that a certain someone has returned to Alaska as of last evening.

BuffaloGal said...

peninparadise @15:41 and Anon poster from previous thread -

Thank you for posting (and reposting!) the links to the Max Blumental video on Democracy Now. I encourage everyone interested in understanding the crazed movement of the extreme right, to watch them. I'm on a 2nd viewing.

Keep Palin, Bachmann, etc. in mind when listening. Explains quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

In the past when Levi would appear on TV (Larry King, Tyra Banks) someone in the Palin bunch would immediately lash out at him for lying and cashing in. The outbursts were typical high school Sarah. Make that junior high.

I think that the current "news" depicting Sarah hard at work on her literary memoir, surrounded by happy family is Murdoch's polite, subtle way of counteracting Levi's latest story. Who are you going to believe? The problem that Rupert has is the sightings of kids in Alaska who need to be in school vs. no San Diego sightings at all. (It will be one giant coincidence when Lynn Vincent comes forward to say that Sarah was staying with her,LOL).

Anonymous said...

The statement is very similar to the statements that were made about Bristol's belly peaking out a of a t-shirt during and after the campaign (who cares, why write that unless you were trying to get the message out that she is very pregnant?) And John Zeigler who said Bristol answered the door for his interview at Sarah's house and that she was busy taking care of Trip in the next room. More planted info that would seem extraneous if we didn't know the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and birth. And here again with this statement about being in San Diego. You broke it down perfectly. She's famous for this planted crap. She and her people really think they are so clever....not!

Anonymous said...

Of course I believe everything that I read about Sarah. I believe that she flew 8 hours from Texas to Alaska, then drove another hour or so while in labor, leaking amniotic fluid.

I believe the that Palins are one big happy family. I believe that Sarah can fish, hunt and peck at her laptop all at the same time. I believe that she writes all of her facebook pages herself. I believe that Sarah Palin would have been the best Vice President ever.

Who am I fooling? Everything that we have ever heard or read about Sarah Palin has been one big colossal joke! The only thing that isn't funny is how she managed to fool so many people for such a long time.

Anonymous said...

The REPUBLICAN GOMORRAH videos with Max Blumenthal are fascinating. If you extrapolate from them, you get a sense of the cruelty used towards disciplining "Christian kids" as promoted by child psychologist Rev. Dobson. It might explain how a family turns out like the Palins did. It might even explain Sarah Palin herself....

Anonymous said...

ITA this is a planted press release--fairly obvious, too. Thanks for taking it to task, Regina! Now we know the quality that Lynn Vincent's writing will produce for "the Extreme Christians" to buy....

Anonymous said...

So far all the sightings seem more like plants. From the same source or different. The purpose may be to confuse.

These handlers would fly Piper in and put her in school if necessary to prove a point. The child's attendance needs to be known to truancy officers. The state of Alaska is known to ignore their weakest citizens and children.

Piper is one more victim. It is easier for the rich to abuse and neglect their children.

If the certain someone returns to Alaska from Mudflats is true that could be to put Piper in the school and pretend Sarah has been writing in the cabin in the woods or SD. It could be another plant?

Anonymous said...

Piper was truant for two months last year. She admitted to Matt Lauer that she was having trouble keeping up with her class when she returned. Nobody reported her truant when she was the governor's daughter. Isn't there one member of that large extended family that cares about that child?

basheert said...

Oh yeah sure. Rupert Murdoch sent them to a "motel" with a "pool". She was seen "tapping" on a laptop (with what, a stick from a drink?) There was a little girl named "piper" who just happened to have a brother named "Trig" (or "Tripp") or Twerp?

Then they "packed up the car"????

Rupert Murdoch sent them to San Diego by CAR??? Granted they are all trailer trash, but they DROVE from Alaska in a CAR?

I live in Phoenix and we FLY to San Diego. It's easy and cheap. And just saying...if old Rupert is paying? He makes them DRIVE???

Nope don't believe ONE word of it. Whoever writes their material is a total IDIOT.

Oh wait, I know who wrote the stupid unbelievable press release. The same empty headed goofball that has been writing FACEBOOK for StupidSarah.

The "neighbor" only exists in the mind of the Stapled Tongue.

Anonymous said...

But isn't Bristol taking care of both babies (they were seen at the Fair last weekend in a double stroller)?

Isn't Willow attending school?

Where is Todd? Is he working (or whatever it is he does)?

Piper was reported to be attending 3rd grade in a valley school.

These individuals who put this crap out are as dumb as dirt. Then again, they are deaing with dirt.

I think every word of the fake press release was a big fat lie. Just like every word out of the mental vacuum that is Sarah.

sandra said...

I've already ordered a copy of "Republican Gomorrah." From the interview with Blumenthal, it seems to explain a lot that is going on. We have to understand history to understand the present.

We can be so eager to believe what we want. Flying pigs, indeed.

Janet in Texas said...

Where did Palin leave the "retarded one?"

Anonymous said...

There are as many sightings for Palin kiddies as there are kids. Take your pick.

Now the latest is nameless somebody sneaks in to Alaska last night. She might show up with Piper at school and take Trig along.

Anne Whitney said...

I am very skeptical of this "sighting". It appeared almost exactly one month after her last known sighting in NYC dining at Michael's and calling Politico, and after many blogs had picked up the Where's Sarah meme. And we are to believe that Sarah spent at least a couple of weeks at a condo complex in San Diego hanging out by the pool with a "bunch" of her kids and nobody snapped a cellphone photo? It would be hard for her to be incognito hanging out by the pool with her kids - she has a rather distinctive voice - surely she was talking (and yelling) at the bunch of kids? At Todd? On her cellphone? Was this condo complex abandoned? Except for our lucky sighter? They make a rather bulky bunch - parents, teenagers, Piper, big baby - any combo thereof. Wouldn't someone coming or going noticed lady with distinctive voice, big horde of people, baby with Down Syndrome and said Hey, snap a photo of me with Sarah Palin? And post it up on Twitter? Is this an entire condo complex of non-Fox watching, non-techn savvy people in San Diego?

Anonymous said...

One of Sarah's twitters:

elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site


Then it hit me: "raven hair/ruby lips/sparks fly from her fingertips"


The Eagles ??? Gotta do the research.

Anonymous said...

This is it!:

Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her finger tips

Echoed voices in the night
Shes a restless spirit on an endless flight

Wooo hooo witchy woman, see how
High she flies

Woo hoo witchy woman she got
The moon in her eye

She held me spellbound in the night
Dancing shadows and firelight

Crazy laughter in another
Room and she drove herself to madness
With a silver spoon

Woo hoo witchy woman see how high she flies

Woo hoo witchy woman she got the moon in her eye

Well I know you want a lover,
Let me tell your brother, shes been sleeping
In the devils bed.

And theres some rumors going round
Someones underground
She can rock you in the nighttime
til your skin turns red

Woo hoo witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo witchy woman

Anonymous said...

Palin is probably holed up on Murdoch's yacht or at one of his summer homes in theHamptons. That's why she is nowhere to be seen. If you don't have a home in the Hamptons and are not an invited guest, you won't get even close. Andpeople there don't tell on others.
The other reason I believe she's with Murdoch is that after Levi's little morsels came out, she wasn't going banshee on her FaceBook page or twitterin away.
She definately has some brains behind her now, as opposed to brains in her behind.

mary b

Anonymous said...

Yes but her head is still up her ass.

Do you all recognize the stench of really really r-e-a-l-l-y old stinky garbage that has been out in the sun too long?

Sounds like the press person has been watching a National Lampoon movie.

SuckItUp Buttercup said...

Nothing personal anon @ 1:21:

The Eagles Rock and Witchy Woman IS a complement.

Apologies to witches and covens everywhere.

Now if it was Skanky Woman, it would be a ton more accurate.

trish in SW FL said...

Have to agree w/SuckItUp Buttercup -- Skanky Woman would be much more accurate!

Anonymous said...

Every night I pray that Kitty Kelley or Andrew Morton will write a book about Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...


Excellent article -- "But if you want to talk about an educational violation, Palin is the poster child. She is a perfect example of the success of the 'dumbing down of America' program."